The mistake of my life Episode 6

Mady was the name everyone called my new helper and she really was a lovely woman to behold. Her grand beauty was very spectacular and solid. But upon all the beauty and air she carried, she still remained unmarried, which i found very strange. I really wasn’t surprised to see lots of young girls in her house when i moved in to live with her, because she told me she was running a non governmental organisation which cared for homeless street girls, but i never imagined she could be so rich as to own a giant two sto-rey building, a thirty room quarters {built like a hostel} and another small bungalow all fenced together in one big compound. Three 504 salon cars and a mercedes 200 adorned her garage. I couldn’t help but notice that the girls who lived un-der her care all idolized her, because she was friendly to all with her sweet mouth.
“i started from the streets but now i own all these” she said as she showed me round the mas-sive compound, while I smiled happily, thinking i had finally gotten to the land flowing with milk and honey.
I was later introduced and handed over to a girl called Ona, whose work was to help, educate and make me look good, while Little Winnie was taken away from me and handed over to an old woman whom they called Mama Nurse.
“She will be better off in our nursery” the old Nurse had as-sured me as she carried my little girl, but I still insisted on seeing the nursery, which after a little hesitation, she led me to the extreme end of the main house, throu-gh a hall-way and into a large room built un-derneath.
Cribs, toys, and clothes of various sizes adorned the room ma-king it look beautiful.
“you see your little angel will be properly cared for here, just keep thanking Mady, she really cares for you girls” she murmured with a smile, while i shrugged and said nothing.
The nursery truly was a paradise to behold, compared to the sto-re i used to live with my little girl, yet it looked very creepy to me, ma-king me a bit scared. However i paid no heed to my feelings, thinking i felt uncomfortable because it was the first time Winnie was leaving my care….
But i was very wrong.