The lover boy Episode 42 & 43

💖 The Loverboys💖
(Burnt the food)
Episode 42
By: Faith Lucky
Jeanne’s Pov:
I woke up the next morning and noticed I was lying on something big and comfy.
I opened my eyes and discovered it was a be-d.
What the hell?
How did I get here?
I sat up immediately and looked around. I was the only one in the room.
But how did I end up on the be-d? I can remember slee-ping on the couch. So, what the hell happened? Or, could it be possible I sleep-walked to this place or what?
I was still wondering when the door of the bathroom suddenly opened and Alex walked out, shi-tless with just a towel around his…w@!st!!!
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Why did I have to wake up now? Oh, Jesus!
You seriously won’t believe how Alex is looking right now -shi-tless!
His hair and che-st were we-t and little drops of water fell from his hair to his che-st.
I couldn’t have a clea view of his che-st because it was covered up with tatoos.
What the hell?
How can someone have so many tatoos on his b©dy?
They covered most p@rt of his che-st down to his shoulders, but trust me, they were cute!
Then his legs were so hairy and being we-t, it made the dark hairs relax so beautifully.
And the w@!st…gosh!
The towel was the only thing covering…
Oh, Jesus! Jeanne! What am I thinking???
But seriously, if Alex ever shows on stage or on the tele looking this way, a lot of ladies will end up being admitted in a high-skilled hospital because it’s more than killing.
I’m almost dying here.
“Hey,” he called with a soft chuckle as he walked to the wardrobe.
I shook my head and tired pu-lling myself together.
“Uhm…good morning, sir” I greeted with a bow and heard him laugh.
“Jeanne, how did you manage to learn in school?” He asked, but I couldn’t comprehend what he meant as I was lost starring at him from behind as he faced the wardrobe.
“How many times have I told you to call me Alex?” He asked and turned to look at me and I quic-kly took my eyes away.
“Uhm…sorry, sir. I mean, Alex!” I said and sighed and he smiled.
Oh, Jesus! That smile was killing.
I mean, smiling with those we-t sweet pinkl-ips.
He took out a shi-t and wore it on and took out a trou-ser.
I quic-kly buried my face un-der the be-d $h!t and heard him laugh.
“Hurry up and come down for breakfast” he said after a short while and I slowly opened my eyes and noticed he was done dressing up.
Then, he walked out of the room.
Geez! I was so engrossed staring at him that I forgot to ask him how I ended up in be-d.
I tapped my head and left the be-d. Remembering the sight I just beheld was something else and I just pray I don’t slump.
I quic-kly bath and brushed my teeth. Then, I went out to the dining and there I met Alex alre-ady seated there.
I sat, facing him and we started eating, but the food was gross!
Alex didn’t eat for long as he stood up after a while.
“When you’re done, come out let’s practice” he said and I nodded and he left.
I didn’t spend upto a . minute there and I also left and went to join him in the pas-sage where the keyboard was kept.
He was alre-ady seated there and was pla-ying some a soft tone and he asked me to sit and I did, facing him.
“So,” he said.
“What song are we performing? It’s going to have to be a song by the loverboys”.
I bit the inside of my cheeks and quic-kly thought of a song.
“Uhm…how about that song about a second chance?” I asked and he looked down the keyboard and t©uçhed some keys.
“Let’s go on that?”:he asked and I nodded.
Then he started the interlude of the song and entered with the first stanza.
He sang it beautifully and when it got to the chorus, I took over.
It ended with the chorus and he paused and thought for a while.
“Okay, this is what happens” he said and pla-yed the interlude again.
He sang the first stanza and I took the p@rt of the chorus and when I was done, he added another p@rt and brou-ght in a bridge which I was to take. That way, the song was longer and interesting.
‘It’s nice” I told him when we have able to sing the whole song correctly.
“Yeah” he . muttered and t©uçhed some keys again.
“You know, we’ll be nee-ding to practice more. But right now, I’mI’m starving. I haven’t eaten anything s-en-sible since yesterday” he said, holding his tummy.
“But…I thought you enjoyed Da-hye’s meal…”
“What? That was a concoction” he replied in a whisper and I laughed.
“Uhm…okay..If you want, I could make some food” I said and his eyes beamed.
“Oh, really? So, what would that be?” He asked and I cli-cked my ton-gue.
“Maybe…brunswick stew.” I replied and he nodded affirmatively.
‘Perfect! Just write out the ingredients we’ll be nee-ding and I’ll s£nd for them immediately.
“But, hold on, are you even a good cook?” He is and I scoffed.
“Of course, I am. I always have.” I replied and he shrugged.
“Okay, then. Just write out the ingredients you’ll be nee-ding” he said and stood up and I went for a paper and pen immediately.
I wrote down all the ingredients and gave them to him and in less than an hour, someone arrived with them.
I entered the kitchen immediately and set out to work. And surprisingly, Alex c@m£ in.
“Uhm…is there a problem?” I asked.
I’ve been trying to avoid calling him sir or his name.
“Just wanna be of help” he replied and took an onion.
“So, what am I doing with this?” He asked, rotating the onion in his hand.
Gosh! He probably doesn’t know how to prepare an onion.
“Don’t worry…Alex, I’ll take care of it. You might uhm…end up cutting yourself” I replied and he gave me a quizzical look.
“That’s ridiculous. I’ll be fine” he said and took the knife and a plate.
I watched him as he started pealing off the onion and gosh he was just dividing the whole onion into two.
“Ssh. I can do it” he cut me off and continued with what he was doing.
I can’t believe this.
I shook my head and decided to do something else. I prepared the other ingredients and finally, I put the pot on the g@s and put in the margarine.
It took the young man about 10 minutes to slice one onion.
He cl@pped for himself when he was done.
“Do I nee-d to do the second one?” He asked and tried taking the second onion, but I st©pped him.
“Oh, sir. Don’t worry about it plea-se. I don’t nee-d it” I replied and he shrugged.
I’m sure the food would have been re-ady to eat by the time he’d have been throu-gh with the second onion.
He’s such a lazy kid.
“Uhm…Alex,” I called.
Gosh! It feels so weird calling him by just his name.
“Can I ask a question?”
“Yeah. Sure”
“Uhm…It seems you’ve been friends with Da-hye for a long time now?” I asked and he scoffed.
“Well, yeah. I’ve known her even before she went into movies and bec@m£ popular” he replied and I gave a slow nod.
No wonder he’s so friendly with her.
“Why asking?” He suddenly asked and I twisted myl-ips.
“Nothing really. Just wanted to know.” I replied and he smiled.
Wait; isn’t it obvious he always smiles a lot now?
I continued cooking and soon, I was done putting in all the ingredients and all that was left was just for it to steamer.
“I hope this tastes as good as it smells” he said and I smiled.
“I told you, right? I’m a good cook” I replied ecstatically.
Immediately, we heard a knock on the door and he left to check it out.
I stayed alone in the kitchen for sometime and when he didn’t snow up, I decided to go check him out.
I stood at the corner and looked at the sitting room and…Oh! Speaking of the devil.
I saw him with Da-hye, and they were both standing at a close range, talking and laughing.
Geez! What’s she doing here?
They talked and laughed and at some point, she’d t©uçh the n£¢k of his shi-t.
“I wish I could spend more time, but unfortunately, I nee-d to rush over to check out the roles of some new scripts” she said with a pitiful look and it made me roll my eyes.
“Don’t worry; we can still meet up when you get back.” Alex said and she smiled and hvgged him.
Why’s she so fond of that?
I stood and watched as they talked about unimportant things for a while and finally, she hvgged him again and left.
At last.
Alex turned and caught me staring by the corner and that was when I realised I shouldve left by now.
“Jeanne” he called with a grim.
“What’s that smell?” He asked and I flin-ched.
Yeah. What’s that smell? It smells like roasted…
Oh, my God!
Just like flash, I ran back to the kitchen and quic-kly turned off the g@s while coughing.
Alex rushed in immediately and opened the pot.
“What the…” he paused and coughed.
“How on earth did it end up burnt, Jeanne?” He asked and I used a spoon to turn the food.
Oh, Jeanne. What have you done?
“I’m…uhm I’m sorry. I had no idea. I was just…”
“Were you actually spying on Da-hye and I?” He asked and my head almost left my n£¢k.
“S…no. I…”
“And you told me you were a good cook. I can’t believe you meant good cook of burnt foods” he said and I bent my head bashfully.
I wish the ground can open for me to fall in.
He closed the pot and started walking out.
“A…Alex, where you’re going?” I asked in a low tune and he st©pped and looked at me.
“Well, what do you think? I’m going out to get some food. I nee-d to find an English eatery” he replied and I g@sped.
“Can I come along, plea-se?” I asked in an appealing tone.
“No. I don’t want you to go and influence the cooks over there so they don’t end up burning all their dishes” he replied and walked out.
Huh? But, I’m also hungry.
“Sir! Come on; I’m sorry” I said as I ran after him. out of the kitchen.
💖 The Loverboys💖
(She loves him)
Episode 43
By: Faith Lucky.
Jeanne’s Pov:
After pleading with him, he allowed me to follow him and we drove to an English eatery – Blooming London.
He requested for the VVIP room and of course, that wasn’t a problem for someone like him and we were able to get it.
We sat alone in the beautiful room and placed our orders and when they arrived, I was surprised at how fast he rushed them. Wow! Indeed, he was pretty hungry.
“Gosh! Thank goodness I wasn’t born a Korean. I would’ve committed suicide a long time ago.” he said as he ate with relishment and I laughed.
“You would’ve probably been used to it” I told him and he shook his head.
He was eating an apple crumb pie, while I handled a peach cobbler. We ate silently for a short while until he broke the silence.
“Why were you spying on Da-hye and I?” He asked and I almost poured out food from my mouth.
But luckily I didn’t.
“Huh?” I tried to purport.
“You let the food get burnt because you were carried away staring at both of us. Why?”
“Uhm”:I paused and itched my head.
“Really, Alex, it’s nothing. I was just…coming to check out who the visitor was. I had no idea the food was going to get burnt un-der that short period” I replied and he scoffed and looked down at his food.
Oh, Jeanne. I just hope you don’t get yourself into any more trouble.
“Let’s pl@ya game -truth and truth” he said after a while and I squinced.
“Truth and truth?” I repeated.
“I t…thought it was something like truth or dare?”
“Do you really wanna pl@ydare with someone like me?” He asked with a sm-irk and I shook my head immediately.
Goodness! Am I crazy?
“Okay, then. Let’s get started. You go first. Ask me a question and I’ll answer truthfully.” He said and I dropped my spoon to think of a perfect question.
“Uhm…what’s your favorite meal?” I asked and he smiled.
“Ah! Nothing like ch!ps and di-ps” he replied dreamily and it made me laugh.
whom would ever believe Alex could be this pla-yful?
“Okay. Nice” I replied and ate from my plate, awaiting his own question.
“Who’s your favourite songwriter?” He asked and I chuckled- nervously.
“Uhm…that’d be a boy named Alex Tristan.” I replied brimful with smiles.
“Hm. Alex. Haven’t heard of him before”:he remarked and I laughed.
Okay, now it was my turn again.
“If you were asked to make one wish at this moment, what would it be?” I asked and noticed his countenance changed a bit.
“I’ll ask for a chance to be forgiven” he replied and I grinned.
“Forgiven?” I asked in a low key and he sighed.
“Hey, you don’t get to ask a double question, okay? Now, it’s my turn” he said and I let a . faux smile and lowered my gaze to my food.
“This songwriter – Alex – what do you like about him?”:he asked and a wow escaped myl-ips.
What a question.
I dropped my cutleries and joined my palms together.
“Uhm…actually, originally, the only thing I liked about him was his voice and…good looks and that was because he had a grumpy attitude. He was too rude and arrogant and so, there was nothing else I could really like about him.” I replied and he busted into laughter the moment I was done.
“So, you’re telling me to my face that I’m grumpy?” He asked and I joined him in laughing.
“No, sir. I’m just talking about someone else who’s Alex…”
“Oh, really?”
We paused and laughed again.
“Okay. Now, it’s my turn.” I said and cleared my throat.
I think I’m really enjoying this.
“What’s the happiest day of your life?” I asked and he dallied a little before saying:
I stared at him in surprise as he got re-ady to ask me his own question.
“if someone like Carl opens up to you and tells you he loves you, are you gonna accept?” He asked and I opened my eyes wi-de in surprise.
What the hel?
“A…Alex?” I called and laughed nervously.
But he didn’t smile at me; just staring and waiting for an answer.
“Well, I…” I paused and cleared my throat.
“I won’t because…I don’t love him” I added and he rose his brows.
“Really?” He asked with a scoff.
“So, you’re trying to tell me you won’t go str!pping in front of him if he asks you to?” He asked and immediately, I used my spoon to hit him on his hand.
“Of course, I won’t!” I half-yelled – pla-yfully – and hit with the spoon and just then, I g@sped, realising I had overreacted.
I paused and looked at him and he also stared back at me with a look of surprise.
Why on earth did I hit him with a spoon? The world’s precious Alex!
“I’m…” I tried speaking, but he st©pped me by hitting me on the head with his own spoon.
I looked at him with a pitiful grin and we ended up laughing together.
Awwn! That was so sweet.
I cleared my throat and ate a little from my plate.
“Okay…my turn” I said and got re-ady to ask him my own question.
Eating with him that day was so much fun and by the time we were throu-gh from there, it was almost evening.
We drove home breezily and unfortunately – for me – Da-hye was alre-ady there, waiting.
“Oppa!” She called immediately we got out of the elevator and as usual, she embr@ced Alex.
“Oh, dear. Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for like ages now” she said with a childish grin as she arranged the collar of his shi-t.
“Sorry. Just went out to get some things” he replied as she pouted herl-ips like a baby.
“Awwn. So, what did you get for me?” She asked and he chuckled.
“Uhm…good evening, ma’am” I decided to greet so ill know I wasn’t owing her any other thing.
“Oh, Jeanne darling. And how’re you today?” She asked genially.
She really seems friendly. Just that she’s too close to my Alex.
“I’m fine, ma’am. Thanks” I.rellidd with a smile.
Then, Alex opened the door and we all went in.
“You know, you nee-d to make it up to me, Alex, for keeping me waiting all these while.” She said as she plonked herself on the couch and I also sat, adjacent to to her.
She was one pretty lady with a small b©dy structure and mostly behaves as freely as a child.
If not for the fact she’s too close to Alex, I’d have adored her so much.
“I’m sorry, Da-hye. I had no idea you’d be coming around” Alex replied and just then, a call c@m£ into his phone and he excused himself from us and walked away to make the call.
“Isn’t he just adorable?” She asked, her cheeks turning red as she stared at the direction Alex had taken.
Don’t tell me she’s drooling.
“Sometimes, I feel like I’m the luckiest girl on earth to have someone like him as a close friend. He’s so sweet! Do you feel it when he smiles? And all those times he t©uçhed me, I feel like I’m in heaven.!” She said dreamily and hvgged herself.
“You…you like him?” I f0rç£d myself to ask and she g@sped and looked at me.
“what do you mean like? I love him! Alex has been my crush for years now! He’s my life.
“We’ll make a perfect couple, won’t we?” She asked and giggle and all I could do was stare speechlessly.
“You know,” she continued and leaned forward, like she was about telling me a secret.
“I plan on telling him about it soon – my feelings. I want him to know about it so we can finally be together. And…I think I’ll be doing that tomorrow” she said and laughed hysterically.
What the hell?
Is she joking or what???
Immediately, Alex c@m£ in and she stood up.
“Alex, dearie.” She called ecstatically and arranged his collar.
“Too bad I have to leave now. I got a call from my boss before you guys arrived and he wants to have a meeting with me.”
“Okay, then. No problem” Alex replied and she smiled and hvgged him.
“Goodnight. Wish you good luck at the concert” she said as she head for the door.
“Thanks. Good night”.
“Bye, Jeanne” she said as she finally left.
Ha! At last.
I so can’t believe this lady. I can’t believe she’s in love with Alex and wants to confess her feelings to him.
“Hey” Alex called, trying to get my attention.
“You okay?”: he asked and I nodded.
“Okay. Come on; we nee-d to practice” he said and led the way and I followed.
We practiced for a long time and finally, it was time to sleep again.
I still haven’t found out how I ended up on the be-d this morning.
“Why’re you scared of sharing the be-d with me, Jeanne?” He suddenly asked as we stood in the dining where he was taking out a jui-ce from the refrigerator.
I cringed and itched the back of my n£¢k, wishing I could just disappear.
“Huh?.why?” He turned and faced me, now holding the jui-ce in his hand.
“Do you think I’m a per-vert?” He asked and my eyes gleamed immediately.
“Of course, not Alex! You…you’re getting it all wrong. I just don’t wanna make you feel uncomfortable” I replied, looking above his head.
“Seriously?” He asked and scoffed.
“Jeanne, if I wanted to do anything to you, I wouldn’t necessarily nee-d a be-d” he said and I swear, my heart left my che-st.
“Sir?!” I skrie-ked and he laughed.
“Chill, I’m kidding. I’m just trying to say you should trust me and feel comfortable around me. I don’t bite – at least not anymore” he said the last p@rt in a whisper and left, going to the room.
Oh, God! Am I really going to sleep next to him on be-d?
Oh, Jesus!
I placed my hand on my forehead and sighed, thinking de-eply.
I guess I’m left with no other option, then. Besides, what am I thinking?
He won’t harm me. I trust him.
Wait; do I?
I took in a de-ep breath and finally went to the room and there I found him alre-ady lying on one side of the be-d.
Tracing my steps, I walked slowly and when I got to the be-d, I climbe-d on it.
He was facing my direction. So, I la-id, backing him.
“Should I turn off the lights?” He asked and for some stupid reason, it s£nt shivers down my spine.
“Uhm…yeah” I replied in a tone I could ha-rd ly hear and next, he turned off the lights.
I remained still on my position and suddenly thought about certain things .
Tomorrow was going to be my last day with Alex in Korea and also the concert. I hope the concert goes well so we can all go back home safely.
And for Da-hye, I wonder if she’s really going to confess to Alex tomorrow and what would his reaction be? Who knows if even likes her as well?
I remained quiet for a long time and wondered if Alex might have fallen asleep alre-ady. Or, what if he’s awake and is staring at my bu-tt?
I decided to turn and check.
So, I slowly turned my n£¢k to look at him and…what the hell?
I saw his two dazzling eyes gleaming in the dark, staring at me.
Oh, God!
I quic-kly turned around but that didn’t st©p him from asking.
“What’s it?” He asked and I exhaled softly.
“Nothing.” I replied nervously and felt him smile.