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September 19, 2021


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The lover boy 2 Episode 37 & 38

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The Loverboys

(A mess)

Grand finale #Season_2

Episode 37

By: Faith Lucky.



Jeanne’s Pov:

I was surprised Megan actually came to the hospital to see me. I never thought she would want to see me since I’m kind of the reason her mother was in jail. Although, I know her mother was wrong, I just thought she might hold grudges against me.

She cried in my arms as she apologised to me on behalf of her mum and I hugged her.

I wonder why she’s so different from her mum. She’s too kind to be the daughter of a criminal.

I really feel for her.

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Alex had to tell the rest of the loverboys about me being Olivia and it was really of a great shock to them.

But, right now, I really don’t know what to do.

Am I to stick to Alex?

I mean, I do love him. But, Theo…could it be possible he’s ready to let me go?

He’s gone through a lot for me already. He became a monster because of me. He was the only one who accepted me when no one else wanted me. He cared for me when every other person despised me. Am I really going to leave him?

But Alex, he sacrificed a lot for me already. He’s the father of my child and I love him as well. I also don’t want to lose him.

Oh, God!

its just like I’m stuck between the devil and the blue sea.

I’m scared of hurting anybody’s feelings.

I really don’t want to.

Mum came to me later on and asked for forgiveness. I can’t believe I even called her mum.

But, this time around, she explained everything to me – how she was running away from the police and had to keep me with Anna. Then, she returned later on to look for me but couldn’t find me and since then, she’s been searching for me.

I was really mad at her, but she was still my mother and I couldn’t stay mad at her for long. I had to forgive her.

I called Dad later on – Mr Raymond – and told him the good news that I’ve found my family. Mum also spoke with him and thanked him for his help and he promised to let us know as soon as he was in the country.



“So, Jeanne, are you going to stick to Alex?” Hetty asked when I was alone In the room with her.

“I…I don’t know, Hetty. I want to, but…” I paused and sighed.

“That Theo’s really a jerk” she said angrily.

“Would you believe he actually made Mark rape me?” She asked and my eyes dilated in shock.

“What?” I shrieked.

“Yes. He had abducted me and forced me to give up your locations and even after I did, he made mark force himself on me.”

My heart skipped when I heard her say that. Did Theo really do that to her?

I shook my head and didn’t know what to say. Indeed, Theo became heartless. And it’s so painful to know I was the reason behind it.

“So, he really loved you in the past, huh?” She asked and I bent my head and nodded.

“He was the first person to care for me”.

She rolled her eyes and huffed.

Oh, God! Why am I this confused?

Just then, the door opened and…Oh, my God! He came in!

yes, Theo.

Oh, my! What’s he doing here?

I mean…I don’t know. I just feel nervous seeing him.

He paused by the door before proceeding in, taking gradual steps.

Immediately, Hetty scoffed and stood up.

“I’ll be back, Jen” she said to me and walked out.

She was really so mad at him.

He turned and shot her a stare as she walked out the door then, brought his eyes back to me.

“Hi” he said coldly as he stood in front of me.

I couldn’t even look at him in the eyes.

I mean, he was the same guy that almost killed me, he was the first guy that ever loved me.

It was just too complicated.

“Um…h-hi” I said with a little crack in my voice, staring at the floor.

I heard him sigh and didn’t say anything for a while and it made me really nervous.

“Jeanne” he finally called in a broody tune.

“I…I know you must have a lot of mixed feelings about me right now. But I want you to know, Jeanne, that I never wanted to do all the things I did. I never wanted to become so heartless. I was only driven by anger and revenge. I was scared you were dead and it took away my humanity. It made me lose control of myself. I was so scared.

“I’m sorry, Jeanne. I really want you to forgive me”.

I was stunned listening to what he said. It brought back the acrimony.

“Theo,” I called.

“i…I already spoke to you and Alex, right? And I told you I’ve forgiven you both for everything. So, you don’t need to apologise anymore. I hold no grudges against you.” .

He didn’t say anything after that and slowly, he came closer to me and took my hand.

“Jeanne” he called softly.

“Do you remember I loved you?” He asked and I was forced to lift up my eyes to look at him.


Oh, God!

He held my hands firmly and stared into my eyes.

“I loved you, Jeanne, and I still do” he said and kissed my palm after a short pause.

I felt my heart beating rapidly.

Is…is this a dream?

I’ve always been scared of this. I had a feeling it was going to happen. But…

Oh, God! I’m not ready for this.

I…I don’t even know what to say to him.

This feels like a dream to me.

“Jeanne” he called tenderly and immediately, the door went open and Alex showed up at the doorway.



His eyes flashed with anger as he stared at Theo who was still holding my hand.

Theo also turned and looked at him with an alarming look.





Episode 38

Jeanne’s Pov:
I quickly withdrew my hands from Theo’s as Alex walked into the room.
He stood at a distance and stared at me and I didn’t know when I got on my feet.
“Alex” I called and went silent, not knowing what else to say.
My heart was beating rapidly.
“What’s going on?” He asked after a pause and I looked at Theo, then back at him.
Before I knew what was happening, he bounced on Theo.
“Alex!” I called as he punched him.
I gasped and covered my mouth as fear gripped me.
Theo also gained his balance and retaliated with a punch and they got involved in a fist fight.
“No! Stop it!” I cried and ran to them.
Alex was able to push Theo to the floor but Theo kicked him and stood on his feet again.

“Alex! Theo! Please stop it’ I cried and forced myself to their middle.
I held Alex back by the chest and prevented him from going to Theo and Theo from coming to him.
“Please, stop it! This is insane” I said and busted into tears.
“I’ve told you, Theo; you’re just wasting your time. Stay clear of her!” Alex barked angrily.
“You son of a bitch! You took her away from me in the first place and stupidly fell in love with her . And now, you want me to let her go? Never, Alex! She’s always been mine and I’m not letting her go” Theo said raucously and it brought more tears to my eyes.
“Please…just stop it. I beg of you” I whimpered, bending my head.
Immediately, Theo stormed out of the room.
Since I was standing close to Alex, I rested my head on his chest and wept.
Normally, he’d have wrapped his hands around me and comforted me, but this time around, he didn’t.
Could he be mad at me?
He left me and walked some steps away, backing me.


“I know I wronged you in the past, Jeanne, but I hope you know it wasn’t intentional. I love you and I’m sure you know that. So, I don’t get why you’re trying to compromise everything now.”
He said and touched his forehead.
I looked at him from behind and he turned to look at me.
“I’m sorry, Jeanne. But the truth is, I really do love you” he spoke calmly this time around and came up to me, placing his hand on my tummy.
“And my baby” he added and walked out of the room.
I tried calling after him, but couldn’t. My lips couldn’t move.
I just fell back on the bed and busted into more tears.
What am I even doing? What am I supposed to do?
Why’s everything becoming so complicated?
Alex’s Pov:
I swear, I’m going to kill that animal. How dare he make advances at Jeanne? He has no right.
I know I’m at fault; we’re both at fault. But he has no right to act smart and try to win Jeanne away.
I sat angrily on the bed and thought about the whole thing.
What could Jeanne be thinking? Would she really dump me and go for Theo? Is she capable of doing that?
No; I won’t be able to survive it if she leaves me. I love her and can’t bear to lose her. I really don’t want to lose her.
Immediately, my phone buzzed and I reluctantly checked to see a strange number calling.
The Unknown:
I never thought a day like this would come when I’d have to do something like this. I can’t believe I’m doing this today.
I know it’s risky, but I can’t help it. It’s definitely going to reveal my identity and what I’ve
done, but I still need to do it.
I just wish none of this ever happened.
Well, I guess it’s too late to back out now.
Jeanne’s Pov:
“The doctor said you can be discharged tomorrow” mum said as she sat in the room with me, together with Kim.
I just laid quietly on the bed and couldn’t say a word.
The incidence between Theo and Alex kept replaying in my head.
“Jeanne,” Kim called.
“Are you okay?”
I breathed out heavily and nod.
Mum held my hand gently.
“Don’t worry, dear. Everything will be over soon” she said and all I could do was stare.
Immediately, the door flung open with Mrs Tristan rushing in, looking like someone who was in trouble.
“is…Is Alex here?” She asked, breathing heavily.
I was forced to sit up.
“No” I replied perfunctorily, even if it was obvious he wasn’t in the room.
“Ma’am Tristan, is there something wrong?” Kim asked, curiously and she started crying.
“I can’t find Alex! He’s not in his ward. He’s not here in the hospital. I…I can’t reach him either on phone. I have no idea where he is!” She said tearfully and I sprang on my feet immediately.
“I…What re you talking about, ma’am Tristan? He…He was here not long ago” I stuttered, fearfully.
“Where’s Theo?” I asked.
“I have no idea either. I’ve tried looking for him, but he’s nowhere to be seen” she replied and I felt my heart splitting up.
God! No, no.
What is going on?



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