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The mafia lord final Episode

The Mafia Lord
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 43( Final)
Welcoming Travis
June Daniels
Months later
I woke up to find myself alone in the room.
I glanced at the clock, it was 8:00
“gosh! I woke up late “
I dragged myself from the be-d holding my [email protected]!st as I headed down the stairs.
I met Troy in the dinning eating, he was alre-ady dressed for work
“Good morning baby”. he greeted, how was your night?
“It was fine”. I replied, what of Tricia?
“The driver took her to school not quite long”.
“I need to go over to the office”. he informed standing up,
“Can’t you skip work today?”. I asked frowning , I want you to stay home with me
“I really wish I could but I can’t “
“Why?”. I asked
“I have lot of works to do at the company”. he replied
“How I wish your mom and brother lives with us then I won’t be so bored, I wonder why you choose to buy them another house”
“Mum asked for it , she believed we needed privacy”. he explained , you can call Sara to come over
“Sure I will”
he bent to k!ssmy protruded belly before walking out of the house ….
I headed up the stairs to the room . I pushed the door opened and walked in….
I picked my phone from the table and dialled Sara number and she picked it up immediately
“hello pregnant lady I am almost at your home”. She informed and ended the call
“Crazy”. I muttered
I pu-ll-ed off my clothes and was about going to the bathroom when I felt a sudden pain at my back
“Aargh”. I gro-an ed holding my [email protected]!st till the pain st©pped
“What is wrong?”. I wondered,Is it labour pain? No,it can’t be, I still have two week to the due [email protected]£
I walked slowly into the bathroom to freshen up and soon returned to the room n-ked
I walked to the wardrobe and pu-ll-ed out a blue long go-wn and wore it without undies, I was to weak to wear one……
I sat down on a chair facing the mirror and studied myself , I looked so fat. I can’t wait to have my baby so I can go back to shape
The door suddenly opened and Sara walked in smiling
“Guess what!”. she screamed
“What?”. I asked weakly
“What is wrong with you? Why is your face all gloomy?
“I don’t know”. I replied, I just feel weak
“Sorry dear”.she said sitting on the be-d
“So What is the gist?”. I asked changing the mood
“Andy asked me to be his girlfriend”. She screamed
“Really?. I asked, I am so hap….. I st©pped when I felt the sharp pain again
“Aarrrrrgh”. I gro-an ed
“What is wrong?. She asked in alarm,are you …….. June”. She screamed
“What is wrong?” I asked
“Your water just broke”. She said pointing to the floor
I looked down and noticed my clothes were soa-ked
“What does it mean?”. I asked shaking
“You are about to have a baby dummy”. She replied
“Labour? But how?
“ I will go get help”. She informed running out of the room
“What will I do?”. I wondered, I tried to reach for my phone but the pain hit me again
“Troy”. I screamed crying….
Sara soon [email protected]£ running into the room with the driver behind her
“Carry her”. Sara instructed
The driver carried me in his arms and rushed out of the house , placed me gently inside the car and drove off to the hospital
Troy Daniels
I sat behind the office desk trying to sort out some files..
The door opened and my secretary walked in
“Sir Mr Lebanon placed a call asking to have dinner with you”. She informed
“Where? When? Time?
“Tomorrow at Ontario h0tel by 6pm”
“Noted”. I replied and she nodded before leaving..
My phone suddenly ran and I smiled when I saw it was June
“She must be really bored”. I thought and received the call
“Troy. a voice called , you need to come over to the hospital”
“Who is this?”. I asked “
“This is Sara and June is right here in the hospital
“June. What is wrong with her?”
“She is in labour”
“Damn. Which hospital?”
“Petra”. She replied
“I will be on my way”. I informed and ended the call
I turned off the [email protected]©p before rushing out of the office
“Are you going somewhere?”. My secretary asked
“I need to take care of some things”. I replied, plea-se take care of the office…
I walked out The Daniels corporate, got into my car and drove off heading to Petra hospital…..
I soon got to the hospital, alighted from the car and rushed in
I met Sara pacing around the reception
“Sara. I called walking towards her, where is she?
“Over there”. She replied pointing to a room down the hall, I think she is having a tough time
“Why did you say so?”. I asked
“She has been in there …. she st©pped when a doctor [email protected]£ out of the ward
“Doctor”. I called walking towards him, how is my wife?
“Congratulations Mr Daniels”. he replied grinning, your wife just gave birth to a baby boy
“Wow!”. I exclaimed in excitement, can I see her?
“Sure”. he replied
I walked over to the room and pushed the door open
I smiled when I saw June holding the baby still covered in blood peering into his face
“June. I called walking towards her
She looked at me and gave me a tired smile
“How are you?”. I asked sitting gently beside her
“I am so happy”
I peered into the baby face and smiled, he looked so cute with his eyes closed.
“Can I hold him?”. I asked and she smiled before handing him to me
he was so tiny and red
I kept on looking at him as tears streaked down my face
“Why are you crying?”. June asked
“I am just happy”. I replied, I have a family to call my own. how i wish my dad was alive to witness this
“It is alright baby”. She @ssured me, we can name your son after him
“Will you be okay with that?”. I asked looking at her
“Sure”. She replied, what is your father name?
“Travis”. I replied and she smiled
“We have got a little Travis”. She said grinning
I gave her a small smile
“Thanks” fun
“For What?”. She asked looking at me
“For this wonderful gift”. I replied, I am glad I met you……….
Three years later
June Daniels
Standing in front of the mirror I stared at my reflection
“Perfect!. I exclaimed checking out the blue slanted go-wn I was wearing
I brou-ght out my makeup kit from the drawer and applied little
The door suddenly flung open and Tricia walked in
“Mum we will be late”. She queried tapping her feet
“I am sorry baby”. I apologised,I will soon be done
“That is what you always say”.She drawled
I turned to look at her and smiled. She was dressed in a velvet silk go-wn and looked so beautiful on it
“Where is Travis?”
“And Your Dad?
“They are together waiting for you to come down “. Can I use thel-ipstick?”. she asked picking it up from the drawer
“No way baby you are far too young for that”
“But I want to look beautiful”. She insisted
I drew her close and made her stand in front of the mirror
“What can you see baby?”. I asked staring at her reflection
“A tiny skinny blue eyes white girl”. she replied frowning
“No baby”. I corrected, you look beautiful
“Am I really beautiful momma?
“Of course you are”
“Thanks momma” she said pouting herl-ips and I flashed her a smile
“I am done”. I announced gr-abbing my bag, I held Tricia hands and together we headed down the stairs.
I smiled when I saw My two boys in the sitting room talking in whispers
They were both dressed in an all black outfit.
“Mummy”. Travis called frowning , we are going to be late because of you
“I am sorry baby”. I apologised, It won’t happen again
He looked at me and sm-irked
“Can we go now daddy?”. he asked Troy who was watching us quietly with a smile plastered on his face
“Sure my prince”.he replied holding both Tricia and Travis as they walked out of the house …
I looked around the house to make sure they didn’t forget anything before running along..
It was the wedding ceremony of Miguel and Mary and we were running late all because of me…….
The drive to St Peter’s church was a very noisy one as the kids kept on talking about how much they missed their grandparents
“Don’t worry you will see everyone you miss at the [email protected]”. I @ssured them and they screamed in excitement …
We soon got to the church and Troy parked in front
We all alighted from the car and walked in
We sat down at the back row . I smiled seeing Mary in her beautiful wedding go-wn re-ading her vows to Miguel..
“Can I go seat with Uncle?”.Travis asked pointing at Trent who seated at the extreme end
“You will ………he ran off to meet Trent before I concluded
“What a stubborn boy!
“Congratulations sis”. I beamed pu-lling Mary to a hvg
“Thanks sis”. She screamed in excitement, what of the kids?
“They are over there”. I said pointing to the Kids who were jumping around Troy’s mother
“They are so adorable”. She remarked smiling
“Thanks love”…..
“June”. Sara called walking towards me with her protruded belly, how are you?
“I am fine dear”. I replied giving her a side hvg, pregnancy really looks good on you
“Are you kidding me?”. She asked, I feel like a bloated pig
“It will [email protected] dear”. I @ssured her, what Of Andy?
“he is over there taking to the groom and your husband and what of the kids?
“They are….where are they?. I asked looking around and sm-irked when I saw them with the priest “
“They are so cute”. Sara remarked staring at them, I can’t wait to have mine……
We got home very late .
The kids were alre-ady asleep so we had to carry them in
“I never knew Travis had this much weight”. I observed as I climbe-d up the stairs
We got to the children room and placed them gently on the be-d , tucking them un-der the blanket before ti-ptoeing out of the room .
I pushed the door to our room opened as we walked in
“What a blissful day”. I remarked [email protected] on the be-d .
“Sure”. he agreed pu-lling off his clothes
I watched him quietly as he undressed and my mind raced back to the first day I saw him , they day I ran off after meeting his cold gaze and I laughed out loud
“Why is funny?”. he asked joining me on the be-d
“Just thinking’ about the first day I saw you”
“When was that?”. he asked pu-lling me closer
“The day at the gardens. Do you remember?
“Of course I do”. he replied,you ran off after exclaiming something religious “
I nodded laughing
“What were you wearing then?”. he asked, is it a sac or a cloth
“Are you for real?”. I asked punching him pla-yfully, you can’t really blame me, I was a religious freak
“And what are you now?”he asked arching an eyebrow
“A wife to Troy Daniels”. I replied k!ss!nghim , I can’t imagine my life without you
“Same with me” He agreed trying to unZi-p my go-wn
“What are you trying to do?. I asked him, are you trying to make another baby
“Are you re-ady for that?”. he asked
“That isn’t a bad idea”. I replied removing my clothes ………………….. and we made crazy love throu-ghout the night…
the end
The Mafia Lord has finally ended
Thank you so much for re-ading

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