The mistake of my life Episode 9

I headed into the darkness of the night. I was filled with fear as i knew not where to go. Ona gave me her telephone number. I blamed my parents for abandoning me in the first place. How could they be so heartless. They cared not about what happens to me because i got pregnant. Despite the fact that i pleaded and begged them. I pitied other people who were blessed with un-derstanding parents. If i had ab-orted the baby as Nnamdi told me, they wouldn’t have abandoned me. They wouldn’t have even know i was pregnant at all. But the consequences may be disastrous.
Firstly, sinning against God double inorder to cover one sin committed.
Secondly, i may never get pregnant again.
I decided to accept my fate.I searched for where to l@ymy head that night. I saw an uncompleted building and moved in. I prayed earnestly for God’s protec-tion. I remembered my daughter and wept bitterly. I thought of Mama Joy and concluded that i will narate my ordeals to her the following day when i eventually find her.
In the middle of that same night, i heard footsteps. I curled up, listening attentively. They were coming into the uncompleted building. My heart started beating fas-ter, i heard their voice, they were men. A cold shiver ran throu-gh me.
They entered and saw me, immediately, i saw them bring out their weapons: Guns, axes and cutlas-ses. They were six in number. I was able to count them because one of them shone a little torch towards me.
“I mean no harm plea-se. Don’t kill me” my voice was shaky.
“Who are you and what do you want here?” One of them barked and pointed the torch at my face.
“Nneoma?” I was shocked as i heard him call my name. He called me again “Is that you?” At this i nodded while still looking at his face to find out who he was. I finally got it.
“Prince” i called him.
Prince used to be my clas-smate until i got pregnant and st©pped school. I used to help him his clas-s work and as-signment back in those days. During exams, i wrote answers in piece of paper, squee-zed it and threw it to him.
“Dagger, you know her?” that was the question his members started asking him.
I kept looking at his face in disbelief as he nodded his head in affirmation. He told them to keep back their weapons.
That night I sle-pt at his place. He told me to sleep on the be-d while, he sle-pt on the floor.
When it was morning, i narrated my ordeals to him. When I got to my escapade with Mady, he breathed heavily, lowered his head and looked at me for a very long time. I was suprised when he told me that he’s Mady’s agent and that he can help me get back my daughter because of the things I did for him back in school.
There was a knock on the door.
is it Mady?
Has she discovered that i escaped?
has she come to tell Prince to find me with his men? she knew she would be in trouble if i escape.
Prince hid me un-der his be-d as he went to open the door.