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The last confessor Episode 9 & 10

🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)
Episode 9
Isabelle couldn’t st©p thinking pathetically as she followed the lady to wherever it was she was taking her. She didn’t even care if it was somewhere dangerous. Her life was alre-ady a mess, being the King’s prisoner.
They walked down a quiet hallway, then got to where seemed a little noisy, coming across some guards who were drinking and laughing wi-dely.
As Isabelle walked by, they turned and stared s£dûçt!velyat her.
“Hey, confessor”, one of them called in a sniggering voice.
“Come and confess me, plea-se. Come and make me your slave”.
A roar of laughter was heard but Isabelle tried her best not to react to it or even st©p to look at them. She just bent her head and continued walking like they were never referring to her.
She knew they were only ma-king mockery of her because of the Rada’Han on her n£¢k. They knew her powers had been caged and that was what angered Isabelle to the core. She hated the fact that her powers were locked.
After a long walk, she finally arrived in front of an old looking door.
The lady inser-ted a key into it and it was opened immediately. She pushed the door open and walked in, but Isabelle didn’t go in immediately as she tried having a peek from outside.
It was a room – a poor looking room and seemed to belong to a maid.
“plea-se, come in. This would be your room from now on”, the lady who was alre-ady in said, and Isabelle’s brows arched.
Her room?
She moved her legs slowly and walked into the room, taking slow and steady steps. Her eyes scoured the place.
There was a be-d, a wooden wardrobe which Isabelle knew would be empty, a wall mirror and an empty table.
The room looked poor, but Isabelle was still grateful because she’d thought she was going to be locked up in the dungeon.
“My name is Mia”, the lady said as she walked to the wooden wardrobe.
She opened it and brou-ght out a shaggy dress which looked like the one she was putting on.
“plea-se, put this on”, she held out the dress to Isabelle but Isabelle stared crankily at it without collecting it.
“Why?” She asked and the lady sighed.
“Well, I’m sorry to announce this to you, but you’re going to be a palace maid from now on -the king’s orders” she said with a shrug and Isabelle felt a sting in her heart.
A maid?
She stared at the dress, disdainfully. Well, she wasn’t expecting the King to treat her like a princess over here, was she?
She let out a sigh and collected the dress from her, walking to the be-d to put it on.
The lady turned around and gave her some privacy to dress up and in no time, she was done.
Isabelle glanced at herself in front of the mirror and confirmed she was really looking like a maid now. From a confessor to a palace maid.
AnsThe lady noticed the sad look on her face and tried to distract her.
“Come on. Let’s go, plea-se” she said and started walking out of the room and Isabelle turned away from the mirror and followed her.
“So,” the lady said as they walked together.
“Like I earlier said, you can call me Mia. I’m also a maid here, one of the t©p maids and I’ve been asked to put you throu-gh.
“As you can see, its almost dark alre-ady. So, I’ll just brief the details I’m to show to you.
“First of all, whenever you’re asked to serve in the court room, or the throne room, or any member of the royal family, you must be extremely careful. You must try your best not to look at any of them in the eyes,
Even if they speak rashly to you, you must never think of speaking back then. Over here, our loggo is endurance. Endurance.
“Right now, there are three members of the royal family staying in the palace, that is Madame Hapitha, her daughter – Princess Rayna; her son – Prince Kalen. And we also have Princess Roseline – his fiance.
“Then, we also have Master Cree. They’re all members of the Royal family and should be treated with outmost respect. So, be very careful with them, confessor, because they punish with the slightest offense”.
Isabelle couldn’t digest all the names in her head, but she was well aware of the members of the Royal family and how dangerous they were.
Mia had continued talking and explaining some of the basic rules to Isabelle and after a longer walk,, they got to the kitchen.
“And this….is the Royal kitchen’ Mia demonstrated with her hands [email protected] as they walked in.
The place was quite capacious and neat and few maids were in, seeming busy.
“We come to work everyday as soon as the first bell rings and we work till nightfall. But, on some occasions, we might stay here for longer hours when there’s extra work to do”.
Isabelle took her eyes around, observing the place. The few maids in the kitchen turned and looked at her, and she didn’t need anyone to explain what the looks meant.
Mia took out time to give Isabelle some details of how the work in the kitchen was done. She explained when and what they cook, and how things are being done.
“One of the chief maids – Naya – is the only one in charge of preparing the King’s meal” Mia had said along the line.
“The King eats from only one woman?” Isabelle was tem-pted to ask, but just held the question in her mind.
When they were done from the kitchen, Mia showed her round the other places of the palace that needed to be worked on. She showed her to the laundry, the garden, training center and so many other places.
Isabelle never uttered a word as all she did was watch and try her best to register them in her mind. She had to accept the fact that she was now a maid. Besides, it wasn’t like she’d ever lived a better life before.
“Ah! I think we’re done for the day” Mia said as they walked out of the stables.
It was completely dark alre-ady, but some lampposts were placed on some sp©ts.
“You’ll resume your work fully by tomorrow, confessor. Tomorrow morning”. Mia further said, but as usual, Isabelle didn’t say a word.
They were about walking away when a guard [email protected]£ running towards them.
“Confessor!” He called and Isabelle turned to look at him, her face expressionless.
He st©pped running when he got to where they were and stood to face Isabelle.
“The King is back and wants you in his room. Now” he [email protected] the order and once again, Isabelle felt her blood st©p running.
“Oh, creators” she cried in her mind.
She had a feeling she might not escape it, this time around.
Episode 10
“Come on” the guard said gruffly and started walking away, expecting Isabelle to follow, of course.
Isabelle glanced at the face of Mia and could see the saturnine look she had.
“Bye” she mumbled to Isabelle, but Isabelle didn’t say a word as she started trailing behind the guard.
The guard was so hvge and his muscles stretched as he walked ahead of her, while Isabelle just lowered her gaze to the floor, thinking of what could possibly happen in the King’s room. She wondered if she’d be able to escape it this time around.
Oh! If only he’d have mercy on her. If only he’d punish her in any other way aside S-x. She knew she might not survive it after this night. The memories – they’d hunt her.
She had suddenly thought of running, running away from the guard, but she knew it was pointless. There were guards everywhere and without her powers, it’d be just a single lady against hundreds of guards. That was impossible.
She managed to stifle the sobs that made attempts to rack her throat.
After a very long walk, she got to the hallway leading to the King’s chambers, and walking dee-per, they finally got to the door.
“Come in” the King’s voice replied when the guard knocked and Isabelle felt all the muscles in her b©dy become weak.
The guard opened the door and they walked in and there she met him on his table, working on some scrolls.
The room would have been dark, but the lights from the lamps prevented it and gave it a gloomy feel.
“The confessor’s here, My King” the guard bowed, while Isabelle stood behind him, fear getting the best [email protected] of her.
Caesar didn’t say a word or try to raise an eye brow as he focused on the scrolls he was working on.
The guard kept his head bowed and dare not move, and after a very long while, he spoke up.
“Leave us” [email protected]£ the stringent command, and the guard bowed and left.
Isabelle interlocked her f!ngersand kept her eyes glued to the floor. At that moment, she felt she was alone with the devil – an angry devil.
“You know what to do, Isabelle. Get rid of your clothes and get on the be-d”, he said, like it was such an easy thing to do.
Isabelle’s hands trembled as she lifted them to the hem of her dress,,rose it above her [email protected]!st, to her head, and finally, they were off her head.
Caesar focused on the scrolls and acted like she wasn’t doing a thing.
She took off her un-derthings and walked slowly to the be-d, laying downwards like the first time.
She let out muffled whimpers against the pillows as she tried to still herself. It appeared Caesar was still sitting because Isabelle was yet to hear any movement from him. But after a while, she did.
First, she heard the sound of a chair being moved, then some footsteps, ruffling of clothes, and some footsteps again. It was obvious,he was coming towards her – he prepared.
Isabelle’s breath wavered as she felt him so close to her. Her head was resting on the pillow, but suddenly, she felt a hand yank her hair backwards, ma-king her face lift from the pillow.
A dark cloth went over her eyes, blindfolding her, and Isabelle pondered, what exactly what he was doing? Why was he covering her eyes?
He tied the blindfold on her eyes and re-leased her hair r0ûghly, and all Isabelle could see was darkness. Total darkness. Why was he doing this to her?
Afterwards, she felt him fully on her back, and her breath hitched when she felt his £r£¢tion on her th!ghs.
“N-o” her voice cracked.
As he held her down, the memories [email protected]£ rushing in – the memories of being t©uçhed.
“Caesar plea-se….” She whimpered.
“Don’t do this”.
He moved his £r£¢tion from the t©p of her @ss, into the lines, until he’d gotten to the exact hole he needed.
“Next time you call me by my name, I’ll kill you”
He growled into her ears and f0rç£d his rod into her ti-ght sheath.
“No o!!!” Isabelle cried as she felt something big going into her hole.
It tore her [email protected]
‘No!! plea-se” she cried.
The painful memories [email protected]£ driving in, the memories she’s been trying so [email protected] to forget.
As Caesar f0rç£d himself into her, she recalled how she’d lost her vir-ginity. How that man had drilled into her, while her father stood by and watched.
“No…plea-se…..” She sobbe-d, the memories tearing [email protected]
Caesar didn’t know of the mental pains she was [email protected] throu-gh, so he just continued what he was doing.
He pushed his full size into her, pu-ll-ed back, and went in again.
“No ooo! St©p it, plea-se…!” Isabelle cried, recalling how she’d pleaded with her father to st©p the man, but her father wouldn’t listen.
She could remember Tabitha crying outside the locked door, hitting and begging their father to st©p the man. Her father had taken some pieces of silver from the man, in exchange for her dignity.
As Caesar covered her, she could feel the man’s t©uçh over her, not just him, but the other men who used her as well after that day.
Oh! All the horrible things her father made her [email protected] throu-gh. Those were the memories she’d been trying so [email protected] to forget.
Caesar was alre-ady thrû-sting freely into her, dee-per and r0ûghly.
He turned deaf ears to her plea-s, and the blindfold over her eyes weren’t helping matters at all.
She cried painfully against the pillow, her head becoming so h0t alre-ady.
She begged helplessly.
Caesar went on for a long time and Isabelle had st©pped screaming. All she did was whimper, fighting so [email protected] with the memories which tormented her. Each thrû-st that Caesar took, reminded her of the thrû-st those men had taken into her.
And to think her father had…..
Oh! She didn’t want to think about it. But she had no choice. The memories [email protected]£ freely.
Getting to his satisfaction, Caesar pu-ll-ed out of her and left the be-d immediately.
Isabelle remained there, sobbing weakly. She couldn’t hear anything, anything at all. All she felt was pains, both mental and physical pains.
She felt the blindfold go off her eyes, and light could be seen again. But she still felt weak as different voices and images pla-yed in her head.
“Get off my be-d” she heard the King’s voice amongst them, but she could ba-rely move a f!nger.
She couldn’t move anything.
The pains from the memories were more than the pains she felt from the int£rç0rs£. Every single thing repla-yed in her head.
“Get out of my be-d, Isabelle!’ Caesar growled and this time around, she tried to make an attempt.
She fisted her hands around the sheets and managed to lift herself from the be-d. She was visibly shaking, her hands and legs were shaking. She felt so cold.
She felt some liquids rush down her legs from her [email protected][email protected] , but her mind couldn’t process what it was.
Her vision was alre-ady blur, and when she tried to take a step, she fell on the floor and [email protected] out.

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