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the masked mafia episode 27 & 28

(His Shy Spy…)

By; Sommy Pearl F.


★ ★ ★ ★

Excuse me?” Damian whispered, and he looked at his face.

“That scar. It wasn’t there yesterday” Damian said.

“Pardon?” The guy asked.

“Your voice. It also tinier than yesterday” Damian arched his brows.

“Or maybe I didn’t see your face properly yesterday cause you wore a blue cap” He further said.

“What? I never came here yesterday” The guy shook his head.

“I guess you really do forget things easily. It fine. You might not remember today too. I also think you have a sore throat. Rest well” Damian tapped his shoulder and walked away.

“But this is my voice…and I never came here yesterday” He muttered to himself.


Ariana’s eyes were still down.

“Hey,, Look at me. You alright??” Malcolm asked. written by sommy pearl f.

“I’m fine” She quickly said.

“Then, let me have a look at your face. Did she hit you?” He asked.

Ariana shook her head.

“Let me see then” He muttered, and held her jaw.

He raised it up and her face looked up at him.

Her eyes met with his eyes and hints of her memory came flowing by.

“I just saw it” She muttered.

Malcolm let go of her face.
“What’s that?” He asked.

“Gosh. Sorry, I’m late” Cindy ran in, [email protected] [email protected]

“Its fine. I’ve taken care of her” Malcolm said.

Cindy looked down and saw Jung Hee laying down, unconsciously.

“Ariana, Its time” Malcolm told her.

“Boss…” Oliver ran in, also [email protected]

Malcolm turned to him. Oliver eyes were on the unconscious Jung Hee.

“Yes? What’s it?” Malcolm asked.

“We have a problem” Oliver sighed.

“Go on…”

“The [email protected] can’t work if Jung Hee is like this. Her face won’t get scanned properly. It will fail, definitely”

“Sh!t!!!” Malcolm thundered and they all shivered.

Ariana slowly stood up.

“Boss,,, Another problem” Rhoda slowly walked in.

She shoved a phone to everyone’s faces. Someone was calling.

“Damian is calling Jung Hee’s line” Rhoda said.

“Damn it!!”

“Let me answer it. I can talk like her” Ariana muttered and cleared her throat.

Rhoda nodded and gave her the phone.

“Hello?” Damian said quickly, the moment the call went through.

“Hello” Ariana replied.

“Gosh. You don’t know how worried I am right now. You were picking my calls, why?” He asked.

“Sorry. I was still asleep”

“Well, Figures. Since, you’re still on your menstrual period”

“You’re right” Ariana bit her lower l!p.

“Are you still gonna come to work today?” He asked.

Ariana looked at Cindy.

“In 2 hours time” She whispered to Ariana.

Ariana checked her time.
“Uh,,, expect me around 10pm”

“Okay then. I’ll tell the others on your behalf”


“Get well soon. Make sure to take your drugs. Rest now, if possible. If you think you can’t make it, stay at home…but don’t forget to give me a call”


“I love you” Damian said.

Ariana raised her brows, and looked at Malcolm. He wasn’t looking her way, anymore.

“You’re supposed to reply back, Jung Hee” Rhoda whispered.

Ariana blinked fast, and gulped.
“Me too” She whispered.
“Bye, I’m hanging up” She said, and hung the call.

She sighed deeply and handed the phone to Rhoda. written by sommy pearl f.

“Ariana. Let’s talk” Malcolm said, coarsely and walked away.

Ariana nervously scratched her hair and followed him, from behind.


Damian arched his brows as he kept his phone back into his lab coat pocket.

“Excuse me?” Someone called.

Damian turned to the person.
“Oh hey…”

“I don’t know what were talking about earlier but I never came yesterday and I don’t have any sore throat” The trash remover said.

Damian chuckled softly.
“Or maybe, you actually forgot you had a sore throat and you came yesterday. I understand why you talking like this. I guess you really forgot, being here yesterday. We even saw and talked. Good luck” He tapped his shoulder and walked past him.

He turned and watched Damian go back in.
“What’s he talking about? What’s he saying??” He thought, and walked out.


“Excuse me, sir” The trash remover smiled.

“Oh,,, Larry” The security man smiled.

“I actually need your help. It seems somebody took the trash already. But, I don’t really remember taking them yesterday as Damian @ssumed”

“Then?” The security man raised a brow.

“Can you show me the footage of yesterday at the trash area? All of it”

The security nodded.

“Thanks” Larry smiled.


“What do you mean the footage isn’t there?” Larry raised both brows, perplexed.

“Its odd too, you know. I’ve checked severally but the video footage that the CCTV, would have recorded yesterday at the trash area isn’t there. It looks like it was deleted or something”

“Its not possible. How would it have disappeared like that? Weren’t you around yesterday?”

“I was here throughout. Nothing really happened yesterday. So, I don’t know what went wrong”

“Perhaps, Someone tampered with the computers or the CCTV?”

“No way. I was in here throughout yesterday. Or maybe, the CCTV got a problem yesterday cause right now, It working just fine”

“Hmm…Okay then. Thank you” Larry said, and left.

“Its suspicious. But I’ll just have to forget about it” He thought, and shrugged his shoulders.


“What did you say, you saw again??” Malcolm asked, coldly, and slammed Ariana against the wall.

Her back collided [email protected] with the wall, and she let a small sob escape through her little l!ps.

“What did you see? Tell me! You said you saw something??” He almost screamed.

He was growing impatient, plus the anger he had, due of Jung Hee’s unconsciousness.

Ariana shivered, like a homeless and cold puppy. She couldn’t even look at his eyes anymore.

Her eyes stayed down, and it came in contact with his belt, on his wa-ist, around his trousers belt holder.

“Talk to me…” He moved his body closer to hers.

Ariana took her face up, and tightly closed her eyes. It didn’t stop the tears from falling.

She was scared.

Her body was gently touching his, cause of their closeless.

“Why are you doing this to me?” She quivered.

“Forcing me like this isn’t necessary. I’ll tell you,,, okay? And why are you so interested in my memories!” She wished she hadn’t screamed.

With his mighty hand, he seized her chin and drew his face up to his.

Her eyes were red, and had shimmering tears. Her face was like an exhausted warrior who just came back from the battle field.

She could feel his hot breath, hitting her face. She wanted to blink her eyes away, but she wasn’t in control of her face now.

The mafia was. Malcolm was the one holding her face, controlling it as he pleased.

“Let me go” She said.

“Look into my eyes!” He screamed.

She took her troubled eyes to his.

“Tell me, what you see” He calmed his voice down.

“I see nothing! Absolutely nothing!” She cried out in fear.

“If you’re dying to know what I remembered earlier. It was about the building, I saw last time, when I looked into your eyes” She started.

“Remember, my memory dimmed the moment I was about seeing the sign board? Well, I saw the sign board clearly, this time…”

Malcolm widened his eyes shortly.
“What was writing on the sign board?” He asked.

“Come n’ Go” She murmured.

Malcolm let go of her, and shifted backwards.

He li-cked his lower l!p and wiped his cheek.

“We’ll talk more at home” He said coldly and made to leave.

“Wait…” She quickly said.

He stopped and turned to her.

“Your belt. You didn’t set it well” She muttered, and went closer to him.

She wiped her tears away and knelt down before him.

Malcolm watched her, quite unfazed.

She took his leather belt and kept it into the opening, before standing up.

“What was that about?” He asked.

“I just don’t like seeing dressing in disorderliness” She sniffed and walked away.


“Hey…Ariana” Oliver called. written by sommy pearl f.

“What! You liar! Such a jerk!” Ariana spat, walking away, faster.

“I’m sorry, okay? I was just trying to make fun of Cindy. We pull each other legs all the time” Oliver said.

“And you’d to make me the bridge to you guys whatsoever? Ugh!”

“I’m really sorry. Why was boss screaming at you, by the way? What’s up?”

“Aiish! Leave me! I don’t wanna talk about it. I wanna be alone, okay?!” She warned.

“I know how you must be feeling and at times, like this. The best time is to drink. Wanna grab few drinks before it clocks 10?” Oliver asked.

Ariana stopped and sighed deeply, before facing him.

“Huh? You wanna?” He asked, and she pouted sadly.


“Here. Take only two cups. Its a heavy co-cktail” Oliver warned.

Ariana only hissed.

Before Oliver could pour for himself, Ariana was already on the half bottle of the co-cktail.

She was drinking it directly from the bottle.

“Hey,,, Hey,,, Easy..” He tried taking it from her.

“Aiish!” She shouted, and slapped his hand away.
“Why did he suddenly turn cold and mean towards me? So annoying!” She added.

“Gosh. Don’t tell me you’re drunk” Oliver shook his head.

She finished the bottle and jammed it down on the table.

“Oliver?” She laughed, looking up.

“Huh?” He replied.

“The ceiling is very funny” She said, pointing her f!ng£r up.

Oliver looked up.
“How?” He confusedly, asked.

“It keeps swirling and turning…” She laughed.

She stood up, and staggered.

“Easy” Oliver yelped.

“But why…why am I feeling this way?” She shook her head.

“How?” He asked.

She made a faint sound, closed her eyes and fell straight to the floor, like an object.

“Oh no!!” Oliver exclaimed and bent down.
“Don’t do this on me! Don’t tell me you [email protected] out! No!” He shook his head.

“OLIVER!!” Someone hurled.

Oliver slowly turned back to see Cindy standing akimbo, breathing [email protected] in anger, with her hair flying about.

She surely meant war.

“Darn it!” He stood up fast, and began to flee away.

“No, You don’t!” Cindy ran after him.

They were both out of sight now.

“Hmmmm” Ariana mumbled, li-cked her l!ps and sat upright suddenly like she was a living dead.


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