The mafia lord Episode 9 & 10

The Mafia Lord
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 9
June PoV continues
“ what?”. he asked
“Nothing”, I replied and continued munching the cookies
“he must be a really bad guy”. I thought
“Daddy”. a tiny voice suddenly called
I turned in surprise and saw a pretty little girl coming down the stairs
“Daddy”.she called again running to hvg Troy
“What!!!”. I muttered in surprise, is he a father? he is so young
“Tricia”.he called ruffling her hair, go back to your room
“ I am bored upstair”,The little girl queried, I just want to pl@ywith you
“I don’t have the time for that”.Troy replied, go to your room
The girl turned to go and st©pped when she saw me
“ who are you?”. She asked walking towards me
“I am June”. I replied smiling at her, you are so beautiful
“ really?”. She asked jumping up in excitement, no one has ever told me that
“What! they must be blind”.i remarked
“ I like you June”.She said
“ I like you too also”. I replied pla-ying with her cheeks
“ can you come here often to pl@ywith me?”. She asked
“ I can”. I replied
“Promise?”.she asked
“ can I?”. I asked looking at Troy , he was watching us quietly with a puzzled look
“ if you want to”. he replied
“ I promise”. I replied Tricia
“Thanks June”.she said jumping
“Can we go now?”. Troy asked
“ sure”. I replied standing up
“Andy”. he called one of the scary guys, get her bag from my room
“Bye”.Tricia waved and ran up the stairs
“ can I really come over to pl@ywith June?”. I asked Troy as he drove me to my hostel
“You promised her , so you should keep to your promise “.he replied
“ your kid is so cute”, I remarked
“Thanks”. He muttered
“Steph must be so lucky to have her”. I grinned
“What?”, He asked laughing ,
“ why are you laughing?”I asked him, isn’t she her mother?”, I asked
“ she isn’t “.He replied
“ he has so many girls”. I thought shaking my head…
He parked in front of my hostel
“ I will call you”. He said as I opened the car door
“How? I asked him, do you have my number?
“ yes”. he replied
I stepped out of the car wondering how he got my number
“ bye”, I waved as he drove off
I noticed the students outside were all staring .“ why are they all staring at me?”, I wondered as headed to my room
I was surprised to see Steph sitting on my be-d crying when I waked in
“ June. Sara called , where have you been? and why are you dressed in different clothes
“ I got drun!kand someone nice took me to his house and bought me new clothes”, I replied
“ wow! the clothes are beautiful and it looks expensive”, She remarked
“ why is she crying?”, I asked Sara
“ she just got ……………”
“It is none of your business “, Steph yelled cutting Sara short
“ oops I am sorry”. I apologised, can you plea-se stand up from my be-d?
She glared at me and went over to Sara’s be-d
“ so who is the nice guy who took you over to his place and bought you expensive clothes”.Sara asked
“Troy”, I replied and they both looked at me in surprise
“ which Troy?”, Steph asked sobbing
“ Are you talking to me?”, I asked her, it is none of your business
“ I can see you have grown wings”. She said standing up from the be-d and moving closer to me, if you are talking about my Troy I advised you to back off”. She warned and stormed out of the room in anger
Did she just threaten me?”, I asked tou-ching my che-st, I was really scared
“ Are you sure it is Troy who helped you?”, Sara asked
“ yes”, I replied
“ it is so unlike him”. She muttered, I think he wants to make you his personal bit-ch
“ what is that?”. I asked
“ it is like being his personal girl just like Steph”. She explained
“What of Steph?”, I asked her
“ she got dumped”. She replied laughing
“ why are you laughing?”, I asked her , I thought you both were friends
“ of course we are but it is so funny”. She replied still laughing
My phone suddenly rang and I g@sped in surprise when I saw the caller
“Troy, how did his number get on my phone
“ pick it”.Sara urged me and I did
“ Are you surprise?. he asked immediately I picked
“ yes”. I replied, how did it happen?
“ I exchanged the numbers when you were asleep”. he explained
“Oh okay”, I replied
“ I just called to check up on you”.he said , I hope you are okay?
“ yes I am”. I replied
“ Alright”. he said and ended the call
“ what the hell just happened?”.Sara asked
“Troy called to check on me?”. I replied
“ it is so unlike him, why am I having this feelings?”.she muttered
“What feelings?”.i asked her
“That he cares about you”. She replied, and it seems different……
Troy PoV
“Who exactly is she to you?”. Andy asked me
“ what do you mean”. I asked him
“You brou-ght her over to the house,she sle-pt on your be-d , you allowed her pl@ywith Tricia and you even cooked for her”.he explained
“ so?”. I asked, is there anything wrong in that?
“ It is unlike you Troy,you don’t allow your bit-ches come Close to Tricia, you have never even cooked before. What is your relationsh!pwith her?”.he asked
“ she is just a friend”. I replied
“ Boss”. One of the boys suddenly called running into the sitting room
“What is it?”. I asked him
“A client nee-ds the stuff”. he replied
“ then make the transaction”.I said ban-ging the table beside me
“ he is a Russian”.he explained
“ what!”. I exclaimed. how is that possible ?Where is he?”, I asked
“ he is at the warehouse”.he replied
“ I will take care of it,you can leave………
I drove over to the warehouse with Andy .I scoffed when I saw two Russian men in front of the warehouse
“Mr Troy Daniels”. One of them called as I stepped out of the car
“Who are you?”, I asked pu-lling out my guns
“ I am Mr yuan”. he replied, I am just here for business
“ why me?”. I asked , there are lot of drug lords in your country
“ I heard your offers are the best” he replied
I stared intently at him and sighed
“Fine”.i said putting the guns back into my back pocket and instructed Andy to make the transactions
I watched them as they carried two bags on drugs into their car
“ I bet Diego will go crazy when he hear of this”. ….
Episode 10
June PoV
I sat down on my be-d watching film on my l@pt©p .
My Phone suddenly rang and I smiled when I saw the caller, it was my mom
“hello Mom “, I greeted
“ how are you baby”.she asked
“ I am fine mum”. I replied
“I want you and to come home for the weekend”. She commanded
“ I don’t want to”. I replied, I love it here
“ Are you going against my word?”. She asked
“No mom”. I replied
“Then come back home now”. She commanded
“ what of Mary?”. I asked
“ she called to inform us she had weekend clas-ses” . She replied
“ fine”, I drawled and ended the call
I dragged myself out of the be-d and headed to the bathroom, I returned to the room with a towel wra-pped around me
I went throu-gh my bag and brou-ght out the red slanted go-wn Sara gifted me, this will be perfect…
I immediately called Sara to inform her I will be spending the weekend at home….
I got home and met my mom in the sitting room
“ hi”. I greeted
“ June”. My mom called , what are you wearing?”. She asked
“ clothes”. I replied
“ I know young lady but this is not the cloth I bought for you”. She queried
“ I hate those sacs clothes”. I replied
“ what!!”. She exclaimed
“ yes mom”. I replied, can you plea-se get me better clothes next time? Or you can give me the money so I can get my choice of clothes
“June what is wrong with you?”. My mom asked
“Nothing mum”. I replied, you want me home and now I am home. What of Dad?”. I asked
“He is in the room”. She replied still looking shocked
“ fine”. I replied and headed upstair to my room
I pushed the door to my room opened and walked in closing the door behind me
“ can’t they let me have my freedom”. I muttered laying on the be-d , I had plans with Sara and mom ruined everything
I sighed when my mom suddenly walked in
“ baby”. She called , did I do anything wrong?”. She asked
“No mom”. I replied
“Then why did you behave like that downstairs?”. She asked
“How did I behave?”. I asked her
“ you were kind of rude”. She replied
“ I am sorry”. I muttered
“ it is alright baby”. She said flashing me a smile , I just want us to spend the weekend together
“It is alright mom”. I replied
“ your dad wants to see you”. She informed and left
I headed downstairs and met my parent in the sitting room
“June”. My dad called , how are you?
“ fine dad”. I replied sitting down beside my mom
“How is college?”.he asked
“ fine”. I replied
“What of Mary? Is there any complaint about her?
“No”. I replied shaking my head
My phone suddenly rang and I busied it immediately
“ who was that?”. My dad asked standing up
“Aaa friend?”. I stammered
“ who called you ?”. he barked
“ he is just a friend”. I replied
“ he?”.he scoffed
The phone rang again and my dad moved closer to me dragging the phone from me
“ who is Troy?”. he asked and received the call
“Who is this? Don’t ever call my daughter again”. He barked and ended the call
“Are you alre-ady d@t!ngboys?”. He asked me
“ No dad”. I replied
“ better”. he said and stormed out of the sitting room still holding my phone
“ is this why you called me here?”. I asked my mom
“No baby”.she defended
“What did I do wrong?”. I asked sobbing , tell me what I did wrong . I am tired of all this .
I climbe-d up the stairs heading to my room.I walked in ,picked up my bags and headed back downstairs
“ where are you going?”. My mom asked me
“I am going back to school “. I replied
“ your dad was just trying to protect you”.she explained
“ This is not protec-tion mom, this is bondage”. I replied
“ go back upstairs June”.she commanded
“ I have made up my mind mother, I am going back to school”. I said walking towards the door
“ what of your phone?”. She asked
“ Dad can keep it”. I replied storming out of the house
I flagged a taxi and headed back to school
I walked into my room and was surprised to see Troy talking to Sara
“ what are you doing here?”. I asked him in surprise
“He c@m£ over to ask me for your home address”. Sara explained
“ were you planning on coming to my home?” I asked him
“ yes”. he nodded, were you arguing with your dad?”. he asked
“No”. I replied
“Then why was he angry?”. He asked
“He was angry you called”. I replied sobbing
“Did I do any wrong by calling?”.he asked
“No”. I replied. My parent just want to control my life, they forbade me from keeping male friends , they forbade me from doing so many things
“ how old are you?”. he asked
“ 18”. I replied
He sighed . I think they just want to protect you
“ really?”. I asked, but I am not comfortable with it
“Then try and set boundaries”. He advised
“ how can I do that?”. I asked
“By talking to them”. he replied
I kept on crying and he pu-ll-ed me into a hvg
“ it will be alright”. he as-sured me
Troy PoV
I really don’t un-derstand what I am feeling right now
I just wanted to make sure she was alright
I held her ti-ght as she cried and I felt bad seeing her cry
“ what exactly am I feeling? I wondered …
Hmmh Troy