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The lover boy 2 Episode 31 & 32

The Loverboys
(The traitor)
Grand finale #Season_2
Episode 31
By: Faith Lucky.
Kim’s Pov:
I opened my mouth in shock as Alex said what seemed confusing to me. What’s he talking about?
Why’s he involving Jeanne?
I mean…
“Je…Jeanne?” Mum asked, confused and Alex scoffed.
“I don’t know, but…that’s what it seems. I’m…I’m just getting to find out as well.”
He started saying some shit about Jeanne being Olivia in the past and how Theo had seen and loved her, but she was kidnapped and went missing for four years.
She was made to lose her memories and got rid of the scar on her face and her adopted father was the one who had seen and helped her.
She started bearing the name ‘Jeanne’ but recently, they got to know she’s Olivia.
I scoffed and retreated back by the time he was done. What the hell does he mean?
Jeanne…Jeanne’s my…
No, it can’t be possible. I don’t believe it. It’s just not possible.
“Are you trying to say…Jeanne’s actually my daughter?” Mum asked with a crack voice, trying to hold back her tears.
“Well…I…I think so. The description fits. Jeanne was Olivia, she had a scar, she was dumped her by her mother and also went missing four ago. It might be possible. But…I think a DNA test will prove it all” Alex replied and mum busted into tears immediately.
“Oh, God!” She cried and buried her face in her palm.
Mrs Tristan looked confused, but still went ahead to embrace her.
I shook my head and looked at Alex who was staring back at me.
I didn’t realise I was crying already.
Jeanne’s my sister? How’s that possible?
She’s…She’s the girl we’ve been searching for all these while?
But…But I’ve always hated her. I’ve always despised her. I even mocked her with the fact she had no family.
How did she end up to be my sister? How…Why?
How did this happen?
I covered my mouth with my palm and wept uncontrollably.
Jeanne’s my sister?
My own sister?
Oh, God!
I want this to be a dream. Please, this shouldn’t be real.
The same girl I’ve always wanted turns out to be my own sister? Why?
The tears became uncontrollably and I ran away.
Alex’s Pov:
I watched Kim as she ran away in tears. I was also stunned to the guts.
But, is this really possible? Jeanne’s her sister? Mrs Percival had another daughter? But how?
Oh, God!
So Jeanne’s family has been here all these while? And she was maltreated by her own sister?
She went through hell in the hands of that woman whom she had stayed with, but never knew she had a filthy wealthy family where she should’ve been treated like a princess.
Why did Mrs Percival dump her in the first place?
What could possibly be her reason for leaving her daughter behind for all those years?
No matter what, she shouldn’t had done that. She should’ve sticked to her, instead leaving her in the hands of a crazy woman.
Oh, Jeanne.
Theo’s Pov:
After spending enough time with Jeanne in the room, I left the hospital without telling anyone about it.
I had something important to deal with.
I entered my car and drove straight to the station.
I went in and spoke to the policemen and they took me to the visitor’s room.
It was a dark room and two seats with a table in between was kept there, but I didn’t bother taking a seat.
I remained standing and waited and after a short while, the policemen came in with her and made her sit on one of the seats, facing me.
Normally, one of them was supposed to stand by as a guard, but when I had given a long stare at them, they all left the room, leaving just I and the bitch – Pen.
I crossed my hands behind my back and stared at her as she sat so comfortably.
“Hi” she said cheerlessly, itching her hair.
“Never thought anyone would want to see me.”
She paused and laughed dryly.
“Got a stick with you?” She asked, stretching out her palm and immediately, I charged towards her with full force and lifted her from the seat, pushing her roughly to the wall.
“You animal” I growled into her face, holding her neck and she coughed.
“I should’ve killed you years ago”.
She kept coughing and not wanting the policemen to come running in, I let go of her.
“What did I ever do to you? Why did you punish me this way? Why did you take Olivia away from me?” I asked and she added a little laughter after coughing.
“Seriously? Is this what you came to do? I thought you came to give me some pizzas” she said with a smirk and it hit me h@rd.
I slapped her h@rd with the back of my palm and a cut came up immediately.
Then, I pinned her to the wall again.
“You had better prayed they end up killing you in here. Because of you don’t get a death s£ntence, I’m gonna kill you myself and trust me, it’ll be hell on earth.” I said angrily and gave her a punch on her tummy and she gr0@ned in pains.
“Why am I being the one punished when the real criminal Is out there?” She asked painfully, almost screaming and it gripped my attention.
I let go of her and moved back a bit so I could have a proper look at her.
The real criminal?
She was s£nt by someone? I’ve always thought of it.
She coughed a little and cleaned off a little bloodstain on her l!ps with her index f!ng£r and stared at it.
“Haven’t you ever wondered?” She asked with a scoff.
“Do you think I just stayed on my own and decided to abduct Olivia, erase her scar and memories? What could I possibly benefit from that?”
I stared at her for a long time, trying to fathom it.
“Who was it?” I asked in a deep breath with a gush of curiosity.
She smirked and walked a few steps away, going round the table.
Then, she stopped across the table and looked at me and just as if she was counting her words, she began in a serene tone:
“Someone you call a friend;
Someone you call a brother;
Someone you’re ready to die for;
A loverboy”
The Loverboys
(The DNA)
Grand finale #Season_2
Episode 32
By: Faith Lucky.
Theo’s Pov:
My jaws dropped at what she said.
I heard a loud bang in my head as the whole place seemed to go around in circles for a while.
Did…Did she just say a loverboy?
One of the lover boys is behind everything that’s been happening?
No; It’s not possible.
I stared at her as she also threw h@rd glances at me.
Her words resounded in my head.
“What…what did you say?” I asked and she scoffed and crossed her hands.
“Do I need to repeat myself? I’m sure I was clearclear enough” she replied with a derogatory stare.
I took my eyes to the floor and took in a deep breath.
It can’t be. It’s not possible.
“Who was it?” I summoned enough courage and asked because somehow, I felt.felt scared asking.
She smiled and batted her lashes.
“Well, what do you think?”she asked.
I didn’t say a word but kept staring keenly at her and she didn’t say a word either.
“Who -was -it?” I asked, picking my words this time around.
I could feel . my whole systems vibrating.
“That’s left for you to decide” she replied and tried walking away and immediately, I gripped her and bounced on her.
I gave her several punches which made her scream and I pinned her to the wall, holding her neck.
“Who was it?!” I yelled into her face as she struggled with my hands and immediately, the police men came running in.
“Sir!” They called and forcefully pulled me away from her.
She started coughing uncontrollably.
“She’s hiding something. I need to speak with her” I said angrily and tried going back to her, but they restricted me.
“Sir please; don’t worry, we’ll take care of lt”.
“Please, calm down”.
They all tried placating me, but my eyes were still fixed on her.
What did she mean by that?
Damn it!
The rest of the men started taking her away as she continued coughing and at that point, as she was being taken away, I saw her smile at me.
Kim’s Pov:
I stood with mum in Jeanne’s ward, staring at her as she slept.
Mum was sitting on the bed, holding her hand, while I remained standing from a distance.
I kept sniffling the whole time as I stared at the lady in front of me who was said to be my sister and I wonder;
Could it be true?
Is Jeanne really my sister?
“The first time I met her” mum said soberly.
“She was so sweet. I had mistakenly splashed mud water on her with my car, but she didn’t even complain or glare. She didn’t even want me to wipe off the dirt from her shirt. She was so genial”.
She paused and snuffle.
“No wonder I felt different about her” she continued.
“She had looked really familiar to me and I felt just never occurred to me.”
I remained speechless, not knowing what to say.
I just hope this isn’t true. I hope it’s a mix up and a coincidence.
A strand of her hair has been matched with mum’s and the result will be out soon.
Only then will I believe it.
It just can’t be possible.
What’s going to happen if she wakes up and discovers we’re actually sisters? What will her reaction be?
God, please. Don’t make this happen. I don’t want Jeanne to be my sister.
You can chose any other person, but not Jeanne.
The door opened with a creaky sound and I wiped my face and turned to have a look and there I found the doctor coming in with a white sheet.
“Mrs Percival” he called and mum stood up from the bed immediately, also cleaning off her tears.
“The DNA test result is out” he said and my heart skipped.
“What does it say?” I asked, even before mum did.
The doctor cleared his throat a little and pulled a brood look before looking into the paper.
What’s wrong?
“Actually, the result is…”


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