The mistake of my life Episode 5

“what do i do now?” i sobbe-d uncontrollably,
“nothing my dear, absolutely nothing” mama Joy calmly replied and held me.
“where do i l@ymy head tonight? Where do i go from here?” i asked unhappily,
“my dear, do trust in God he alone has control over our destiny, don’t give up” she calmly advised. But i really was very heart broken and scared, because i knew i was lost in an unfriendly world where my own family rejected me.
“my husband really won’t tolerate you staying with us, but i hope you can manage my sto-re {storage room}, it’s very spacious and there is an old mattress in it” she said to me as i sobbe-d.
I instantly looked at her hopefully, i never expected her to help me further, thus my delight and happiness as little hope fell on me.
“you can stay there till you get a better accomodation, you can also come work for me in my restaurant and make small money for yourself, at least with it you can make better plans for your future. I just wish i’m a rich woman, i would have helped you more” she murmured.
“oh don’t bother ma” you have done more than enough for me, something my own mum couldn’t do” i answered gratefully.
That was how i found myself un-der Mama Joy’s care. I sle-pt in her sto-re at night and worked in her restaurant during the day. I worked tirelessy as i tried to discard my sorrows and earn something decent for myself. Nnamdi never for a day lifted a f!nger to help me nor ask of his daughter’s welfare, even though we do see each other everyday, Instead he continued ma-king me jealous by bringing different girls to his room. His actions pained me alot but i pretended as if i didn’t care. I held my pride, suffered silently and never begged.
Three months i suffered and toiled un-der Mama Joy’s care, until September when a good looking middle aged woman who patronized her restaurant c@m£ into my life, offering to help me raise my child. Her sweet ton-gue and behaviour really convinced me of her good intentions that without second thoughts, i accepted her help against Mama Joy’s reservations.
A week later I moved into the woman’s house without giving it a second thought.
Little did i know that misfortune awaited me.
To be continued…