The love doctor episode 17 & 18

(He’s a life saver but also a heart breaker)
Episode Seventeen
Jared’s POV cont’d‍⚕
It was just as if the time st©pped as Isabel glanced at Anna and then glanced back at me not saying a word..
I should have known!..
I should have asked her about her job..
I should have called Kevin to check if the coast is clear..
Kevin should have told me that she’s his new receptionist..
‘What do you want sir??’..she finally said breaking the unusual silence..
‘W…w..well uhmm..I..I..I would like a table plea-se’..i stammered digging my hands into my pocket…
‘Okay wait here’..she muttered and walked into a room…
The look in her eyes was so chilly that it s£nt shivers down my spine..
And what’s worse??…
She didn’t even say a thing…
‘What’s wrong?? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost or something??’..Anna asked..
‘Nothing I’m just h0t that’s all’..I replied gulping ha-rd ..
Isabel c@m£ back after a few minutes later wearing a smile on her face as she spoke to the both of us..
‘Your seat is re-ady sir and ma’am table seven’..
‘Okay thank you’..Anna muttered walking in..
‘Uhhh Anna go and get comfortable I think I want to use the bathroom’..I lied and she nodded…
I heaved a frustrated sigh and scratched my hair nervously as I walked back to Isabel’s counter…
‘Hey I just want to clarify something Isabel’…I said..
‘There’s no nee-d to clarify anything Jared,what’s there to clarify??’..she replied coldly not even paying attention to me…
‘i know you’re pretty angry with me for going out with Anna but I’m only here cause of my mom’..I said with my eyes pleading with her and all she did was scoff..
‘Look Lover boy do I look like someone who’s jealous?!! Huh?? You’re not even my b©yfri£ndand we aren’t d@t!ngso what’s the nee-d for the explanation plea-se I have a headache so don’t bother me I beg of you!!!’..she screamed and walked out on me angrily…
Even though she acts like she doesn’t care my sixth s-en-se tells me that she does…
Why do I even feel guilty??..
It’s not like she’s even my girlfriend?!…
Monica’s POV‍⚕
I searched vigorously for the brown envelope inside Jackson’s drawer and un-der his be-d for the second time in a row…
I can’t believe he hid the envelope and it’s like he knew I was going to kill him..
fv¢king bastard!!!…
I cleaned the trickle of sweat from my elbow and gr@bb£d my bag about to go home only for me to see a cop car to st©p in front of the house..
Oh God!!!..
i crept down slowly and walked out the back door from the kitchen just as two officers opened the front door…
Oh thank God!!!..
Now the question is that;
Who did Jackson give the brown envelope to??..
Jared’s POV‍⚕
An Hour Later
‘Bye Anna’..i replied in a drawl as Anna waved at me and drove off immediately…
Spending my precious time with her was a total waste of time cause our d@t£ was the most boring d@t£ ever…
She just talked and talked about how much she and her daddy has..
Like who cares…
Isabel wouldn’t say anything gibberish like that,Isabel would always talk about how the world su-cks and how love is foolish..
And funny enough it made me laugh countless times..
Her cold attitude always gave my heart a special tug that i hate and when she scowls she looks exceptionally pretty…
She doesn’t care about what she wears or how she looks…
I gr@bb£d my phone from the car seat behind me and dailed her number immediately..
:Hey’..i muttered and i heard her hiss..
:What do you want?!!’..she asked harshly and i sm-irked..
Well I’m used to her feisty attitude alre-ady..
Well i just called to ask if you’re free tonight maybe we could go pl@ya game at the arcade’..I replied..
:I’m busy,don’t call me again!!’..she said and hung up immediately..
What did i say wrong??..
I thought she wasn’t bothered about Anna and i going out for lunch together..
Who am i kidding anyway?!!…
I’m pretty sure she’s angry at me..
I mean I’ve been going out with her for a week or two now and she’s seeing me going out with another woman?!!..
If i were in her shoes i would be pretty angry too..
I drove past Kevin’s h0tel and paused for a while..
The urge to go see Isabel again was so strong but I withstand it and drove off going straight for the hospital..
When i got there i parked and c@m£ out only to see nurse Marie conversing with two officers..
‘What’s going on Nurse Marie??’..i asked trying to keep my tone casual..
‘Ohhh Jared you’re here,well these officers here are just asking some questions about that Jackson Bartelli guy and want to see his b©dy’..she replied..
‘Ohhh get on with it then’..i muttered and walked inside..
I put on my white coat which always had a special scent and gr@bb£d my Sethescope..
Walked into a patients ward and then shut the door…
At least work would keep my mind of the Isabel situation…
Isabel’s POV‍⚕
I sighed de-eply as a couple k!$$£d holding each other ro-mantically at the lobby…
They looked so happy and I just felt like my envy notification was tapped..
‘Ahhhh these kind of couples give me the creeps’..someone said from behind and when i turned it was Kevin…
‘Ohhh you’re here sorry that i was looking’..i replied tucking my hair behind my ear nervously…
‘Ohhh there’s no problem with that,I would do the same too if I were in your shoes they look so much in love’..He admonished looking at the couple who at this time started cudd-ling each other..
I glanced over to them too and let out another sad sigh..
‘Yeah they really do -Anyway how did you get to meet Jared??’.. . I asked and seeing the amused look on his i regretted my words immediately..
‘I’m sorry I….
‘No it’s okay it’s just that no woman has ever asked me that kind of question before,no woman of Jared’s has ever bothered about me before’..He said and i smiled..
A s-en-se of pride filled me as i heard those words and i don’t un-derstand it..
‘So how did you meet Jared cause you guys are totally different’..i asked again..
‘Jared and i have been friends since childhood,i was the charm he was the br@ins in high school and when we graduated to college things changed -He bec@m£ the charms and the br@in while i was only the charm’..he replied..
‘Hey you’re the br@ins too,I’ve seen your work here in your h0tel and it’s great!!’..i commended and he smiled walking away…
Jared was the charm and the br@ins??..
But how is he so flir-tatious with other women??..
And why do i care??..
Twenty minutes later
‘Excuse me??’..someone said and I jo-lted from the counter only for me to see Vanessa smiling at me with another Lady..
‘Hey Isabel we meet again’..she said as i quic-kly wiped off the drool from my face..
‘Y..Yeah do you want a room??’..I asked..
‘No -as a matter of fact Nicole my friend here and I are both inviting you to our p@rty on Thursday’..She said giving me an invitation card…
Venue:At Charles street,Toby’s Avenue..
Time:9pm till dawn…
Dress Code:Just wear a S-xy swim suit babe…
‘Ohhh I’m not really a p@rty person Vanessa’..i muttered as i closed the card…
‘Nons-en-se Isabel you should come plea-se,I’m counting on you’..she replied and walked out not even giving me a chance to object..
I glanced at the card and sighed de-eply resting my head on one hand..
Why is Vanessa being so nice to me??..
Jared’s POV‍⚕
‘Marie what is the most ro-mantic way to say sorry to a woman??’…i asked and she j£rked from her seat with a shocked look on her face..
‘Did you just ask me that?!’..She rhetorically asked and I frowned..
‘Yeah I did,I don’t un-derstand is there something wrong??’..
‘No it’s not like that Jared,it’s just that you’ve never asked that kind of question and all judging your reputation for being a pla-yer’..
‘So everyone thinks I’m a pla-yer?!’..i asked sternly and she nodded..
So I’ve carved sort of a reputation for myself..
‘Well forget about the chit chat what should I do??’..I asked and she smiled and then whispered into my ears..
After hearing her words i smiled and bit my lowerl-ip…
Isabel’s POV‍⚕
At Night☄️
‘Isabel what’s wrong??’..Mom asked as she saw the sullen look on my face…
‘It’s nothing mom I’m just tired that’s all’..I replied checking my phone as if I was expecting a phone call..
Why isn’t he calling me??..
Yeah I told him to leave me alone but I didn’t really mean it??..
‘Hmmm did you and Jared have a fight??,tell me baby I’m here for you’..she said and I gro-an ed again loudly..
‘Mom for the last time he’s not my b©yfri£ndhow many times do i have to tell you this?!!’…I screamed..
‘Oh really?? He’s not your b©yfri£ndthen why is he standing outside with a guitar?!’..she fired back..
I scurried over to the window and she was right..
Jared was on t©p of his car with a guitar and a headboard which said ‘I’M SORRY’..
‘What the hell do you think you’re doing?!!’..i called out…
And instead of giving me a reply he broke into a song..
How many times do I have to say I’m sorry??..
How many times do I have to say I’m sorry??..
How many times Isabel??..
How many times??..
I’m sorry!!..
Jesus Christ…
He’s got the most awful voice I’ve ever heard and he can’t even pl@yproperly but still…
Still sweet..
Oh God what is this man doing to me???..
I ran downstairs not even caring about the other neighbors who were clearly prying by their windows and pretending they don’t Care…
Jared c@m£ down from the car and rested on it as i approached him…
‘You have a terrible voice Lover boy’..I replied smiling..
‘But you forgive me anyway??’..
‘Yeah,yeah I forgive you’..
Episode Eighteen
Isabel’s POV‍⚕
Twenty minutes later
‘Bye’..i muttered waving at Jared as he drove away..
I can’t believe he drove all the way from his house to mine just to sing that terrible song..
And worse…
It t©uçhed me de-eply…
I made swagger as i walked upstairs only for me to see Cole giggling with his mother as they looked outside the window..
‘What’s so funny??’..i asked and they smiled sheepishly..
‘Aunt Issy is that your b©yfri£nd??’..Cole asked and I scoffed..
‘So you guys are spying on me huh?! Unbelievable ,you all are unbelievable!!!’..i exclaimed and walked inside my house only to see my mom smiling also…
‘Not another word’..i warned and went into my room,locked the door and bit the end of my pillow in excitement..
I can’t believe I’m blu-shing this ha-rd …
Vanessa’s POV‍⚕
‘Are you sure you wanna do this to her Vanessa,you know she’s done nothing wrong?’..Nicole asked as i tied the purple balloon onto the pole…
‘Ohhh st©p being so naive Nicole,you and i know fully well that that Isabel of a girl is the reason why Jared broke up with you and I??’..i replied…
‘How do you know that?,they aren’t even d@t!ng’..She implied and my face changed into a frown..
‘Well Jared broke up with me okay??,he broke up with me and he broke up with you also without pity and it’s all because of her so if you’re not re-ady to concur with my plan you can as well back off!!’..I screamed and she smiled..
‘Okay Vany sheesh you don’t have to so prickly about it??’…
‘Hmmm okay’..she murmured..
Just before i could apologize for my rude reply the TV c@m£ on..
I glanced over at mom only to see that she was alre-ady pale and her eyes uneasy…
‘You know I watch this man die in the hospital’..i spoke up but she didn’t give me a reply…
’He was clearly murdered’..I said again..
‘Oh yeah I totally un-derstand’..she replied brusquely wiping her mouth with a napkin..
‘Do you know this guy?’..i asked and she scoffed nervously…
‘Me?!! No way!! I’ve not even heard about him before in my life!! Excuse me!’..she replied and walked away briskly…
She doesn’t know him??..
She doesn’t know him and Kevin has pictures of the both of them??..
She doesn’t know him and her name is clearly written in the page of his diary??..
There’s more to this than she claims and I’m gonna find out what she’s hiding…
Isabel’s POV‍⚕
At the h0tel
I gro-an ed loudly as i brou-ght down another carton of wine from the delivery van…
Since Kevin was shorthanded with staffs at the moment asked me to help..
I’m glad to but damn these things are heavy..
‘Can i help you with that??’..someone said and when I turned it was Jared.
Surprisingly wearing a red hoodie and jogging p@n-ts with trainers..
hmm t©uçhé..
‘Nah don’t worry i can do it myself’..i replied balancing the box on my right arm..
‘Nons-en-se Isabel that thing is damn heavy,let me help you’..he begged and just as I tried pushing him away the box fell from my hands……
I threw him a ‘You see??’ Look and crouched down to pick the little fragments one broken wine bottle up..
‘You’re gonna hurt yourself’..he muttered…
‘Just stay outta…’..i tried to say and winced as a piece of the bottle cut my index f!nger de-eply…
‘$h!t!!’..he cursed and rushed down to my position..
Before i could say anything else he brou-ght out an handkerchief from his pocket and wra-pped it around my hand…
‘If only you allowed me this wouldn’t have happened -Does it hurt??’..
‘Yeah -but not much don’t worry I’ll be okay’..i replied as a feeling of uneasiness flu-shed my cheeks..
We both rose to our feet and stared at each other a little bit before he asked.
‘Where’s Kevin -your boss i mean??’..
‘He’s in his office’…
‘Ohh uhmm okay see you later’..
‘Yeah -yeah you too’…
He walked away and I turned over to the broken bottle…
If Jane,my old friend was here she would say ‘Tots awkward’ in her Canadian accent…
Sheesh that was something…
Jared’s POV‍⚕
I opened the door to Kevin’s office only for me to see Carlton seated there..
Oh God why did i have to run into him now???!..
‘Hey Kev,Hey Carl’..i said as i plopped down on the chair and poured myself a glas-s of wine…
‘Hey Jared what’s up?!’..Carlton replied…
‘Hmmm well everything’s good and I saved some…
‘You know I’m not talking about that Jared,I’m talking about the Isabel situation,has she fallen for you alre-ady and have you done the deed??’..He cut in…
I knew he was coming to this..
‘Well uhm not really’..i replied downing the glas-s of wine..
‘Why is the slut too ha-rd to handle?!!’..
‘She’s not a slut Carlton!!’..i snapped..
‘Ohhh someone’s angry or is sugar boy going soft??’..he tea-sed and I gro-an ed balling my fist…
The stupid bastard and the stupid way he talks…
‘I think I’ll leave’..i said standing up..
‘Ohhh Jared don’t take anything Carlton says too personal’..Kevin interjected…
‘Bye Kevin!!!’..i replied turning..
‘Don’t forget the bet Jared,your career is on the line!!’..Carlton screamed as i shut the door…
He’s right..
My career is on the line here..
What am I going to do?!!..
I sighed de-eply and walked outside the h0tel and st©pped abruptly in front of Isabel’s desk…
She was de-eply asleep and snoring so loudly that I almost thought that an heli-pad was nearby…
A woman who snores loudly and doesn’t care..
I quic-kly took a picture of her and walked away so she wouldn’t notice…
If only she knows how cute she looks…
I shouldn’t have agreed to slee-ping with her on video..
I shouldn’t have at all
Well I’ve got no other choice cause I’m not re-ady to loose my job…
Monica’s POV‍⚕
:Hey Kuco’…I whispered in the bathroom..
:Oh hey boss what’s popping??’..he replied in a shaggy tone..
:Well when you were following Jackson did he meet anyone??’..I asked..
:Hmm yeah I think so,he somewhat bu-mped into a lady and then put something in her grocery bag’..he replied and I heaved a sigh of relief…
That’s it!!!!…
Jackson would have dropped the brown envelope in the stranger’s bag..
:That’s it Kuco!!!!,do you know what she looks like?!!’..I inquired overly excited..
:Yeah I know,I can even give you her pic but you have to meet me tonight okay??’..
:Okay Kuco thank you’..
I hung up and c@m£ out only to see Gerta in my room dusting my shelves.
‘What are you doing here?!’..I asked and she jo-lted.
‘Nothing madam I’m just dusting’..she said clearly averting my gaze…
I’m just super happy about this whole situation…
I’m finally going to meet the stranger and get the evidence and then burn it…
I don’t Care about the cops I only Care about Jared not knowing about my secret…
He can’t know about it.
Jared’s POV‍⚕
At the Hospital
‘What’s the status upd@t£??’..I asked as Abigail walked with me into my office…
‘Hmmm nothing much just that Mrs Roger from the VIP floor has been discharged,three boys c@m£ in with bleeding arms and oh -Mrs Monteniero c@m£ in for a check up’..she replied dropping a file on my table..
Mrs Monteniero??..
That’s Isabels mom??..
I thought she’s perfectly okay and had a check up last week so why did she come today..
‘Hmmm okay let’s go do a round shall we??’..i said standing up and my phone turned on showing Isabel’s picture as my screen saver…
‘Hmmm she’s pretty’…Abigail muttered..
‘Uh huh?’..i replied not paying attention to what she had to say next..
‘Is she your girlfriend?’..
‘Then why’s she on your screen saver??’..
‘Abigail are you stupid?!! Since when has my pri-vate life become your business,plea-se leave here now?!!’..I screamed as my eyes wi-de-ned in annoyance…
Some women could be so damn annoying with their stupid questions…
‘I’m sorry I didn’t mean to upset you’..she said..
‘Sorry for yourself now plea-se get out of my sight!!!!’…
Isabel’s POV‍⚕
At Night☄️
I got dressed up for the p@rty and packed my swim suit inside my bag…
‘Hey mom I’m off to the p@rty!!’..i called as i walked towards the door..
‘Okay is Jared aware??’..she inquired..
‘Hello no mom’..I replied and chucked softly locking the door behind me..
I don’t know why she likes Jared more than anything..
It’s not like he’s my b©yfri£ndor anything so why’s she so keen about him?..
I entered the cab Veronica ordered for me and he sped away…
An Hour Later
The car st©pped in front of a gigantic mansion with loud music booming out of it..
‘We’re here ma’am’..the driver said..
‘Ohh thank you’..I responded and c@m£ out from the car..
Before I could call Vanessa I sp©tted Nicole outside conversing with some ladies.
‘Hey uhmmm is Vanessa inside??’.. room. I asked tapping her on the shoulder and she turned around..
‘Who the -Oh it’s you Isabel!! I’m so glad and Vany would be so glad you c@m£!!’..she squealed..
I noticed the way the other two ladies arched their brows as they saw me and whispered something into each others ear..
There’s something strange about this p@rty but i just can’t place my f!nger on it…
‘Isa!!!!’..Vanessa screamed from the patio as she set her eyes on me and i f0rç£d a smile..
‘Ohh uhh hey Vanessa what’s up??’..i replied as she hvgged me..
‘Well everything’s great why don’t you have a drink?’..she said giving me a glas-s of champagne…
I took the glas-s from her and glanced around the pool..
She said it was a pool p@rty but it didn’t look like a p@rty to me..
There were only few Ladies and most of them weren’t even wearing bikinis or swim suits..
‘Drink up will you??’..she urged..
I raised a brow and then shrugged then downed the liquid inside my mouth..
‘Yaaay she’s done it guys!!!’…she screamed…
My eyes suddenly bec@m£ drowsy and i shook the s-en-sation off..
‘W..what’s happening??’…i stuttered as everything bec@m£ double sighted..
‘Ohhh just relax Isabel and let the drug take it’s full course’..she replied and I staggered slightly…
I should have known this was her plan..
I should have known..
‘What are ….what are you trying to do V….V…Van…Van’…I tried saying but my eyes closed and I blacked out slowly….
Another Hour Later
I opened my eyes slowly only to see myself in the middle of a crowd..
Many guys and ladies murmured loudly and when I raised my head up..
I was..
I was..
Ohhh God what is happening?!!..
I looked down at my b©dy and then saw inscriptions written from head to toe…
Including my face!!!..
Love stealer❌
S-x machine❌
Castrated cu*t❌
fv¢ked bit-ch❌
Smelling pvzzy❌
‘Don’t take pictures plea-se don’t take pictures plea-se plea-se st©p it!!!!’…i cried out as c@m£ras flashed across my face…
I tried covering my face and brea-sts at the same time but all to no avail..
Oh God what am I going to do?!..
‘this is going over to p©rn Village!!!’..One guy screamed and everyone laughed…
Tears flowed down my cheeks freely and then the next thing I knew someone wra-pped a blanket around me..
‘The young lady said you all should leave her alone don’t you get that you d!¢k heads!!!!’..The person screamed and when I looked over it was…
How did he get here??..
He carried up his arms slowly and covered every p@rt of my b©dy well..
He didn’t even care about the flashing c@m£ras anymore as he carried me towards his car..
‘Don’t say another word Isabel,I’ll take you