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The last confessor Episode 39 & 40

🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)
Episode 39
“Okay, my princess you have to be focused and clear your psyche from every thoughts.” Isabelle said to the princess as she stretched the arrow and aimed it at the target.
“Now re-lease the arrow!” Isabelle ordered and princess Rayna did that [email protected] and it hit the target rightly.
“Oh my! Yes! I did it!” The princess screamed enthusiastically and jumped on Isabelle’s b©dy, much to Isabelle’s amazement.
Isabelle smiled and hvgged her.
“Oh my God, thank you so much confessor.” Princess Rayna beamed and stared proudly at the arrow at the target.
“You’re welcome my princess.” Isabelle said plainly.
“plea-se can we practice more? plea-se?” Princess Rayna pleaded with cute baby face and pout herl-ips cutely like a baby.
She looked cute and it made Isabelle smile.
She’s never seen the princess behave childish around her – the princess has never done it before. She’s always having that cold face and serious appearance.
But now, she looks so carefree and happy.
“Yes my princess.” Isabelle bowed and pu-ll-ed out another arrow and handed it over to the princess who enthusiastically took it from her, beaming with smiles.
And that was how Isabelle and the princess practiced till they were tired.
The day was getting dark and it was time for them to leave.
Princess Rayna was alre-ady very good at it but not as perfect as Isabelle as she still kept ma-king little mistakes.
But according to Isabelle, if she continues to practice [email protected], she’d be perfect and that’s exactly what princess Rayna wants so badly.
They arranged their tools and of the guards helped them to carry the big bag that they had come with – Isabelle had carried it when they were coming but now, the princess ordered the guard to carry it.
Isabelle felt so happy and grateful that the princess had changed towards her.
“My princess, are we coming here again tomorrow?” Isabelle asked as they made to enter the carriage that was alre-ady waiting for them.
“Of course.” Princess Rayna nodded her head.
“Confessor, let’s do away with the formalities. You call me Rayna and I call you Isabelle.” Princess Rayna suddenly said after a brief silence between them.
“What!” Isabelle’s eyes were almost popping out from it’s socket out of shock.
She was utterly gob-sma-cked and what the princess had just said sounded ridiculous and like an abomination.
“My princess, you know I can’t do such. It’s fine if you want to call me confessor or Isabelle, I’ll gladly answer you. But for me to call you by name, it’s what I can not do.” She shook her head negatively.
“But I insist.” The princess said firmly.
“I’m sorry but I can’t. It’s very disrespectful of me and I don’t want the king or your mother to punish me for it when they hear about it.” Isabelle shook her head negatively with her voice sounding firm.
“Okay. This is what is gonna happen – when we are alone or outside the palace, you address me by name and when we are inside the palace, you can address me as princess Rayna.” The princess said and gave her pleading eyes.
“Okay, I’ll think about it.” Isabelle bit her bo-ttoml!pnervously.
“There’s no need to think about it, it’s not something you should think about. It’s an order.” Princess Rayna grinned.
“Okay fine.”
“Yay! Thank you Isabelle.”
Isabelle and princess Rayna got to the palace and they both left for their respective rooms.
“Aah!” Isabelle exhaled sharply as she plonked herself [email protected] on her be-d.
She smiled at nothing in [email protected] and sighed loudly.
She stood up from her be-d and walked towards the bathroom. She got inside and pu-ll-ed off her clothes and un-derthings and she was nûd£ alre-ady.
She stepped un-der the shower and turned it on. She ran her f!ngersthrou-gh her hair as the cold water cascaded down her nûd£ self.
She sighed in relief and stepped out of the shower after she had her bath.
She wra-pped her towel around her b©dy and walked out of the bathroom.
She got to her room and walked towards her wardrobe and brou-ght out another pair of a maids uniform – more like a nightie but it was for the palace maids.
She wore it and climbe-d onto her be-d.
Just when she was about closing her eyes, she heard a loud knock on her door and she got startled. She heard the knock again and nervously, she climbe-d down her be-d.
She got to the and opened it and there stood one of the king’s b©dyguards looking mean as always.
“Confessor, the king wants you in his room immediately.” He said and her heart skipped three beats.
What did she do this time around?
She nodded her head and followed the guard.
She trailed timidly behind him with her head bowed and her have behind her back. They finally got to the king’s room and she felt so scared and nervous.
It was late alre-ady alre-ady all she needed was a goodnight sleep.
“My king, she’s here.” The guard informed the king from outside the door.
“Let her in.” [email protected]£ the curt reply of the king.
The guard opened the door and Isabelle stepped in.
She knelt in front of him and bowed her head, “good evening…my king.”
“You may rise and come forward.” He instructed with his back against her.
Isabelle thought, how the he did the king know that she was kneeling even when his back was against hers?
Nervously, Isabelle walked closer to the king.
“I told you yesterday to see me this morning right?” The king asked harshly. Isabelle shivered and mentally sma-cked her head [email protected] for forgetting that.
“Yes my king.” She answered.
“Why didn’t you come?” He asked, his tone cold and stern.
“I went out with the princess and we [email protected]£ back a little late.” She replied.
Just then, she felt a stinging thing on her cheek and it hurts so badly.
Reality dawned on her and she found out that the king had actually sma-cked her [email protected] on the face.
She held the [email protected] cheek and bit her lowerl-ip.
“Is the princess more powerful than I?” He gro-an ed, his breath fanning against her face because of their close proximity.
“I’m sorry…my king.” She stuttered guiltily.
“Sorry for your miserable self!” He hissed.
The king turned around and went to his drawer and brou-ght out a beautiful [email protected] from it. Be closed the drawer and walked closer to meet Isabelle who looked visibly shaken.
“This is yours. But before I give it you, you’re gonna plea…” Before the king could complete his statement, Isabelle alre-ady ran to the sink, holding her stomach and mouth and poured out everything from her mouth.
She felt nauseous and light headed. Her stomach rumbled and she she sighed.
She didn’t know what was suddenly wrong with her but she felt a strange feeling in her stomach and it wasn’t a good one.
The king stared keenly at her and dropped the [email protected] on the desk.
“You look pale and sick. You can go to be-d and by tomorrow if you aren’t fine, I’ll call the royal doctor to check up on you.
I’m doing this not because I care for you but because I don’t want you dead yet – I want you to suffer before you die.” The king sm-irked at Isabelle who looked like she would [email protected] out any moment.
“Alright my king…thank…” She wasn’t done talking when she felt that strong urge to throw up and she quic-kly ran to the sink and threw up.
She washed her mouth and hands. She sighed tiredly and walked back to the king.
“Just leave alre-ady before you throw up on me.” The king said sarcastically.
Without further ado, she ran out of the king’s room, clutching her stomach ti-ghtly and the other hand holding her mouth, while the king stared at her retreating figure thoughtfully.
Episode 40
Isabelle got to her room and locked the door. She rested her back behind the door and breathed in and out heavily like she was being chased h0tly.
What was suddenly wrong with her? She just couldn’t explain the feeling. She was fine few hours ago and even after she ate dinner but what suddenly went wrong?
Her mouth suddenly tasted sour and bitter and she also felt light headed.
She placed her hand on her che-st and sighed weakly.
She left the door and walked to her and climbe-d onto it.
She placed her pillow un-der her head and stared at the ceiling with different thoughts ru-bbing throu-gh her mind.
Isabelle isn’t someone who gets sick and when she does, it’s always a light headache and it doesn’t stay too long. She [email protected] falls sick and the symptoms she’s feeling, she has never felt them before.
And so, she wondered what might be wrong with her. She hasn’t felt this way she’s feeling now.
But she hopes that by the following day, she’d be fine.
King Ceasar took the [email protected] and stared at it. It looked plain but pretty and the letter I was written on it. It wasn’t looking really expensive or even made off expensive jewelries metals. It was made with just simple titanium metal but it still looked pretty.
Not like the king couldn’t afford to buy expensive [email protected] for Isabelle but he feels that, she doesn’t deserve it.
She’s more like a slave to him and slaves do not wear expensive jewelries or even jewelries at all because they can not afford to have one.
He bought her the [email protected] not as a gift, but because he has a good reason.
He wouldn’t let Isabelle know and to her, it’s a gift for saving his life.
The next morning, king Caesar had his meal and he was surprised that he couldn’t find Isabelle at all in the dinning room like the other maids – they were either serving food or taking away used plates and not for once did he even see Isabelle.
Not as if he cares if anything happens to her by the way. But he still wanted to know why she wasn’t in the dinning room like most of the maids.
He beckoned on one of the maids and she obe-diently walked up to him and bowed her head.
“Where’s the confessor?” He asked quietly.
“My king, I don’t know. She hasn’t been to the kitchen since morning and we tried calling her from her room but she wouldn’t answer and the door was also locked.” The maid bowed her head, she was damn so nervous and she almost peed on her [email protected]
She felt scared because she was afraid of saying anything that would make the king punish her severely. She was conscious and careful of every words she spoke.
“Okay. You may go.” The king dismissed her, nodding his head in de-ep thoughts.
“My king are you okay?” Roseline asked worriedly as she saw the angry look on the king’s face.
“I’m fine, just eat.” He shrugged plainly.
Roseline sighed and continued eating.
The king seethed angrily. He’s sure gonna punish her for neglecting her duty just because she was promoted as the head chef.
But suddenly the king had another thought, what if she had escaped because he granted her permission to leave without taking permission?
He’s so gonna kill her if he finds out that she escaped.
She better not to have escape because he’s gonna severely punish her for it.
He lost his appetite and stood up from his dinning seat.
“Son, are you okay?” The queen asked worriedly and darted her eyes to his ba-rely t©uçhed meal.
“I’m fine. I don’t have an appetite and I have a lot of work to do – unfinished work to complete.” He said and hastily walked away from the dinning room.
Roseline’s countenance dropped. Even if the king is [email protected] throu-gh some things, he would never share it with her and it hurts. He wouldn’t even tell her or confide in her.
She shook her head sadly and continued eating.
Naya was almost boiling in fury as she paced up and down in the kitchen.
Just the previous day, the king had demoted her and made her a common maid in the palace.
And she had gone to make the king lie with her but instead, he humiliated her. She was still so-re and she tried as much as possible not to leap because of the pains she felt in between her legs.
The guards had almost damaged her legs and rendered her crippled.
She felt really angry and she wished there was a way she could punish the king for what he did to her but she wouldn’t even dare of harming the king.
The confessor has been given more rights in the palace and that was what infuriated her the most. She thought the king hates the confessor and that was why he captured her and brou-ght her to the palace – and also to make her suffer.
But now instead of ma-king her suffer, she had gained favour from him.
She felt really angry and pained.
“It’s time to end that witch once and for all.” She sm-irked to herself and dropped the plate in her hands noisily on the sink.
But then again, she remembered something and a hvge grinned formed in her face.
Where’s Isabelle? Did she really run away?😏

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