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The lover boy 2 Episode 11 & 12

The Loverboys
Grand finale #Season_2
Episode 11
By: Faith Lucky.
Alex’s Pov:
“She’s pregnant, Alex” Hetty’s words resounded in my head and they left a string of bewilderment in me.
What…what the hell did she just say?
“Alex?” She called as I kept quiet, my eyes were bulging out.
Different horns of cars filled my ears and that was when I realised I was still on the middle of the road and so many cars were held up because of it.
Still holding the phone in one hand, I used the other to drive to the other side of the road, parking by it.
“What did you say, Hetty? Wh…Who’s pregnant?” I asked, still having a feeling it was a dream.
“You heard me, Alex; it’s Jeanne. I just found out about it today, but she’s trying to keep it to herself” she replied and I scoffed.
What the heck is she talking about? Jeanne’s pregnant? For…For who?
“Alex!” She called, breaking the silence that ensued.
I just remained quiet, staring like a bloated goat. I couldn’t even think anymore.
Jeanne…Jeanne’s pregnant? How on earth?
Is this an illusion or something?
“I’m telling you this, Alex; because you need to save her. She’s going through hell in the hands of Theo and I’m scared she might not survive it if she continues with it in that condition” Hetty said and I brushed my f!ng£rs into my hair.
“Hetty,” i called, trying to control the sound of my voice.
“Did…Did she say who it belonged to? The…The baby?”
Somehow, I felt a little scared asking.
“I told you, Alex; she’s keeping the whole thing to herself. I only got to know because I overhead the doctor telling her about it.
But…she told me you guys were dating before Theo showed up. So…I was thinking you um…maybe, you know?”
She didn’t complete the statement and I heaved and placed my head on the sterling.
Oh, God! Is this really happening? Could Jeanne be pregnant…For. me?
Although, Theo had said some stupid stuff about having s*x with her, but…even if he was telling the truth, there’s no way Jeanne could be pregnant for him because he just showed up less than a week ago.
And Jeanne and I…We had s*x a long time ago and I was actually the one who disvi*gined her.
She doesn’t look a flirt to me.
Could it be possible I’m really responsible for the baby?
“Alex?” Hetty called; but I couldn’t say a word.
I suddenly couldn’t find my tongue anymore.
“Alex please, say something. Jeanne really needs your help right now. She might end up dead in the hands of Theo. Or…aren’t you the father of the baby? Is she pregnant for someone else?”
I left my head on the sterling, trying to get over the shock, but couldn’t.
Jeanne’s pregnant.
How did this happen?
Oh, God! How’s she feeling about it? How will she able to cope with it? What do I do now?
I need to talk to her.
Jeanne’s Pov:
I woke up the next morning and realised Theo didn’t beat me like he threatened to the previous day.
After locking myself up in the room, I saw him driving out of the house and I used that opportunity to hurry to the kitchen and find myself something to eat.
Then, when I was done, I went back to the room and locked myself up and that was it. I slept off and woke up this morning and realised I had been able to escape Theo’s brutality.
Oh, God! I’m supposed to go to school today. What do I do?
I stood up from the bed and walked over to the mirror in the bathroom, staring at my image.
I turned my face from left to right and opened my shirt, staring at my tummy.
I still can’t believe I’m pregnant; I’m carrying a baby in me.
How do I go about it now? For how long will I conceal the truth? Pregnancy isn’t something that can be hidden for long.
But…Alex, how can I tell him about it? What would be his reaction? What if he’s not ready to settle down yet? Then, I’d just be forcing this on him.
But, what would be his reaction? I kind of feel scared to know.
I can’t believe I’m carrying Alexander’s baby in my womb. The World’s Alex.
And dad…what would he say when he gets to know about it?
Oh, Jeanne! I should have been more careful.
I shouldve taken some pills after the intercourse. They just never occurred to me.
I heard a knock on the door and quickly left the mirror, my whole body vibrating already.
I knew it was Theo.
He knocked on the door again, but I was too scared to reply.
Then, I heard the knob turning and my heart skipped.
What? Don’t tell me he’s gotten a spare key!
I stood dumbfounded and watched as the door finally opened and he walked in.
Oh, goodness!
His eyes were dark as ever and portrayed anger.
“Are you trying to toil with me, Jeanne?” He asked but I couldn’t say a word.
God, no,.no . Please, don’t let him do this.
He walked to where I was and that was when I could find what to say.
“I’m…I’m sorry, Theo. Please, forgive me” I said with conniption and he chuckled.
“Really? Forgive? Well, guess what, Jeanne; I don’t know what that means”.
He drew closer to me and touched my neck and it s£nt shivers down my spine.
“Today, you’re gonna be doing something special for me.” He whispered into my ears.
“So, get dressed. We’re leaving for school immediately” he added and walked out of the room and I g@sped.
Oh, God! What could he have in mind?
I felt so scared, but couldn’t do anything about it.
I hurriedly showered and dressed up so I don’t get Theo angry. I really don’t want to do anything that’d make him hurt me or my baby.
I dressed really simple this time around and when I was done, I made use of a flat footwear. I heard pregnant women weren’t supposed to wear something high.
Oh, God! I can’t believe I’m now referring to myself as a pregnant woman.
I left the room and went out to the sitting room and there I found Theo, already dressed up. I wonder what he has in mind for me today. What if something that endangers my life or something?
I’m really so scared now.
When he noticed I was done, he stood up and started walking out and nobody told me to follow him.
I followed him to the parking lot where he made use of a pink car, but this time around, he asked one of his drivers to do the driving.
I sat beside him at the back seat and felt really uncomfortable.
What if he just decides to turn and hit me? And worst on my tummy?
I really don’t know what to do in this condition. I’m so scared for the safety of I and my baby.
I know if I tell Alex about it, he’s definitely going to do everything possible to get me away from Theo, but it’d also endanger his life and mine because Theo’s capable of doing anything.
I really don’t know why this baby decided to come now. I wonder if he or she is aware of the fact that I’m going through a lot of pains for his father.
I still find the whole thing funny.
So, in a short time, I’d start having baby bumps and all that? Then, my tummy will become very big and I’ll give birth to an infant, br£@stfeed and nurture him or her till she grows up and starts addressing me as “mum?”.
Oh, Jeanne!
I still can’t believe this.
We got to Alpha High and it took my mind back to the danger that was before me.
I came out of the car with Theo and as expected, all eyes turned on us. I suddenly remembered today was tuesday and Alex was likely to show up for Mr Leonard’s cl@ss.
Oh, my! What if he enters another fist fight with Theo?
Theo and I started walking into the building and it was clear the entire students around were talking about us.
They might probably be saying I’m lucky, but they have no idea I’m going through hell in the hands of the devil.
I suddenly noticed Theo wasn’t taking me to cl@ss, but somewhere else in the building. Okay, what does he think I’m doing? I’m still wondering that special thing he wants me to do for him.
But, not long after, Hetty showed up from nowhere and it got me nonplussed. What does she have to say? She shouldn’t do a thing that’d implicate me in front of Theo.
She was holding a plastic cup of drink.
“Hey, Jeanne!” She called with a broad smile but I couldn’t even smile back at her.
Theo’s warned me not to speak to anyone here in school without his permission and he hasn’t permitted me to speak to Hetty yet.
She took her eyes to Theo who was staring at her.
“Um…hi, Theo” she said in more like a whisper.
Was she scared to talk to him or what?
“Long time” she added.
“Yeah” was Theo’s vacuous reply.
Then, she looked back at me.
“Um…Jeanne, I was thinking you might want to hang out with me…”
“She can’t” Theo cut her off coldly and she sighed.
“Okay then. See you later” she said and tried walking away.
But, as she walked p@ss me, the drink she held suddenly sl!pped from her hand and emptied on my body.
“Oh, my God! I’m so sorry, Jeanne” she said immediately and tried wiping it off, but it was useless. My entire shirt was stained.
Why wasn’t she careful?
“I’m really sorry, Jeanne. Maybe you should make use of the restroom. I’m sorry” she said apologetically and walked away.
Oh, God!
I turned and looked at Theo. I wonder if he’d let me make use of the restroom; or he’d prefer I keep.keep going around like this.
“You have three minutes to do that and meet up behind the bookstore” he said without looking at me and tried walking away, but suddenly stopped and looked back at me.
“Just three minutes, Jeanne. Don’t do something crazy because I’d definitely find out” he said and I nodded and he walked away.
Then, I took off immediately, going straight to the restroom.
I just pray I don’t exceed the time.
I got there and noticed It was really empty. Well, they’re all in cl@ss already.
I went to the washbasin and taking a napkin, I soaked it with water and started brushing off the stain from my shirt. I wonder why Hetty wasn’t careful.
I lifted my head to look at myself in the mirror and to my greatest surprise, I saw Alex standing behind me, by the door.
I flinched and quickly turned to look at him and my heart skipped when I confirmed it was real.
What…what is he doing here? How does he know I’m here? What does he have in mind?
“A…Alex?” I stuttered his name.
Oh, God! I’m pregnant for this guy. I wish I could tell him about it; tell him his baby was inside of me.
He moved from the door and started walking closer to me.
Oh! How I wanted to hug him and klzz him and tell him he was about to become a father.
But…Theo; I need to go back to him. I don’t want to get into trouble with him.
Alex didn’t say a word as he drew closer to me and stood very close in front of me.
I couldn’t even move.
Then, he lifted his hand and used it to brush my front hair aside. His touch on my skin felt so cold.
I kept looking into his eyes as he looked into mine.
“Stay still, Jeanne” he said softly to me and I wondered what he meant.
Then suddenly, he brought out a napkin from his pocket and before I could realise what was going on, he covered it over my nose and I found myself struggling.
Whaat? What is he doing???
“Alex…” I said in a muffled breath but he didn’t stop.
And immediately, I dozed off and fell asleep in his arms.
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Grand finale #Season_2
Episode 12
By: Faith Lucky.
Jeanne’s Pov:
I opened my eyes and felt myself lying on something big and comfy. It was a bed.
I turned and placed my hand on my forehead, trying to recall what had happened.
Hah! Alex!
I g@sped and opened my eyes fully, sitting up. Surprisingly, I found him sitting on a couch in front of me, just staring at me.
Oh, God!
Did Alex really bring me here? Why? How?
Theo! I’m dead.
“Alex?” I called, staring at him, gobsmacked.
He didn’t say anything immediately as he just kept staring at me and I left the bed and stood up.
“Did…Did you bring me here, Alex?” I asked, fear resounding in my voice .
Then, that was when he stood up, but he didn’t come close to me.
“We need to talk, Jeanne” he started in a serious tone and my ears started itching already.
“Are you pregnant?”:he asked bluntly and I swear, my hearts stopped beating.
I g@sped and shrugged backwards, completely taken abacked.
What the hell is he saying? How can he ask me such a question?
Who…who gave him such idea?
“Talk to me, Jeanne’ he said insistently and I stuttered for words.
“I…I…you…I don’t…” I floundered, but couldn’t think of the right s£ntence to construct.
Could it be possible he knows about it already?
But how?
“Is it true? Are you really pregnant? Or, is it a lie?” He persuaded and I bent my head, not knowing what to say anymore.
Oh, God! How did Alex get to know about it? I didn’t tell anyone. But…The doctor…I told him not to tell anyone about it. Could it be possible he betrayed me and told Alex? But, how did Alex get to meet with the doctor?
What really happened?
“Jeanne” he called calmly now and started coming towards me.
I bent my head and whimpered as he got to where I was and placed his both hands on my shoulders, facing me.
“is it true?” He asked again and this time around, I nodded.
Although I wasn’t looking at his face, I heard him sigh. His hands were still on me.
“Who’s responsible for it, Jeanne?” He asked and I was forced to look up at him.
How can he even ask such a question? He’s the first guy to cross my legs and he knows it. He made me bleed.
“It’s…its you, Alex” I replied nervously, looking into his eyes.
Then, he moved his hands from my shoulders to my cheeks.
“Really?” He asked with a scoff.
“Why didn’t you tell me about it?”
Tears came up to my eyes immediately as I thought of everything that was going to happen now. I know Alex wouldn’t want me to go back to Theo, but I really need to.
I can’t believe I ended up telling him the truth now. What’s going to happen?
He pulled me to himself and embraced me and I covered my face on his chest.
“Why didn’t you tell me about it?” He asked, still embracing me.
Oh, Alex; how I want this to last forever. But…
“Alex” I called and dis£ntangled from the hug.
He looked me in the eyes.
“I…I need to go, Alex” I said ruefully and he scoffed.
“And what are you talking about? Where do you wanna go?” He asked, giving me a look like I was joking or something.
“I need to…”
“You wanna go back to Theo? To that monster?!” He half yelled and I bent my head and sobbed.
“Please Alex,” I said tearfully.
“if I don’t, he’ll…”
“Kill me?” He interpolated and chuckled.
“Are you kidding me, Jeanne? You really wanna go back to him because he threatened to kill me? That’s nons£nse! I’m not letting you and my baby spend one more second with that monster; not while I’m still breathing”.
He spoke with so much anger and it brought more tears to my eyes.
Oh, God! This is what I’ve been afraid of. This is the reason I never wanted to tell him the truth. I knew it’d have repercussions.
I sniffed and held his hand.
“Alex, you don’t understand. If I don’t go back to him, he’s going to kill you. Alex please” I cried.
“it’s my life Jeanne and I’m telling you not to worry about it . He won’t do a thing, okay?
“I mean, come on; do you really expect me to just sit back and watch you go through pains in the hands of that devil? I’ve endured enough, but not any more. I’m already working on our visas and in few days time, we’ll be out of the country. For now, you’ll be staying here until everything’s worked out. Do you understand?” He said rather exasperated but it couldn’t give me enough comfort.
I know Theo; he’s capable of doing anything. He might hurt Alex.
“Alex please…” I whimpered and he huffed and withdrew his hands from mine.
Then, he started towards the door and I watched helplessly.
“I hope you’re aware I now have a responsibility to take care of. So, I’m not gonna sit back and watch you and my baby walk into hell” he said by the door and walked out.
I ambled to the door immediately and tried opening it, but it was locked.
Oh, God! Did he really lock me in?
I sat on the floor and wept.
Oh, Alex!
I understand you’re only trying to protect me; but I’m scared. I’m scared of what Theo might do. I won’t be able to bear it if something were to happen to you under my watch.
What do I do now?
Theo’s Pov:
“What do you mean you couldn’t find her?” I said angrily to the bunch of foolish guards that stood in front of me.
“We’re sorry, sir; but we’ve searched the entire school premises and asked a lot of students if anyone of them had seen her around, but none of them did” one of the guards replied and I gr0@ned and kicked the wall.
“Jeanne!!!” I yelled and pushed a table beside me, falling all it’s contents to the floor.
Where the hell was she? I can’t believe she had the nerves to rub away from me after all I’ve done to her.
I swear, I’m going to kill her if I set my eyes on her.
Hold on; Hetty!
Yes! She had spilled drink on her and that was the reason she went to the restroom and didn’t return after that.
That bitch! She definitely has something to do with this. How dare she? She should’ve learnt to avoid other people’s businesses; especially the one that concerns me.
If really she knows something about this, I’m going to make her wish she never knew Jeanne.
I reached for my phone and made a call.
Alex’s Pov:
I left the house after locking Jeanne up in the room.
Well, I had to. I mean, I had a feeling she might want to run away at that moment.
I went for some shopping afterwards.
First, I bought a lot of clothes, shoes and jewelries for Jeanne since the previous ones were trapped with Theo.
After making sure I got more than enough clothes for her, I went ahead to get some foods, snacks, more drinks and fruits – yeah, lot of fruits.
I heard women in her condition needs things like that.
When I was done, I returned to the place where I had kept her, making sure my guards didn’t follow me.
The house where I brought her was more like a bungalow and it was the only place I could think of hiding her at that moment because nobody was aware I owned such house.
Theo knows of all the mansions I have in the country and I’m pretty sure he’d check it out to know if Jeanne was there. So, that was why I had to bring her somewhere far and quiet
This way, it was better. And very soon, we’ll be leaving the country together.
I entered into the house and went to the room where she was kept and when I got in, I found her fast asleep on the bed.
Hm. Sleeping beauty.
I smiled and sat on the bed and stared into her face as she slept so soundly and innocently. She was so beautiful and I could imagine what the baby would be like.
So, she really risked her life for mine by going through hell in the hands of Theo?
I still can’t believe she’s pregnant for me. So, that intercourse in Korea really did have a result?
I had thought she’d take some pills after it or something.
Well, it’s not like I’m having any regrets about it. I promise to take care of her and the baby and make sure they live the best life on earth.
I just hope I get rid of Theo soon enough.
After watching her for a long time, I left so I could get ready the food she was going to eat when she wakes up.
Jeanne’s Pov:
I woke up on the bed and after yawning and itching my eyes, I sat up and noticed two trays of @ssorted foods and fruits were kept on the bed.
Huh? Did Alex do this?
I looked at the food and confirmed they were really rich and delectable.
Oh, my! I can’t remember the last time I ate something good since I started eating with Theo.
And thinking of it, I was starving.
So, not waiting for whoever it was that kept the food there, I began eating like a hungry lion, eating randomly from one plate to another and one type of fruit to another.
Goodness! I’ve almost forgotten the taste of all these.
The door opened not long after with Alex coming in and my jaws dropped.
As if someone tapped me, I stopped eating.
“Hey” he called as he walked closer to me and sat on the bed, facing me.
Unexplainable, I suddenly felt shy around him.
“How’re you feeling?” He asked and all I could do was nod.
I continued eating but this time around, I ate slowly.
Alex didn’t say a word immediately and I could tell he was staring at me and it made me really nervous.
And why wasn’t he eating yet?
“Sorry for locking you up” he latter said.
“i promise not to do it again. But, I want you to promise you’re never going to leave, Jeanne”.
I lifted my eyes to stare at him.
“Please, Jeanne; promise me” he repeated with a soft look in his eyes and I was helpless.
“I promise” I replied and he sighed with a little smile.
So, I’ll really be staying all alone with him for sometime?
“Um…aren’t you eating?” I decided to ask and he smiled cutely.
“Watching you and the baby eat is enough for me” he said and I felt my cheeks turning red.
Gosh! I was forced to smile.
He took a strawberry from the fruits tray and dipped it into a plate of milk and fed it to me.
I blushed immediately.
Oh, Alex; please, don’t corrupt me.
“can I ask you a question, Jeanne?” He said and I looked at him and nodded.
What could he have in mind?
“During your stay with Theo”, he began,
“Did he ever have s*x with you?”


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