The last confessor Episode 37 & 38

🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)
Episode 37
Isabelle heard a loud knock on her door and she jo-lted up from her be-d. She gro-an ed and made for the door. She swung the door opened and there stood a hvge b©dyguard with his face as ha-rd as a rock.
“Confessor, the king requests for your pres£nce immediately.” Jeffrey said with his usual thick and ha-rd voice.
Isabelle’s b©dy shivered at the mention of the king.
Why’s he calling her now?
Perhaps to punish her?
“Of God!” She cried inwardly and gulped down nothing. She was dam nervous and her palms were seriously sweaty alre-ady.
“Alright.” She mouthed at last. She stepped out and locked her door.
She loos£ned her hair that was rolled up in a messy bun to fall down her shoulders.
She bent her head and hair scattered all over her face ma-king her look scary.
She walked timidly behind the b©dyguard with her heart thumping so loud with with different thoughts going throu-gh her mind.
What punishment would the king give to her?
She doesn’t even have any idea.
“My king, she is here.” Jeffrey informed the king as they both stood outside at the king’s door.
“You may come in.” The king said. Jeffrey opened the door and walked in while Isabelle took slow strides behind him with her hands clasped together.
“You may leave.” The king mouthed and Isabelle knew he was referring to the guard.
“Yes your highness.” Jeffrey bowed and walked away.
Isabelle was scared to the teeth and she didn’t wait for the king to order her to kneel before she went on her knees.
“Greetings my king.” She bowed her head in obeisance.
“You can stand up.” The king said to her own amazement. She was shocked because the king didn’t want her to kneel and for the first time she c@m£ to the palace, the king had never spoken calmly to her but he just surprised her by doing so.
She obeyed the king and rised to her feet.
“Princess Rayna told me that you were the one who saved me. Is that truth?” The king finally spoke up, after long minutes of awkward silence between them.
He was writing on his scroll and he didn’t even turn to look at her as he focused more on what he was doing.
“Yes…my king.” Isabelle stuttered nervously. She was shocked and at the same time, surprised.
The princess finally told him the truth?
She was glad.
“Why did you choose to save me even after everything I did to you? Why didn’t you let me die?” King Caesar asked.
“I just decided to help you. There’s no special reason.” She shrugged.
“Okay. As your reward, I’ve decided not to give you twenty stro-kes of the cane that I intended to give you because of how you had spoken to me.
You’ve been made the head cook and head maid of the palace and you’re allowed to leave the palace anytime without permission but you’re not allowed to stay out late.
And I’m not gonna be having you on the table but on the be-d.” He said calmly, saying each words with all seriousness.
Isabelle g@sped in shock as she heard what the king had just said.
She was grateful as it means a lot to her.
She wouldn’t be treated as trash anymore and wouldn’t be pushed by the s£niors in the palace.
She could go anywhere she wants without permission?
Wait, she could as well escape.
“And don’t think of escaping!” The king suddenly said and that made her really shock.
How did the king know that she even had the thoughts of escaping?
“Thank you my king.” She bowed.
And she suddenly thought, twenty stro-kes of cane?
She didn’t think she’d have being able to survive it.
It’s not really a cane the guards use but a strong and thick wh!p.
It would have peeled her skin.
Gosh! She was entirely grateful.
“I might decide to add to your rewards too. And by tomorrow, I would s£nd for you because I have something to give to you.
I would advise you use this opportunity well and the very day I know that you’re planning to escape, that day would be the end of you – in a very painful way.” The king whispered in a scary tone and it made Isabelle really scared as goosebu-mps broke out from her skin.
“You may leave now.” He dismissed her. She bowed her head before walking out of his room.
Naya arranged her clothes properly and sprayed the perfume she had bought, all over her b©dy.
She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled.
She looked pretty and she’s sure the king wouldn’t be able to resist her.
She’s gonna make the king l@ywith her today.
Roseline smiled as she stared at her pretty well adorned self on the mirror.
“You look really pretty and I’m sure the king wouldn’t be able to resist you.” Daisy, her personal maid smiled at her.
“Of course.” Roseline smiled.
She walked out of her room elegantly and made for the hallway towards the king’s room.
She’s gonna make the king l@ywith her.
Episode 38
“Why did you tell the king the truth after lying to him?” Isabelle asked princess Rayna as she carried the bag that the princess asked her to carry.
“Well, I just decided it’s best I tell the truth. And it wasn’t nice of me to take your glory. It was selfish and wrong of me to claim what I never did.” Princess Rayna said and smiled lightly.
Isabelle was impressed with the way the princess had spoken intelligently.
She nodded her head and didn’t say anything.
“C’mon let’s go.” Princess Rayna beckoned on her and they both left the princess room together.
Since the king had permitted Isabelle to go out, princess Rayna insisted they go out to the field to continue their practice of archery.
The princess had decided to drop her pride and make Isabelle teach her all that she nee-ds to know.
She wouldn’t be arrogant and harsh towards the confessor anymore and besides, the confessor had saved her brother, the king.
She’s a good person, princess Rayna thought.
Princess Rayna made Isabelle to ride with her in the carriage and Isabelle was really baffled and speechless. She never expected the princess to do such a thing.
She was always made to walk while the princess rode in the carriage but today is different, the princess allowed her to ride with her in the carriage.
The princess has been acting strange – she smiles more at Isabelle, she hasn’t shouted or snapped at Isabelle like she does and she’s acting soft towards her too.
Isabelle was really confused and it still baffled her that the princess would just change towards her overnight.
But nevertheless, she’s glad that the princess has changed positively towards her.
Princess Rayna and Isabelle soon got to the field and they both alighted from the carriage.
The guards stood at a reasonable distance and watched the both women, especially the princess.
“I want to learn everything about archery. I want to be perfect in it and I nee-d your help.” Princess Rayna said politely and pouted herl-ips cutely.
Isabelle smiled and nodded her head positively.
“Sure. Let’s get started.”
“My king, we have bad news.” King Miley’s mess£nger said as he ran into the king’s chamber and bowed his head before the king.
King Miley suddenly looked troubled as he wondered what bad news that the mess£nger might have brou-ght.
The mess£nger also looked scared and troubled.
“Speak up!” King Miley yelled at him and fell on his knees and placed his forehead on the floor, not daring to look at the probably angry king.
“My king…king Caesar is alive. He was saved by the confessor and he’s perfectly fine now and I’m sure that very soon, he would start his investigation on the culprit.” The mess£nger said fearfully, his voice hoarse and it sounded like he was about to cry.
He was scared for his life because he doesn’t want the king to unleash his anger on him by drawing out a sword and striking him.
“What! How’s that possible? That poison was one of it’s kind! It’s something that had no cure. So how possible is it that king Ceasar is alive!” He yelled angrily and stood up from his throne. His eyes had alre-ady gone blood sh0t and he looked terribly angry and he felt defeated.
But no, king Miley would never accept defeat.
“Just when I was about going over and paying the royal family a condolence visit and also take the confessor! Why?” He roared angrily.
How could king Caesar escape death just like that?
He had made sure that the poison he had used wouldn’t have any cure then, how did the confessor find the cure?
It was shocking also because, it didn’t even take the confessor days to find the cure.
He was enraged.
But then again, king Miley had another thought – what if king Ceasar finally finds out that he has a hand in what happened to him?
He knows that king Ceasar would fight against him. But he doesn’t want to think about being defeated.
Before king Ceasar finds out he is behind his almost death, he nee-ds to plan again on how to eliminate him; how to get rid of him.
“Just wait king Ceasar, I’d definitely kill you and take the confessor and make her mine!”
Naya was allowed to enter into the king’s room by the king’s command.
When she walked in, she saw the king lying on his be-d but not asleep.
“My king…” She drawled s£dûçt!velyand started towards his be-d.
“What do you want Naya?” The king gro-an ed as he eyed the maid scornfully un-der his long eyelashes.
Naya li-cked herl-ips and bowed her head.
“I want to satisfy you my king.” She smiled sheepishly.
“Then str!p!” He ordered and that brou-ght joy to Naya’s heart. She almost screamed out in joy.
The king agreed once.
Hurriedly and enthusiastically, she str!pped and she was nûd£ before the king. The king stared at her b©dy in disgust.
To him, he hasn’t seen anyone that has a good b©dy that entices him a little like the confessor. Her skin in soft and flawless.
“Guards!” The king called out and three guards walked in and bowed before the king.
“I want you to do as you like with her b©dy.” He sm-irked and relaxed his back in the headrest of the be-d.
Naya looked really shocked and speechless. She almost started crying but she dared not and so, she just swallowed the cry.
The guards grinned and one of them pushed her r0ûghly on the floor and she winced.
“The king said he doesn’t want anyb©dy at this moment.” One of the guards said to Roseline as she made to enter the king’s be-droom.
She heard gr-unts and sobs and she knows the king is f*king a bit-ch and she gritted her teeth in anger and stormed away.
Naya wept loudly as the third guy drilled her mercilessly till she was out of breath.
Her b©dy was aching her so much. Never in her life had she had se-x with three hvge men at once like the b©dyguards were doing.
The king just watched them, not uttering a word.
The guard yanked Naya’s hair so ha-rd and fv¢ked her from her bu-tt hole.
Naya gro-an ed in pain and wept.
What has she gotten herself into?
Her v*gina and bu-tt hole were hurting really bad and her scalp too.
They were so rou-gh on her.
When the last guard was done, Naya was alre-ady tired and almost unconscious.
She was perspiring profusely and she was tired of crying miserably.
What a cruel king and guards!
“Get out!” The king ordered coldly and she managed to get on her feet and took her clothes with her, limping towards the door.
“Drop your clothes and go out n-ked!” Naya heard the king’s voice and that made her st©p on her track.
The king didn’t nee-d to repeat himself as she dropped her clothes and feeling ashamed and humiliated, she limped hurriedly out of the king’s be-droom in tears.