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The lover boy 2 Episode 5 & 6

💖 The Loverboys💖
(She knows my past)
Grand finale #Season_2
Episode 5
By: Faith Lucky.
Jeanne’s Pov:
I g@sped as conniption gripped me. My breathing had become tensed.
What was he talking about?
I looked at the knife which he pointed to my chest and felt so scared.
He moved the knife from my chest and moved it up to my face.
“Did you hear what I said?” He asked, making me feel his breath on my face.
My eyes were already glistening.
“I…I” I stuttered and gulped nervously.
He chuckled and turned around, backing me.
I suddenly heaved.
“Has Alex been down there before?” He asked, still backing me and I shivered, not knowing what to say.
Why’s he asking such question?
Immediately, he turned around and slapped me with the back of his palm and I felt a little cut on my l!ps.
“When I ask a question, you don’t keep silent” he said huskily and I wept.
Why’s he doing this to me?
He came close to me and I had no idea what he was about doing as a call that came into his phone stopped him.
He paused and brought the phone out of his pocket and that was when I realised it was actually my phone.
He was still with my phone.
I glanced at the screen and discovered it was Carl calling. Oh, God! He’s probably been told of my leaving.
Theo ended the call and turned off the phone.
“You won’t be receiving any calls for now” he said and I nodded forcefully.
I didn’t want him to hit me again.
He sighed and brushed his f!ng£rs into his hair. Then, he turned again, backing me me.
“You can go to bed for now. I might change my mind” he stated and flounced out of the room and I fell on the floor, weakly, bursting into more tears.
I huddled my arms and legs together, weeping profusely.
The pains were excruciating.
Why do I have to pay for the sins of something I know nothing about? Why can’t Theo just let bygones be bygones? Why does he have to take out his anger on me?
I cried for a long time, rethinking my quandary. It was hurting a lot.
I needed a way out of this hellhound I’ve gotten into.
I opened my eyes, feeling very cold and that was when I realised I was lying on the floor.
Oh, my! I had fallen asleep on the floor.
I stood up, feeling very stressed, dizzy and tired. My eyes felt so hot and I couldn’t explain why. It was probably because I’ve been crying the whole night.
I felt little cramps around my abdomen and felt like throwing up, but didn’t.
Oh, please; don’t tell me I’m about falling sick; not in this condition.
I sat on the bed and rested my head in my palms for a while.
We were having a meeting that morning at Alpha Records – all the lovergirls. And I guess I’m gonna have to tell Theo about it since he’s said he’s the only one that can permit my leaving the house.
God! I feel so scared facing him. What if he decides to do something nasty.
God, please; save me from him.
I stood up from the bed and sauntered to the bed, counting my steps.
I tried opening the door, but noticed it was locked.
what? Did Theo really lock me in here?
I left the door and went back to the bed, sitting tiredly on it. I can’t believe I’m being treated this way. It feels just like I’m being kidnapped.
Not long after, I heard the knob turning and the door opened afterwards with Theo coming in.
I sprang on my feet immediately, take abacked by his entrance. I just wish it’d be possible not to see him during my stay here.
“G…Good morning, sir” I stuttered, keeping my gaze on the floor.
I couldn’t afford to look into those dark eyes of his.
“You’re having a meeting at Alpha Records, right?” He asked and I posed.
How did he get to know about it?
“Yes” I replied immediately, before he’d get angry and hit me.
“Well you can get ready and go. But, you have just an hour and 30 minutes to spend over there. Even if they aren’t done with the meeting, get back here. If it goes a second beyond an hour and 30 minutes…you’d wish you were dead.” He said grumpily and saying that, he left the room.
I sighed and touched my head. I felt like slumping. This was so not funny.
I can’t believe this guy’s bent on making my life a living hell for me.
I went into the bathroom and after brushing and taking my bath, I took out some clothes and changed into a short red gown and pair of blue shoes.
I brushed my hair in front of the mirror and did a very light make up- just a pink l!pstick and mascara.
I was only trying to look a bit good cause of my status.
When I was done, I took my red handbag and left the room. This time around, he left the door open.
I came out of the room and took my eyes around. That was when I could notice the beauty of the house. It was m@ssive and pretty.
I took the stairs and went down to the sitting room and there I met Theo sitting on the couch.
I reduced my pace when I got to where he was and he turned and shot me a stare.
“You won’t be eating till you return” he said and I nodded and he stared away.
Then, I started towards the door and left.
One of his drivers had taken me to the institute and when I got there, I felt so reluctant going out of the car.
I hope the news of my resignation from the lover boy’s mansion hadn’t spread out yet.
I came out of the car and walked into the building and all the people kept smiling and waving at me.
I’ve almost forgotten I’ve become a model. I wonder why Theo had to show up now.
I entered into the elevator and headed for the fourth floor where the meeting was taking place.
All eyes were on me as I came out of the elevator and without any reluctance, I headed straight for the meeting hall.
When I got into the hall, I discovered I was the only lovergirl that was yet to arrive as I found every other person there already.
Two women in suits were standing in front of the lovergirls and they all looked at me as I walked in.
“Miss Jeanne” one of them called with a smile.
“I’m glad you’re finally here. We’ve been waiting for you” she said and I tried to brighten up a bit.
“Good morning, ma’am. Sorry, I’m late” I replied frazzled as I took a seat behind the rest of the girls.
Hetty was staring keenly at me and after staring for a while, she took her eyes away, back to the stage.
Kim and her crew just turned and glared at mea for a short time and also stared away.
well, they were the least of my problems at this moment.
“Okay” the woman on stage continued.
“Since we’re finally complete, I guess we can proceed with the meeting.” She paused and looked into a piece of paper in her hand.
I glanced at the time. I was having just one more hour to spare. I hope I get to meet up.
“First, I’d like to personally inform you of the company’s 50th anniversary party which would be coming up this Thursday. Although, some of you might have heard the information already, I just wanted to inform you personally. So, brace yourselves up for it.” She paused and adjusted the specs on her eyes.
“Secondly, I’d like to inform you of this year’s ratings in the band…”
She kept talking for sometime and it didn’t really catch my attention because I was occupied with something else.
I kept thinking of how miserable my life was going to be in the hands of Theo.
It’d have been a good idea to perhaps, tell the police about it, since Theo was threatening Alex’s life. But, I felt scared.
I mean, I have have no idea what transpired between both of them and I also have no idea what Alex’s offence could have been. What if it’s something that might get him into trouble if the police gets to know about it?
I don’t want to put him in danger. But, what could it be? And why was Theo saying something about the evil side of him?
No; the short time I spent with Alex has made me aware of the kind of person he is. Although, he’s a little grumpy and rude, I know he can’t be evil.
But I really feel bad for him. I wish I can explain things to him, but I’m scared. What if Theo finds out? He seems to be aware of almost everything. I’m scared of what he might do to me or Alex if he gets to know I violated his rules. And I hope Alex doesn’t take any drastic decision yet so he doesn’t get to offend Theo. I’m just too scared of that guy. I mean, I’ve seen the devil in him.
Oh, God! I hope all this gets to end soon.
Finally, the woman on stage said something that gripped my attention.
“it’s time to chose a new leader of the band. So, there’s going to a contest as soon as…”
“What?” Kim shrieked, interrupting the woman.
“What’re you talking about? What do you mean it’s time for another contest?” She asked, standing on her feet.
“Please, ma’am, I need you to calm down…”
“What the hell do you mean calm down? What’s the need for a new leader?” She rasped.
“I’m sorry, but according to the calendar, a new leader’s to be selected at this time” the woman replied and she scoffed.
“Well, that’s gibberish. I don’t give a damn about the calendar. There’s going to be…”
“Kim!” Hetty called and she stopped talking.
“Have you lost your s£nses? How can you speak so disrespectfully to someone like her?” She asked and Kim flared up.
“Really? I’m being disrespectful? I think you need some lessons, Hetty, because you’re really getting on my nerves.”
“Kim!” The other woman on suit called and stood on her feet.
“What’s wrong with you? Can’t you respect our pres£nce here? Listen, if you’re not ready for this, you can as well leave the band”.
Kim still looked Infuriated, but Eva tapped her and she angrily returned to her seat.
Gosh! This Kim is something else.
The other woman on suit also took her seat and the one on stage took in a deep breath before proceeding.
“So,” she said.
“The contest will be starting as soon as possible and as a matter of fact, it’ll be commencing on Friday, after the anniversary party.
“So, like we normally do it, you’re all going to contest as well. We’ve s£nt out notice already and you’ll be singing in front of a large crowd when it’s time. After each performance, which would be aired live, the people would be asked to vote and when they do, the lovergirl with the lowest votes for that night would be out of the contest. And that’s how it’s going to be until the very best is left standing.
“So, I’d suggest you all brace up yourselves from now on. Are there any questions?” She said in conclusion, but the entire place was dead silent.
Wow! I can’t believe there’s going to be a contest for a new leader of the band.
“You’re gonna receive further informations as time goes on. And…”
She diverted into other topics and after a while, the meeting came to a close.
Hah! Finally.
“Thank you all for your time. Enjoy the rest of your day” she said in a smile and left with the other woman in suit.
“This is crazy” Kim said angrily as she stood up with her crew and left.
I checked the time and discovered I had less than 20 minutes left to get home. Please, I don’t want to get into any trouble with Theo.
Immediately, Hetty walked up to me. Mia and Lea were still seated at the front, talking to themselves.
“Jeanne” Hetty called as she got to where I was and sat close to me.
“Hi” I said with a perfunctory smile, hoping she wouldn’t notice my doleful look.
“Jeanne, what’s up with you? I’ve been trying to reach you for some time now. Where’s your phone?” She asked and I itched the back of my nape.
“Um…I…It sl!pped from my hands and fell on the floor and as a result, the screen got broken. So…”
“What happened to your l!ps?” She asked and that was when I remembered I had gotten a little cut from the slap Theo had given me last night.
“Uh…its nothing. Just a little scratch. Don’t bother about it” I said with a smile, but she still looked insatiated.
Oh, God! I need to head home.
“O…kay. why don’t we hang out together?” She asked and I chuckled.
“I’m so sorry, but I have to hurry home right away. There’s something important I need to catch up with” I replied and she flinched a little.
“Jeanne, are you sure you’re okay? You look kind of pale” she said and I tried dissembling my nervouity with a smile.
“Please, don’t worry about me. I’m totally fine”.
Just then, a call came into her phone and I felt so relieved.
I stood up immediately and signalled her I was leaving before she’d pick the call.
She signalled me to hold on as she picked the call but I also signaled her I needed to be on my way and I left afterwards.
Oh, God! I hate this; I hate everything!
I walked into the elevator and finally allowed my tears to pour since I was alone.
why does such misfortune have to be fall me at this time? Oh, God help me to get out of this predicament.
As the elevator was about landing, I decided to clean off my tears and when the door opened, I came out of it. I wonder what awaits me at home.
I walked out of the elevator and accidentally bumped into someone who was carrying a pile of files. It was a young pretty lady and the files she held fell from her hands to the floor.
Oh, Jeanne.
“I’m so sorry” I said apologetically as I bent to help her with the files.
“it’s okay, ma’am” she replied as we finally picked the files together and I gave the ones I was holding to her.
Oh! There was a piece of paper on the floor which had fallen off from one of the files. But, I think she had seen it.
Then, why didn’t she pick it up?
She looked at me and started heading to the elevator and I was muddled.
I bent and picked the paper from the floor and turned back to her.
“Ma’am, you forgot this” I told her with the paper in my hand.
But the elevator closed up immediately, with her staring uncannily at me.
I opened the paper to have a look at its content to see if it was something of little relevance.
I checked it out and my eyes dilated at what I had seen.
In it was boldly written:
“Miss Jeanne, I know everything about your past. If you wanna know the truth, meet up with me at the garden behind the building in 5 minutes”.
I g@sped as my l!ps were wide agaped.
Is this for real?
I looked at the time, I had just fifteen minutes left to get home.
If I meet up with this lady, I’m definitely going to get home late, violating Theo’s rule.
Oh, God! What do I do?
I’ve just seen someone who knows my past! Something I’ve been looking for my entire life.
Is this for real?
I can’t let go of this opportunity.
Grand finale #Season_2
Episode 6
By: Faith Lucky.
Jeanne’s Pov:
I ran into the garden and looked around; it was completely empty, except for a gardener watering some of the flowers.
I looked at the time and Gosh! I’m so late. And where’s the lady?
It’s more than five minutes already. Why can’t I find her yet?
I stood impatiently and nervously and kept looking around. Oh, God! I’m definitely going to get home late. I wonder what Theo’s going to do to me.
I waited for close to ten minutes, but the strange lady did not show up. What could possibly be happening? Where was she? Or, was she just toiling with me?
But, I don’t think so.
How else did she know I actually had no idea of my past? It only meant she was someone that knows me.
But, why isn’t she here yet? Or, did she change her mind?
I checked the time again and this time around, I knew for sure I was dead. I sniffed and wiped a tear that rolled down my cheek.
She had suddenly given me so much hope. Why did she have to change all of a sudden? Why did she have to toil with my feelings?
I looked around, but there was still no glimpse of her.
Then, weakly and dejectedly, I turned around and started walking away.
I felt so much pains.
Just when I felt I was already close to my wishes…why does this keep happening to me?
I was so doomed. I can’t believe I missed the lady and still ended up violating Theo’s rule.
what do I do now?
I got to the facade of the building and there I met the driver already waiting for me.
I felt so scared going home. But, if I don’t, a greater punishment awaits me. I’m so scared.
I got into the car and the driver took off immediately. I wasn’t even having my phone with me to perhaps, call for help. And even if I were to call for help, who would it be? Theo has warned me not to tell anyone about it. He’s so cold hearted.
I kept thinking of my predicaments at the back seat and after a while; we finally arrived home.
Oh, God!
I felt reluctant coming out of the car, but the driver came out and opened the door for me and I had to go out as well.
A tear strolled down my cheek as I held my bag and started sauntering into the house.
I felt like running away, but couldn’t.
I got to the door and knocked on it, but got no reply.
After knocking for the third time, i pushed the door open and went in, my heart beating like a party drum.
The sitting room was breezy and empty and I couldn’t find him there. I walked in slowly and wondered where he might be. I suddenly wished he wouldn’t be at home.
“How long did i say you could stay in the studio?” I heard his voice and swiftly turned to see him climbing down the stairs.
Oh, God!
He was holding a gl@ss of drink in his hand and walked at a slow pace.
I gulped nervously and moved back a bit.
“I’m…I’m sorry, I…”
“How long did I say you could spend in the studio?” He interrupted me, picking his words.
I bent my head and replied;
“An hour and thirty minutes”.
He climbed down the stairs into the sitting room and started approaching me.
My heart was beating so loud that I could hear it like a speaker.
“And how long did you spend?” He asked as he drew near to me.
“The…The meeting took long. I’m sorry” I stuttered.
my hands were already heating up.
“What were my instructions if the meeting exceeded that time?” He asked.
I bent my head and sniffed. I just couldn’t help it.
Then, immediately, he slapped me and I was forced to move back.
“Were you trying to see Alex? Huh!” He yelled as he slapped me again and I shrieked and fell on the floor.
My bag fell from my hands as tears poured out from my eyes.
He came close and held my hair roughly, dragging me up with it.
I felt so much pains.
“Theo, please, I’m sorry” I cried, not realising I was calling him by just his name.
Still holding my hair, he punched me on my tummy and I felt a sharp pain there and screamed, falling back on the floor.
I should’ve known he’s always been looking for a slightest opportunity to beat me up.
He held my tummy tight and cried in pains.
Then, he came back to me on the floor and held me up by the hair again, taking me upstairs this time around.
Carl’s Pov:
Gosh! Everything’s such a mess. I knew from the very start that Theo’s return was never going to be of any good.
I stood in the sitting room, watching Mrs Tristan trying to beg Molly to take her drugs. Yes, she’s actually being running a little temperature for some time now and it was obviously a result of Jeanne’s abs£nce.
Molly has been quiet and wouldn’t eat or talk to anyone and neither has Alex. He wouldn’t even leave his room or open up to anyone, not to talk of eating. The whole thing’s just too crazy.
After trying without success, Mrs Tristan left Molly and came up to me.
“What the hell happened to Jeanne, Carl?” She asked, placing her hands on her waist.
I sighed and shook my head.
“I have no idea, aunt” I replied tiredly.
“And why’s everyone giving me that same reply? How can she just leave the house like that? And I’ve been trying to reach her, but to no avail” she groused bitterly.
Well, I knew she was with Theo, but couldn’t tell her about it.
It’s not something she can get involved with.
“Don’t worry, aunt. We’ll look into the matter” I said forlornly.
“Well, you better do, Carl. I’m getting scared already. Just take a look at my kids”.
She brushed her hands into her hair and walked away, exasperated.
I bent my head and sighed.
We really need to do something about this. I need to see Theo.
Kim’s Pov:
I sat angrily in the car with mum as she kept driving and talking; more like cautioning me and adding to my problem.
Gosh; I was so angry. I mean, how can they think of choosing a new leader? It’s so annoying and I can’t take it.
“I was so surprised when I heard how rude you acted at the meeting today, Kim. I mean, how could you even think of raising your voice on such high personalities?” She queried and I rolled my eyes and tucked my hair behind my ears.
“What had gotten into you, Kim?” She asked.
“They’re being unfair, mum. Why do they have to chose a new lady when I’m still here?”
“So,,are you meant to be the leader for ever? Huh? They’ve gotten a time table and they’re working with it. Why did you have to pull up such an attitude? What if you had gotten suspended or worst?”
I crossed my hands and leaned my back on the car seat, staring through the window.
No matter what they do, I’ll never be dethroned and it’s a promise I’m willing to keep with my life. I’ll always be the leader and will never be under someone.
“I’m telling you, Kim; you need to change from these attitude of yours.” Mum continued.
“Besides, it’s very possible you can still get to win this part of it again…”
She was still talking when suddenly, she screeched to a halt and I flinched.
“Mum?” I called, wondering why she stopped in such manner, in the middle of the road.
I noticed her eyes were on the road. Then, I saw a very advanced woman crossing the road.
“Ma’am Sally!” Mum exclaimed and quickly moved the car away from the road, turning off the ignition.
What’s going on?
“It’s Anna’s neighbour.” She said hastily and jumped out of the car.
Huh? Anna’s neighbour?
Isn’t that the same lady mum has been looking for? The one with her child?
I opened the door and also came out of the car, going after mum who had already met up with the old woman.
“Ma’am Sally!” Mum called as she got to where she was and the woman stopped to look at her.
“Ma’am Sally; do…do you remember me? It’s me; Lisa” mum said and the woman stared into her face, keenly.
I just stood by, watching.
“Oh! You do look familiar to me. Aren’t you…”
“Anna’s friend”: mum interrupted her with a smile, but I could tell it was a nervous smile.
“I was a very close friend to Anna back then. She was your neighbour, remember?”
“Oh! Now, I remember. You were that young pretty lady, huh? What happened to you?” The old woman asked and mum sighed.
“It’s a long story, ma’am. But, I really need your help. Do you know what happened to Anna? I’ve been looking for her for years now”. She said.
“Anna? Of course, she left the old apartment. You won’t be able to find her there” the woman replied and mum turned and looked at me.
“Um…do you know where she moved to?” Mum asked and the woman ached her brows.
“Oh! Well, I do know where she lives…”


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