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The last confessor Episode 53 & 54

🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)
Episode 53
Princess Rayna was happy that even without the confessor’s help again, she was very good at archery.
She had made her mother, the queen to get her a horse rider who’s very good at training someone to learn how to ride a horse.
And her mother had gotten her the best – the best, because Jessy, her instructor is a very good trainer and he’s patient too.
Within just few days, she has become perfect in horse ri-ding with his help.
He had taught her slowly and patiently and be so eager to learn it, she had learnt it so quic-kly without stressing Jessy too much even to Jessy’s surprise.
He had commended her a lot and that had made her want to learn even fas-ter and better.
It two days, she’d be attending princess Vida birthday and she couldn’t wait to perform better than her and other princesses that mocked her.
She had really put in her all and so much efforts to learn and also beat princess Vida too.
And again, she was sure gonna get more attention from the prince.
She’s can’t wait to see the two charming prince’s, prince Hayden and prince Ainsley.
“What did you just say?” The king asked again, clenching and unclenching his fist. His muscles shooting out in anger.
The king doesn’t even know why he’s angry.
Is it because he thinks Roseline is lying or because he doesn’t want to have a child with Roseline?
Or because he wasn’t expecting such from her?
“I’m pregnant with your baby, your heir, your highness.” She repeated, with so much boldness but [email protected] of her still felt nervous. The king is so unpredictable and she doesn’t know what he’s gonna say.
She’s not even sure he’s gonna still allow her stay in the palace.
“Are you telling the truth?” The king gro-an ed, still looking shocked.
“Yes my king, I’m… telling…you….the truth.” Her voice quivered as an unknown lump suddenly formed in her throat.
“Guards, take her to her room and make sure she doesn’t come out. You can have the maids prepare her something to eat.” The king ordered.
The guards bowed their heads and held Roseline arms gently and aided her back into the palace.
Roseline smiled enthusiastically as she ate hungrily from the plates of different meals served on her table.
It was almost like a feast and she was happy. Her once gloomy face suddenly looked bright and happy.
She hoped the king wouldn’t chase her back to her parents house and as long as she’s back to the palace, she’s gonna make sure she gets the king’s trust and finally and secretly get rid of the confessor.
The confessor is the reason behind her [email protected]£nt and she would make sure to get her out of the way.
Now, that she’s finally pregnant for the king, she’s gonna make things right again.
Isabelle didn’t know why – but she felt disappointed. Roseline was carrying the king’s child.
Well, what does she expect?
Not that she doesn’t want the king to have a child, but she didn’t think it would be this soon. She doesn’t like Roseline being the one to carry the king’s child, it would have been another maiden, but not Roseline.
Isabelle felt something wasn’t right and she couldn’t tell exactly what.
She sighed and plonked on her be-d tiredly. She t©uçhed her healing bandaged wound and smiled.
Very soon, the bandage would be taken off and her head would heal completely.
She just couldn’t wait.
“My king, there is a letter from king Alfred from Muzana kingdom to you.” Jeffrey bowed in obeisance as he handed over the letter to the king.
The king stood still, staring outside to the garden as he stood up at his balcony.
From where he stood, he could see most of the [email protected] of the palace. He likes being there because of silence and and the cool breeze and sweet smell that emits from the beautiful and fresh flowers from the garden.
He sighed and turned to look at Jeffrey who had his head bowed.
The king took the letter and signaled fir Jeffrey to leave and he did not after bowing his head.
Despite his close the king is with Jeffrey, he still respects him like the king he is.
King Ceasar tore the envelope opened and he stared intently at the letter before opening it.
He hissed loudly and squee-zed the paper after re-ading the content.
It was simply an invitation for a royal gathering with all the ten powerful kingdoms, just to get to have fun and get to know each other better.
In the state he is now, that was the least of his problem.
He turned back to stare at the garden and closed his eyes, inhaling the sweet smell from the flowers.
His head was filled with different thoughts and it was muzzled too. He needed some time alone to clear his head.
Princess Rayna’s new personal maid did a little t©uçh up of makeup on her face. She was wearing a long flowing red ball go-wn and a silver Tierra on her styled hair that fell down her slim shoulders.
She wore a silver stiletoes and a [email protected] around her wrist. She looked so stunning that one would literally drool staring at her.
Her skin glowed beautifully and her pinkl-ips shone beautifully.
“All done my princess.” The maid bowed, smiling to herself for a job well done. The makeup was simple yet stunning.
It made princess Rayna have a unique look.
“Thank you Nancy.” Princess Rayna smiled, admiring her beautiful self on the mirror.
She held her go-wn from the knee side and walked gracefully out of her room with Nancy trailing behind her.
“You look so beautiful my dear.” Her mother beamed and pe-cked her lightly on both cheeks.
“Thanks Mom.” Princess Rayna grinned.
“Alright dear, do take care okay?” Her mother said affectionately.
“Sure mom. Bye, I don’t wanna be late.” The princess said with a charming smile.
“Alright Rayna, bye.” Her mother waved at her while she majestically stepped outside and onto her carriage.
She would have really loved for Isabelle to accompany her but too bad, the king wouldn’t allow and Isabelle isn’t entirely fit.
She smiled enthusiastically as her carriage moved, with Nancy sitting quietly beside her.
She can’t wait to do the archery and make princess Vida shocked to see how good she’s is.
And horse ri-ding, she’s sure gonna win her and she hopes too.
And she hopes that, prince Ainsley would notice her and they would become friends.
“My lady.” Jeffrey called lowly and stared around, like he was hiding from someone or like he was gonna do something bad and he wanted to make sure nob©dy was around to see him.
Roseline j£rked up as she saw Jeffrey.
It’s been three days alre-ady and the king had not s£nt for her neither has he come to meet her.
She was starting to get real impatient.
But just as she saw Jeffrey, she thought the king had asked him to bring her too his room.
“What are you doing here? Did the king s£nd for me?” She asked, getting up from her be-d.
“No. I’m here for you and in fact, I don’t want the king or anyb©dy to meet us talking.” He said hurriedly and impatiently.
“What do you want from me Jeff? We alre-ady settled whatever thing we had and we are good to go. So, why do you want to see me?” She asked, clearly pissed.
She glared murderously at Jeffrey but he didn’t bulge as he still [email protected] his stuff face on.
“When did you find out that you’re pregnant?” Jeffrey asked, causing a loud ban-g on Roseline head.
“Why would you ask me such a question?” She yelled angrily at him.
“It’s just a question and I demand and answer.” He stated icily.
Roseline bit her lower l!pand looked at him angrily.
“A week ago, just before the king wanted to throw me out.” She muttered.
“Tell me the truth Roseline, who’s the real father of this baby?” Jeffrey asked with gritted teeth, his have holding her r0ûghly by her arm.
“Ouch! Let me go, you’re hurting me.” She whimpered softly but his grip around her arm only ti-ght£ñed and she had to bite her l!pso she wouldn’t scream out.
“What do you mean? It’s for the king!” She snapped at him, trying to act tough but de-ep down, she was scared.
“Don’t you dare lie to me! I know the king hadn’t la-id with you for days now and just about a week ago, we had S-x and you know I wasn’t on any protec-tion herbs or whatever.
Now, tell me, is this baby mine if truly you’re pregnant?” He gro-an ed angrily.
Roseline felt a ban-g on her head and she started sobbing.
“The baby is for the king. The king and u have been having S-x but you, we just did it once. So how can I be pregnant for you?” She hissed out in pain.
“You’re carrying my child and you know it and I’m not gonna allow you give out the baby to another person.
I’m not gonna allow the king take responsibility for my own child.” He seethed and Roseline knew she was in a de-ep mess.
What has she gotten herself into?
“I’m gonna terminate the baby.” She said sternly.
“You would do no such thing. You won’t kill my baby. I’m gonna take responsibility of my action and the king is never taking responsibility for this child as his own.” Jeffrey said adamantly.
“You’re just a common b©dyguard of the king. You can’t even take care of yourself talk more of me and the baby. It’s gonna tarnish my reputation. What would the king say?” She cried out.
“Why didn’t you think about these before you decided to sleep with him?” They both heard a voice behind them and they were shocked to see the king standing behind them.
They both [email protected] in fright.
Episode 54
“Really Roseline? Are you that desperate and shameless that you had to sleep with my b©dyguard so you can pin the pregnancy on me?
How shameless can you be?” The king sm-irked and took slow strides with his hands behind his back. He walked around the room, staring at the floor while Jeffrey and Roseline shivered in fear.
They were literally so scared that they could even pee on their b©dy.
They were so uncertain of what the king was gonna do to them.
Behead them?
s£nd them on an exile?
Torture them till death?
They were so afraid – fear of the unknown of what the king was gonna do to them.
“My…king…” Jeffrey spoke up with so much fear in him. He suddenly turned into a stammerer as he couldn’t find words to say.
He was ton-gue-tied.
“Don’t utter any word!” The king shushed with his hand in the air.
Jeffrey clamped his mouth shut and swallowed whatever words he wanted to say.
“Jeffrey, if there’s any b©dyguard I like and trust, it should be you but what did you do? You went ahead to sleep with the woman I’m supposed to marry.
How could you? How shameless can you be? Of all the girls and maidens in the palace, you decided to have S-x with the one that’s mine. Aren’t you even scared?
Weren’t you even scared of what I might do to you if I had found out?” The king gro-an ed, keeping his voice calm but cold.
Roseline legs quivered and she suddenly felt the need to use the bathroom but she wouldn’t dare move a hitch from where she stood.
She was so scared even more than when the king had caught her trying to destroy the confessor’s [email protected]
Her actions, it was a hvge crime and the punishment is hvge too. The king decide to behead her and filled her remains to the vultures.
Her heart was thumping loudly against her che-st and she was scared that her heart would bur-st open and all her blood would gush out, because of the rate in which, it was beating fast.
“My, king…I’m sorry. It wasn’t intentional. I wasn’t in my right state of mind when it happens.” Roseline finally had the courage to speak up, but she was even shocked that she had the voice that had spoken.
It was shaking and cracked. It was like a husky whisper.
“Now Roseline, you’re gonna tell me the truth and nothing but the truth.” The king gro-an ed at last after minutes of awkward silence between them.
Jeffrey was so scared and he felt so guilty.
He didn’t know why he had accepted Roseline offer to have S-x with her. She had come to him willingly and he didn’t know why he couldn’t resist her charm.
He regretted his action but still, he was gonna take responsibility for his action and face the music.
“Yes my king.” Roseline replied with a cracked voice as tears blinded her eyes.
Princess Rayna alighted from her carriage inside the palace castle and she breathe in the nice smell from the newly trimmed and fresh flowers.
The castle was hvge and very beautiful. Different coloured lights shown brightly inside the hall the birthday [email protected] was being held.
“My princess, plea-se this way.” One of the palace guards courtesy before her.
“Alright.” She smiled as he led her and her maid, Nancy towards the direction of the birthday hall.
Princess Rayna got to the hall and all eyes went towards her direction as she gracefully walked it, with her go-wn flowing behind her and her hair swinging beautifully behind her.
Wow escaped theirl-ips as she walked in.
Princess Rayna felt so happy and proud because of the attention she was alre-ady getting. She saw princess Vida at another end of the hall with two other princesses and they were talking happily.
Princess Vida waved with enthusiasm as soon as her gaze met with princess Rayna.
She smiled and held her flowing go-wn and started towards princess Vida with a smile on her face and her shoulders high with pride.
“I’ve been trying so badly to have a child for you, but to no avail. I even took fertility pills but it wasn’t working.” Roseline started, with tears rolling down uncontrollably down her face.
She didn’t even know why she was crying – if it was because the king had caught her, or because of the punishment that awaited her, or because she’s pregnant for a commoner; the king’s b©dyguard.
“Then, just two days after you re-leased me from what I call house arrest, I thought of a way for you to tamper justice with mercy on me. And I didn’t know what [email protected]£ over me and I suddenly thought of having s*x with someone.
I was alre-ady having the mindset that you were impotent since no matter what I did or medicine I took, I never missed my period once and even got pregnant.
And besides, I didn’t want you to throw me out of the palace and I know if probably pregnant for you, you wouldn’t throw me out again.
I made advances towards Jeffrey and to my surprise, he agreed and that was how we had s*k. Then, some days ago, I found out that I was pregnant because of the symptoms I was exhib!tt!g.
I knew it was Jeffery’s child because after we had s*k, I took a fertility pill. And that was what happened my king.
My king, plea-se I’m sorry. I’m re-ady to terminate the pregnancy but plea-se…” Roseline swallowed ti-ghtly and fell on her knees.
Then the next thing she felt was a deafening and stinging [email protected] across her face.
She held her stingy cheek and [email protected] in pain. The king had sma-cked her real [email protected] and she even felt the pain sharply on her head.
“You want to terminate the innocent child? Don’t you dare!” The king hissed angrily and sma-cked her [email protected] again.
Roseline winced loudly and more tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably.
She was really hurt. The [email protected] pain wasn’t painful compared to what she feared of what the king was gonna do to her.
“Draco and Drake!” The king called out.
Two b©dyguards – Draco and Drake ran in and bowed before the king.
“Take them to separate cells. Torture him but spare her because I don’t want to kill an innocent child. Take them away.” He ordered icily.
Roseline wailed uncontrollably as she was r0ûghly handled and taken away while Jeffrey had a sad and guilty countenance as he was led away.
The king sat on his chair in his [email protected] in de-ep thoughts.
Is he really impotent?
Why hasn’t he been able to get Roseline pregnant even after the multi-ple S-x they’ve had?
Is he really unable to father a child?
The more he thought about it, the more it left a soured taste in his mouth and his jaw ti-ght£ñed. His face was [email protected] and his cold face wrinkled in de-ep frown.
“Draco!” He suddenly called, his gaze on the historical book in front of him.
Draco who was behind the door opened the door and walked in.
“Yes my king.” He bowed in obeisance.
“Tell the confessor I summon her.” He said at last.
“Yes my king.” Draco bowed and walked out of the [email protected]
Huh? 🤔🤔
Is the king impotent like Roseline accuser him of? What do you think would be their punishment for such a hvge crime?

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