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The most beautiful goodbye batch 2

✨The Most Beautiful Goodbye🙋
([email protected]d to say goodbye)

By: Nuri F. Chisom Pearl ✍️

❣❣Chapter 4❣❣

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Helen smiled and went out, She dragged Jane’s bag into her room and washed the dishes.

She went to be-d, prayed and sle-pt out.
The morning crow woke her up. She smiled and went to the bathroom. She met Ella brushing her teeth.

“What are you doing here?” Helen asked surprised.

“Why are you asking? I’m late… You could have woken me up on time” Ella said.

“Are you going to some where?” Helen asked again.

“I’m going to school of course!” Ella said. Her eyes quic-kly wi-den and she held her mouth.

“You want to go to school right?” Helen asked laughing.

“Hell no! It’s a sl!pof ton-gue! You know you promised to take me out” Ella said leaving.

Helen slightly chuckled and moved close to Ella.
“You just have to call a hearing(meeting), Then apologize to the head of the school and the victim parents and especially the victim of course” Helen said.

“Forget about it, I’m not going to that school, unless they delete the apology ‘thing’ ” Ella replied.

Helen sighed and woke the others, They prayed and gathered together for breakfast.
Helen simply prepared oats for them.

Dan dug into his oats like he had never eaten before.

“Dan? I hope you won’t be a traunt today,Your teacher has been complaining and I always tell her you went to school” Helen said

“First get me a phone, Then I wouldn’t skip school” He said.
“What are you up to? Are you working instead of going to school because of a phone or what?” Helen asked angrily.

He didn’t reply. Helen angrily glared at him. She moved to the fridge,Opened it to take more milk when Jane saw the eggs in the fridge.

“Mum… Cook an egg for me!” Jane yelled.

“Me too mum.. I want an egg” Dan shouted.

“Meeee too! I want an egg” Ella shouted.

“Alright then.. But actually there are only two eggs so?” Helen replied.

“Sis… Drop yours You are the eldest,I’m sure you have money to get one” Dan said.

“You must be nuts? Why can’t you drop yours, You are actually the only guy here.. I advise you to leave it to the girls” Jane said.

“I’m the youngest son don’t look at me, I should take the egg,You guys should sort it yourself” Ella glared.

“Speaking of which, Don’t you think she shouldn’t collect the egg” Dan said to Jane pointing to Ella.

Jane nodded with a sm-irk.

“And why do you say so?” Ella angrily asked.

“You were the last to ask mum so there isn’t enough eggs to reach your turn, Sis Jane asked mum first then I asked mum second” Dan explained.

“That’s true… So you are out ella” Jane laughed.

“Why did you come to this place Anyway?!, If you were in your husband place, Maybe I and Dan would have rather eaten the eggs” Ella yelled.

Dan nodded sharply.

“Sis… I think she is right” Dan laughed.
Jane gave him an angry look and he quic-kly re-moved his face.

“So….If not for me!, Would you guys have seen the eggs! Huh!! ” Jane shouted.

Helen looked on as their argued.
“I’m off, Why would I watch this kids spouting out nons-en-se, My ears might fall off” Grandma Ma said as she left.

Helen stylishly moved to Ella and called her out.

“Why did you call me here? To talk to me about how I should be respectful to my sister?…She behaves like a kid, I don’t know why she [email protected]£ here!!” Ella mocked un-der her breath.

“No… I didn’t, I actually [email protected]£ to bribe you” Helen quic-kly explained.

“Bribe?” Ella asked confused.
Helen simply nodded.

“How?” She asked.

“Just give the egg to them….

“No way!!” Ella interrupted yelling.

“Hey… Ella, Calm down… I’m not throu-gh with my statement” Helen said.

“Don’t even bother continuing your statement” Ella said irritatedly.

“I will buy you two ice creams then!!” Helen quic-kly replied.
Ella eyes wi-de-ned.

“Really? It’s going to be expensive though” Ella said.

Ice cream was quite expensive in Nappi because they had to go down to the big city to get ice cream and they had to pay lots of money for electricity bills in order to make the ice cream cold and iced.

“No problem,Just let them have the eggs, okay?” Helen whispered.

“Alright but it’s Vanilla and chocolate” Ella said smiling.

“Okay then, Then we are settled right?” Helen asked
Ella nodded and they both went in.
Helen quic-kly prepared the eggs and gave them to eat.

“Whoaa… I’m surprised!Ella is matured, She sacrificed her egg for us” Dan laughed jokingly.

“Mum probably gave her money for hers” Jane said not bothering to look at them.

Ella shaked her head.

“I wonder when you will get matured” Ella whispered.
Angrily,Jane [email protected]£d Ella’s hair.

“Ahhhhhhh…” Ella gro-an ed in pain.

“Who were you talking to?!” Jane yelled gr-abbing her hair the more.

✨The Most Beautiful Goodbye🙋
([email protected] to say goodbye)

By: Nuri F. Chisom Pearl ✍️

❣❣❣Chapter 5❣❣❣

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“Mum… Are you looking at her,She is hurting me!” Ella shouted.

Helen stared at them and sighed.

“Jane, plea-se let go of your sister” Helen said gently.

“You always support her and not me…. Why! You never cared anyways!” Jane said as she ran away in tears.

Ella hissed angrily and tried straightening her tangled hair.

“Ella… Go and apologize” Helen said slowly.

“Why would I? She should go to hell for all I care, I will get dressed for the outing then!” Ella said as she left.

Helen watched her leave. She stared at Dan who was still busy with his meal. He pretended like nothing was going on.
He looked at his mum and paused.

“Can you st©p looking at me like that, It’s weird” He said with his mouth full.

Helen wi-de-ned her eyes and quic-kly looked at space.

“Anyways… I’m done, I’m off to school” He said gr-abbing his bag.

“You better go to school!… I’m going to call you teacher” Helen shouted as he ran off.

Helen slightly shaked her head. She stood up and felt a bit dizzy. She quic-kly held the table beside her and t©uçhed her head.

She ran to her room, Opened her bag and took some drugs. She sighed heavily and quic-kly changed into new clothes. She placed a scarf around her n£¢k.

After dressing, She went outside. She met Ella waiting for her.
Ella wore a blue jean mini Sk-irt with an armless t©p. The Pretty bag she wore crossed over her Shoulders down to her stomach. Ella was busy using her phone.

Helen coughed slightly to catch her attention. Ella looked at her mum and squee-zed her face in disgust.

“Ewww…Come on mum” Ella said quite irritated.

“Why? What is it?” Helen asked confused.

“Your dressing looked disastrous” Ella said.

“Really? Well… Who cares, I was feeling quite cold and decided to wear the [email protected] clothes I could find” Helen replied.

“Oh Goodness, Why bother buying me clothes when you won’t buy a good proper clothes for yourself” Ella retorted.

“Come on… My kids come first, I will buy some when the time comes” Helen said.

“That if the time really comes” Helen whispered sadly.

“Huh?” Ella asked.

“Never mind, Let go” Helen said quic-kly gr-abbing Ella’s hand.

Ella quic-kly re-moved her head from her mum’s.

“Why?Is anything wrong?” Helen asked smelling her hand incase there was a problem.

“Don’t hold me, I can walk myself….and plea-se, Don’t walk beside me…You look weird” Ella said walking fas-ter.

Soon, They got to the restaurant, Helen and Ella ordered and she didn’t forget her ice cream.

Helen kept watching Ella eat, Which made her smile.

“Should I leave this table for you” Ella asked not looking at Helen.

“Why? What is it?” Helen asked.

“St©p staring at me… I hate it” Ella said.

Helen sighed and faced her phone.

“Ella…. I’m leaving in 3 months time” Helen said straight forward without looking at her.

Ella stared at her and quic-kly re-moved her face.

“Safe journey mum” Ella said.

Helen held her tears as she shooked a spoonful of meal in her mouth.

“Where are you going to?” Ella asked.

Helen looked at her and looked at her plate of food again.

“Somewhere far” Helen replied.

“Can I come with you then?” Ella asked.

Helen shaked her head.

“You can’t” Helen replied.

“Then why bother telling me, You can go” Ella said.

“Really?….But can you do without me?” Helen asked.

Ella simply nodded.

“I’m okay, Let’s leave” Ella quic-kly retorted.

“What of your ice cream?” Helen asked pointing at the ice cream Ella left at the table.

“I don’t want it” She replied leaving.

Helen payed and tried catching up with her by running.

Because of the stress, She felt dizzy again.

Meanwhile, Ella walked fas-ter trying to hide her tears that [email protected]£ from her eyes. She cleaned them instantly.

She felt pained and anxious. She looked back and met her mum bending down holding her head.

“Mum?!…Mum?!….What is it?” Ella shouted running fast towards Helen.

**✨The Most Beautiful Goodbye🙋
([email protected] to say goodbye)

By: Nuri F. Chisom Pearl ✍️

❣❣❣Chapter 6❣❣❣

***Do not repost or copy❌⚠️***

Ella ran to her mum,Bent down slowly.

“What is it mum” Ella asked anxious.

Helen was quiet.

“Talk to me…. plea-se!” Ella muttered.
She raised her shaky hand towards her mother face which was still bent to the ground.

Helen looked at her which shocked Ella.

Ella stood up quic-kly.

“Why were you like that?” Ella asked obviously shaking.

“Oh… My earrings fell and I was actually looking for them, you know it was tiny so I had to bend down” Helen replied.

Ella [email protected]£ calm.

“Oh… Did I…uhmm.. Perhaps scared you?” Helen asked.

“Huh!…Ha ha ha!..Scared me?Uhmm…why would I ever be Scared, Goodness… Let go home” Ella said.

Helen waited looking at Ella.

“Why are you still waiting for? Let’s go” Ella said.

“I was actually waiting for you to go,You said I shouldn’t walk with you because of my clothes so….” Helen replied.

“Uhmm… No b©dy is here so I can walk with you, Let’s go mum” Ella said slowly as she held her mum’s hand.

They left slowly.

When they got home, They quic-kly went to their different room.

Ella went to her room and sat on the corner of the floor. She held her legs ti-ght and placed her jaw on her knee.

Closing her eyes,Tears seemed to fall off.

“I just want to go back to school” She whispered to her self.

Helen sat on her be-d worried. She had lied to Ella about losing her earrings.
She had however felt dizzy but didn’t want Ella to notice.

She checked the time, quic-kly opened her bags and took her drugs.

Soon enough, Her phone rang.She picked the call immediately.

☎️ Hello, Principal Helen said

☎️Hello ma,Your son, Dan is still being a nuisance in this school, Seems you don’t train him well as a mother.

Helen felt heart broken and tears streamed from her eyes.

☎️I’m sorry ma… What did Dan do again? Helen asked wiping her tears from her eyes.

☎️Dan left school during ‘break hours’ and hasn’t returned, We have to suspend him for a whole week The principal stated.

☎️No ma,plea-se ma, I’m begging you for God’s sake…. plea-se pardon my son… I promise I will scold him when he returns… plea-se, I’m begging you… Help me! Helen pleaded seriously admist tears not minding what ever she was doing.

The principal cut the call without responding.

☎️Hello? Principal?…plea-se,I’m begging you… Answer me plea-se, Just help me in this my remaining time…plea-se! She kept pleading.

Tears rushed like waterfall and her nose was also runny.

She fell on her knees and cried the more.

That evening, Dan [email protected]£ from school. He seemed quite happy.

He rushed to the kitchen and opened the pot. His mom made his favorite meal. He smiled and rushed to take off his uniform.

Soon, it was evening and the whole family rushed to the table to eat. They sat on the floor as Helen placed the pot on the table. The others brou-ght their plate and spoon and began to dish their food.

“Mum… Are you [email protected] something? You made my favorite food today” Dan said happily as he ate.

“I just felt like,Do you like it?” Helen asked.

Dan nodded happily.

“Dan?” Helen called.

“Yes?” He replied.

“You don’t want to go to school anymore?” Helen asked.

“Why? Did they suspend me again?” Dan asked.

Helen nodded.

“Dan… Quit whatever you are doing and go to school like other people your age…. plea-se” Helen said.

“Then, It’s better to stay home like Ella” Dan said.

His mood had changed completely.

“Hey…. You better keep my name from your dirty mouth” Ella said angrily.

“Why does it have to be me? Huh? Can’t you guys just make me happy for once,Two of my children doesn’t bother about going to school and while the other left her home for no reason,What did I do to deserve this!” Helen yelled.

“Mum….It’s enough” Jane whispered to her mum hearing.

“I’m not done! Are you sure you are my children… What the hell [email protected]£ over you guys… I love you guys but you guys has never made me happy for once! What have I done so wrong…. Huh?!!..I’m talking to you!” Helen yelled seriously at them.

Jane hit her hand loudly on the table.

“Mum… I said it’s enough!” Jane yelled.

“You dare yell at me” Helen said angrily.

She raised her hand to [email protected] Jane but Grandma Ma was fast enough to gr-ab her hand.

Jane eyes were red while Dan and Ella were speechless.

“Then…. Disown us,…..Mum” Jane said quietly looking at Helen.

A tiny drop of tear managed to escape from Jane’s eye.


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