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May 11, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The mermaid in love Episode 13 to 15

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The Mermaid in love ❤️ {18+}

[Two crazy fishes in love]♥

💎Episode 13💎

By: V»praise.



Jim’s 🔱

I was kinda annoyed seeing yurka, I don’t want to see her yet. Why not Zara? Why her..
She stared at every blink of my eyes. I just don’t like the way she stared. It was like I was a of rare gem..
I don’t feel her like I did for Zara. She is slowly eating apart of me.

Zara has always been there to take away my boredom. She served my food, know about my deep feelings for my family and she has promised to take me back home. Unlike yurka. She’s arrogant and annoying..
“That’s is because you never gave her a chance” My mind snapped.
It’s true. I never allowed her close to me. Meanwhile, I have made love to Zara twice. Not even a kiss have I plotted on yurka..

Though she was beautiful beyond description. Her dark long hair always combed and dressed. Her green eyes can turn out lightening. Her flawless skin maxed with soft scream. Her walking steps her smile, her pink attractive lips, everything about her is perfection..

” Let me give a chance. She beautiful and charming. I met her before Chizara. Why not give her mind?
What does she want now?”

I asked myself inwardly.

She kept smiling and at me.

“What do you want?” I finally spoke.

She looked at me in astonishment.
I am sure she was surprised. She never expected that. She thought of yelling perhaps.

“Thanks for that question. I have been waiting for too long so you could ask me.
Jim, I want you. Have me, a piece of me, half of me, anything of me can make a thousand change. I want by my side and you have nothing to worry about” she lamented with seriousness written over her face.
She was sweating already.

Her words made my heart beat. Her grin weak me.
I don’t know why.
Maybe I should let her have me..

My thought was just disturbing me.
“Think of going back home and not to give your love or heart to either of them” it scolded my feelings.

“Sure? Do you have positive feelings for me?” I asked and she nodded excitedly.
“How do I believe you?”
“Jim believe me. When I said I love you. You’re all that my heart thinks about. My dreamt of you day and night. My hands itch to… touch you. I have tried to resist does feelings hence you don’t love me but couldn’t. Please give it a chance and I promise you won’t have a regret” she muttered.
My heart got melted. Lady with sugar coated mouth.
Her tiny,sexy tone sounds melodious.
I’m not giving up just like that she needs to prove it more as most ladies would say.

“If you

really love me why not take my back to My world. My house, My family My friends” I said and tears dropped from my eyes..
Still sitting on the floor with dim light she drew closer and placed her hand on cheek and cleaned wiped my tears..
Her hands so soft and cool. I never felt such sansation before. It shivers into my spine. My heart echoes faster. I looked into does eyes of hers and they scared me. I looked away but she held my face back in between her hand.

“Do not cry, I have thought of that too. Taking you home. Where we can find rest and peace. ” She said. Wait is she thinking of going back with me? Never. I whispered to myself.

“Why Do you wish to go with me” I asked.
“Handsome, it because I love you but taking you out of here would be possible with the help of a book that contains dangerous spells” she said putting her hand down..
“Book? What book is that?” I asked as if I knew any book.
“Chronicle of Talia” she muttered

Wait Zara mentioned that name to me the last time she visited. What do special about the book.
“How does the book look like? Why do you need it?”
“I will tell you everything you need about the book though it’s for your usage. It dangerous for mare mortal like you” she said and chuckled.
Is she mocking me? I don’t blame her..
“Can you tell me please the harmful effect?” I asked again.

“Like I said, I will tell but first let’s give our body a favor. I am keeping hard already to have a touch of…….of” I cut in.
“Of what?”
“Hmm, are you scared of your body” she said smiling widely. I don’t even knew when I smiled back. She came closer covered the distance between us and snuggled into my arm.
We held each other and she made her way up to my lips and so passionately she pressed hers against mine and suddenly something. Strange like thunderstorms..

🎶 Jeffrey ❤️
(I am sure you still remember Jeff, Jim’s brother)

” Mother you don’t have to keep crying, He’s fine. The witch doctor assured us of that. Crying now would hurt you the more. Compose yourself and continue praying for him. He will return soon” I consoled Jim’s mother who have been crying since the day he got missed. She developed sore throat of recent because of crying, screaming and avoiding food.. We all hope for him to return.
” Next week will be his birthday” She said crying more louder.
“Mother, I know please stop crying. He May return before then perhaps.
I assured her drew her into my arm in a Tight hug..

Chizara’s ⚔️

I have been going through all the book in the shelf and ceased to find the book.
“Jim really need to see the book and I must find it.”
I looked for it at ease till I came to the last shelf.
There it lay..
I quickly carried it,hugged it and placed it gently on the table. I knew it is not a mare book, I handled it with care. Before I could open it, I made some blingual enchantment and slowly I opened the first cover..
Gush!! “My eyes”she screamed.

Just as she opened the book, A strong rectilinear lightening aloft came and stroke her. Her vision became blurred And gradually she fell to her feet.. Soon she lost consciousness and collapsed. Her Vision died gradually till her eyes shut. Her body motionless.. Her breath halfway gone..


💎Episode 14💎


Yurka’s 🍑.

The lightening accompanied with thunderstorms. We jerked and disengaged immediately.

“What could that be?” He asked wandering in confusion.

“I don’t really know. But I gat to find it out.” I said standing up

I wondered what could have caused the lightening. It’s not a normal thing to happen. I hope it’s what I thinking because father would skin alive.
He has cautioned us concerning it..
I exhaled and shrugged.
“Are you still gonna come back?” He asked bringing me out of thought..

I was happy he needed my presence. I thought he never liked me for once. Now he’s asking me to come back to him..
He is gonna miss me..I said to myself.

“Yes, surely I will be with you in a jiffy.” I replied.
He gave me an advance look and smiled at him.
He was really cute.

“We gat alot to talk” he added with a smirk on his face..

“Sure. I will come just some minutes” I said and went to him throw him up into hug and Kissed him..

I exit and readjusted my gown that is always giving me problems.. I don’t like it for once but mother would yell at you if you dare put on something else..
I choose to wear skimpy skirts dresses..

I walked through the castle 🏰 wall towards the throne hall. I reached there and nobody was there.
I could hear voices coming from the library.

I gently went there and got shocked at my sight..

Zara!! I called.
She laid down down stanced. A white substance was oozing from her mouth..

Father looking annoyed and mother frustrated.
I went down to her and cried her in my arm..

I and Chizara grew up together. We loved each other with so much passions. She was the only friend and sister I have. During our child age , we played, dance, eat and everything today. Our parents loved us for that..
They gave us all to the parental care we needed. We grew to be each other’s company until Jim came between us and parted us. The love we had for each other vanished and hatred took over. But deep inside of me I have an atom of love for her…

I cried over lifeless body as the white pale continue oozing…

“Father, are you staring quite? Do something please” I pleaded.

He just kept looking worried..
I shook his legs making him looked at me.

“What do you want me to do? Just let me think and stop disturbing” he muttered with his hand crossed on his chest.
I looked mother and she looked away.

“Father, mother! Is that how you will watch Zara die? Help her please” I said still in tears..
I cried profusely over her body on my hand. I don’t want to lose her despite we weren’t in good terms..

“Yurka just let go of her. Let her rest. I will come back for her. Go back Chamber.” He ordered.

“Why father? We can’t leave her here! Help her please” I said dropping her.

“Daughter will you keep quiet and peaceful dash to your abode?” She yelled.

Mother wasn’t sad that Zara was dieing. Her mood spoke happiness..

I just obeyed and walked to my chamber leaving my dieing sister hurt me. My only sister dieing. I wished I could help her.

🔱King Lazio’s ⚔️

I have warned my daughter on the harmful effect of the book. Now she has dared it. What do I do now? Healing will cost alot of powers. Else I visit my mother’s grave. But it suit far away from here. If I should embark on the journey she might give up to after life..
I don’t just know..

A thought came to my mind to use that same book in healing her. There is a particular chapter in it. called the
11th SPELL..
It contains lots of powers. I wish that would help.

I quickly rushed there and froze in surprise..

She’s awake.
But something different. Her eyes glowing and her skin stale and wrinkles appeared on it..
How does that happened? I was filled with surprise..

Chizara’s 🔱

I found myself crawling on the bare floor. In pain something dropped from my mouth. My body messed. I cleaned up myself immediately. Something about me change. My eyes was shining bright like a day break..
My skin like that of old person. Why?
I strange aura surrounded me.
I was confused. I don’t understand why everything changed.. My teeth itched for a bite. I could perceived the odour of blood. I felt like biting someone. My body never felt like that before.
I looked round and saw my father sterning at me.
Hmm,, I exhaled and my Feng formed and got extended. My canine enlongated and I smiled at the prey I was about to devour…


💎Episode 15💎


,⚔️Chizara’s 🗡️

I walked closer to my father, King Lazio, the second..

Why should I bite him? I asked myself but a strange force kept pushing towards him..
“Daughter, I can see you’re possess by the evil spirit of Talia. Now let me tell you, I am the great king Lazio the second of this empire. Your can’t harm me rather I will destroy you.” He muttered drowning out his sword and pointed in it against my face.
He was known to be the best sword man. How could Zara fight and win him.?
“Now move back” he ordered but I kept moving forward. Suddenly I pulled out my daggers and mulched on him.
He defended it and fight scene was formed.
I kept attacking but his defense was too though. His was pressing hard and moving me backward. His steps, his defense, his breath and eye contact accompanied with his strong hand was unbearable. It was a hard time with even the attack. I never succeeded in stroking him. He didn’t attacked but defense with just a single hand and the other across his back. What if he decided to attack.

Gosh”!! He’s gonna kill me. And there is no possible means biting him without bringing him down. Making him to groan then I would feed on his flesh. The scene here isn’t favourable.. It’s too late to surrender. I have arose his anger…

🍑 Yurka’s.
I laid on the bed 🛏️ filled with Zara’s thought.
I gat to save my only sister and as well my enemy. I wouldn’t stay here according to father and heard that Zara is dead..

Going there on foot will be stressful so I transformed into a my mermaid form and swam to library where I left her..

“What?” I questioned my sight. I what am I seeing? Princess Zara fighting with king Lazio the best. I exhaled and relaxed my thought. Maybe there are having some training.
But it more than a training session. The scene was too though to be called a training. I baffled seeing something strange. It was Zara’s eyes.. they shone sparkled. Her skin. Gosh! They have wrinkles. What have befallen her? I asked.
Perhaps some Dominic manipulation.. I answered my question.
The scene was got kinda interesting. I decided to watch who wins. But Zara can never win Father. I was sure of that.

It wasn’t Zara’s real self to took a fought with his father. She never dares that. But here she is under the demonic control..

She kept attacking but gradually her hand was falling. In a blink of an eye, he withheld his breath and attacked for the first time and it cut through her arm.

Blood spilled out. Shit!!
I covered my eyes. I haven’t seen much blood before.
I wanted to go help her but I couldn’t. I don’t even know how to handle a sword let alone swing it to fight..

Blood began to gushed out of her wound. Her glaring eyes dimmed. Her wrinkled skin changed to normal. Her canine retracted..

Her daggers fell lazily from her hand. It seems she changing to normal.

Father swinged his sword up to attacked her again then screamed.
“No…… Father!” It echoes all around in the castle..
I felt pity for her. I don’t dare intervene. It’s better she dies so I can take what rightfully belongs to me. Jim!! The wicked part of my heart thought.
But the good chamber felt sorry and pity for princess Zara.
“Too late daughter. You dared me and I shall exacerbate living for you.” Father said and attended to stab her to dealt. Then I intervened.
“Don’t…..Father” I said in a shaky and trembling voice.
And tears dripped down my eyes..
They turned at me astonished.

⚔️Chizara’s 👑
I began to lose my stand. My strength weakend and throat dried and thirsty. For water and no longer blood. I was too late to surrender.
I left my sword thinking he would stop but picked that chance and stroke me. Blood gushed out of my wound it. I had already loosen hope to dealt when
A familiar, vibrant but trembling voice intervened from behind. The voice distracted Father from stabbing me. His sword hung In the air. His breath upcasted. I would have been in my own pool of blood now if not for the voice. “Who could that be?” I asked myself still sitting on the floor. I turned round saw Yurka staring in tears.
“Why would she cry for me? I thought she hate me?..

She rushed over to me and held my hand. She made me stood up and pulled me into her arm..
Father was surprised. His hand just dropped and he put his sword in place..

I knew father was though. I lay in Yurka’s hand for a while and then disengaged and walked away leaving them behind.
“Sister!!” She called but I ignored her..
Why would she call me her sister! I don’t like her anymore. Since has chosen to share Jim with me I ceased to be her sister..

I went to my room off stripped out my clothes and went to the bathroom and had a warm bath.. I felt refreshened. More stronger and my inner chacogan boomed.. Blood hot and ran faster.
“Hmm, I had secured more powers” I said and smiled to myself. I must Have the book all to myself and make use of it whenever I needed it.
Could remember, I went in search of The book. When I found it I opened it. I never went through any scripture in it. Afterward I found myself crawling on the floor.
What exactly happened? Well, that’s by the way. I am going for it again..

🌀Jeff’s 🎶
I heard my name so softly.
Jeff….. Jeff….. Jeffrey in full. I turned around and found Jim. He was smiling greatly.. I was shock seeing. But I couldn’t remember when he returned.
Jim!! I exclaimed and ran to hug him.
Boom!! He varnished into thin air and I found myself tightening up myself.

I woke up gush!! I was all a dream. I pray it come pass.

TBC 🔱..

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