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The mafia lord Episode 41 & 42

The Mafia Lord
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 41
End of Yakuza
June Daniel
I felt tired after dancing around with Tricia , I really needed to rest
I headed up the stairs to the room .
I was about pushing the door opened when I heard voices from inside the room…
“Is Troy inside with someone?
I put my ear on the door to eavesdrop what the voices was all about but could only make a word out of it, Yakuza….
I pushed the door opened and was surprised to see Miguel and a much older man in the room
The st©pped talking immediately they saw me
“Is the [email protected] boring?”. Troy asked me
“Of course not”. I replied, I just feel tired
“Alright”. he said nodding at the men and they both flashed me a smile before leaving
“Am I disturbing something?”. I asked
“Then why did they leave immediately I [email protected]£ in? I asked walking to the be-d
“Because we were done talking ?”. he replied smiling
“What were you talking about?” I asked frowning
“You really need to rest”. he said walking to the bathroom
“What is he hiding from me?”, “ is Yakuza trying to hurt him again? I can’t allow that to happen….
he soon returned to the room wearing only his briefs
“What are you thinking about?”. he asked laying beside me
“I am just worried about you”. I replied
“You don’t need to”. he @ssured pu-lling me closer to him , everything will be alright……
Troy Daniels ?
The sound of my phone ringing woke me up from sleep
I looked beside me and smiled when I saw June slee-ping peacefully beside me
I must have sle-pt off while cudd-ling her to be-d.
I glanced at the wall clock, it was 10:00
“Damn”. I cursed
I stood up quietly from the be-d to prevent June from waking and went over to the wardrobe for a change of clothing….
I picked my gun from the stool beside the be-d and kept it a holster I wore around my [email protected]!st ..
My phone rang again and I received it immediately
“hello Troy. Where are you?”. Miguel asked
“I am on my way”. I replied and ended the call….
I dialled Andy number and he picked it on the second ring
“Troy. he called
“Get re-ady”. I instructed, we are going over to Yakuza
“But the…..
“Just do as I say”. I barked and ended the call
I walked out of the room and closed the door quietly before heading downstairs
I met my mom , Tricia and Trent seated in the dinning
“Where have you been?”. My mum asked frowning, you stayed up in your room ignoring the guest who were here because of you..
“I needed to rest”. I replied
“Are you going somewhere?”. She asked
“Yes”. I grunted, don’t wait for me I will be back late ….
I met all of my boys waiting for me outside
“Boss”. the boys hailed when they saw me
“Are we really going to do this?”. Andy asked
“Yes”. I replied, it is the only way we can finally be at peace
“Fine. he sighed, how many of the boys do you need?
“Ten will be enough”. I replied and he nodded
I watched him select the best boys and smiled
I can’t wait to put a hole throu-gh the bastard head …..
We drove to Yakuza’s mansion ma-king use of two cars
I sat beside Andy who was behind the wheel
“Do you really trust Miguel?”. he asked
“There is nothing not to trust about him”. I replied smiling, he has not changed one bit. he is still the same Miguel I know …..
I la-id on my be-d thinking about only one person, Troy
Why is Miguel taking so long to Kill him? Speaking of Miguel, I haven’t heard from him for days
“Is he avoiding me? he dares not else I won’t hesitate to kill him and his cowardice uncle….
I stood up from the be-d and was about walking into the bathroom when I heard gunsh0ts
“What is happening?”. I wondered
“Carl”. I screamed but there was no response
“What the hell Is happening?
Troy Daniels
We soon got to Yakuza mansion and I instructed Andy to park
We alighted from the car and we saw Carl and Miguel waiting quietly in front of the gate…
“What is the plan?”. I asked walking towards them
“We all go inside and attack”. Miguel replied
“We?”. I asked, I am not interested in attacking, I [email protected]£ here to kill that bastard
“So What is your plan?”. he asked
“You go in to attack with my boys while I go in to kill yakuza”. I replied…
I leaned on the car watching them
Miguel knocked on the hvge gate and they all waited patiently
“Who is that?”a hoarse voice asked and they all kept quiet
“Who is that?”. he repeated opening the gates and was immediately gun down by Andy
“Let go in”. Carl instructed and they all rushed in opening fire on the enemies and the whole air was soon filled with gunsh0ts..
I walked in staring at the lifeless bodies on the floor and climbe-d up the stairs to Yakuza room
I pu-ll-ed out my gun from the holster before pushing the door to his room opened
I walked in and scoffed when I saw yakuza aiming his gun directly at me
“Look who we have here”. he drawled
“Yakuza . I called pointing my gun to him
“Put down your gun or I will shoot”. he warned
“No Yakuza.“. I growled , put down your gun or I will shoot……
June Daniels
I stood up from the be-d immediately Troy left the room
“ Did he just say he is going over to Yakuza’s?.
I ti-ptoed out of the room and heard him talking to his Mother downstairs.
I waited patiently for him to walk outside before heading downstairs to the sitting room
“hi ma”. I greeted his mother
“June “. She called smiling, how are you?
“I am fine ma”. I replied , how was the [email protected]?
“It was great darling”. She replied smiling, Are you hungry?
“No ma”. I replied, I just want to take a stroll around the house
“Guess it must be one of pregnancy challenges “
“Yes. I lied “
“Can I join you mummy?”. Tricia asked
“No baby it I alre-ady late”. I replied and she nodded
I walked out of the house just in time to see two cars drive out of the compound
“Damn”. I cursed
“How will I get out?
I walked over to the hvge gate and the guard st©pped me
“Where are going madam?”. he asked
“It is none of your business”. I barked
“Of course it is”. he said grinning, you are the boss wife
“Fine. I muttered, my friend called that she needs my @ssistance I lied, I won’t take long
he looked studying me for a while before opening the gate
“Don’t be long”. he warned , it is late alre-ady.
I nodded and Walked out of the gate
“How will I get to yakusa home?”. I wondered, I have never been there before.
I got to the taxi junction and flagged down a taxi
“Do you by chance know where a popular man called Yakuza lives?”.I asked
He looked at me and laughed
“Who wouldn’t know where Yakuza lives? he is one of the wealthiest men in the country
“Oh I see. I exclaimed, can you take me there ?”. I asked foolishly
“Of course”. he replied grinning, if you have enough money
“Sure”. I replied getting into the taxi
“You must be one of his bit-ch”. he said staring at me throu-gh his rear mirror
I glared at him without replying, I was in no mood to trade insults
The driver soon st©pped in front of a hvge mansion
“We are here”. he said eyeing me
I alighted from the car and paid him off
“Thank you miss”. he said wi-nking at me before driving off…
I walked towards the hvge gate and pushed it open .
I walked in and [email protected] in shock when I saw lifeless b©dy on the ground.
I stood there fidgeting as I heard gunsh0ts
“What will I do?”. I mumbled. I saw a gun beside a dead b©dy and picked it up
I ti-ptoed into the house and [email protected] in shock when I met Miguel gaze
“ what are you doing here?”. he asked in surprise
“I am am”
“Get down”. he screamed pu-lling me to the ground as a bullet pierced his shoulders
“Aarrrgh”. he grunted shooting at the man who sh0t at him
“What are you doing here?”. he asked staring at the gun I was holding, do you know how to shoot?
“Where is Troy?”. I asked ignoring his questions
“Upstairs”. he replied dragging me along with him
“Let me go”. I screamed trying to break free from his grip
“Are you trying to get yourself killed?”. he asked [email protected]
“No”. I replied b!tt!g him [email protected]
“Arrrgh”. he screamed , are you crazy?
I mumbled an apology and ran up the stairs
“June”. I heard him called but I guess he could not run after me because of his bullet wound
I saw a door ajar and ti-ptoed towards it. I heard my Troy exchange words with another man
“Is that Yakuza?”.I wondered
“I will kill you just like your father”. I heard the man say and rushed blindly into the room
“Put down your gun”. I screamed pointing the gun at the grey haired man
“June”. Troy called in surprise, what are you doing here?
“I can see your wife is not only beautiful but also fierce”. The man said grinning
“Shut up “. I barked
“June get out from here plea-se”. Troy pleaded, I will take care of him
“I will kill your husband and make you my….. I pu-ll-ed the trigger of the gun before he could complete his words and he fell to the floor gro-an ing
“June. Troy called in surprise
“Die”. I screamed and kept on shooting till his blood spattered on the floor
I dropped the gun on the floor shaking in fright while Troy stood watching me In awe
“Is he dead?”. I asked staring at the lifeless b©dy
“Yes”. he replied softly
“What just happen?”. I asked shaking
“You saved me”. he replied pu-lling me into a hvg .
I stared at the lifeless b©dy shaking and soon black out in Troy arms ……..::::
Episode 42( semi final)
June Daniel’s
I woke up feeling nauseous.
“How did I get here?I wondered looking around the room. The last thing I remembered was blacking out after …………
“Yakuza? Did I really kill him? I shuddered at the thought of him laying lifeless on the floor ………..
The door flung opened and I looked up to see Troy walking in holding a tray
“hi baby. he greeted smiling, i can see you are finally awake
“how long have I been slee-ping?
“Very very long”. he replied placing the tray in front of me
“Is that an answer?”. I asked with a sm-irk
“I didn’t keep track of the time”. he replied, how are you feeling?
“Feeling bad”. I pouted
“Why? how?”. he asked
“I feel ……… I don’t know how to explain it
He stared at me for a while and smiled
“I un-derstand how you feel, I felt the same way also but you shouldn’t feel bad about it because you did it to save me…
“Alright. I nodded
“But how did you know about it?
“I overheard your conversation”. I replied
“You overheard or you eavesdrop?
“both”. I replied , what will happen to Yakuza?”. I suddenly asked, won’t the cops find out he was murdered? What if they link…
“Quit worrying Princess, it has been taken care of”
“Really? so you mean I can go out freely
“Of course you can “. he replied laughing, are you really this naive? or you are just pretending
“Pretending? Why will you say so?
“Because I have been wondering how you learnt to shoot “
“ do you think I am a dummy?”. I asked, I learnt from you and I saw him smiled
“Are you having lectures today?”. he asked
“Yes “
“Then eat your food and join me downstairs”……
I dragged myself out of the be-d after eating and went into the bathroom to freshen up.
I soon returned to the room when I was done and went over to the wardrobe….
I put on a black long go-wn, [email protected]£d my bags and headed down the stairs..
I met Troy family , no my family in the room all watching the news of Yakuza death on the television
It was said that he was killed by un-dercover cops after it was discovered he was into drugs …
I looked at Troy in surprise and met his gaze
“Is this what he meant by taken care of?
“Are you re-ady?”. he asked
I nodded
“Fine, he said picking his car keys let us go……
Troy Daniels
I st©pped in front of June [email protected] and waited patiently for her to alight before driving off….
I was really shocked when June [email protected]£ running into the room holding a gun…
I was scared she would hurt herself but instead she sh0t Yakuza dead .
She was my saviour last night, she saved me and as for Yakuza I made sure he died a traitor ..
I drove into the mansion and was surprised to see Miguel waiting for me
I parked and alighted from the car
“Why are you waiting out here?”. I asked
“I was told by your mom you went to drop your wife over at the school so i decided to wait here”. he explained
“Is there a problem?”
“No. he replied, I just want to thank you for aiding us
“It is nothing”. I smiled, how are you feeling?
“getting better”. he replied and how is June?
“She is alright and he nodded
“Can we still be friends?”. he asked
“Sure. I replied, I never considered you an enemy for once even after you betrayed me
“I am sorry brother”. he apologised,Yakuza manipulated all of us and I am glad he is dead. I plan on living a free life from now on
“So do I?”. I replied
“What do you mean?”. he asked
“I plan on quitting the Mafia”. I replied, I have a family to protect…
“ What do you mean you are quitting?”. Andy asked after I told him about it
“I have a family to protect”. I replied
“Then what will happen to the syndicate?”. he asked
“You can keep it”. I drawled,
“I can’t run the syndicate without you”. he barked , so plea-se………….
“Then you can do whatever you like with it”. I replied, I have made up my mind and that is final.I am moving out of this house with my family
“Troy. he called in surprise, I am family also
“I know, that Is why I want you to lead a better life can sell off the warehouse and use the money to start a new life , it is worth it……
June Kansas
I walked out of the [email protected] listening to Sara as she kept on gushing about Andy
“I can’t believe you never told me Troy has a friend so h0t”.she sm-irked
“I never noticed he was h0t“. I drawled
“How can you not?”. She asked,he is so h0t and I think I like him
“Really?”. I asked staring at her,how can you like someone you just met
“It does not mean”. She pouted, I like him and that is it.
“You should have to be….. I st©pped when I heard my name
I turned and smiled when I saw Mary running towards us
June. She called again as she got closer, Guess what! She screamed in excitement
“You just won a lottery”. Sara replied with an eye roll
“It is more important than that”.She said grinning
“What could be more important than winning a lottery?”. I asked
“I am taking Miguel home to meet mum and dad”. She replied jumping in excitement
“Really?”. I asked in surprise, have you told mom and dad about it?
“Yes”. She replied and they are so eager to meet him
“Why am I the only one left out?”. Sara asked looking sad, I need someone to love me also
“You will get one soon”. I @ssured her
I soon got home and walked into the sitting room.
I was surprised to see big boxes and bags in the sitting room
“What is going on here?”. I wondered,
“Mummy. Tricia called running to to hvg me
“how are you baby”. I replied ruffling her hair
“I am very happy”.she said jumping in excitement, Daddy said I will start school once we get to our new home
“New home?”. I asked in surprise
She nodded
“Where is Your Daddy?”. I asked
“In his room”.she replied and ran off to meet Trent
I headed up the stairs and pushed the door to the room opened
Troy was on call and I went over to the be-d to sit down
I looked around the room and noticed most of my clothes were arranged neatly in a big box.
“hey baby”. he greeted throwing his phone to the be-d
what is going on here?
“We are moving”. he replied
“Why?”. I asked in surprise
“Because I want us to start a new life”
“Troy. I called softly, Are you planning on………
“Yes”. he replied, I am going to quit the Mafia…………..

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