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The lover boy Episode 48 & 49

💖 The Loverboys💖
(A date)
Episode 48
By: Faith Lucky.
Jeanne’s Pov:
I picked the call, but didn’t hear anything from the other line.
“Hello?” I said on the phone, but still didn’t hear a thing.
Why isn’t he or she saying anything?
The call ended and being curious, I tried calling back, but surprisingly, it was switched off.
I tried It again, but still switched off.
Then, just then, Alex walked in and I dropped the phone.
“Still eating?” He asked and I nodded and he resumed sitting on the bed with me.
He didn’t say any other thing and I noticed his mood kind of looked different.
We ate in a brooding silence and he stood up before me and asked me to hurry up.
He went to the wardrobe and brought out his luggage, taking it outside.
I tried hastening the meal so I could meet up with him. Well, seriously, I was starving and don’t know why. I wonder if it could be a result of the incidence…
Soon, I was done eating and went to the wardrobe to get something to wear.
I took out a shirt and trouser and black p*nt and while I was putting on the p*nt, the door suddenly opened and ales came in.
“No!” I tried stopping him, but he already came in.
“Oh! I’m sorry. I’m so sorry” he said quickly and rushed out.
Oh, goodness!
Well, thank God I still had my towel on. Just that, my hips were exposed.
I sighed as I finally wore it on.
What am I even hiding from him? When he had touched and used every part of my body last night?
I took the trouser and shirt and wore them on and brushed my hair in front of the mirror.
Then, I applied a little l!pstick and that was it.
Alex opened the door again and peeped before fully walking in.
“So…you ready?” He asked and I nodded again.
Gosh! I just hope I don’t turn into a lizard.
He went to the wardrobe and helped me with my luggage, rolling it out.
I looked around the room and making doubly sure there was nothing i was leaving behind, I also left.
We drove to the airport where the Alpha Personal jet was already waiting for us and we took our flight back to America.
“Nanny!!!” Molly screamed in excitement and ran to me just as i was getting out of the car.
Oh, God! It seems she’s been waiting outside for me to return.
“Baby!” I reciprocated and opened my arms wide for her to jump in.
She jumped on me and I carried her and embraced her, both of us laughing.
“I missed you, nanny” she said happily as I dropped her back on the floor.
“Oh, darling. I missed you more. How’ve you been?” I asked after pecking her cheek.
Alex was also out of the car.
“I’m fine, nanny.”
She paused and went to Alex; embracing him as well.
“I missed you too, brother” she said, brimful with smiles and Alex pecked her hair after dropping her back on the floor.
“And how’ve you been?” He asked, vacuously.
“I’m fine, Alex. Just missed nanny a lot” she replied and ran back to me.
I looked at Alex who also shut me a stare. Then, I quickly took my eyes away and looked back at Molly.
“Come on, let’s go in” I told her and she nodded and we started walking into the house again.
Alex trailed behind us while the guards brought out the bags from the car.
We entered into the sitting room and the first person I saw there was Carl.
“Heyy! Look whom we have here. The princess is back” he exclaimed as he stood up and pulled me in a hug.
I reciprocated.
“Good morning, sir” I greeted with a smile and a bow.
“Morning, pretty. How was your stay in Korea?” He asked and just then, Alex came in.
I paused and looked at him ,then back at Carl.
“Uhm…it was great. Thanks” I replied quickly.
“Hey, Bro. Good to have you back” he said to Alex as he walked up to him and gave him a side hug.
“Yeah. Thanks” Alex replied and touched his forehead.
“Wow! They’re back!” I heard someone say and I turned to see Daniel and Malcolm climbing down the stairs.
“Good morning, sirs” I greeted with a bow.
“Good morning, dear. How was your flight?” Malcolm asked as they entered fully into sitting room.
“It was fine, sir.”
“Good to have you back” Daniel also said with a warm smile.
“Thank you, sir”
“Nanny, where’re the gifts I asked you for?” Molly asked immediately.
“Oh! They’re with Alex. I’ll give them to you later” I replied and she nodded.
“You…now call Alex by his name?” Malcolm asked and I bit my l!ps and looked at Alex who was uncannily staring at me.
“Uh…” I paused and took my eyes away and they ran into Carl who was staring and smiling at me.
Oh, God!
“is there something wrong with it?” Alex asked icily and Daniel coughed.
“Uhm…Alex, you need to get ready for the flight. We’ll be leaving soon” Daniel said and I flinched.
What flight? Where’re they going?
Alex didn’t say anything but just took the stairs.
“Let’s go, nanny” Molly said and held my hand and we left the sitting room together, going upstairs to her room.
When we got to the door, she stopped and asked of the gifts that were in Alex’s possession and I also thought of it. How do I get them now? I can’t go to his room.
I don’t want to.
“Should I go and get them myself?” She asked and I itched my head.
“Uhm…don’t worry; I’ll do that” I told her and she went into the room while I proceeded to Alex’s.
I knocked on the door but didn’t hear a reply until I knocked for the second time.
“Come in” I heard him say and I slowly opened the door and went in.
I entered the room and met him folding some clothes on the bed.
“Jeanne” he called when he noticed I was the one.
I cleared my throat and drew closer.
“I uhm…wanna get the gifts I got for Molly” I said and he nodded and brought out the gifts which were wrapped in a polythene.
“Thank you” I told him and tried turning around to leave.
“I’ll be gone for a week” he said and I turned to look at him.
“We’re leaving for a week program – I and the rest of the boys”. He said and I nodded slowly.
“So…will you be fine?” He asked and I wondered what he meant by that.
“Uhm…yes. Good luck” I replied and hurried out of the room.
When I got outside, I leaned my back on the door and took in a deep breath.
My heart was beating so fast.
I can’t believe he’s going to be away for a week. And he’s actually leaving without saying a word to me – about last night.
I closed my eyes and tried getting over It. Perhaps, it was a bad idea to had let him gain free access to my body.
Why did I even let it happen?
Perhaps, I should’ve learnt to control my feelings.
Although, I do love him. But, I wasn’t so sure if he felt the same way as well.
I thought about it and it hurt me a lot.
I opened my eyes and surprisingly found Carl standing and staring at me.
He was standing at the entrance of the p@ssage and I quickly left the door and also stood, facing him.
Oh, Jeanne! I can’t believe he’s been staring at me the whole time, leaning on Alex’s door.
I stood speechless, staring at him. And he smiled, shook his head and left.
I spent the whole time in the room with Molly, giving her enough opportunities to tell me all the stories she had in mind. If only she knew my attention was so not there.
I kept thinking about Alex and everything that’s happened. They were eating me up and I really needed to hear something from him.
After about an hour, I heard someone knock on the door and I went to check it out.
Unexpectedly, it was Carl.
“Uhm…Sir?” I called, still standing by the door.
“What’re you doing?” He asked and I looked into the room, then back at him.
“Uhm…nothing really. I’m just with Molly” I replied.
“Okay. Well, we’re about leaving. So, I thought you might want to say bye to Alex” he said and smiled and I twitched.
Why’s he smiling?
And oh! They’re leaving already?
“Uh…okay. I’ll be there” I replied and expected him to leave, but he didn’t.
“Jeanne,” he called and chuckled.
“What the hell happened between you and Alex?”
I flinched and took my eyes to the floor.
Why’s he asking such question?
Oh, God!
“S…Sir,” I stuttered and licked my chapped l!ps.
“I…I don’t get you. Nothing happened” I replied and he chuckled again.
“Really?” He asked with a smile and I just nodded.
“Okay, then. I’m off. Bye” he said and left and I heaved a huge sigh as I closed the door and leaned my back on it.
Has our attitude been that obvious that even Carl was able to notice it?
I stayed in the room for a long time, feeling scared to go out and meet Alex.
Then, after some time, I decided to go out and by the time I did, they were already driving away.
I stood, looking at them until they finally drove out of the compound.
💖 The Loverboys💖
(A date)
Episode 49
By: Faith Lucky.
Jeanne’s Pov:
I dressed up and went to the studio for some verifications as requested by the officials.
It was the second day since the loverboys left and I’ve been feeling damm lonely since then.
When I got to the studio, I noticed my pictures were all over the place, even on the walls which were computerised. And it was noted I was the latest lovergirl.
I met with the officials I was appointed to meet and they gave me some forms to fill. Then, they also told me I was to do a duvet with the lovergirls so I’ll become recognised and it was stated I commenced training that very week.
I spent about an hour with them and when I came out of the office, a call came into my phone.
I checked and discovered it was dad.
“Hello?” I said quickly on the phone as I stopped walking so I could hear him properly.
“Good morning, dad” I greeted elatedly.
“Good morning, angel. How’re you doing?” He asked in his deep masculine voice.
“I’m fine, dad.”
“Oh, dear. Sorry for not calling on time. I heard of your success. I saw you on TV. You’ve become one of the lovergirls, right?”
I smiled.
“Yes dad” I . replied and he laughed.
“That’s incredible. I can’t believe my daughter’s become a star. I love you, dear. Keep it up, okay?” He beamed.
“I will, dad. love you too” I replied, smiling continously.
“okay. I have to go now. I’m in the middle of a meeting. We just went out for a minute break.” He said.
“Okay, dad. Bye”.
And the call ended.
I stared at the blank phone for a while and smiled.
I wish someone like Mr Raymond was really my father. I’d have been the luckiest girl on earth.
This makes me wonder what my family would be like.
I sighed and turned around to leave, but surprisingly, I saw Kim standing behind me, together with two of the lovergirls.
“Wow! Look whom we have here” she said with a smile as she crossed her hands.
Gosh! What does she want from me.
“Long time, no see, Jeanne” she added with a fatuous grin.
“Kim, please, I don’t want any troubles” I said devastated and she laughed.
“Wow! You now call me by my name. Isn’t that incredible?” She asked with laughter and looked back at the two girls who chuckled.
“And why wouldn’t she? She’s now one of us” we heard someone say and turned to see Hetty, Mia and Lea approaching us.
Hetty was the one who had spoken.
“Hmm. And the mother bitch has arrived” one of the girls with Kim said.
“You had better watched that tongue of yours, Eva, if you don’t want it cut out.” Hetty said with a derogatory stare.
“Seriously, Hetty? You’re such a kill-joy. Just when I was about congratulating the our new dearest lovergirl”:Kim said.
“Yeah. Just felt like giving you some advice” Hetty replied and Kim scoffed and drew closer to her.
“Are you aware you’re getting on my nerves?” She asked with a glare.
“Well, your highness, I don’t think I was.” Replied Hetty with a smirk.
What’s wrong with Kim?
“Kim!” I called and she looked at me.
Then, I moved closer to her.
“i don’t know what exactly your problem is, but just have this in mind; simply because you’re the leader of the band doesn’t make you a ruler over me.
And as for your congratulations, you can take it back; I don’t need it”.
And with that, I walked away with Hetty and the rest, ignoring Kim who had a ghostly expression on her face.
“Oh, my God! Jeanne, when did you become so bold?” Hetty asked as I sat in the room with her, Mia and Lea.
Seriously, I also had no idea where that boldness to stand up to Kim came from.
Well, I guess it’s high time I stopped being a tool for mockery. I mean, I’m a star, just like she is. So I can’t let her continue ridiculing me.
I bent my head and smiled shyly as Hetty looked into my face.
She had suggested I followed her to her apartment, together with Mia and Lea.
“Seriously bae, I love it. That’s just the way it should be. That Kim is a she-devil and doesn’t deserve a single respect” Mia said.
“Yeah. I was kind of thinking we’d have to lecture you on that. But good thing you’re catching up already” Lea also said and I smiled.
I haven’t gotten used to them so, I kind of feel shy around them for now.
But they seem really friendly and simple.
“Gosh! I love the expression I had seen on Kim’s face. she was looking like a ghost” Hetty said with laughter.
“i guess she never expected that.”
She paused and giggled, then came to sit next to me on the bed.
Mia and Lea were also on the bed.
“So, tell me, Jen, what song do you think we should perform? You know, as your first official performance?” Hetty asked and I stared at the ceiling to think.
“Uhm…I have a lot of songs in mind. But…would Kim cons£nt to sing along with us?” I replied and asked and Hetty chuckled.
“And who the hell cares? She can join if she wants to. It’s her choice” she said and I shrugged.
“so, we’ll be rehearsing within the week . and by the end of the week, the release should be out” she further said and I nodded.
“By the way, Jeanne,” Mia suddenly said and I turned to look at her.
“How was your stay in Korea with Alex?” She asked and my eyes beamed.
“Yes, Jeanne. Tell us. How did it go?” Lea also chipped in, enthusiastically.
“I heard you guys had to share the same bedroom. Oh, my gee! Did something happen?”
“Yes! Like, did he bump into you when you were dressing? Or…you know?”
I looked at them in disbelieve as they talked and smiled curiously.
“Girls, give her a break” Hetty suddenly said and I heaved a sigh of relief, thinking she was saving me.
“But seriously, Jeanne; did something happen between you two? Did you get to touch him?” She aske, smiling widely and I scoffed.
“Nothing happened” I said and they g@sped.
“Come on, Jeanne; how can you say such a thing?” Lea asked with a playful frown.
“How could you spend three days alone with Alex and nothing happened?
“You know, if I had been in your shoes,there’s no way I’d have left such an opportunity unused” Mia said dreamily.
“Oh! I wonder what’s it gonna be like being in bed with someone like Alex. I’m sure he must be pretty good at it” Lea said and giggled.
“Well, of course, he’s a loverboy and once a player. He’s the type that damages a lady’s legs in bed” Hetty said and I folded my l!ps and looked at the floor.
Oh, God! Why are they reminding me of these?
“Well, it’d be an honour having my legs damaged by someone like Alex!” Mia said and fell on the bed, laughing.
“Why have you been quiet, Jeanne? Don’t you have anything to say?”:Hetty asked and I pouted my l!ps.
“Uh…I um…I don’t really have much knowledge about all these things” I replied and Mia and Lea laughed, except for Hetty who just smiled.
“Are you trying to say you’ve never been fu*ked?” Lea asked and I g@sped.
Holy Christ! Can you imagine how freely she said it?
“Hold on; Jeanne, are you a v!rg!n?” Mia asked and I opened my mouth, but couldn’t close them.
Oh, God!
I couldn’t say anything and that was when Hetty laughed.
“Jeanne” she called and held my hand.
“Forget what these two ladies are saying. It isn’t a crime to be a v!rg!n. But, the thing is, now you’re a star and you need to act like one.
“I love the way you stood up to Kim today. It was amazing. But, you need to do more. Kill off every spirt of intimidation and learn to feel free around others. Be outspoken so you don’t give others the impression that you’re someone that can be bullied”.
She paused and stood up, facing me.
“And one more ess£ntial thing – your mode of dressing. You can’t go on with these funny clothes of yours. You need to look good; just like a star.
“So, come with me; we’re going for shopping. When you’ve gotten a boyfriend, you can tell him to pay me back” she said and before I could say a word, Mia and Lea stood up from the bed and dragged me along with them, out of the room.
Oh, God! Where did I get to know these ladies from?
Days p@ssed and Hetty, Mia and Lea really made them enjoyable for me.
We spent most of the time in the studio, rehearsing for the group song and during that space of time, I got to understand and like each of them – especially Hetty.
Mia was a flirt and wasn’t ready to settle down with a guy.
Lea was the girlfriend of a popular model, although she was having a feeling he was cheating on her.
And Hetty…she was single and wasn’t a flirt.
That was why I said especially Hetty.
We rehearsed the song I composed and after a week, we recorded it and it was released. Kim and her crew didn’t participate, of course, but it was a big blast. The duet was a success and it hit the Internet big!
I was given a sum of 30 million dollars and a brand new car by Alpha Records as a welcome token.
It was incredible.
On Saturday, which was the day the loverboys were meant to return, I spent the time with Hetty, Mia and Lea in the room and they were drinking, celebrating to my success. Although, I just drank a non alcoholic wine.
They danced and partied and I joined them in the dancing later on.
When we had become tired, we fell on the bed, breathing and laughing heavily.
Then, Hetty took the TV remote and changed the channel and the channel that was being played was a video of the one of the concerts the loverboys had held in Spain where they currently went.
It showed them on stage, singing and free styling with Alex taking the lead role and It was crazy how the fans were screaming and dying for them.
They were all jumping and stretching out their hands, wishing the loverboys would touch them.
Surprisingly, Alex while singing, lowered down a bit and was able to touch the hand of one of the ladies jumping and stretching. And to ultimate surprise, when he touched her, she screamed and collapsed and was quickly rushed out.
What? Is this how crazy fans are?
“Awwn. Did you see that?” Hetty asked with a smile, not directing the question to any of us in particular.
Geez! I can’t believe this was the same guy I slept with.
I spent a long time with them and guessing I had to check up on Molly, I decided to leave.
As I sat in the back seat, heading home, I thought about Alex.
What If they’re back? I can’t imagine seeing him all the time because it brings back the memories of everything that had happened between us.
Oh, God! How do I face him? I’m afraid my stay in that mansion is beginning to feel impossible for me.
I was in a ruminative mood the whole time until we finally got home and when we did, I noticed the loverboys were just returning. As a matter of fact, the gate which had been opened for them to drive in was still open before we drove in as well.
I looked through the window and saw Alex coming out of his own car, dressed in a white v – neck shirt and pair of white trousers, looking so cute.
Oh! How I’ve missed him. If only things were different.
Slowly, I opened my car door and came out of the car and the loverboys all turned to look at me.
“Jeanne!” Carl called immediately and waited for me to get close.
I smiled nervously and drew closer to them.
“Look who’s looking pretty” he added when I got close and he embraced me.
Alex was watching.
“Good day, sir. Welcome back” I said to him and turned to Daniel and Malcolm who had also gotten close.
Alex was still behind, counting his steps.
“Welcome home, sirs” I said to Daniel and Malcolm with a bow.
“Jeanne,” Malcolm called and I looked at him.
“You need to get rid of this *sir* stuff, okay? You’re now one of us. You can start addressing us by our names” he said and I just smiled and bowed.
“You’re looking good, Jeanne”: Daniel said with a little smile and walked into the house.
Oh! Is that so?
Well, I decided to heed to Hetty’s advice and change my mood of dressing and it seems it’s working out.
It’s not like I left my body exposed or something, I just leant to dress more brightly.
Malcolm waved at me and also walked in.
“Congratulations, Jeanne, on your success” Carl said and I smiled.
“Thank you s…”
“Carl” he cut me off and I smiled.
“Thank you, Carl” I corrected myself and that was when Alex got close.
Carl winked at me and also left, leaving just I and Alex.
I bit the inside of my cheeks as Alex stood in front of me, having a tranquil expression.
Oh, God! I don’t know how much longer I can keep up with these.
The suspense I get whenever he’s close to me; it’s killing.
“Hey,” he called softly and I tried to smile.
“Um…good day, sir. And welcome home” I replied and forced myself to look at his face.
Oh, my God! He had a new tattoo!
Yes, on his neck, right above the first one.
And…It was the drawing of a letter J.
“Jeanne,” he called and I gulped nervously and took my eyes to the floor. “Will you be busy tonight?” He asked and I flinched.
Why’s he asking?
“N…Not really” I stuttered a reply and he breathed out softly.
“Can you go out on a date with me, please?” He asked and my heart skipped.
What? Alex is asking me out on a date???
And he even said please!
I looked at him, speechless for some time. He was staring back at me.
Then, after gulping for the umpteenth time, I nodded slowly and he sighed.
“Okay. I’ll pick you up by 7. Thanks” he replied and walked in and as soon as he left, I held my cheeks to be sure I wasn’t dreaming.
Oh, my God! Did Alex really ask me out on a date?
Oh, geez!!!


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