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the masked mafia episode 29 & 30

(His Shy Spy…)

By; Sommy Pearl F.


★ ★ ★ ★

Ariana laughed and shook her head, roughly.
“You…I’m gonna show you! Yes, You want the owner of the f!ng£r print? Sure, I’m gonna give it to you!” Ariana yelled to herself, drunkenly.

She stood up and staggered away.

Before leaving, She took away the bracelet from her wrist.
“I can do without him. I can do without you guys!!!”

She managed to sneak out, and boarded a taxi after getting to the high way. written by sommy pearl f. on fb

Most importantly, She didn’t forget Jung Hee’s ID. She hung it on her neck before alighting down.

“Who the hell gets drunk at this time of the day??” The taxi driver thought, before driving away.

“Good! Finally! I’m here!” She smiled, looking at the huge building before her. It was star laboratory.

“Let do this!” She screamed, and walked in.

“Hey!” The security man stopped in.

“Who are you?” He asked, coming closer.

Ariana looked around before pointing at her chest.

“Old man? Are you talking to me?” She asked, recklessly.

“What? Old man?? Who are you? Do you work here?”

“What do you mean? Or isn’t it working??” She touched her face, and squeezed her cheeks.

“I’m Jung Hee! Jung Hee!! I work here… See, My ID” She shoved it, right on his face.

The man looked at it, and looked at her face.
“But…you both don’t look alike. Or is it just my eyes? Am I getting old?” He asked no one, in particular.

“Anyways ma’am, Its suspicious so you can’t lea- He took his head up, and paused.

Ariana wasn’t there anymore. It was just him, talking to the rustling wind.


“Hello?, Mrs Woods” A voice sounded, after the receiver accepted the call.

“Yes? What’s up?” Mrs Woods responded.

“Something is wrong. Something feels weird and odd. It really suspicious…” The voice said.

Mrs Woods widened her eyes.
“Don’t talk much. Just…Just make sure my babies are safe. My precious diamonds”

“I promise. You can trust me. I’ll forever be your loyal worker”

“Good” Mrs Woods smirked.

“Who are you talking to, mum?” Gina questioned, from behind.

Mrs Woods quickly hung the call and turned to Gina.

She smiled quickly.
“Its work. Won’t you go to the hospital?” She asked.

“No! I won’t!” She cried.

“Why? Why not??”

“I won’t go,,, till Oliver calls me! I love him and he has been avoiding me. I’ll stay at home all day,,, and all night long, till he reaches me” She cried the more and ran to her room.

Mrs Woods sighed and shook her head.
“She never changes. So pathetic”


“But,,, She was here” Oliver muttered.

“F*ck!!! Where did she run off now?!” Malcolm thundered. written by sommy pearl f.

“Its all your fault” Oliver blamed Cindy.

“Oh? Who gave her drinks in the first place?? Who asked her to call me curry in the 1st place??”

“Will you both keep bickering stupidly or do something?! Oliver! Track her now!” Malcolm said.

“Yes boss. I can track her by using the bracelet…” Oliver voice trailed off when he saw Rhoda picking a bracelet from the floor.

“Oops-sey?” She shook her head.

“Darn it!” Malcolm punched his fist on the table, before running out.

“Okay? You both. You… and You…You’re in trouble” Ken shook his head, looking at Oliver and Cindy.

“Aiish…” Cindy muttered, coldly under her breathe.

“I should be the one saying that” Oliver yanked.
“Aiish” He fumed.


Malcolm was in his car.

As he drove fast, His phone tried reaching Ariana but she wasn’t picking.

“Darn it! Darn it!! Darn it!!!” He kept muttering, and he punched the steering wheel.

He stopped at his mansion and ran into it. He searched around but couldn’t find her.

“Where are you!!” He said, aloud.


Ariana stopped in front of the vault and scoffed.
“I’m gonna try and open you! Jerk!” She screamed, and stretched her f!ng£rs towards it.

“Wait a minute. Oliver said the wrong f!ng£rprint can b!0w the vault up, and kill the intruder”

“I know what to do. I’m gonna wait here… and see if anyone comes by” She smiled.

“Ahhhh…” She yawned.
“I’m tired. Let me just sleep for some minutes”

She laid down, and closed her eyes.

Less than 3 seconds later, She felt something over her nose.

She tried to breathe but it was [email protected] She opened her eyes, and saw a huge hand over her nose.

“Hmm…” She hummed, hitting the hand.

Few minutes of struggling and grunting, She [email protected] out.

Her phone started ringing immediately and the person checked it.


“Hello?!… Where the heck are you!” Malcolm yelled, after the call got accepted.

“Your girlfriend is gonna die…” The voice came.

Malcolm swallowed [email protected], and looked at his wrist. The bracelet wasn’t there. He left it at his mafia’s office

“Who are you?” Malcolm whispered.

There was a chuckle before the call hung.

Malcolm gulped [email protected] and tried calling again but it was switched off.

He later saw a call from Rhoda and he picked it up.

“Boss…Oliver kinda tracked Ariana’s phone and got something” Rhoda said.

“What’s that?? Where’s she??”

“Stars Lab”


Ariana slowly opened her eyes and looked around. She was on the cold and w€t floor.

She was drenched.

“Where am I?” She whispered.

“Who s£nt you?” A voice echoed.

She quickly turned around.

“Who are you?” She asked.

“Who s£nt you!!” He asked back.

“Where am I? What to do want from me?” She cried.

“You keep dodging my questions! Who s£nt you?! How did you know about the diamonds!”

“Let me see your face!” She screamed.

“Then,,, what??”

“I’ll tell you…”


Malcolm stopped in front of the laboratory and came down.

He was wearing his silver mask. He had two pistols on each hand.

“Wait,,, Who the hell are you?” The security man asked, coming closer.

Before he could take another step, Malcolm shot him down.

He looked at the CCTV and shot them all.


“Did…you hear that?” Mrs Agatha shook.

“That…wasn’t gun shots, right?” Tom stammered.
“No…No… I don’t wanna die” He cried.

Damian slowly stood up.
“Where’s Mary?” He asked.

“She just went to the bathroom” Agatha answered.

Just then, Malcolm entered.

“Wh…Who are you?” Damian stuttered.

“Please! Don’t kill us!” Tom laid down.
“I mean, Don’t kill me!” He corrected.

“Where’s she?!” Malcolm pointed the pistols at them.

“Who? Te…Tell us” Mrs Agatha said.

“Ariana…” Malcolm used an extremely deep voice.

“Ariana? No one is called Ariana here” Damian said.


Ariana arched her brows, as she watched the figure, find it way towards her, from the darkness.

Ariana saw an unknown person staring at her.

“Who are you?” She asked.

“I should be the one asking you that. Who are you!” He barked.

“Ariana. Ariana Bells” She muttered.

The person scoffed.
“You’ll soon die. Do you know you’re drenched with fuel?”

Ariana smelt it and widened her eyes.

“Who s£nt you!” The person barked.


“Ma…Mary? You’re back?” Agatha asked.

“Yeah. Who’s playing loud games at work?! What with the loud gun shots. Who was playing that ga-

Mary paused, seeing her fellow workers on their knees, with arms up and a masked guy with 2 pistols, sitting down.

“You know what? I’ll find my way out. Wrong office” She chuckled, fearfully.

“Get back!”

“Oh! I’m here. I’m here”

“Where’s Ariana!!”

“Ariana what now?”

“Ariana!!! Where’s she?!”

“I…don’t know who she is…” Mary cried, getting on her knees.
“I swear!” She shook her head and raised both arms up, in surrender.


“If you tell me who you are. I’ll answer your questions” Ariana blurted.

The person held her chin.
“Oh really?”

“Yes…” Ariana nodded.

“I’m Larry. Larry Pat” He responded.

“Larry Pat? You’re the owner of tge f!ng£r print?? How? You don’t work here so how-

“Aiish!!! This is what I hate! I work here,,, only on Tuesdays but it really sad and bad, no one knows me as an employer here! They don’t even know my name. They just know me as the trash guy,,, pathetic…huh?”

Ariana swallowed [email protected] She was thinking of how to escape. She could see the lighter in his pocket.

“Now,, Answer me…” He murmured, holding her chin tighter.


Mrs Woods hung the call and Larry ran back to the lab.

He met the security man, almost entering the elevator.

“Sir? Where are you off to?” Larry asked, politely.

“Some weird girl just went up to the lab. She isn’t even an employee like us here. I don’t recognize her but the strange thing there is that, she is wearing Jung Hee’s ID card. You know Jung Hee right?”

Larry only nodded.
“Also,,, Jung Hee didn’t come to work today, so why is someone wearing her ID. Its quite odd”

“Oh yes. And that I wanna take her out and query her”

“No sir,,, There is no need” Larry held him.

“I will…take it from here” He further said, with a forced smile.


Larry ran into the laboratory and everyone paused, staring at him.

He just looked around and ran out.

“Who’s he?” Mrs Agatha asked.

Tom laughed.
“The trash guy” He replied.

Larry heard this, and clenched his fist in anger. His eyes were [email protected] already. He slowly walked away.


Larry stopped seeing a strange girl, asleep close to the vault.

“Why…Why is she here? Who is she?? And what’s happening??” He thought.

He bent down, looked at her pretty face for a while, and rounded his large arms around her nostrils and mouth.


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