The mafia lord Episode 37 & 38

The Mafia Lord
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 37
June Kansas
I glanced at the time, it was alre-ady 11:25 and Troy was yet to arrive
Every one including the priest was alre-ady getting worried.
I dialled his number for the umpteenth time but it was still not going throu-gh
“What could be wrong? Is Troy trying to pl@ya prank on me?
I stood up and pace up and down the restlessly
“June”. I heard my mother called but I ignored her as I kept on dialling Troy number
“What is wrong with his phone?”.I yelled throwing my phone to the wall.
“June”. I heard my mum called , he will soon be here”. She as-sured coming close to me and led me to a seat
“Troy. I called crying , why is my Troy not here? Did he choose not to come?
“St©p saying that”. his mom cautioned, you know he loves you so much.
“Then why isn’t he coming?”. I screamed
“You have to calm down June”. I heard my dad said , something might have delayed him
“Something”. I muttered, What could that be ? What co…..?
“What!!!.Mary exclaimed loudly distracting me from my thoughts
“What is wrong?”. My mother asked
“Troy got invooolvved in an accidentttt and has bbeen taken to an hospitalll”. She stammered looking into her phone .
“My son”. I heard his mom g@sp in shock
“Troy”. I called screaming in fright,he can’t be the one ,it is not my Troy
I tried to stand up but my father held me down
“June you nee-d to calm down because of your condition “
“Which hospital did they rush my son to?”. his mother asked panicking
“Petra hospital”. I heard Mary say .
“Petra hospital”. I mumbled breaking out of my father’s grip and ran out of the church..
“Troy plea-se don’t leave me”. I mumbled as h0t tears streak down my cheek .
I ignored the murmuring and stares of people and kept on running
I guessed I looked like a crazy woman in a wedding dress
I st©pped when a car pu-ll-ed in front of me and my dad stepped out
“Dad”. I called, Troy Is dying
“he will be fine”. he as-sured pu-lling me into a hvg ignoring the stares ……
he opened the car door and instructed me to get inside ..
I got into the car and sat down beside Troy mother who had a gloomy look
“ he will be fine”. She as-sured pu-lling me into a hvg
“ where is Tricia?” . I asked sniffing
“She is in the church with Trent and Mary “. She replied
“What did you just say? You mean you never confirmed if he was dead or not”.I yelled at the two boys I s£nt to kill Troy…..
“His car rolled off the bridge”. one of them replied
“So?”. I asked, Does that answer my question
“We heard a siren and we had to leave the scene”. he explained
I stared at them and puff out smoked
If you…….,
I st©pped when Carl c@m£ running into the room
“ what happened?”. I asked him
“re-ad this”. he said handing me his phone and I boiled in rage as I re-ad it aloud..
“most successful youngest Business man , Troy Adams got involved in a terrible accident. he was found inside his vehicle struggling to get out and was immediately rushed to the hospital in an ambulance……..
“Impossible!”. I exclaimed in anger as I threw the phone on the wall, he is not dead”. I yelled facing the two men
“We are sorry sir”. They apologised
“Sorry?”. I asked scoffing, will sorry make him st©p breathing?.I yelled in anger
“We are very sure he won’t survive it “, the second one replied
“ you really do not know who Troy is “. I said with a scoff. he is a fighter
“but …..
“Shut up”. I barked pu-lling out my guns and pointed it at the first one and then the second one
“You can’t Yaku…………Carl tried to say but I yelled at him to keep quiet
“plea-se don’t kill me”. They pleaded going on their knees
“I don’t believe in forgiveness “. he said as I sh0t twice killing both of them
“Yakusa”. Carl called in surprise, they were one of your best boys
“I don’t care “. I barked, i will kill any one who fails me
“you have killed more than twenty of the boys just this week over minor mistakes and ……
“Shut up Carl. I yelled , I won’t hesitate to kill you if you keep on talking.
I am Yakusa and should be feared by all….
June Kansas
We soon got to the hospital and I rushed in without waiting for anyone
“Where is Troy?”. I yelled ignoring the curious stares on me
“Calm down miss”. a nurse said walking towards me, can you plea-se tell me how you are related to him?
“I am his wife “. I replied and she stared at me with disbelieve
“we were supposed to be married today “. I explained ,can you plea-se tell me where he is?
“Wife? We never knew he …..
“You don’t nee-d to know plea-se just tell me where my Troy is”. I pleaded crying
“What is going on here?”. A Doctor asked walking towards us
“Doctor. I called running to meet him, plea-se where is my Troy?
he looked at me with an arched eyebrow studying me in the wedding dress
“Are you June?”. he asked
I nodded
“Great. he muttered,you nee-d to come with me. he kept on mumbling your name“. he explained as he led me to a room down the hall
he pushed the door to the ward opened and I rushed into the room
I g@sped in shock when I saw Troy laying helplessly on the be-d, he had bandage wra-pped around his head and his che-st …
“Troy. I called softly as I sat down beside him
“He doesn’t nee-d disturbance”. the doctor informed
“What is wrong with him?”. I asked in whispers
“He broke some bones”. he replied but he will be fine, he is a fighter….
“June”. I heard Troy called softly and I turned to look at him
“how are you baby?”. I asked tearing up
“Don’t cry “. he managed to say and I nodded wiping my tears
The door opened and his mum and my parent walked in
“he does not nee-d……. the doctor tried to say but Troy nodded towards him and he sighed before leaving the room
“baby”. his mom called holding his hands, I am glad you are safe
“Tricia Trent?”. he asked
“They are fine baby”. his mother replied all we nee-d is for you to get better
He stared at me for a while without saying anything and then looked away
“Priest?, I nee-d the priest here”
“What do you nee-d a priest for?”. my dad asked
“Priest”.he repeated
“ I will call him now”. my mom informed and walked out of the room
I took his hands into mine and stared at him proudly
He still tried to act strong despite his pain.
I t©uçhed his shoulders and he gro-an ed in pain
“I am sorry baby”. I apologised and he nodded weakly
His eyes were dull,it was very obvious he nee-ded sleep
“Baby, get some sleep”.I urged him
“I will”. he replied
We stayed holding each other hands and I saw Troy smiled weakly when my mother walked in with the priest
“He is here”. She informed
“Start the wedding”. he instructed and we all looked at him in surprise
“Baby you are still weak”. his mother queried
“The wedding”. he repeated
“But Troy……
“Now”. he insisted and the priest nodded before moving closer to us
he placed our hands on a bible he was holding and started …
“Do you agree to take Troy Daniels as your lawfully wedded husband in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer and till death do you ap@rt?
“Yes I do with all of my hearts”. I replied b!tt!g myl-ips trying to st©pped myself from crying.
He turned to look at Troy
“Do you agree to take June Kansas as your lawfully wedded wife in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer and till death do you ap@rt?
“Yes I do”.he replied weakly
“With the authority bestowed on me I proclaim you both husband and wife , you may now k!ssthe bride
I bent to k!sshim softly on hisl-ips and he smiled weakly
“Congratulations Mr and Mrs Daniels “. The priest said smiling , i will arrange for your marriage certificate
“Congratulations baby”. My dad said pu-lling me up into a hvg while my two mothers watched us smiling
“Did he just call me baby?
“Here is the ring”. the priest said handing me the ring box .
I turned to look at Troy and smiled when I saw him asleep….
He is mine and I am fully his………
Episode 38
June Daniels
I watched Troy as he sle-pt and ca-ressed his face gently .
he married me despite the pain he was going throu-gh .
I took his hands into mine and squee-zed it gently resting my head on the be-d…
“What really happened to him? Is someone after his life”. I wondered
I felt his hands moved and raised my head to see him awake
“hubby”. I called smiling, you are finally awake
He smiled staring at me without saying anything
“What is wrong?”. I asked
“Nothing”. he replied,
“Are you sure?
he nodded
“ how are you feeling?”. I asked standing from the chair and sitting beside him on the be-d
“Better”. he replied, you are still on your wedding dress”. he observed,
“I could not bear to leave you alone”. I said and he smiled
He gro-an ed in pain as he tried to sit up
“plea-se don’t stress yourself baby”. I pleaded
“I won’t , Just help me up”.he instructed
“but baby you are not fully recovered”. I queried
“Just do as I say plea-se”
“Fine”. I muttered standing up to as-sist him
“Damn”. I heard him curse
“Does it still hurt that much?”. I asked
“No”. he shook his head. I smiled knowing he was lying.
“ I am sorry”. he apologised
“What are you sorry for?”, I asked confusedly
“I am sorry for ruining our wedding, sorry for ma-king you cry,sorry for ma-king you worry and also sorry for not giving you a better wedding.
I smiled staring at him
“Why is he so sweet?
“It is not your fault hubby”. I as-sured him. big wedding or not, what is more important is that we are there for each other.
“I will make it up to you”. he promised
“I will be waiting so get well soon for me , Tricia and our baby”
“Sure. he replied smiling
“What really happened to you?”. I asked staring at him curiously
“I had an accident”. he retorted. Can we talk about this later?
“Why can’t we talk about it now?”.
“Because I am still recovering”. he replied picking his phone for a table beside him
“What are you trying to do?”. I asked
“Make a call”. he replied
“but i am still ….. I st©pped when the door suddenly opened and Andy walked in
“I am sorry for not coming earlier. he apologised, I had to go over to the accident scene to see if I could find any lead
“How did it go? Did you find anything?
“Just some strange bullet”. he replied bringing out a silver like bullet and handed it to Troy
“Really ?”. Troy asked studying the Bullet
“Have you seen its type before?”. Andy asked curiously
“Yes. Troy replied, it is called a dumdum bullet and it is the deadliest of all bullets
“Does that mean someone wants you dead?”. Andy asked
“he nodded and I g@sped in shock
“Who could that be?”. I asked fidgeting , who were the men that sh0t at you?
“I couldn’t see their faces”.he replied, but they seem to know my movement
“How is that possible?”. Andy asked, it was a secret wedding within families. Did someone let it out?
“Did you by chance tell any of your friends?”. he asked facing me
“I didn’t”. I replied, I even scolded at Mary when she told her b©yfri£nd. You can’t blame her she is crazily in love
“What b©yfri£nd?”. Troy asked arching an eyebrow
“The love of her life”. I replied with an eye roll
“Who is he?”. he asked
“he is just a harmless boy who loves my sister , his name is Miguel and he is in the same dep@rtment as you “. I said
“Miguel”.he muttered
“Do you know him?”. I asked but he just stared on without replying me…..
Troy Daniels
I stared at June not believing what I just heard
Miguel is the b©yfri£ndof my wife sister
“Troy”. I heard her called but I was in no mood to answer her questions
“What is wrong with you Troy?”. She asked
“Put a call throu-gh your sister now”. I barked and she flin-ched in fear
“Troy “. She called again softly, plea-se talk to me “. She pleaded as tears streak down her face
“Why does she like crying when she knows I don’t like seeing her tears?”
“Fine. I muttered, I want you to put a call throu-gh your sister and try find out where Miguel is
“Why?”. She asked
“I just nee-d to ask him about something”. I replied
“Do you know him?”. She asked
“he is a course mate”. I replied , so plea-se call her and place the call on speaker
She dialled Mary number who picked it up on the second ring
“Congratulations sis”. Mary said excitedly, mum told me you are now Mrs Daniels
“Thanks baby”. June said glancing at me, where are you?
“I am home, why did you ask?”
“I thought you will be with your Miguel”
“I can’t go to him now”. Mary said
“Why not?
“Miguel went over to his home “
I gave her signal to end the call and she did
“I have gotten what i wanted”. I retorted gr-unting in pain as i stood up
“Troy . You can’t do this plea-se”. She pleaded,you are not strong
“I can take care of him”.Andy offered, you don’t nee-d to stress yourself
“No. I replied, I will take care of the bastard myself.I gr-unted putting on my shi-t
“Troy. he called
”hand me the gun”
“Troy. You will
“The gun”. I barked and he handed it to me immediately
“What are you trying to do?”. June asked , are you trying to kill Miguel
“No. I lied, just nee-d to talk to him
“then why are you going with a gun?”. She asked
“Just stay here with Andy”. I instructed
“No, I will come with you
“Can’t you do as I say?”. I asked without looking at her
“I am your wife and won’t leave you all by yourself in your condition”.she replied
“She is right”. Andy ch!pped in, we can leave you to go on your own. You can’t even drive in your condition
“Fine”. I muttered …..
I held to my stomach as we walked out of the ward
I had to st©p Miguel before he does anything stupid again
“Are you alright?”. Andy asked seeing the way I was walking
I nodded
We got to the reception and the nurses on seat were surprised to see me leaving the hospital
“You can’t leave Mr Daniels”. one of them said running to hold me
“I will be back”. I replied freeing myself from her grip
“But the doctor….
“Tell him I will be back ….
We got to the parking lot and I opened the car door and got in
“fv¢k this pain”. I cursed
“Are you alright?”. June asked sitting beside me
“Yeah”. I drawled
“Do you really have to do this?”. She asked , who is he to you?
“A friend”. I replied, a long lost friend ….
I re-ad the message on my phone once again and signed
“It was a message from yakusa telling me to kill Troy
“Why does yakusa want him dead? Is he scared of Troy? I have never seen Yakusa this persistent like …
Troy and I grew up un-der yakusa watch and we were great friends, we used to club together, we even fv¢ked the same girl not until I found out he killed my father .
He ignored me when I asked him about it
I always wondered why he killed my father and……. I st©pped when I heard a car drive into the compound and I bec@m£ alarmed
No one knows this place except…..Troy.
Troy Daniels
We parked in front of Miguel pri-vate mansion and I scoffed when I remembered the memories we shared together..
he was a great friend but he never trusted me..
We all got down from the car and I crossed my hands on June shoulders as we walked into the unfenced compound
“Are you sure this is the house?”. Andy asked leading the way
Sure”. I replied
he pushed the door opened and we all walked in
I scoffed when I saw the bastard seated on the sofa holding a gun
“I knew you will fight your way throu-gh Daniels”. he said smiling
“Sure. I replied, a looser like you can’t kill me
“What is going on here?”. I heard June asked ,
“Ask your husband”. Miguel replied with a scoff
“What is he talking about?”. She asked facing me
“Just stay out of this plea-se”.i pleaded, let me teach Yakusa dog a lesson
he tried picking his gun from the table but Andy immediately sh0t at his hand
“Arrrgy”. he gro-an ed in pain
“When did you start using Mary?”. I asked limping closer to him
“I never used her”. he gr-unted, I really loved her
“Really?”. I asked with a scoff, how do you think she will feel when she finds out her lovely b©yfri£ndmade use of her
“She will un-derstand when I explain everything to her”. he yelled ,she will un-derstand when I tell her you killed my father
“Is that what yakusa told you?”. I barked ,is that what the bastard told you. You were supposed to be my friend
“What do you mean by that?”. he asked holding his injured hand
“Do you really want to know?”. I asked, then you Should ask yakusa who manipulated us all
“What are you trying to say? Did Yakusa lie to me?
I looked at him and scoffed , he looked so pathetic
“plea-se tell me Troy”. he yelled
“Fine, i will tell you since you want to know. Yakusa killed your father because he thought your father was a weakling
“Liar. he yelled , yakusa will never do that
“That is because you really don’t know who he is “.I replied pu-lling out my gun
“plea-se don’t”. I heard June screamed, plea-se don’t kill him
“Troy plea-se don’t kill me”. Miguel pleaded standing up
I sh0t at his legs and he fell back to the sofa gro-an ing in pain
“plea-se forgive me “. he pleaded , you never told me all this when I asked you
“That was because you accused me before I could tell you the truth “
“plea-se don’t kill me” . he pleaded
“Really?”. I asked, you aided yakusa and you both tried to kill me
“plea-se Troy”. he pleaded bleeding profusely from the leg wound
“I don’t believe in forgiveness”.I said pointing my gun at him
“Troy plea-se don’t”. June pleaded , plea-se don’t
I ignored her plea-s and was about shooting at Miguel when I felt her hands around me
“plea-se Troy don’t shoot.she pleaded crying
“He tried to kill me”. I said turning to look at her
“You promised to change so plea-se don’t kill him for the sake of Tricia and our unborn child”. She pleaded and immediately my heart melted
I sighed and put the gun back into my pocket …..
“Troy . Andy called in surprise, should l……
“Let him live”………..