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July 23, 2021


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The mermaid in love Episode 16 & 17

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The Mermaid in love ❤️ {18+}

[Two crazy fishes in love]♥

💎Episode 16💎

By: V»praise.✍️




Hmm,It was a dream. How could nightmare felt real. He was still looking healthy. Infact I healthier.
“Does that mean he’s still alive?” I asked myself.
If he is, then why are they withhelding him? I don’t believe he’s still alive but fate tells he still lives..

I dashed out to the bathroom to have a cool birth. My head felt hot and Headache prune. I frailed. It was like I saw a ghost. His presence was filled with strange aura.. his scent changed. It smelled good. But one thing that was different was his eyes. It became brilliant and contains some lusters..

The thought of the dream kept replaying in my head. Over and over.
I finished my bath walked downstairs sluggishly..
I don’t want to disclose the dream with either of his parents. It will hurt them. I don’t need that now. I sat at dinning table and watched them served dinner. We ate in silence for while and His mother broke the silence.

“Jeff, you are quite. Are you alright?”
Hmm, I took in a deep breath and exhaled rolling my eyes.
“Yes ma, I’m alright.” I replied..
“Then why is your mood like this?” she asked again dropping her spoon🥄
“Ma, I’m fine just a little feverish” I said. Though,my over thought resulted to fever..
“Fever? Oh, sorry for that. Have you taken any medicine at all?” She asked.
“No ma, I would do that immediately I finished eating.” I replied.
“Hmm, better please. I can’t remember the last time you feel sick. It was Jim who usually fell sick. He looked cute when sick” she said and her mood changed to sadness. And after then a dot of tears dropped from her eyes.

“Hey woman, please don’t cry again before it result to something else. I am sure Jeff’s sudden fever was caused due to excessive thought and cries. Please stop it and finish up your meal” Father said in a cool tone. I was sure he felt hurt too but was hiding it because he was a man.
“Finish up, you Said. To be sincere I don’t feel like eating while my one but only son starve..” she said and tears gushed down pouring on the table.

I just stopped eating and went to her. I consoled her with Evey word In mouth.
She just stopped and went to her room. I cleaned the table and went out to cash some fresh air. It was really hot inside.

🎶 Jim’s 🔱

I gasped when I saw her again. Princess Chizara. Wow!! She looked more beautiful. It has been a while she visited. Her presence was special.. pleasant smell took over.
Her hazel eyes Bright. Her fair skin gloam…
I felt a kinda excited for seeing her..

I was tempted to embrace her. “I could it be I love her?” That question ran across my heart..

“Hey handsome,how have you been?” She asked and ran to me and embraced me so tight..

She leaned over me and I let everything rest by. My hurts and so..

“I am alright and you?” I asked.
“Hmm, I was good too. Have missed you too much” she said and winkled .

“Sure? I missed you too ” I never intend saying that. But I found myself pronouncing it..

I looked at her hand and saw her with a book. A voluminous book with tick brown cover. Paled and it looked ancient.
“What could that be?” I asked myself.

“Hope you are enjoying your stay here? ” She just asked an irritated question.
Why would I enjoyed been locked up like a slave. A goat in a pen..
“Sorry, princess Zara, I’m not enjoying a bit of this place.. Just take me from here” I muttered.

She sighed.
“Hmm,, I just asked to know if you still want to leave” she said.
“Why then would I not want to leave? I have left my parents behind. Could you please me” I requested.
“Calm down, I definitely take you back home. Do you like reading novel???” She asked.
Novels? Yeah, I love to read novels during my leisure time back at home..

“Yes of course. Reading is one of my hobby” I replied smiling..
“Would you mind reading this book with me” she asked taking out the book..

Hmm, I looked at the book every now and then.
It looked eerie. “Yeah” I muttered and gasped for air..

She went and light up few candles..
The dim lighted room got bright a little..

She placed the book on the floor and took a deep breath. Closed her eyes and and exhaled.
Written on it was, ‘Chronicle of Queen Talia’
She spoke blingual and then made to open the book…
She opened the book and stunning light shone from the book and made her eyes gloam. Her lips slightly curved into a smile.
I jerked then focused like a man. She would make jest of me if she noticed my nervousness..

Those gloaming eyes spoke powers..
“Now shall we read the first chapter?” She asked and I nodded..

She tossed to the first chapter and boldly Written on it was. ‘Cacophony with humans’
What does that tittle signified?
Hmm, I sighed.
“Go through it first” my thought snapped.
Just as we were about going through the door elapsed.
Boom!! Yurka bursted in..
What brought her here.?
Hmm,, I grinned at her wholesome beauty..

Gush!! She intervened my privacy again..
How could she.?
I will show her my real self. She has done. more than enough to hurt me..
I stretched my hand to my back and drew out my sword.
Her eyes widened.her legs shook.. then I remembered when she embraced me. When she kissed me and my hand dropped.
I felt guilty.
She kinda dear but I hate her..

She walked closer with surprised to Jim. Touching him, I got vexed…


💎Episode 17💎


✨ Jim’s 🌙

Jim stunned at frantically at the woman standing at the entry storming and gloaming.
Princess Yurka.. She wore an Amber beads strung in a complicated design. Her attire was an amber-colourded, silk filmily blue gown, threaded in rich bronze. Round her neck was a collar of small, well-matched Amber and coral beads. On the lobes of her ears 👂 long coral earrings mounted in bronze.
Her wrist, she wore two well-patterned bracelet string of amber with a patch of silver..
Her hair packed up in a ponytail and fixed with two silver hair pin opposite the other..
I was loosing breath and
I gasped and strand of sweat ran down my face..

She was looking extraordinary beautiful, charming and tempting.

I couldn’t Stop staring at every step she took. I stylishly turned to Chizara and she was filled with anger and hatred..
Sadnesses In her hazel eyes.
She slummbed her daggers to fight. But suddenly stopped in her track.
A strand of tears dropped from Yurka’s eyes as she jerked in fear.

She came closer and held my wrist. Her face was buried down looking at our hands in touch. Her hand was fair and mine dark..

She raised her face and looked straight into my eyes. The strand of sweat was protruding my face. She wept it with her hand and caressed it. Her gesture fixed at mine. I was confused and deep down in me I was feeling different.
She wrapped her hands around my neck and pulled me closer. In looked at those pink painted oiled lips of her tempting. I felt like grabbing it and kissed it at once..
She was about plotting it when I suddenly turned and looked at Zara. Her face was covered with tears..
She was crying silently…
I was confused on either to choose..
I moved my step backward and her eyes widened.
I don’t know what she thought but felt dejected looking at her facial expression..

I moved towards Zara standing beside the one armchair in the room.
That’s where I always rest my head while my body crawl on the floor..

I held her hand and kissed her knuckle. She was the one behind my mind. I felt much for her than Yurka..

She grinned and I wept her face with my palm..
She looked happy. I have never seen her that sad. It hurt me seeing people been sad. Consoling a person was a part in my existence..
We snuggled and broke it up immediately.
I made her sat down and I turned to Yurka.
I walked to her and lifted her jaw with my hand and slightly she looked at me.
Her chaos mood transfixed and she opened her hand and I dived in to warm innocent body and I perceived her scarab scent…

She startled and We disengaged and she looked obtrusively at me with a questioning look.
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Like shall we go out?
I nodded like I read her thought.
She held my wrist and pulled me behind her..
I looked back and Zara bitterly crying.

“Where are we going?” I asked her as we exit the dark room.
“Just follow me” she replied.
She took me into a well dressed bed room with fine amended attires..

A photo of her was placed on the wall. The room has the scent as her…

“Where are we and why are we here?” I asked in patiently.

“Well,, welcome to my room and I brought you because you have spent so much time in the dark room.” She replied.
Indeed, much time. But why would she bring me into her room?.

“Do you think it safe here?” I asked..
“Not that safe but just want you to Change up into something nice” she replied grinning at my messed body.
“Don’t you think it’s harmful if your father gats to know you gave me something to change into” I asked again.
“I would rather take the risk over myself than to watch you leave In mess. Jim I….I …. Love you so much” she muttered.

Some bubble of tears gathered in her eyes..

I looked at her with passion and care..
I wanted to complimented for her beauty.
She handed over a black Jacket with fur at the upper arm to me and matching trouser. Black designed with fur running across it..
I stared speechless for a while then accepted it.

“Now go in there and have a warm bath and change up to this. I will be waiting for you here. Be fast and come have some crumbs” she muttered.

What? That’s so caring. She wants me to have a bath and come back for food. Why? Could she be the one who served me food all the time?
Many questions ran in my head. “Hmm,,” I muttered in exhaustion.

“Thanks for your care and able hospitality” I said and she smiled.
“Am blushing” she said and half covered her face.

In no time I dashed into the bathroom and slide into the bath tub and have myself washed. I cleaned my self with a white provided towel..

I adjested my hair and slide into the cloths and fit me. It was so good like it was special caved for me.
“Perhaps she made them for me” I thought.

I gently walked out seeing her beside the mirror and she exclaimed.
“Wow!!!, You looked handsome, cute, pretty… Gush” you’re the best” she muttered smiling broadly..
My heart got melted and Indeed I was handsome. Not by her complimentation alone but in her voice was sincerity…

“Thank you. You are also an epitome of gorgeousness and sarcastically beautiful.” I muttered and she smiled.

“Now have something eat” she said pointing towards a dish. It contains crumbs.
I don’t like much food either.
I sat excitedly on the edge of bed and gulped it..
“Hey take it easy they are all yours” she mocked and I grin..

After I finished eating, I stood up and walked to her beside the mirror.
“For how long would you look at yourself in the mirror?” I said.
“As long as you compliment me outfit” she said.
“Hmm, you’re cute but I am more cute than you” I mocked back..
We both bursted into laughter.

“Do you mind going out with me?” She asked.
“Out, to where? ”
“Outside the castle or maybe to the garden,let me show around.” She said and I hardly believed it.
That was all I wanted since. Leaving the castle. Looking at other creature around but Zara told it was harmful for me as a normal being.

“Are sure you will, and don’t you think it is harmful?”I asked.

“Don’t worry, let us go” she replied and walked to me.
“Are you ready?” She asked.
“Yes” I replied and she embraced me tightly and in a blink of an eye I found myself in her arm in very wide plain land.. The sun rays brightened on my skin after a long time.
I was so excited.
She twirl her body aristocratic.
“Wow!! We outside the castle do you like here?” She asked pretty shy.
I survey round with eyes and nodded. But I was scared down in me.

“Please forget your dismay. We fine.. safe here” she muttered and kept smiling.
She came closer and covered the distance between us. She was up to kiss..

I placed my lips on her and kissed hell out of her she squirmed and smiled..

Just then, some cray creature began to arose from the plain soil.
They looked eerie. Their skin flake and scurf. Their teeth enlongated and eyes reddish.. on them was blood stain
They looked like vampires. I jerked as we got sorrouded by six of them.
“God we are gone” she held be behind fearfully and from nowhere princess Chizara appeared like a warrior.. Her weapon intact. She pulled out her daggers and they faced her..



TBC 🔱.

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