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the mafia heartbeat episode 44

{She’s on a mission}

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Chapter Forty Four

” I ain’t kidding Pierce…how did you find your way out and how did you find here?” Matteo brawled standing face to face with Pierce….he ran out after Sammie came to disclose the news to him and it was indeed as he said.

“I have my ways [email protected]” Pierce rolled his eyes and made to walk past him when Matteo pulled him back.

“What agreement do you have with Them? I’m no fool Pierce” He said with gritted teeth.

” Take your hands off me…” Pierce shrugged off Matteo’s hand accompanied with a glare.

“I don’t have to make any agreement to be set free, i did nothing wrong in the first place…” Pierce shuttered and continued walking pushing off Rebel from his path.

” there’s something he ain’t saying” Matteo said worriedly.

Rebel walked up to him and gave him an @ssuring smile.

“Whatever agreement he made with them, we’ll live to find out” She cooed and grabbed his hands pulling him back to the room.

“Look into this” Matteo screamed referring to Sammie.

“I will boss” Sammie mouthed and turned his back departing as well.

Pierce stopped on his path and a turned back to see if any of them were still there.

“Coast is clear” He smiled.

“There’s no time to waste, he said forty eight hours right? Forty eight hours it is” He added and continued walking.

He walked past a b!tch and stopped on realizing who it was.

“Aeesha…..” He smiled evily

“Pierce…you’re back?” Aeesha shuttered with gritted teeth on seeing him.

“I no that no one is happy to see me but i don’t care, where’s Axe?” he inquired.

“Why are you looking for Axe?” Aeesha furrowed her brow.

“It’s none of your business” Pierce snapped.

“Now answer” he commanded.

“He’s in room 009” Aeesha stuttered

“Good……” He smiled.

“You’re always useful Aeesha” He added and began walking away.

“Pierce…” she called as he began walking and he stopped.

“The people here are my family now, i no you stationed me here to be your spy…so I’m saying it to your face, i quit your clan, this will be the last time that I’ll be answerable to you……” Aeesha said with the last courage she could summon.

“Whatever….” Pierce rolled his eyes and continued walking.

“Did he let you off?” Jaden(Aeesha’s fiance) stepped into the picture.

“I guess his answer means yes” Aeesha smiled happily.

“I’ve been meaning to ask, why did Pierce station you in Matteo’s clan, was he feeling insecure or something?” Jaden asked after after snaking her hands around her lover’s waist and walking out with her.

“Pierce is hiding something, i overheard Sniper and Bug in my former clan saying something like Matteo isn’t Pierce’s son but that of Pierce’s son, at first i didn’t believe but thinking of it now, i think they may be right?” Aeesha smiled.

“Is that it?” Jaden creased her brow.

“Can you wait for me babe, I’ll be right back” Jaden pleaded rushing off hurriedly.

“What’s wrong with Jaden, she looks nervous” Aeesha frowned.

“I bet she’s hiding something” She added and began trailing behind Jaden but without her notice.

Jaden walked off to a dark spot where someone was waiting for her.

Aeesha displaced herself few meters away from them…her brows furrowed on seeing who her lover was talking to.

“Nicky?” She frowned.

“What’s Nicky’s business with my babe?” She wondered and decided to wait for Jaden since she can’t hear a thing they were saying.

Jaden after concluding her business with Nicky turned and began walking away when Aeesha pulled her to the corner she was hiding.

“What was that about?” Aeesha questioned with gritted teeth.

“Did you just give me out?” She added disappointedly.

“I didn’t give you out Aeesha, i saved you because i loved you” Jaden pouted.

“I doubt that” Aeesha scoffed and pushed her off making her to nearly lose her balance….Aeesha made to leave when Jaden voice out.

“What was i supposed to do? Tell me Aeesha Salvador…Nicky found out about your been here, she spotted you some days back and recognized you to be someone from Pierce’s clan….she walked to be a day back and threatened me” Jaden explained almost breaking down.

Aeesha on hearing her explanation stopped walking.

“Go on” She ordered coldly.

“She said that she was gonna bring it to boss notice that Pierce stationed you here, i was scared, really scared Aeesha….if she b!0ws off your cover the boss will have you killed, you are all i have left Aeesha, i have no mother, no father….Lord Naaman had them killed which gladly boss have helped me avenge many years back….you’re all i have Aeesha, the thought of losing you made me to do something that i know I’ll regret….” Jaden stopped for a while and gave Aeesha a pleading eye.

“Nicky told me she’ll let the sleeping dog lie if only I’ll help her find out the truth…the truth which Pierce is hiding and i guess what you confessed to me might be what she’s looking for, i know she’ll be waiting for me here so i came to keep to my own part of the bargain….I’m sorry Aeesha” Jaden concluded going down on her knees.

“F**k….” Aeesha cussed balling her fist.

“Nicky threatened my lover?” She raged.

“You aren’t mad at me right?” Jaden pouted.

“You did what you did out of love, I’m not mad, there’s one thing i owe you Jaden” Aeesha smiled.

“What’s that?” Jaden stood up to her feet.

“Are you breaking up with me?”

“No…..” Aeesha chuckled.

“Gratitude Jaden…Gratitude” Aeesha added and drew Jaden into an hug.

“If i let Nicky disclose the news to the boss, she’ll come threatening you for more information whenever she needs them…..” Aeesha said.

“Don’t…” Jaden tried to talk her out of it

“He’ll kill you” She panicked.

“He won’t” Aeesha @ssured and turned to leave.

“Let’s go together then” Jaden muttered making Aeesha to turn quickly to her.

“Really?” She beamed.

“If you don’t want, I’ll back down” Jaden pouted.

” no…no…no…please come” Aeesha nudged.


“Bell how do we find out what Pierce is up to? I’m positive he struck an agreement with their boss…..those people won’t just let him off, it’s barely twenty four hours” Matteo mumbled walking in circles around the room…he has been doing that since he returned back.

“I know you’re right” Rebel sighed.

“I’ve been giving it a thought and i think i have a better plan” Rebel smiled as an idea suddenly striked.

“What plan is that?” Matteo rushed to seat on the empty spot beside her.

“It’s not a good plan but I’ll give it a try” Rebel mumbled.

“Spill please” Matteo pleaded.

“Now listen….” Rebel ordered and began explaining every details of it to him.

“Hell no…there’s no way I’m allowing that to happen” Matteo thundered standing to his feet after she was done explained

“I know it’s risky but it’s worth trying, I’m trying to help” Rebel yelled standing to her feet as well.

“You’re trying to endanger the lifes one of the two people i love….I hate this plan” Matteo shuttered.

“Sitting and doing nothing won’t help, we have to act Matteo” Rebel advised in a soothing voice.

“If i can recall, you said this Watson of a guy was the one who took your V card, what if…..”

“Shh!!!” Rebel placed a f!ng£r on his l!ps cutting him off.

“Nothing will happen ..” Rebel @ssured.

“I know i am not the romantic type, I’m not the type to admit my feelings on regular occasions, not the type to spoil ladies with expensive gifts, not the type to forgive easily and definitely not the type to love women like they deserve but there’s something i want you to know, but Rebel, today I’ll be expressing what you really mean to me, you Rebel Wright is my life source, if anything happens to you, I’ll lose it, I’ll go berserk like an estranged wolf……you’re my heartbeat Bell” Matteo professed trying to talk her out of it.

“Nothing will happen, we will be safe but there’s something I’ll need, I’ll need my roommates, they’ll be of help, I’ll need Sammie to come with us, he can be my guard and I’ll love it if you bring back my mum from Pierce’s clan before i return” Rebel stated.

“You can go with them, I’ll have to call Sammie to inform him” Matteo muttered and grabbed his phone.

“When will you guys be leaving?” He inquired while dialing Sammie’s line.

“Today…” Rebel responded.

“What?” He frowned.

“The earlier the better” She winked.

He dialed Sammie’s line and informed him, he was almost done when a knock landed on his door.

“Come in” He ordered turning his voice to the cold and authoritative one he normally uses.

Aeesha and her girlfriend stepped in making Matteo to furrow his brow.

“you are in the wrong room girls, i didn’t s£nd for you” He said coldly on seeing the kind of look Rebel was giving him….she gave him the ‘are you cheating on me’ look as jealousy washed over her on seeing the two girls.

“They’re hot” She pouted.

Matteo on seeing the expression on her face knows the thought that was running through her mind….a smile curled on his l!ps….he decided to press her jealous button that more.

“I didn’t s£nd for you guys but you can stay, she’s leaving already” He changed his voice to the sweet one.

“What?” Rebel didn’t know when she barked.

“Don’t you know that he’s taken? What are you girls doing here?” Rebel jumped to her feet.

“We…we…” Jaden stuttered crashing her neck.

“Leave my boyfriend’s room…” Rebel barked.

“So this is what you have been doing behind my back?” Rebel threw Matteo a glare.

“So we are allowed to cheat now? Fine….Sammie come let’s bang…everyone come let’s bang Matteo said we are free to cheat” Rebel screamed loudly.

“What?” Matteo [email protected] and jumped on her from behind using his hand to cover her mouth.

“I never said that” He whispered.

“Ouch!!” he winced as she suddenly bite his hand.

Aeesha couldn’t suppress the laughter anymore so she burst into a fit of laughter laughing uncontrollably.

“What’s funny?” Rebel threw her a glare.

“The both of you make a perfect couple” Aeesha complimented.

“Really?” Rebel’s face glistened.

“Don’t you agree babe?” Aeesha nudged Jaden.

“You’re right babe, they’re perfect together” Jaden smiled.

“Awn!!!!” Rebel couldn’t hide the excitement.

“It’s a known fact, even the blind knows” Matteo said boastfully.

“So you guys….”

” we aren’t here to bang the boss” Aeesha completed Rebel’s statement for her.

“Ohhh!!!” Rebel mouthed feeling [email protected]

“I’m really sorry for my outburst, i thought….”

“It’s fine….” Jaden shrugged it off.

” you look like a cute cat while jealous” Matteo smiled lovingly.

“So you were just pulling my leg?” Rebel chuckled.

“Yes” He joined her in laughter.

“So I’m Aeesha and the person right beside me is Jaden my girlfriend” Aeesha spoke up as they weren’t ready to stop laughing.

” While punishing Monarch and Wren today, you said something that triggered my guilt boss, it was something about transparency boss…you didn’t say it directly but i know that’s what the message preached but I’m sorry boss that i haven’t been truthful” Aeesha said pleadingly.

“Truthful about what?” Matteo furrowed his brow activating his serious mode.

“I was a spy planted in your clan by Pierce lord” Aeesha replied with shaky voice.

“I asked all spies to leave my clan few days back, why didn’t you leave?” Matteo gritted his teeth….Rebel on seeing that he was getting annoyed patted his back to calm his nerves down….because she knows that it takes alot of courage to admit to one’s wrongdoing which is something she lacks….her view of Aeesha turned to one who is a courageous lady.

“Go on….or is that all?” Matteo threw her a glare.

“It isn’t” Aeesha sighed.

“I also came to tell you to watch out because Pierce ain’t to be underestimated…He’s up to something, he came to me few seconds ago to ask for the whereabout of Axe” She added.

“Who’s Axe?” Rebel furrowed her brow.

“Axe is in charge of delivery, would have killed him along time ago but i can’t bring myself to, he ain’t loyal but he’s good at what he does” Matteo explained to Bell.

“Hmm….so why will Pierce be looking for him?” Rebel frowned.

“Like i said, he’s incharge of delivery, any delivery that’s extremely dangerous and can’t be handled by the boys, Axe informs me to step in, my arrival scares such exchangers so they dare pull no staunt” Matteo explained.

And you say Pierce is looking for him?” Rebel turned to Aeesha and she nodded in response.

“What is he up to exactly?” Matteo wondered.

“We’ll figure out but for now, they’ll be no exchange, all exchange will be placed on hold” Rebel muttered.

“We’ll try to put them on hold” Matteo sighed.

“And the worst part boss….” Aeesha continued spilling the part that made Matteo to jump off his seat.

“What did you just say?” Matteo Jeered.

“Are you calling Isme a cheat” he brawled making Rebel to choke on her saliva.

“You don’t look surprised Bell….”Matteo turned to Bell.

“I….I…can explain” Rebel shuttered.

“You know?” Matteo shuttered feeling disappointed.

“The both of you leave….”he yelled balling his fist.

“You won’t punish me?” Aeesha asked happily

“Do you wanna get punished?” Matteo threw her a life threatening glare.

“No…boss…no” Aeesha replied quickly running out.

“F**k” Matteo raged throwing everything in sight…..he was hurt, really heartbroken.

“For years i tolerated Pierce, for years i was left wondering why he threated me the way he did…..why he molested me right from childhood disregarding the way i felt…, i finally got the answer I’ve been searching… hurts….it really does” Matteo said falling on his knees and breaking down in tears.

Rebel rushed to him to console him giving him a shoulder to cry on.

“Check my body Bell, scars is all you will see, scars covered up with tattoos, all these were Pierce’s handiwork….i don’t blame him, it must have hurt fathering a child that ain’t his……Isme knew and still left leaving me with him….no wonder he brutalized her, no wonder he res£nts her, she’s a beast……” Matteo cried out loudly.

“It’s okay Matteo…” Rebel cooed feeling bad for him.

“You knew Rebel, you knew that he ain’t my biological father but you never cared to tell me? You hid it from me Bell, i hate you….i hate you for lying to me” Matteo wailed trying to push her off but she kept leaning closer consoling him.

“It hurts to see him hurt” Rebel pouted breaking down as well.

“No wonder he murdered my brother….no wonder he killed Zane….he killed him because we ain’t his….” Matteo screamed crying out his heart.

“If he ain’t my father then who is? Who’s blood am i? Answer me Bell….” He screamed while sobbing.

“Am not in the place to answer you Matteo, please ask your mom” Rebel replied wiping off her face.

“You’re right” Matteo stood to his feet.

The door was pushed open and Nicky came running in.

“You have to hear his Matteo…” She screamed but frowned on seeing his swollen face.

“Matteo were you crying?” She made to run to him.

“I’m fine” Matteo lied clearing his throat.

“What brings you here?” He inquired.

“I just figured out why Pierce hates you so much, it turned out that he ain’t your biological father” She voiced out making Matteo to break into another round of fresh tears.

“What’s wrong?” Nicky furrowed her brow.

“Bell you see what Isme did to me? Everyone now knows that Pierce ain’t my biological father, what kind of humiliation is this?” Matteo pouted deepening the tears.

“You know already?” Nicky sighed.

“I thought i was bringing a fresh news to you?” She pouted.

“Anyway, this one will definitely be new” she smiled.

” I found a spy in your clan, her name is Aeesha Salvador, she works for Pierce” Nicky muttered.

” I know” Matteo hissed walking off.

“You can still leave today Bell, don’t stay back because of me, I’ll be fine” Matteo said while working out.

“What was that?” Nicky chuckled.

“So Matteo cries?”

“Why won’t he? The fact that he’s a mafia doesn’t make him less humane…..all humans have feelings so he ain’t an exception” Rebel purred before walking away.

“What does he mean by you can still leave? Where are you going?” Nicky screamed after Bell.

“It’s none of your business, your daughter should be your only business, stop looking for attention” Rebel cussed and continued going.

“One day I’ll be left with no other option but to kill you” Nicky threatened under her voice.




“Why are you packing your stuffs? Is it because i said i don’t love you? I’m sorry okay? Didn’t mean to hurt you the way i did” Nellie apologized for the hundredth time trying to stop Sammie from packing his stuff.

” I don’t want you to leave Sammie…we just became roommates” Akantha pouted.

“I’m not leaving because of you Nellie, I’m leaving because the boss asked me to….I’ve been @ssigned a mission outside the clan” Sammie explained to them.

“Ooh!!! Can we come? The boss won’t even know” Akantha pouted.

“Need companies?” Nellie asked as well.

“No…” He rejected politely not wanting her to think that he’s mad because she rejected him.

“I’ll have enough company, Rebel, Wren and Monarch will be there” He added.

“Monarch?” Nellie and Akantha [email protected] thesame time.

A new feeling washed over Nellie without realizing it…it was no other feeling but jealousy.

“Yes Monarch” Sammie answered before grabbing his bag and walking away.

“Nothing should happen between the both of you there” Akantha and Nellie screamed in unison.

“Wait, are we reading eachother’s mind now?” Nellie chuckled.

“Whatever” Akantha rolled her eyes.


“You mean that Will was deceiving you all along?” Monarch [email protected] after Celia explained everything to her.

“I knew it, welcome back to being single” Monarch chuckled.

“Are you celebrating or something?” Celia pouted.

“Celia?” Wren [email protected] after coming out of the restroom and seeing her.

“Your bag?” She chuckled on seeing her luggage.

“Not surprised though, finally discovered that loverboy is dating the boss mum huh!!!” Wren added laughing out her lung.

“You knew?” Celia frowned turning to Monarch as well.

“You too? Why then did you ask?”

“I’m just finding out” Monarch swore.

“How did you find out?” Celia questioned.

“Rebel told me, she warned him not to toil with your feelings and come clean to you but i guess he didn’t….such an @ss” Wren cussed…..she grabbed her clothes and put them on.

“Rebel should have told me” Celia pouted

“That will mean hurting your feeling” Monarch replied viewing things from Rebel’s angel.

The door to their room was twisted open and Sammie stepped in.

“Are you girls set?” He asked walking in.

“Set for what?” Monarch was the first to ask.

“For the mission” Sammie responded

“Mission? What mission?” The ladies asked in unison.

“I’m sorry girls” Rebel said walking in.

“I’ll explain better on the way, for now pack, we leave in a minute” She ordered.


“Who are you calling stupid? This stupid woman here gave you life, food and everything you own….if not for this stupid woman your dad would have died due to lack of bill payment…you owe me nothing but gratitude” Isme yelled while exchanging words with Will for the hundredth time today.

“I’ve paid enough of that debt haven’t i?” Will yelled.


Her words were suddenly left hanging as a furious looking Matteo walked in.

“Matteo you came to visit me?” She [email protected]

“Isme, who is my biological father?” He thundered.



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