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The miracle I need 2 Episode 22



By the time they arrived home, Kimberly was feeling more comfortable around Eric’s family than she thought possible.

“So?” Eric asked, snaking his arms around Kimberly’s [email protected]!st from behind the moment they stepped inside his be-droom. He placed his head in the crook of her n£¢k and just held her there.

“So what?” Kimberly asked, trying to distract herself from the clos£ness since she knew that Eric wasn’t going to do anything even if she asked him to.

“What do you think about my folks?” Eric asked, coming to stand in front of her without taking his hands off her.

“Your mom is simple and sweet. Wumi takes after her. Your father on the other hand is warm and funny,” Kimberly said with a small smile.

“And you are okay with having them as your parents-in-law?” Eric asked, looking into her eyes.

Kimberly smiled, “Of course, I am.”

“Good. You can freshen up and join us in the living room when you’re done,” Eric said as he lowered hisl-ips to hers and k!$$£d her softly before pu-lling back, “I’ll have Wumi bring you something to change into,” Eric said as he headed for the door, leaving her alone in the be-droom.

He st©pped by Wumi’s be-droom, and knocked three times on the door before going in, “I’m in the shower,” Wumi called out when she heard him enter her be-droom.

Eric said nothing as he opened her closet door and looked throu-gh the closet for something Kimberly could wear around the house comfortably. He picked out gray [email protected] and a pink polo t©p and decided to just take it to her before joining his father in the living room. Thinking that Kimberly was probably in the shower alre-ady, he opened the door and [email protected]£ face to face with a n-ked Kimberly.

Kimberly who had just str!pped off her clothes and was about to go into the bathroom, looked at him in surprise, not knowing whether to cover her brea-sts or her pvb!c region. Immediately the shock wore off, she dashed into the bathroom, leaving an equally stunned Eric standing there.

Kimberly raised a hand to her che-st to calm her heart which was pounding fast as she pressed her ears to the bathroom door, wanting to know if Eric was still in the be-droom or he had left alre-ady.

Eric took in a de-ep breath to calm himself and then dropped the clothes on the be-d. Without wasting another second he walked out of the be-droom and went in search of his parents.

He found them in the living room. His mother was lying on the couch with her head on her husband’s th!ghs. She sat up immediately he walked in, “You are here. How is Kim? Is she settled?” She asked curiously.

“Yes. Thanks for ma-king her relax,” Eric said st©pping in front of his mother to k!ssher forehead before sitting on the couch adjacent to them.

“You don’t have to thank me, she is going to be my daughter-in-law, and I love her alre-ady,” she said with a plea-sed smile. She couldn’t deny that she had been slightly worried about Kimberly’s personality and if she was levelheaded. She had started out wanting to help Kimberly for Eric’s sake, but meeting her now, she could easily un-derstand why her son had fallen in love with her. Kimberly was a very shy, simple, and soft-spoken lady.

“So when are you ma-king things official?” Chief Obasan who had been quiet asked.

“She alre-ady agreed to marry me. I wanted her to meet you both since I have met her father alre-ady. So maybe now we can plan for you both to meet her family. I’d like for things to happen really fast,” Eric said, and his father nodded thoughtfully.

“So I have to start planning the wedding… with Kimberly’s approval of course,” she added with her husband gave her a knowing look, “I will just spend time with her after dinner to discuss the details with her and find out what she wants and what plans she has. So how did you propose to her? I didn’t see any engagement ring on her f!nger.”

“I haven’t gotten a ring yet. I’m still thinking about how to propose. I will get the ring once I’m sure,” Eric said with a sigh.

“You want proposal ideas?” His father asked with a grin.

His mother rolled her eyes, “plea-se don’t take any idea from your father. Trust me,” she said, ma-king both Eric and his father laugh.

“How can you all be laughing when the princess of the house is not with you?” Wumi asked as she joined them, dressed in just a shorts and a crop t©p. She slid into the little space between her parents, placing her hand around her father’s shoulders.

“You didn’t see anywhere else to sit?” Her mother asked with displea-sure.

“I want to sit beside my father, go and sit beside yours,” Wumi said ma-king her father and Eric chuckle, while her mother snorted.

“I’m sitting next to my husband, go and get yours,” her mother fired back before standing up and going to sit on her husband’s [email protected]

Eric and his father hooted with laughter at her sharp response, while Wumi blinked in disbelief, “Are you indirectly trying to tell me that I’m old and I should go and get married?” Wumi asked her mother.

“As long as Tunde is getting married, I don’t care what you do with your life, just stay AWAY from my husband!” Their mother warned, before placing a k!sson her husband’sl-ips, while he smiled at her.

That was the scene that greeted Kimberly as she joined them. Eric with a smile on his face as he looked at their parents, Wumi looking at her parents with a scowl, while the parents k!$$£d. The scene was so beautiful she stood there watching them. She tried to picture herself and Eric in that position, say thirty years from now. She hoped they would both have what his parents had.

“Why are you just standing over there, come and sit,” Eric’s mother called when she saw Kimberly standing there. They all turned to look at them, but Eric and Kimberly didn’t look directly at each other as they were still [email protected] about the incident earlier.

“Why are you going there? You should sit next to your husband,” Eric’s father said when Kimberly headed for the couch opposite Eric. Kimberly smiled in [email protected] as she walked over to where Eric was seated, while he watched her in amusement.

“So I’m the only one here without a [email protected]? Wow! Nice one,” Wumi said, looking from her parents to Eric and Kim.

“You should focus on getting one rather than coming near my husband,” her mother responded.

“I have a [email protected],” Wumi muttered to herself as she stood up from the couch. She eyed her mother with a sour expression on her face as she went to sit on another couch by herself.

“So Tunde, what did you learn?” Eric’s father asked looking at him curiously.

“About what?” His mother asked in confusion, echoing the question on Kimberly’s mind.

“About the bet, right? Wumi asked her father who nodded.

“I maintain my original stand. Although it is difficult to live without money after having tasted a life of wealth, it is not impossible,” Eric said with a shrug.

“What side are you on, Kim? Do you agree with him?” His father asked, throwing the question to Kimberly.

Kimberly felt nervous when all eyes fell on her as they waited for her answer, “I don’t un-derstand the question,” she said, stalling for time, while Eric kept watching her as he was very curious to know her answer.

Wumi quic-kly explained the whole bet thing to her, explaining both her father’s and Eric’s stand.

What was she to say? Could she live without money? “Hmm. I think it depends,” Kimberly finally said.

“Depends on what?” Eric’s mother asked curiously.

Kimberly couldn’t help the feeling that this was a kind of test, and to be on the safe side, she didn’t want to take sides, “It depends on the quality of people you have around you. I don’t think one can ever be poor after being very wealthy, especially if such a person raised others around them. And I also think life is easier when a person is surrounded by people who genuinely love them regardless of their financial status.”

“Do you think it’s easy to genuinely love a person who can’t do anything for you? A man can never be okay if he can’t provide the basic things for a woman he loves. Money is one major love language, you know?” Eric’s father asked.

“I like to think love is the only love language. I admit that things won’t be easy without money, but there are poor people who are madly in love with each other. They might be poor financially, but they are rich in love. What is the point if you have all the money and nob©dy loves you? Even the money you are striving for is to be able to care for your loved ones. So I think if someone was wealthy, and then becomes poor, they will be okay as long as their loved ones remain beside them. That in itself will be a motivation for them to work together to succeed again.”

By the time Kimberly finished, Eric was grinning from ear to ear, and without thinking he pu-ll-ed her to himself and k!$$£d her de-eply in front of his parents, while Kimberly blinked at him in surprise, in her heart beating very fast.

“Wow!” Wumi muttered.

“She is something, isn’t she?” Eric’s mother asked her husband who was smiling as they watched Eric k!ssher.

“Yes, she is,” he conceded with a nod.

Kimberly looked away in [email protected] once Eric was done k!ss!ngher. Her heart was still racing, and she was still reeling from the surprise. How could he k!ssher that way in front of his parents?

“So? What do you think?” Eric asked his father.

“Even though we had to call off the whole thing earlier than planned because your mother felt things were becoming too complicated between you both,” he said j£rking his head in the direction of Eric and Kimberly, “I think Kimberly has a valid point. Although it won’t be easy, if I should lose everything and still have all of you with me, I’d strive to succeed again,” he said, looking down at his wife.

“And you won’t mind ri-ding in buses or being stuck in traffic in a cab without an air conditioner?” Eric asked his father with a grin.

“As long as I’m going back home to my warm wife in the evening, I think it would be worth it,” his father said, ma-king his mother smile as she raised a hand to her husband’s face in a loving gesture.

“Don’t worry, even if you become poor, I won’t be poor,” she @ssured him, ma-king him laugh out.

“So you agree that I won this bet?” Eric asked eagerly.

“Yes, I agree. And I’m glad the bet lasted long enough for you to get such a beautiful lady,” his father said, ma-king Kimberly smile in [email protected]

“So what about my prize?” Eric asked with a wi-de smile.

“I wonder why you’re so excited when you have almost everything alre-ady,” Wumi said in amusement.

“Tell me anything you want, as long as it isn’t the head of John the Baptist,” Chief Obasan said, ma-king everyone laugh.

Even though Kimberly wasn’t looking at Eric, she was very curious to know what he was going to ask for. Their family was a very unique one.

“I want you to give Kimberly all the contracts that have to do with interior and exterior decorations, and also introduce her to your friends…”

Kimberly [email protected] and turned to look at Eric in surprise before he could finish. Of course, he was her husband and he should give her the contracts, but somehow a [email protected] of her still had not come to the full realization of who she was getting married to and the kind of family he [email protected]£ from. Although her company was doing okay, getting this contract from their company was going to change everything about her life.

“You didn’t have to ask for that. She is family, and it is only right that family takes care of family business. As she said, a rich man can never become poor after lifting those around them,” chief Obasan said, with a smile.

“Why do you look so surprised? We alre-ady checked out your company by the way. You’d have to get a bigger staff and employ more people to take on the contract,” Eric’s mother said with a smile, and they were all startled when Kimberly suddenly started sobbing.

“No, you’re not!” Eric muttered as he drew her close to himself and looked at his family with a weak smile, “She gets very emotional at the slightest chance,” he explained, seeing how worried they looked, and they smiled in relief.

“So what movie should we see? Anyone has a movie to cast on the television?” Their mother asked, looking at them all. When no one brou-ght up any movie she picked one of her choices and called for the housekeeper to serve them something to munch on while they watched the movie.

By the time Eric and Kimberly were re-ady to leave the next morning, Kimberly was alre-ady feeling like a [email protected] of the family.

“We will come to Lagos once the doctor says my husband is fit to travel,” Eric’s mother said to Kimberly as she [email protected] her.

“I’d be looking forward to seeing you again,” Kimberly said with a warm smile.

“Maybe when I come we can start planning your marriage? You’ll let me handle the preparations, right?” She asked hopefully, and Kimberly nodded eagerly. She wasn’t sure she could deal with the whole marriage preparations.

“Sure. You can take care of things.”

“Thank you very much. I’m glad you’re letting me do this. Now make sure you take care of yourself and stay out of trouble. And don’t miss your thera-py sessions, okay?” She said, ma-king Kimberly smile in [email protected] as she nodded her head.

“That’s enough mum,” Eric said, placing his arm protectively around Kimberly’s shoulder.

“I’m okay,” Kimberly whispered to Eric, letting him know she knew his mother meant no harm. Eric’s family waved at them as they got onto the plane.

“That went well, didn’t it?” Eric asked Kimberly with a smile once they were comfortably seated.

“Definitely. I love your family. Everyone is so warm and nice,” Kimberly said, feeling happy that she was going to be a member of such a household.

“I told you so.”

“Yeah, you did.”

Kimberly relaxed on her seat and shut her eyes, remembering how Eric had cu-mddled her the previous night. She had woken up in a spoon position with her backside closely pressed against Eric’s front side. Her head had been resting on his right arm, while his left arm had been resting on her abd0m£n. She had held her breath when she felt his morning £r£¢tion, and for a moment she had wanted to turn around and t©uçh him. Never had she been tem-pted in her life had she has been tem-pted ever since Eric [email protected]£ into her life. Who knew she had this sort of self-control? Yet she had been indulging her s£xual de-sires this whole time.

“What are you thinking about?” Eric who was watching her asked when he saw the smile on herl-ips.


“Me? What about me?”

“The day we finally have s£x I’m going to pour out my s£xual frustration on you,” Kimberly promised without opening her eyes while Eric threw back his head and laughed out loud. He was glad she had gotten to the point where she could talk to him about s£x without feeling [email protected]


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