The mistake of my life Episode 8

I knocked on Mady’s door thrice before she opened it. I greeted her. she yawned, looked at the wall clock hanging on the wall. It was 5.45am.
“How was your night?” she asked.
“fine” i replied.
She made to usher me in, perhaps to hear me tell her ‘yes, i will accept the offer’ but i was reluctant. She noticed and asked if there’s any problem.
“I want to see my child” i told her.
She looked at me intently as if she didn’t know it was i. After much staring, she told me that my child is with the nursery mistress.
“Where do i find her?” i asked.
She said nothing. All she did was to walk into her room and come back with a little bag. she handed it over to me.
“This is the money we talked about. take it and leave. I have taken your daughter as mine alre-ady. Go and get re-ady with the rest girls, you are going on your first outing with them today?” She said and shut the door.
“Noo i don’t want your money. I nee-d my daughter. I don’t want to stay here anymore. Give my my daughter so i can leave” i kept shouting as i hit the door ha-rd . I threw away the money. I can never exchange my Winnie, the first fruit of my wo-mb for money.
I was still there when three Hefty men c@m£ out from nowhere and ordered me to keep quiet. I refused. One of them gave me the ha-rd est sl@p i ever received since i was born. I had no other choice than to keep quiet amidst sobs.
They locked me in one room. I knew Mady ordered them to do that. I cried bitterly. I prayed to God to hearken unto my cries for i know i have sinned. I cursed the day i sle-pt with Nnamdi. I cursed the day i met him.
Throu-ghout that day, i was locked up with no food nor water. I bec@m£ very weak.
It was around 10pm that i heard the door open slightly. Ona creeped in and signaled to me to keep quiet. She locked the door and gave me the food she brou-ght for me.
“I saw what happened. I have been looking for a chance to bring you something but i found none. plea-se eat the food fast before Mady finds me here” she whispered.
After eating, she told me that Mady locked me up so that i will die of starvation. Ona said Mady has killed countless girls in that manner. I was really surprised at this that i gave out a loud g@sp.
“But because i found out you are a nice person, i decided to help you. I put something in that ”three men’s” drink to make them sleep. I want you to escape”She said.
I was really t©uçhed with this kind of kindness.
“But how do i escape without my daughter?” I asked.
It was then Ona told me that my daughter has been taken away. She gave me some money, led me carefully out of the house and bade me safe journey.
“Thank you so much Ona. God will bless you” i said as i left.
I looked into the darkness of the night with a great fear, not knowing where to go. I wondered if i could survive that night and if i can ever see my daughter again.