The mafia lord Episode 22 & 23

The Mafia Lord
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 22
Troy POV continues
I woke up feeling very weak and smiled when I saw June slee-ping on the sofa opposite mine
“She must have been very scared”
I looked at the bullet wound , it was neatly dressed .
“ she really did a great Job”
I picked the bullet from the table beside me and studied it, it has a letter R inscription on it , Which only meant one thing, a Russian was behind the attack…
“Who could it be?”. I wondered……
I searched my pocket looking for my phone but could not find it ……
“fv¢k”. I cursed , I must have left it in the car
I picked June phone from the table and dialled Andy number
“Who is this “. he gr-unted
“Andy “. I called, it is….
“Troy”. he called , where are you?. We have all been worried
“I am alright”. I as-sured him, what of Tricia?
“She is asleep”. he replied
“Good”. I said sighing in relief
“Are you really alright?”. He asked , we saw a burnt car on out way home yesterday ..
“Come over to the penthouse tomorrow”. I instructed him
“Which of the penthouses?”. he asked
“Diamond”. I replied
“Ok boss , Good night……….
Yakusa Pov
“Who could be behind the attack?”.I asked Carl
“The spy didn’t say, he was not even sure what really happened to Troy”. he replied
“how can he be so dumb”. I muttered
“I also learnt Troy has a little daughter..
“What!!”.i can it be possible? Who is the mother?i have never seen Troy with a little girl….
“ I guess he is secretly raising her”. Carl replied
“How old is the child?”. I asked
“3 years”. he replied
“Good”. I muttered smiling
I will use her to make her father bow at my feet
“Get me the child “……..,
. June PoV
I woke up the next morning feeling so-re, I guessed I cried my eyes out
I huffed when I saw Troy smoking…..
“Troy”. I called softly , how are you feeling?
“Better”. he replied
I stood up from the sofa and moved closer to him
“What really happened yesterday ?”. I asked him , who tried to kill you
“I don’t know”. he replied with a shrug
“ what do you mean?”. I asked him, some men tried to harm us and you don’t know anything about it”.
“Calm down June”he said
“How will I?”. I asked him, we almost lost our lives .
“What are trying to say?”. he asked
“Quit the Mafia”. I replied
He looked at me and scoffed
“Do you think it is easy?”. He asked ,I have enemies and I have to destroy them before they destroy me…
“I am scared Troy, I am really scared
“I know”. he replied , just give me time
“Fine”. I muttered
“I love you June”. he said in whispers
“I love you too”. I replied hvgged him
“Arrrrgh”. he gro-an ed in pain, my shoulders
“I am sorry”. I apologised
“It is alright”.
I placed myl-ips on his and k!$$£d him but he didn’t k!ssme back…..
“Troy” I called,
“ I have told you I won’t………
“I am re-ady”. I said cutting him short and I almost laughed when i saw the look on his face
I placed myl-ips on his k!ss!nghim and this time he k!$$£d me back hungrily.
he k!$$£d my whole b©dy and damn, I was in cloud 9
“Trroooooy”. I m0@n ed loudly
He unZi-pped my go-wn and pu-ll-ed it off and I was stark n-ked
“Why don’t you wear p@n-ties to sleep?”. He asked
“It makes me uncomfortable..
He took one of my n!ppl!s into his mouth and su-ckled on it while he pinched the other
“Troooooarrrrrwwww, plea-se don’t St©p .i m0@n ed c@r£ss!nghis che-st….
He took off his trou-sers and his briefs and la-id in between my legs …
“Is t……….he k!$$£d me to st©p me from talking and started using his f!ngerson me..
“Are you re-ady?”. he asked
“Yes and he started pene-trating inside me
I screamed in pain , it was as if I was being cut with a knife
“ plea-se st©p”.i pleaded trying to push him off
“You are hurting me”. he said gr-unting in pain and pinned my hands down to the sofa .
“Troooooy”. I screamed In pain as he kept on thrû-sting de-ep inside me .
He kept moving in and out of me gr-unting in plea-sure….
“Troy plea-se”. I pleaded crying
“I am ¢v-mming”. he said vibr@ting as he poured some whitish stuff on the floor….
“You are heartless”. I said crying as she rolled off me …
“Really?”. he asked laughing, I am sorry baby, I am very very sorry…..
I stared at the bloodstained sofa, I just lost my vir-ginity….
Diego PoV
I sat down on the be-d of the h0tel room I had been staying in ever since I c@m£ into the STATE.
Ever since I la-id my eyes on the black haired beauty, I had a de-ep de-sire to own her .
Why do Troy always get the best? I started the drug business before him but he is more successful than me
He owns properties both in his country and mine and now he has the girl I am attra-cted to …
I s£nt two of my best men to bring Troy to me p@rtially alive so he can sign his properties to me and give me the girl before I kill him but they are yet to be back, what could have happened?
The door suddenly opened and Reid walked inside
“What happened?”. I asked him
“I think they are dead”. he replied, the car was badly burnt
“What?!!!”. I exclaimed, they were my best men
“ what should we do?”. he asked
“Prepare the Jet we are travelling back to Russia”. I replied .
It won’t take long for him to know I am behind the attack and once he do , I am doomed….
I un-derestimated him , i never knew he was this tough…….
June PoV
Troy insisted on carrying me upstairs to the room not minding the pains on his shoulders
He pushed the door to the room opened and walked in placing me on the be-d gently..
he went into the bathroom to freshen up and soon returned
he went over to the wardrobe and pu-ll-ed out his clothes and soon began dressing…
“I nee-d to bath also”. I whined
“I know “.he replied
“Should I help you to the bathroom?he asked
“Why?”.he asked laughing, are you scared that i might t©uçh you again
“Just go away”. I said glaring at me
“Don’t be long”. he pe-cked me and left the room
“Where should I start from?
I placed a feet gently on the floor and then the other, I stood up from the be-d and limped slowly into the bathroom
I brushed my teeth, bath and soon returned to the room
“What will I change into?”. I muttered limping to the wardrobe
I opened it and pu-ll-ed out a shi-t and brief
I wore it and stared at my reflection in the mirror
“I really looked like a bad boy”
I limped out of the room and headed downstairs, I met Andy and Troy having a serious conversation
“When did Andy get here?
“Hi”. I greeted walking closer to them,
“What is wrong with your legs?”. Andy asked eyeing me,
“Nothing”. I replied . I looked at the sofa and it was all cleaned up
“Are you sure?”. he asked me, did you get hit by a bullet
“Yes I got hit by the human bullet”. I mumbled
“What did you say?”: He asked
“Nothing”. I replied and Troy gave me a small smile ……
We headed back to the mansion and I sat down at the back seat listening to them as they talked about a Russian bullet
“What does that mean?”. I wondered
We soon got to the front of the mansion gate and Troy instructed Andy to st©p the car
“Go in first”. he instructed
“Why?”. I asked him, are you going somewhere?
“Yes”. he replied
“Where?”, I asked
“I nee-d to make a confirmation”. he replied, so wait for me…..
I alighted from the car and they immediately drove off
“What is going on?”. I wondered….
I walked into the sitting room and met only Trent, he was dressed in an all black outfit …
“Hi June”. he greeted
“Hi”. I replied, where are the others?
“slee-ping”. he replied, they stayed up late worried about you and the boss ….
“What of Tricia?”. I asked
“slee-ping “.He replied flashing me a smile.
His smile was the same as Troy’s . Not only his smile but everything about him……….
Episode 23
Troy PoV continues
We got to the ammo vendor sto-re, it was a little sto-re located at the outSk-irt of the town…
“Hi Santiago”.i greeted the man behind the counter
“Troy”. he called flashing me a smile, what do you nee-d?guns or bullet
“I am not here to buy anything”. I said placing the bullet on the counter, I nee-d you to help with this
He picked up the bullet and studied it
“Do you know about it?”. I asked him
“It is a bullet used by the Russians Mafias, the R inscription on it is like a symbol”. he explained
“Who could be behind this?”. Andy asked me
“I really don’t know”. I replied with a shrug, or could it be………damn! Diego………..
“How can it be? . Andy asked ,
“I really don’t know”. I replied, there is only way to find out
“How”. he asked
“Find if Diego c@m£ over to the state…
I dialled Montes number and he picked up immediately
“Troy”.he called , how are you?
“Fine”. I replied, I nee-d a favour from you
“Anything for you brother
“I nee-d you to help me find out if Diego is out of the country”.
“Okay, I will do that”.he replied and ended the call…..
Trent POV
I sat down in the sitting room watching Tricia dance to a music.
“Trent”. She called , come and dance with me
“I can’t dance”. I replied her
“I will teach you”. She said with her tiny voice and I laughed out loud , she was really so funny and I was alre-ady getting fond of her…..
My phone suddenly beeped, it was a text message from and an unknown number, I cli-cked on it
“Yakusa nee-ds you to bring the girl tonight, if you fail to do so you will meet your mother lifeless b©dy at home”.
I immediately deleted the message..
“How did it get to this?”, Yakusa is really a beast”. I can’t let him use the little girl just like the way he used me but what of mother? I am very sure the beast will plant his guards outside the house should Incase I plan on betraying him …….
I live in a small house with my mother, I never knew my father and mom hated talking about him.
We were never free because Yakusa had us un-der his watch .
he took care of our bills , paid my fees but Mother still hated him…..
I asked her several times the really she despises him but she never gave me clear answers…..
I c@m£ back from school one day and met yakusa in our little home..
My mum was on her knees begging him not to take me away
I stood there gobsma-cked wondering what yakusa wants with me….
he took me away and as-sured my mom I will be back if I do as he says…..
he took me over to his mansion and instructed me to spy on Troy Daniels, he threatened to kill my mother if i do anything funny..
I was scared of Troy because I heard he was ruthless but I heard to do it to keep my mother safe….
I was surprised he accepted me in easily and treated me the way he treats the others
“What will I do now?”, I wondered,I can’t hand over Tricia to the beast and I can let my mother get killed ……..
I nee-d to tell Troy about it, I really nee-d to ……….
Troy PoV
“Why exactly will Diego want me dead?”. I wondered, I have no business with him….
“Did he really Come over to the state Just to kill me?
“What are you thinking about ?”. Andy asked
“Diego”. I replied
“But he might not…….he st©pped when My Phone rang..
“Montes”. I called immediately I picked it, Is there any info about him?
“Diego is out of the country”. he replied
“What!!”. I exclaimed
“I don’t really know the country he travelled to but he is definitely not in Russia?
“Thanks “. I said and ended the call….
If Diego was behind the attack,Why did he do it?…….
I alighted from the car and was surprised to see the newbie alone in the compound..
“What are you doing here alone ?”, I asked him
“ waiting for you”. He replied
“Why?”. I asked with a raised eyebrow
“I nee-d to talk to you”. He replied
“Is anything wrong?”. I asked him
“Yes”. he replied
I studied him and he looked really tensed …
“Come with me”. I said as I led him upstairs to my room
I pushed the door opened and saw June on the be-d with her eyes closed.
“What is wrong?”. I asked sitting on the be-d
“Tricia is in danger”. he replied
“What do you mean?”. I asked in alarm
“I work for yakusa”. he replied
“Really?”. I asked calmly
“ yes, he s£nt me a message to kidnap Tricia “. he replied
“Show me the message”.
“I don’t have it again”. he replied
“Why?”. I asked
“ I deleted it”. he replied
“Are you trying to pl@ywith me?”. I asked clenching my fist
“I am damn serious”. he replied , he threatened to kill my mother…..
“Really? Then why are you risking your mother life?”. I asked
“Because I am tired of Yakusa threat, Because I don’t want to hurt Tricia, Because I don’t want to be a bad guy”. he replied sobbing, plea-se save my mother , plea-se don’t let her die…….
I stared at him as he cried and I felt his pain, I pu-ll-ed him towards me and hvg him……
“It will be alright”. I as-sured him
“Thanks”. I muttered
“Where is your mother?”, I asked him
“No 3 Terra block”.he replied , we live in the slums
“I will find her and bring her over here” I promised
“What is wrong?”.June asked , your noise woke me up
“It is nothing baby”.i replied, go back to sleep
“Are you going out again?”. She asked
June PoV
I stared at the boy who was still crying and I felt sad for him
I overheard the discussion between him and Troy..
I never knew the grey haired man I saw in the p@rty could be so ruthless..
“Why can’t he let my Troy be?……….
Troy PoV
“Are you sure this is not a set up?”.Andy asked on out way to Terra blocks
“No”, I replied
“Why are you so sure?”. he asked
“Because I believe him”. I replied
“that is…….
“Just drive”.i instructed
There was something about the kid, I am kinda drawn to him………
We soon got to Terra block , it was indeed a slum..
“Why would Yakusa threaten a little boy from the slums ?”. I wondered
We drove till we sighted the little house we parked beside it so as not to attra-ct stares . There were two armed men in front of the little house
“Take care of them”. I instructed Andy
He alighted from the car and walked over to the house. I watched him pretend to talk to the men as he pu-ll-ed his gun from the back pocket gunning them down….
I smiled at his tactics
I got down from the car and walked towards the house. I stared at the two lifeless b©dy on the floor and shook my head
“They died serving yakusa to the very end , they are indeed loyal dogs!”……
I pushed the door opened and saw a woman curled up on the floor obviously frightened…
“Hey”.i greeted
“plea-se don’t kill me”. She pleaded without looking up
“I am not here to kill you, I am a friend of Trent …
“Trent”. She muttered looking up and I froze immediately I met her gaze…..
“This cannot be”. I muttered
She stood up from the floor and walked towards me
“Am I dreaming?”. She asked staring directly at my face
“What is going on here?”. I heard Andy yelled
“Troy”.the woman called, tou-ching my face”.is that really you?
I tried to say something but could not, I was gobsma-cked
“baby, is that really you?
Mooothheeerr”. I stammered