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August 1, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The mermaid in love Episode 3 & 4

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The Mermaid in love ❤️ {18+}

[Two crazy fishes in love]♥

💎Episode 3💎

By: V»Praise✍




My heart beat fast as my got across her thigh.
“Like I said before, you guys can have fun around but don’t step into the sea for any reason” My dad ordered and his deep voice brought me to reality…

“Ok” I and Jeff chorus while Sharon chuckle with swimming fantasy

“Let’s have a little swim, we shall be back in jiffy..
They left and I slumped on the enlogated bench designed for rest after much stress… I wore a white light round neck t-shirt and also a white short. I guess that was a perfect dress for swimming…
“Bro,what step do we take?” Jeff asked.
😂”you’re asking me, do I know?” I said and we both laughed.

After some minutes, dad and mum was out of sight and I quickly search for the beauty I saw using my eyes…
Gush,,!! I can’t find her anymore. What the f*ck? ” yelled annoyingly..

Just then I saw her coming from a distance. My heart beat increased as I bowed my head to hide my nervousness..

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“Hey handsome,you’re looking so cool, hope you’re not disturbed?”. She asked and sat beside me.
“Yeah, I’m good.” I replied with my face still bowed.
“OK,, why are you sitting quite? While others are swimming.” She said smiling.
“Wow!! She looked more beautiful when smiling” I stared at her for a minute and turned down my mood..
“Actually, I can’t swim properly” I replied and she chuckle.
” Are you serious? I don’t believe a thing like this still exist”. She smirked.
“Honestly I can’t so I decide to stay here and await my parent.” I said.
“Your parent? So your parent are here” she asked curiously.
“Yes,my parent are having swim.” I replied shyly.
“And you’re here doing nothing. Arrg,, I’m not impressed” she said in little frown.
“Forget about that.. My name is Jim Thomas. I’m a fresher in the university. .” I said turned to her for a reply….

“I’m just Chizara by name. Can we go for a swim? She asked trying to smile..
“I will like to but I can’t swim.” I replied.
“Do you mind if I teach you?” She brow.
“Really? 😂 I don’t believe this” I said excitedly.
” I’m for real so?” She said giving her hands to me. I was over excited to be with such benevolent person. Nice and caring. I slowly grabbed her hand and we stood. My hand touching her sent sparks of spectrum into my spine…

” Hey bro. Where are you going?” Jeff asked from a distance of having fun also with a girl..

“Bro I will be back in jiffy just a swim with this beauty” I said pointing to her and she smiled in blush…

“But you know you can’t swim” he said coming closer.
” forget that bro she will teach me.” I replied and we went out of his sight..

“She held my hand and we dived into water bellowing so though.. The whole moment was interesting and fascinating. We swam for about 30 minute and all of sudden I found myself in very big room with sweet smell. I marveled how I got there. Still chaos looked round. The place like strange dressed in royal attires and like a palace. At first I saw no one and my heart stripped away..
” What am I doing here?” I asked myself first but later screamed out loud and I could hear the sound echoed.

“Please somebody help me out I’m lost” I added on the top of my voice…

“You’re so scared why?” (Laughed) A feminine cool voice said from behind and I turned immediately.
“Yes I’m, why are we here? I thought we were swimming?” I asked walking to her fearfully.
“Calm down Jim,you don’t have to worried you’re save with me” she said and I snapped.
“That doesn’t answer my questions.”
” OK.,,, welcome to my home.” She and walked majestically to me meeting me up. She caressed my chest.
“I don’t like this. You never told me we are coming to house beside why is this place dressed like a palace.?” I asked more seriously at this time she her nipples met my lower chest which sent some message to my head that she was up to something…

“Actually here is a kingdom and I’m a princess here. Princess Chizara to be precise..” She said smiling widely
“Kingdom? Princess? I don’t understand all this.. It seems like a joke in fact a dream. Which kingdom do we reach just in a minute without the use of bike or cab?” I asked and she chuckle under her breath..

“Like I said calm down.. Ok,, once again welcome to the marine kingdom.” She said and my heart jumped into my mouth and before I could say a word she placed her lips on mine and started kissing me..


💎Episode 4💎



I leaned on him and plotted a kiss on his pink lips and began to message his young hairy chest…
“Zara please I don’t want this… Can we go back to seashore?” He asked pushing me away.
“Not yet, you have not fullfil why you’re here, so release.” I replied and regained kissing him….
“Please stop this, my parents will be worried by now. Please take my out” He pleaded.
“Forget about them, let’s enjoy ourselves…Jim! I love you definitely and craved for long to have someone like you.” I Said caressing his chest.
“How come you Love me without knowing me?” He asked furiously…..
Without a world I set my eyes straight into his eyes and confessed him..
I wrapped my hand around his neck and messaged romantically. He responded immediately and we started an intense kissing. It lasted for about five minutes and we quited..
I dragged him lovely to my room and made sat on a chair made for visitors..
After some moment of kiss, she took me to a very big room dressed in a royal fashion. Looking more exactable than the formal one… A very large family seize bed made with royal attire. The wall were painted with deep blue color and a patch of gold. The ceiling were very brilliantly made with silver color rendering the room shining.. “Wow!!” I marveled at such incent of the room..
“Why are we here?” I asked looking at her as she seductively rolled her eyes and leak her lips…
“Here is my room and your room likewise” she replied and chuckled..
“Arrg’ I told you to take me out not to bring me into your room.” Snapped.
“Hmm, Don’t worry I will take you out in a minute but first show me your humanly style.” She said and drew more closer to me and me up.. I watched as she stripped off her finery and afterward, pulled her long gown rendering herself half naked. Just a bra and panties..👙👙
I marveled at a half naked woman and my d*ck got stiff immediately. Although she wasn’t the first woman I had seen naked before.. I had a girlfriend back in school and we learned a lot of fucking skill during leisure time..

“You like them”? She asked massaging her b**bs.
I didn’t reply but stared and watched her furthermore with removing her bra…. She undid her bra and wake me with the nipples of her b**,bs hard and stiff..

She meet me up and gently pushed me to the bed.. she lay on me and began to strip me off clothes..
In short while I was left with only my boxer wear…my d*ck strongly erected waiting to devour a fresh pinky pussy… “Can we f*ck she whispered to my ear. I nervously remaind silent and let scotch me..

She began to tongue f*ck me and I mean loudly in pleasure..The first attempt sent some spasms to my head and I grabbed her pulling it more closer..
Few minutes later I turned her over and suckle on clits. She moaned louder in satisfaction that any close to the door Will hear….

I covered her mouth with my lips and let our tongue crashed on each other..

We were enjoying the moment when the agaped and behold a similar face shown but I couldn’t remember when I saw her. I quickly covered myself with the duvet and went behind Chizara..

“What the hell is going on here” she yelled at us. I was sure she’s her sister..
“Yurka, what’s your problem? Here is my room and I can do what ever I like or love” Chizara fired at her.
The lady looked closer at me and exclaimed my ‘jim!! I was really surprised.
“You know me?” I asked fearfully.
“Yes I do” she replied coming closer. I quickly wore my short and stood on my feet.
“Mind you, don’t think you’re going any where” Chizara said..
“I’m yurka the girl……..” I cut in as I immediately remembered the girl that normally appeared to me in my dreams..
“The lady in my dreams?” I asked curiously.
“Yes I am, please come with me and leave this slut” she said handling my hand..
“And what do you think you’re doing?” Chizara asked..
“Taking my love away of course, he is mine” yurka said smiling wickedly.

I thought Chizara was all the beauty in the world but doubt my thought when yurka appeared.. I love her while in my dreams and I never I Believed she exit. How come she is here? Marine world as it was called.. is she also a princess here..? OMG!
What sort of a day is this? What am I doing here in the first place.?
Different thought runs through my mind as our hand got locked together.
“Let him be now”! Chizara muttered
Yurka chuckled and Said,
“You’re yelling as if you can do more than a dead rat. Listen for your good.. All power here belongs to me as the crowned princess of this Noble kingdom so don’t open your smelling pit called and talked back at me” she dragged me to the main exit when Chizara still naked came and held me back..
“Never, I brought him here not for you but mine alone” I shuddered.


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