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July 23, 2021


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The mermaid in love Episode 11 & 12

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The mermaid in love

💎Episode 11💎

By: V»praise.✍️



🔱King Lazio’s 👑

How could my own Nobel daughters be fighting over a man worth noting compared to our slaves..

He had intoxicated them with his virility..
I shall so deal with him that he will forget and regretted having a stupid affair with either of my daughters.
I shall exacerbate life for him….
King Lazio the second was a powerful king feared by almost all the Marine inhabitants.. And beyond his kingdom he was know.
Demons and witches feared and respected him.
He never missed used his powers. He was a good man who often help the helpless.. He inherited his powers from her Queen Talia the first of the mermaid world..

Queen was a full mermaid created from age. She had lived for centuries but only had A son. (King Lazio).

She also cherished the human world and Entouraged with a man she found favor in. She went to the earth and lived as humans and got rise to just two offspring…

For the fact that she left angered her parents.
They placed a curse on her.
Which is she won’t live again once she died on Earth. Her time was shorten and shortly afterward she died and her corpse disappeared Into thin air..

She was buried with a spell deep down below the the seabed by her family.
Her son king Lazio took over the throne from her at age 7 and he had ruled for years not up to century..

She composed a book of which she named ‘Chronicle of Talia’ The book was sealed with mythic bond. And she entrust to her son and afterwards she desisted from appearing…

The book was specially encounce in embroidered shelf..
The book contains powers and magics. The first creature to find and opened the book was Chizara 🗡️.
Some of the powers and magics transferred to her. Which made her half powerful like the great Queen Talia the first…

He summoned the presence of the both princess and in a short period they appeared..
Yurka’s clothes got torn and her hair messed up.
Some bruises appeared on her skin. Her face swollen. Her cheek slacked.
Tears gushed down her eyes through cheeks creating some ugliness on her.
She has been beaten by Zara..
Zara only have few mark on her flawless skin making them stern. Her finger cut through her skin.. creating wounds but they got healed easily with the help of her power.

He took a step down her throne and looked closely at both of them.
They have harmed themselves.
What silly steps to take.

“How could you both fight in my castle 🏰? Have you forgotten who you’re? Princess of a kingdom. You must be stupid” he yelled at at them..

“Fa….ther”. she starmmered. It was Chizara who stupidly invaded my…. My privacy” she muttered.
“You’re very stupid to sat that. I didn’t invade your privacy. That was never your privacy. There wasn’t your room either. ” Yelled raising and pointing fingers at yurka..
Chizara was burning with anger..
“Now keep quiet the both of you. Beautiful maidens like you can’t be fighting over a handsome for no use man.. there are other Noble and wealthy man of our kingdom who are craving to have you. Soon suitors would be visiting you.” She lamented.

Noble and wealth was not what they want. They want love. They want the man from human world. Not just any man but JIM. They both of them loved him.

I don’t think that would be possible for either of them because none will be willing to give up..

“Father, I was the one who fell in love with this man. I brought him here. He loved me and I love him too. Please permit me to have access to him” Zara said kneeling down..

His father’s eyes turned red which means anger..

“Despite what I said you still want him? Now listen, none of you will have access to him. I shall feast on him to calm my nerves.” He laughed horribly.

“No father don’t harm him.. I promise I will give my life for his.. Don’t father” Yurka pleaded..

“Hmm” the king breathed and signed in confusion.
He never want to see his daughters sad.
He loved them..
He’s willing to do everything for them but not this one. Who should he let to have jim.. he was really charming and attractive. Handsome and romantic..

“Please go back to your Chambers and don’t let what happened today repeat itself” He said calmly.
“Father I’m sorry. It won’t happen again” Zara apologized..

“Forgive me. It won’t repeat itself. I promise” Yurka added in apology
His father looked at them once again and shook his head in disagreement.
They both loved him.
He need to think on what to decide. He should kill him but that will make his daughters sad forever.
He never want that..

The exit and he sat back to his throne.

⚔️ Chizara 🛡️

I quickly walked into my chamber, into my room and unclad myself. I felt my skin hurt but it wasn’t affecting me..
I entered into the bathroom and washed myself. Came out sat on a chair face the giant standing mirror.
I took a brush and brushed my hair softly. I was looking good in the mirror.
Despite the face I took a fought I still looked amazing. I so beat her. I hurt her head it bleeding the last time I looked at it..
I don’t regret doing that.
I hate her for taking step closer to my mate..

To where they have hidden him, I shall locate him and whoever tries to stop me Shall sleep in his/her pool of blood.

She was trained a warrior. She can fight 100 men with her dagger and little Magic..
She learnt many skills from her tutor. She used dagger than swords..

She slide into an amor like one going for a war. Her two dagger tied beside her waist and quickly she dashed out in search of Jim

Jim was hidden at the back of the castle. The last room of the castle. In a dark room her lay thinking about how miserable life is..

She walked around the whole castle avoid been seen and watched every movement she took..

“I think I can here some one breath.” She thought as she get closer to the last wall of the castle.

Yes it was him. His scent filled the air..

I rushed in and hit the door and it was lock and not just lock with padlock but with a spell that no one new off.
The spell was written on the door but complicated.
“How do I penetrate in..
Oh, father locked it..
I think I have gone across a spell like this in the book..
Yes the book. Chronicle of Talia..

I hit the door severally.

“Jim I know you can here me. I’m Zara. I will be coming back for you don’t be terrified stay calm” I muttered and left to get the book Talia’s Chronicles..

🎶Jim 🔱

I could her talking. I wish she could just come inside.
I felt comfortable with her.
I don’t know why. I thought I hate everyone the kingdom but her words melt my heart. She gives me hope..

I can’t say i love her but I need her beside me..

She is Jovial, loving and caring..
I wish she could enter and hug me. I felt lonely in the dark. The room was dark enough that you barely see your palm . I even thirsty now. I Never felt hungry..
I kept thinking till I dozed off to sleep and when I woke up, what I saw amazed me..
Chizara !! I yelled almost hugging her..


💎Episode 12💎


🗡️ Chizara 🗡️

I never saw him so excited. He just hugged me.
He most have missed me alot. I wish I could be with him always but I can’t do that..

He paused and glared at me..

“Are you alright?” I asked smiling.
He nodded.
He must be a severe thought.. The thought that hurt…
We could couldn’t see each other clearly but we felt our body with touches.

“Tell me the truth. Are you really okay?” I asked again pulling him closer in my arm and in warm embrace.

“Zara, I must be sincere with you. I’m not feeling any good. I feel sick, thirsty and hungry” He complained raising his head..

“Don’t worry, like I said you shall be fine and I will take you back to your family but here comes first. I brought food for you.” I assured and his eyes widened with happiness..

“I appreciate all you have done for me.” He said and sighed. ”Hmm,, I wish I could see the food and your beautiful face..” he lamented and I felt bad.

Why would father lock him here? Here’s too dark. Father is kinda heartless.
I chose to make him happy..

I decided to make light in the room. I searched around and found few candles 🕯️ on the base of the table.
I got it arrange on it stick and there was no lighter to light it up..

” It better I use my power on this I can’t just leave him now to get either lighter or lantern.” I thought briefly.
Then I voiced something Complicated to him but clear to me.

“Kandulaka” and suddenly there was light on the candle 🕯️. That was blingual. I used another language to convince him.

He was Marveled by the sudden appearance of light.

“Wow!! How did you do that?” He asked smiling.
He cute face was still whelming with smile..

I smiled back..

“I did that because of the one I love. Remember I promised to do whatever you desire.. I needed light in your and there was light” I muttered.

“I know you did it but how did you do it.” He asked curiously.

“Ok, I used my powers. Are you okay with that?” I said.

“Nope, I want to know more about this your powers. how you use them and how you get them” he asked dulcetly.

I sighed and decided to tell him how I got powers..

“Well,if you wish to know. I will tell you exactly for the sake of LOVE.” I muttered.

He just smiled. I guess he’s already loving me. That made me so excited. The man I love is loving me in return..

I began. “My powers are naturals acquired by birth. Do you know about the supernatural? ” I asked.
He nodded to my question.
“Then, tell me the little you know” I demanded.

“Ok,, the one I know are THE WITCHES, VAMPIRES AND DEMONS” He explained.

“Wow,,nice one. You’re very brilliant. I love that answer.
Well,,you never mentioned mermaid. Mermaids are also supernatural being. Created from time. Every strata of the supernaturals are born with powers and magics. I used my power through imagination. Whatever I imagined happens instantly.. ” I lamented.

“Wow,, thanks for putting me through.” He said and thought for a while.
“Why then do you not imagine taking me home?” He asked and I chuckled.
Then stopped when I saw his facial expression changed.

“Sorry I don’t mean to laugh. I have you before. I can’t go beyond this empire. I can make you leave this castle but you may end up in our enemies hand. They might hurt you and I don’t want that..” I said and he turned at me carefully. Reading every movement of my lips.

“Why don’t you want me to be hurt.?” He asked.

“Because I love you. One more fact that you would like to know is about a book . Do Wish to know about it?” I said trying to keep the moment booming not boring.

He nodded with smile then I continue.

And I told him everything about the book, chronicle of Talia.
How I got some powers from it making more powerful than the crown 👑 princess who supposed to have much powers..

“I think I need to go through this book” he said.
“Hmm, are you sure you can handle the book?” I asked
“Yes, why wouldn’t I?”
“Then, get ready. The book is coming with me on my next visit” I said and pulled him into a tight hug and Kissed him roughly before I left.
He need to eat his food.
I watched him and gradually I vanished.

Yurka’s 🍑.

I know father would never allow me visit Jim. I don’t even want to discuss it with him. I can’t really figure out where He was hidden but I was sure it was in the castle.
Mother has become tired of me. Asking…. Begging always made her bored Everytime we spent.
After few days of none visiting him, mother finally agreed to tell me he was hidden and surely she told me and I decided to visit him. I sneaked in there and found him sleeping.
He was having a good, peaceful dream.
I went down to him and started foundling him.
I wish he could just wake up and kissed me.
I kissed him slowly to avoid him been woke..
Just then he woke and I was surprised with the look on his face.

🔱 Jim’s

Time went by. I would sleep wake up….. Sleep wake up and at times food would be served on the table. At times I would eat and at another time I lost appetite and I won’t..
I was have dreams of lunching with my parents, Going to school and at times I would go on a swim with Zara..
I felt really hurt that I was restricted from moving.
It had been quite long Zara visited me in the dark room and I must confess I missed her.
Neither of them visited till one faithful time.
Yes,time because I don’t know if day exist or not. Just leaving in darkness.

Something happened.
I was on the floor as usual taking sleep and having a dream about Zara play in the Beach. She was dressed beautifully. She wore a transparent blue gown showing
The shape of her body. Her upper body huge and plumpy. Her heeps weird.
I just love everything about her. The way she leaned on me,kiss and hugged me. Her upper body crushed through my hard chest and I felt it..
Hmm,, it was soft.
Suddenly I woke and saw Someone sitting close to me on the floor. I was sweating and dripping. I couldn’t recognized her at first but later she appeared to be yurka.she was fondling my body.
Gush,,, why yurka?




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