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The miracle I need 2 Episode 23



Immediately Kathleen walked into the office the three females in her unit gathered around her, “I told you it was her!” Rosy said to Sandra as their eyes fell on the engagement ring on Kathleen’s f!nger.

“Hehehehe. Congratulations on your engagement. It was on Instablog I saw it! Omooor I was just telling everyb©dy that I know the person!” Dave said with a happy smile.

“Thank you very much,” Kathleen said with a grin as she remained standing by his desk.

“But oga nuh waste time o. He just rush propose now now,” Dave said ma-king Kathleen giggle.

“Yeah, I was equally surprised,” Kathleen confided as she looked at the ring on her f!nger.

“Shey you will invite me to your wedding?” Dave asked with a big grin as he looked at Kathleen.

“Invite you ke? I don’t need to invite you before you come to my wedding. Sha, you are re-ady to travel down to Delta state?” Kathleen asked as she dropped her handbag on her desk and sat down, ignoring the ladies who looked like they wanted to say something to her.

“Ah! Delta? It’s far o,” He said, scratching the back of his head and ma-king Kathleen laugh.

“Let’s wait until then. No need to get ahead of ourselves,” Kathleen said as she bowed her head to pray.

Both Rosy and Sandra pinched Lola, the chubby one, and she cleared her throat to get Kathleen’s attention once she was done praying, “Kathleen…”

Kathleen glanced at them disinterestedly, “Yeah?”

“We want…”

“Hold on. Before you say anything, I’d like to first make something clear. Now even though it’s none of your business, I’ll tell you that I only started [email protected]!nghim over a week ago. Secondly, my only relationsh!pwith him was my job here and my [email protected] job as his child’s caretaker, of which it was his secretary who recommended me for the job. Finally, I’ve been coming to work with him because he offered me his BQ after my house was engulfed in fire and I had nowhere else to go. It’s not like I care about what either of you thinks about me… Your opinions about me don’t count, and neither does it change who I am. So next time before you open your mouth to say something about me, I hope you first get your facts right. Having said that, I don’t need your apology either, if that is why you are here. I know you’re only here to apologize because he proposed to me and you feel your jobs might be threatened if I end up marrying him. I don’t have time for such nons-en-se, so you can maintain the energy you have been giving me this whole time.” Having said that Kathleen turned to her computer and turned it on, leaving the ladies to walk away shamefacedly.

She knew she had probably been too harsh, but it was the truth. Their apologies meant nothing to her. She didn’t care about any one of them in the company [email protected] from Dave who has consistently been a supportive colleague.

“By the way, I wanted to give you this,” Kathleen said to Dave, opening her handbag to take out a can of malta Guinness and a piece of cake which was neatly wra-pped in a foil paper.

“Ah! You remembered me, thank you o,” Dave exclaimed with a happy smile as he collected it from her.

After that they all got busy with work, and Kathleen only raised her head sometime around noon when her phone started ringing. It was a call from Kimberly, “Hey! Kimberly, how are you?” Kathleen asked, happy to hear from her.

“I’m fine. Good afternoon. I hope I’m not disturbing your work?” Kimberly asked politely.

“No, it’s fine. I needed the break,” Kathleen said with a smile as she recalled what she learned about Kimberly’s husband the previous day.

“Well, Eric and I saw your engagement proposal yesterday on our way, but I figured you’d be very busy and didn’t want to call. Happy birthday, and Congratulations on your engagement. I suppose you said yes, right?” Kimberly asked ma-king Kathleen’s smile wi-den.

“After such a grand proposal who wouldn’t accept?” Kathleen asked ma-king Kimberly giggle.

“I know, right? Eric wants us to have dinner together sometime soon, I hope that is okay with you? Maybe like a double [email protected]£?” Kimberly asked politely.

“I would love that. I promise not to threaten anyone with a bottle this time,” Kathleen said, ma-king Kimberly laugh out loudly.

“You could teach me that move though. It was really cool seeing you switch from cool to crazy,” Kimberly said, glad that they could joke over the incident now.

“Remind me to teach you when next we meet then. My regards to your husband. Let me know when you both make up your mind, and I’ll inform him.”

“Sure I will. By the way, you can s£nd me another lovely book if you have any. The last one was very helpful.”

“You’ve been okay, right? You know you can always talk to me,” Kathleen said ma-king Kimberly smile. Somehow the connection she felt with Kathleen was more than friendsh!p. It was more like the connection between sisters.

“Sure. Maybe we can have lunch together before we have the double [email protected]£?” Kimberly asked.

“I would love that. And then we can talk about the book and also get to know each other better,” Kathleen suggested with a nod.

“Sure. Let’s see how this week goes then. My regards to your fiance. Take care,” Kimberly said before hanging up.

“Why didn’t you call me to tell me you have arrived?” Prisca asked as she walked into Kimberly’s office and sat on the seat opposite her.

“You were out with a client, I didn’t want to disturb your meeting. How did it go?” Kimberly asked.

“I should be asking you! How did it go with his family? What are they like? What did they say? What is their house like?” Prisca asked excitedly. She had been over the moon with joy when Kimberly had told her the previous morning that she was traveling with Eric to visit his family.

Kimberly smiled, “Honestly? I felt at home. And that’s not even the best [email protected] of it,” Kimberly said, ma-king Prisca lean forward in her seat.

“What happened?”

“They want to award us all the interior and exterior decor contracts in their company, but they want us to first expand the company. His dad offered to help us get a larger office space and asked us to get more staff. He also said he is going to refer me to his friends and business @ssociates,” Kimberly said with a big smile and was startled when Prisca screeched happily and stood up from her seat, running around the desk to gr-ab Kimberly in a ti-ght hvg.

“Oh my goodness! Kim! I’m so happy! We did it! You did it!” Prisca exclaimed, her eyes filled with tears. Who would have thought that everything would turn out this way?

Soon they were both laughing and crying happily as they held on to each other. They knew who actually did it. It was God. Of course, only God could change the story of a man like this. Though her life wasn’t perfect yet, she was still battling with her s£xual urges and all, but her life was way better now than it was before God brou-ght Eric into the picture.

*[A Week Later]*

“What are you doing?” Kimberly asked with a frown when she returned home from work on Friday evening and saw Eric packing his clothes.

“I figured I return to my place so we can have a normal relationsh!pat least before we get married. My parents will be coming to Lagos by next week and then we will meet with your father. I don’t think it is proper to keep living here,” Eric explained as he walked over to where she was standing and tried to k!ssher, but Kimberly quic-kly sidestepped him.

Living together with him for the past week had been more than a fairytale. Thus far the only thing missing in their relationsh!pwas still the s£x [email protected], but every other thing was in place. They sle-pt together in her be-droom, he still served her breakfast in be-d as he promised, pla-yed and watched movies together, and he had also picked her from her office in one of his cars and drove to her thera-pist’s office for her weekly appointment.


“No what?” Eric asked in confusion.

“You can’t leave. The only night I’m willing to sleep alone is the night before our wedding as we won’t be able to do that. But until then you can’t leave me,” Kimberly said shaking her head.

“I’m not leaving you. I’m just…”

“No. If you want to leave because my house is too small and you want to return to your more comfortable house, then you’ll have to take me along with you,” Kimberly said, ma-king Eric smile warmly.

“You love having me around that much?”

“You know I do. So don’t go, okay? We can have a normal relationsh!pwhile living un-der the same roof,” Kimberly said as she moved closer to him now and [email protected] him.

“Okay. Whatever my crown jewel says,” Eric said wra-pping both arms around her [email protected]!st, “So now that I’m not leaving what do you want us to do this evening?” He asked lowering his head in a way that both their foreheads were tou-ching.

“We could spend the night at your house. I’d love to have a feel of the place,” Kimberly suggested as they gazed at each other.

“Chuka is still there, I hope you don’t mind?” Eric asked, concerned.

“The house is big enough for all of us, I’m sure. But wait, did you really decorate that place yourself?” Kimberly asked, eyeing him with interest as she pu-ll-ed away from him.

“Yeah. Why? Want to hire me?” Eric asked with a teasing smile.

“Yeah, I’m tem-pted to. I should go in and freshen up then we can leave,” Kimberly said, and just as she turned to leave Eric’s phone started ringing.

“Yeah?… Oh! It’s today? God! It totally sli-pped my mind… Okay. Sure. I’ll be there. Thanks for the reminder,” Eric said before hanging up.

“Where are you going to? What is wrong?” Kimberly asked trying not to sound worried.

“I forgot about an award show I’m to attend. I’m supposed to be pres£nting an award to someone… I should hurry… Do you mind coming with me? We don’t have to stay until the end. We can leave once I’m done with my [email protected],” Eric pleaded.

“An award? But I’m not sure I have anything to wear…”

“What award?” Prisca asked as she walked into the house. Kimberly quic-kly explained the situation to Prisca. She wanted to go, but she wasn’t sure she had something befitting to wear.

“I think I have a go-wn you can wear. Why don’t you freshen up while I go get it?” Prisca asked with a smile, and then hurriedly left before Kimberly could object.

“Let’s go in and freshen up then. I’m sure Prisca would get you something good. If you don’t like what she brings you then we can just get you something else, okay?” Eric said, leading Kimberly towards her be-droom, “We have to hurry, they are starting by 8 PM, and it’s 6:30 PM now,” Eric said with a note of urgency in his voice.

“Okay,” Kimberly said as she walked into her be-droom. She quic-kly showered and tried to be as fast with her makeup as she could. Prisca walked into the room and held out a flowing black glitter stra-pless v-n£¢k mermaid go-wn

“This should do, right?” Prisca asked hopefully.

“I’ve never seen this go-wn on your wardrobe,” Kimberly commented as she looked at the go-wn.

“I’m sure you don’t expect me to announce it to you every time I get a new outfit. Hurry up and leave alre-ady,” Prisca urged her.

“This one you’re rushing me, what are you planning to do? Don’t tell me you want to invite a man over,” Kimberly said jocularly.

“I want to bring a man and a woman. It’s going to be a thr££s©meright here on your be-d. Some wild $h!t is about to go down un-der your roof!” Prisca said ma-king Kimberly laugh out.

“Na you sabi. I’m not coming home tonight so enjoy. We will be [email protected] the night at his place,” Kimberly said as she turned around for Prisca to Zi-p up the go-wn.

Kimberly walked over to her closet and picked up a new pair of silver high-heeled sandals she was yet to wear since she bought them. And then picked a small silver clutch purse to match. Once she was done wearing the sandals, she returned to stand in front of the mirror.

“This go-wn is fine o. How much did you buy it?” Kimberly asked as she admired her reflection on the mirror.

“Why do you want to know? Will you refund the money if I tell you? Abeg hurry up and go, I’m going to my [email protected] Make sure you have mad fun, and bring gist for me,” Prisca said when she was certain Kimberly was good to go.

“Yes mummy,” Kimberly called back dryly as Prisca exited the be-droom. Prisca st©pped outside the be-droom door when Eric opened his door and saw her, “Is she re-ady?”

“Yeah,” Prisca said with a nod.

“Thank you,” Eric said before walking into Kimberly’s be-droom, “I take it you like the dress?”

“Yes. Why? You don’t like it?” Kimberly asked, looking at him unsure of what he thought about her outfit.

“I love you both in and out of clothes. I don’t care about what you wear,” Eric said, ma-king her look away in [email protected] when she remembered he had seen her n-ked.

“I can’t say the same since I’m yet to see you out of clothes,” Kimberly muttered un-der her breath, and Eric chuckled.

“Soon you will don’t worry,” Eric @ssured her as he held out the door for her to leave.

Once they got outside and got into the car, Eric turned to look at her, “I know I’m yet to tell you how beautiful you look… I just haven’t done so yet, because I’m still trying to come up with the right words, so pardon me,” Eric said with a wi-nk, and Kimberly smiled.

“You look good yourself. Somehow suits always look the same on men, but you always pu-ll it off with style,” Kimberly complimented him.

“So what is the award show about? And who are you giving an award to?” Kimberly asked curiously.

“When we get there you’ll see. Although I can @ssure you that you might meet some of your favorite celebrities,” Eric said with a grin.

“Really? Like who?” She asked excitedly.

“Let that be the surprise,” Eric said with a small smile.


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