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the mafia heartbeat episode 46

{She’s on a mission}


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Chapter Fifty Six

“Bell what’s going on, why are you guys here and with your bags?” Watson asked out of curiousness.

“I thought you were heading to work?” Rebel muttered.

“I’ve changed my mind” Watson muttered taking a seat beside her on the couch.

Sammie continued scanning him out like Rebel had instructed…and one thing he discovered is that Watson is good at masking his main thought.

“The boss….” Rebel began with tears scrolling down her eyes making it to look real.

Watson’s nanny walked in with a tray of fruit juice, she handed it over to Monarch who forced a smile and distributed it to the rest.

“It’s okay Bell, talk to me” Watson patted her back.

“His ex is back Watson” Rebel pouted sniffing.

“Where was she before?” Watson’s nanny chipped in.

“She was in country R with Matteo’s father, she was his wife until she returned back to Denim….I thought Matteo was already into me but when she returned, everything changed…….he started treating me like he’s treating my friend’s here….he treats us like s£× slaves nanny, he’s fond of harming us, when i finally had enough, i told my friends here of my plan of running away…..they tried to talk me out of it since my mum was no longer in Denim, but i convinced them that i had somewhere to stay which is with my bestie, after what happened last night, they changed their mind to come with me” Rebel replied with a pout.

“You were right Watson, you were right to tell me not to fall for him, he was cruel to me Watson, he treated me like shit” Rebel added sobbing.

“You’re okay now Bell” Watson pulled her closer resting her head on his chest.

“I used to be his right handed man, i know everything about him, but after the cops evasion on his building, he changed totally, he blamed me for the leakage of his location….he nearly killed me but thanks to Bell and my other friends here, i survived” Sammie said his own part with a sigh.

The nanny just stood eyeing all of them suspiciously….she turned to Watson’s direction and saw him shaking his head in pity.

“Wren and i did something wrong which we are not proud of, something that the lord should have overlook but guess what….” Monarch stood to her feet walking closer to Watson when the nanny ran to block her

“Nanny?” Watson said with a frown.

“She’s not gonna harm me, it would be stupid of her to do so” Watson shuttered.

“I’m sorry” His nanny mumbled stepping aside but deep down, she knew there was something fishy.

“Here look….” Monarch squatted down showing him her neck and the sign of the strangling on it.

“He strangled you?” Watson’s jaw dropped.

“Sammie right here saved me” Monarch pouted breaking down.

“I really blamed Rebel for everything, we got punished because of her, Wren got drowned because of her, Wren stopped breaking for some second Mr, it’s a good thing she was revived” Monarch pouted

“I was dating a guy, unknowing to me that my boyfriend which is literally now my ex was dating the boss mum, she found out about it and threatened to kill me…I heard of how dangerous she was, and to add to that, seeing boss almost killing my friends last time convinced me that if i stayed, he would end up venting out his anger on me someday” Celia narrated with a sigh.

“Poor Robin, the only thing he did wrong was trying to help but the boss had him killed, he was pushed off the rooftop, we really suffered Mr but all thanks to Bell, we got out” Celia added feeling bad.

“I knew what i saw when i came for him, he’s an animal, i tried to make Rebel see reasons why she shouldn’t befriend him but she won’t listen, i even risked confronting her at ex president Gonzalez wife’s party but she didn’t listen….i was trying to talk some s£nse into her skull when someone intruded” Watson muttered.

“And also, there was a time when she visited him when he was arrested, i confronted her to talk some s£nse into her taking another risk again and guess what?” He muttered.

“What?” Celia asked curiously

“I want shot” He said making everyone to [email protected] except Bell.

He showed them the wound which was still fresh.

“Bell, he was only trying to help” Monarch scolded her.

“I didn’t know then” Rebel pouted.

“Mister, i have a question” Wren said shyly making her friends to turn to her.

“Are you always this cute? Like damn!! You’re handsome” She muttered making her friends to turn to her.

” I know I’m handsome, everyone sees that except Bell” Watson smiled sweetly making Rebel to choke on her saliva.

“Hmm” His nanny cleared her throat.

“We have to talk Watson, i mean now” She ordered and turned her back leaving the sitting room.

“I’ll be right back” Watson excused himself with a smile plastered on his l!ps.

“Ouch!!” Wren winced and held her head as Monarch smacked her head the moment Watson was out.

“What kind of nons£nse question was that?” Sammie himself scolding feeling infuriated.

“But he’s hot” Wren pouted.

“We aren’t here to f**k him Wren, I know that must have crossed your mind, close your legs” Celia warned making Wren to roll her eyes.

“I’ve been friends with Watson for years and there’s one thing i know, he’s a beast, he’s not as friendly as he makes himself to look and as for his nanny, she ain’t easily fooled….she has alot of criminal records which i happened to find out while investigating her some years back….don’t underestimate her, she hasn’t been convinced yet, she’s [email protected] to convince” Rebel said to her friends.

“I couldn’t help but notice as well” Sammie muttered.

“We should be super careful, I’ll try my best to convince him, with time I’ll be able to get back my access to my agency, that’s where the real deal will happen” Rebel muttered.

“And you Wren, please I’m begging you, don’t try anything stupid with him, he’ll just toil with your emotions like he did with Jolie” Rebel warned.

“I’ve heard you” Wren replied with an eyeroll

“How can someone ask cute as that be that harmful?” She wondered at the back of her head.

“I’m back” Watson returned back with a map of Denim in his hand.

He threw it at Sammie.

“You guys were at the clan in the oukskirt of Denim before but you all managed to escape, you’re his right hand man so you should know where he currently his” Watson muttered making Sammie to swallow.

“Y-yes” Sammie stuttered.

“Good” a smile formed on the side of Watson’s l!ps.

“I want you to show me the new location on Denim’s map” Watson ordered.

“Hand me a pen” Sammie ordered making Rebel and the rest to frown.

“This wasn’t part of the plan” Rebel panicked inwardly as Watson’s nanny returned with a pen.

Sammie placed the map on the table and began circling the location.

“All done” He smiled and handed it over to Watson.

“That’s where they are” He muttered.

Watson went through the map and his smile grew.

“I hope you aren’t playing with me?” His expression changed to a stern one.

“If it turns out that you lied…” Watson said clicking his tongue.

“I give you my words, they’re there” Sammie mumbled.

“I told you they mean no harm nanny” Watson smiled.

“Bell, you’re still keen on finding your mum right?” He added.

“My nanny is on it, her scouts in country R said she was spotted at Frascal’s hall last night” Watson continued.

“Be expecting her anytime soon”

“Frascal’s hall?” Sammie furrowed his brow.

“Yes, she was partying there with Jolie and some other men who appeared to be guiding her, my men tried to abduct her but she screamed alerting her company, my men and her guards exchanged b!0ws but at the end, her guards still took her but my men are on it” The nanny replied with no hint of friendliness in her voice.

“Hmm” Rebel and Sammie hummed like they had planned it.

“@ssign Rebel’s friends a room…they can stay in the guestroom downstairs and him…..” he pointed at Sammie.

“He’ll be staying in the room next to theirs, Rebel will be staying with me” Watson muttered.

“With you?” Rebel furrowed a brow

“You like sleeping in my room whenever you come visiting during our college days remember? When whenever we are working on a project in my unit, you always end up dozing off in my room as well” He explained.

“That was before you became this obsessed” Rebel wanted to say out but refrained from doing so.

“She likes staying with her friends now, don’t worry, they’ll stay together” Sammie muttered making Watson to throw him a glare secretly.

“Thanks” Rebel signalled Watson with her eyes.

“If you all are cool with that then I’ll be on my way to the station” Watson stood to his feet.

“Make yourselves feel comfortable” He added before walking off with the map.

“You guys should come with me” The nanny ordered.


Matteo took a seat in the garden in his clan and was clearing his head trying to process everything Isme has said.

“It hurts, it really does” He sighed

He was still in thought when he felt someone tapped him.

He turned to yell at whoever it was for disturbing him but he went calm when he saw the smiling face of his daughter.

“A penny for your taught?” Zola smiled sweetly.

“Zola….” Matteo forced a smile trying his best to mask his hurt.

“I’m fine my dear” he added.

“Daddy, why hasn’t aunty Bell been visiting me this past few days, did i do something to her?” Zola pouted.

“No honey, you did nothing, Rebel has been battling with alot the past few days” He explained to her.

“Ohh!!” Zola mouthed.

“So how has things be going with your mum, have you guys ironed out your differences already?” Matteo decided to pry.

“She ain’t that bad, she has a high level of tolerance” Zola smiled.

“Although i haven’t told her I’ve forgiven her already, i want to play [email protected] to get for a little while” Zola added making Matteo to burst into a fit of laughter.

“So now that you have finally forgiven your mum, do you still like Bell as much as you used to or you want me to forgive her and take her back?” Matteo muttered prolonging the conversation.

“Hell no” Zola screamed.

“I thought….”

“No….” Zola cut him off not knowing that he’s pulling her leg.

“We are going to marry aunty Bell” She added.

“Fine…” Matteo smiled.

“I have news for you, you’re gonna be becoming a big sister soon” Matteo dropped the news.

“OMG” Zola [email protected] covering her mouth dramatically.

“I’ve always looked forward to that” She screamed happily making Matteo to shut his ears.

“I’m gonna be aunt Zola” She squealed dramatically.

“If it’s a he, he will be called Earth and if it’s a girl, she’s gonna be cute just like me and her name is gonna be Ariel” Zola said happily.

“Say that to your angel when she returns” Matteo chuckled.

“When she returns?” Zola creased her brow.

“Yes, she went on a trip”

“Ohh!!!” Zola nodded.

“Okay daddy…see you” Zola added running off.

“She always manage to brighten my mood” Matteo smiled.

He stood up and turned to leave the garden when his eyes caught Pierce talking to one of his men.

He moved his leg and began walking to them.

“Hey Pierce” He called once he was few distance close to them.

Pierce signalled the man to go and turned to Matteo.

“What is it?” Pierce shuttered.

“Wanna have a few words with you” Matteo muttered.

“About what?” Pierce asked sternly.

“I spoke to my mum and she told me everything” He mumbled.

“Everything?” Pierce furrowed his brow.

“I know the truth now Pierce, you ain’t my biological father” Matteo dropped the bombshell.

“She told you?” Pierce [email protected]

“I think it’s high time you stop blackmailing her by using me, i want you to know that my father was never a threat to you….the only threat to Pierce is Pierce himself” Matteo shuttered and walked away.




Matteo wat about to push his door open when he heard someone calling him.

“Boss, Zickel from Netherland has come for an exchange” Axe said walking up to him.

“Zickel?” Matteo furrowed a brow…..Zickel happens to be a big client of his.

“Yes boss” Axe bow.

“F**k…i thought he’ll be coming for the exchange coming saturday” Matteo shuttered.

“No boss, his men came by today, the exchange is 7:00 pm tonight” Axe responded.

“You are always the one going for this exchange since his men are extremely dangerous so i decided to inform you boss” he added.

Matteo suddenly remembered what Rebel told him about not going for an exchange.

“Cancel the exchange” He ordered after giving it much thought.

“What?” Axe [email protected]

“You heard me Axe and tell the men to get ready, I’ll be going to country R with about thirty of them tonight” He added.

“Why if i may ask?” Axe frowned.

“I’m going to bring Rebel’s mum from Pierce’s clan, i promised Bell I’ll reclaim her tonight” Matteo responded.



“Vector….” Jolie called going after him.

“Jolie….. What is it?” Vector yelled the moment she finally succeeded in blocking his back.

“I’m sorry about what i said at Frascal’s hall last night” She apologized feeling bad for it as well.

“I want drunk” Jolie added.

“You weren’t and you know it….if you know you didn’t want to have s*x why then did you give me the green light, you f**king klzzed and when i reciprocated and we were about going down, you started screaming that i want to rape you, was it because of Razor’s arrival? I would have been killed Jolie, if not for Mrs Vanessa’s intervention they would have killed me……you saw the bold warning before you entered, forcing yourself on ladies ain’t condoned” Vector shuttered.

“I said I’m sorry” Jolie pouted.

“I’m tired of chasing you, it’s not like you’re the most pretty lady in this clan or something” He added hurting Isme’s ego.

“If you want Razor then go for him, I’ll stop pestering you”.

“I don’t want Razor anymore, it’s you i want” Jolie pouted.

“Then make me feel it” He purred.



“Are you sure that this is their current location?” The s£nior detective said scanning the map that Watson has given him.

“I pledge my life on it” Watson mumbled.

“Thanks for keeping to your side of the deal” The detective shook hands with him.

“What should we do with Bell when we find her?” He inquired.

“Bell?” Watson chuckled.

“She’s in my house right now, she came back to her s£nses” He smiled.

“She knows that she’ll never win against us, despite her coming to her s£nses, the agency still need to query her and she’s also to be fined for disrespecting my office” The s£nior detective shuttered.

“I didn’t tell the panel about it so they’ll be no punishment” Watson responded.

“Why didn’t you?” The s£nior detective yelled.

“Rebel is a woman i love, informing the panel would mean haunting her down, i was tempted to but i refrained” Watson shuttered.

“Don’t let her fool you Watson, that girl is too cunny” The s£nior detective advised.

“Don’t worry, i know Bell better than you do” Watson smiled.


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