The last confessor Episode 35 & 36

🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)
Episode 35
“Summon Delphine to my Chambers!” King Miley ordered one of the guards standing beside him.
“Yes my king.” The guard bowed and walked out of the Chambers.
King Miley took a large gulp from his wind cu-p and exhaled sharply.
He was running out of patience alre-ady as he hasn’t heard anything from Delphine, the red sister he had s£nt to poison king Cesar.
The real Salome was in the dungeon where she was being held hostage.
She was kidnapped by king Miley’s men on her way to king Cesar’s palace and Delphine was made to impersonate her so the plan can be carried out.
The real Salome doesn’t even know where she is because she has been blindfolded even before she arrived at king Miley’s kingdom.
But the king didn’t mean to hold her hostage forever, he would re-lease her when Delphine finally come with good news that the king is on his death be-d, struggling for his life.
And then, he would finally hear that king Cesar is dead.
Delphine is the only red sister that can sing and that was why king Miley chose her.
King Miley hoped that, Delphine would come with a good report and that’s the only thing that can cool his troubled heart.
He doesn’t want anything to go wrong because he had spent a lot for the deadly poison.
The door opened and Delphine and the guard that had gone to call her walked into the chamber.
“Long live the king!” Delphine praised the king wit her head bowed. He just nodded his head and waved his hand.
She took slow strides towards the king and knelt before him on his throne.
“Is there good news?” King Miley gro-an ed impatiently.
Delphine grinned and stared at the king.
Only the red sisters are allowed to stare at the king without being punished.
“Yes my king.” Delphine replied, the smile never leaving her pretty face.
“Spill it alre-ady.” The king hissed out.
“I was able to successfully poison the king and immediately it started having effect on him, I quic-kly ran away before things get complicated.” She smiled.
“And I think by now, he must have died.” She added.
“Oh my! You’ve made me so proud Delph. I’m so glad. I’ll just wait for a little while before going to claim what’s mine – the confessor.” He smiled and gulped down the whole quantity of wine. He sighed and li-cked hisl-ips.
His mind was finally at rest and he was happy.
“You’re gonna be heavily rewarded for a job well done.” He added.
Delphine smiled and bowed her head.
“Thank you my king.”
After breakfast, princess Rayna went out with her two friends who were also princesses. They were talking non-st©p but princess Raynas’ mind wasn’t there.
Her mind was heavily troubled and filled with guilt.
She had taken the confessor’s glory by telling her brother, the king that she was the one who saved him.
Her mind wasn’t at peace with her and she was feeling so bad and guilty.
With a final decision, she decided that she’d tell the king the truth – perhaps, that would make her mind free and she wouldn’t feel guilty again.
“Go to your room Isabelle, I would s£nd for you later and by then, I would have know the kind of ha-rd punishment I’ll give you.” King Cesar muttered and walked away, leaving Isabelle stunned and nervous at the same time.
The king was definitely gonna punish her twice of what he intended before.
Isabelle walked along the hallway heading to her room – abs£nt-mindedly.
She suddenly bu-mped into someb©dy and she was shocked to see the prince. She quic-kly stood £r£¢tand bowed before him.
“Good day my prince.” She muttered.
“Confessor, have you thought about my proposal?” He asked bluntly, ignoring her greetings.
Isabelle choked on nothing and coughed.
“My prince…” She itched her none itching hair and stared at her feet.
“I’m still thinking about it.” She mumbled.
“Really? For how long will you continue to think about it huh?” He asked with a sm-irk.
Isabelle was speechless and ton-gue-tied.
“Confessor.” He drawled and moved closer to her and whispered into her ear – “if you don’t agree, I’ll still get you even if it’s by f0rç£ and when I finally do, I won’t help re-move this thing holding your power and I’ll also make sure the king punish you and I’ll make life miserable for you here in the palace.”
He grinned devilishly and walked away, leaving Isabelle really stunned and pale too. The words had gotten to her and blood had drained from her, ma-king her look a white ghost because of how pale she suddenly looked.
She shook her head and continued her walk to her room.
The king sat on his re-ading table and chair, working on scrolls.
Princess Rayna walked in elegantly with a smile on her face but it was a fake smile.
“My king.” She called nervously and bowed her head. King Caesar took his gaze from the scrolls to stare at his sister who looked troubled.
“I have a confession to make and I hope you don’t get angry.” She pouted and stared pleadingly at him.
The king suddenly seemed interested as he stared keenly at her.
“What is it Rayna? Go on and say it.” The king urged softly.
Princess Rayna was nervous and she couldn’t even tell why.
She ru-bbe-d her palms together and exhaled de-eply.
“I wasn’t the one who found the cure that brou-ght you back to life.” She finally got the courage and boldness to say it.
The king stared unbelievably at her, finding it ha-rd to believe what he just heard.
“You’re kidding right?” He asked, his eyes not leaving her face.
“I’m not. It’s the truth.” She said.
“If you didn’t, then who did?” He asked.
Princess Rayna hesitated for a while, not knowing what the king’s reaction would be when he knows that it was the confessor.
“It was the confessor.”
Isabelle got to her room and sat on her be-d. She folded her knees up and placed her hand on her chin like one in de-ep thoughts.
She sighed tiredly and ruffled her hair. The prince’s words repla-yed in her head and she found it ridiculous.
He sure has a big ego.
He is gonna have her by f0rç£ if she doesn’t comply?
What does the prince wants from her exactly? And one thing she knows is that, if the prince should have s*k with her, he wouldn’t st©p but continue to.
She doesn’t want to have anything to do with the prince that would endanger her life more and put her in a dilemma more than she is in alre-ady.
But the prince, he had looked dead serious and persuasive. He’d definitely carry out his threat but she doesn’t want that.
“Argh! What am I gonna do now? What decision do I take that wouldn’t put me in trouble? Now I’m between the devil and the de-ep blue sea.” Isabelle soliloquized with her back on the be-d, facing upwards.
Episode 36
As much as she wanted the Rada’han to be taken off from her n£¢k, she didn’t want to l@ywith the prince. She’s more like the king’s slave and once a king lays with his slave, nob©dy is allowed to t©uçh her or she’d be severely punished even by death.
She wasn’t even entirely sure if the prince could even re-move the rada’han or he just wants to fv¢k her and make her get into trouble with the king because she sure knows that the prince doesn’t like her – he’s just lvsting after her b©dy.
Isabelle tossed uncomfortably on her be-d and hvgged her pillow. She dug her head in her pillow and exhaled.
She couldn’t even bring herself to think of the punishment that awaits her for talking back at the king in a disrespectful manner.
She closed her eyes to sleep but sleep wasn’t forth coming. She just la-id on her be-d thinking about nothing.
Mia washed the dishes while Naya chop some cu¢v-mbers and carrots.
“That bit-ch! I don’t know why she keeps escaping from doing the work she’s supposed to be doing.
The confessor ought to be here in the kitchen and working too like everyone is doing but no, the king had to s£nd for her. That witch!” Naya murmured angrily as she chopped the cu¢v-mber aggressively like it was the cause of her problems.
Mia turned to look at Naya who looked visibly angry. She shook her head sadly and continued with what she was doing.
“Is anything the matter Naya? You’re chopping the cu¢v-mber too ha-rd and I fear you’re gonna cut your f!nger with the way you’re acting.” One of the maids, Valery said as she stared at Naya whose grip was ti-ght around the knife.
“Just mind your business and don’t talk to me!” Naya snapped angrily and sh0t Valery a deadly glare.
“Oh! I’m sorry I asked.” Valery said sarcastically and rolled her eyes. She turned to the pot of soup she was stirring and hissed lowly.
Naya was really seething with anger knowing that Isabelle was with the king and perhaps, in a close range too and maybe having physical contact.
She was planning on eliminating Roseline but the bit-ch, Isabelle decided to come into the picture.
She might as well plan on how to get rid of the confessor before it is too late.
She grinned mischievously at the thought.
“What? The confessor? What kind of prank are you pu-lling by coming up with such a terrible lie?” King Caesar gro-an ed and raked his f!ngersthrou-gh his soft curly hair.
p@rt of him wants to believe what princess Rayna had just said but another p@rt of him doesn’t want to believe.
“It’s the truth my king. We had left the kingdom together and she taken me to her home and there, she pluck out leaves by her mother’s graveyard side and said it was the antidote.
She knew it would work and she had told me so I can follow her because she knows the guards wouldn’t allow her pas-s the gate.
She had told me how to administer it to you and I did just that. It’s the truth my king. I’m sorry I had lied to you that I was the one who found the cure.” Princess Rayna said remorsefully with her head bowed in shame and guilt.
“Rayna, you know that if you were supposed to be an outsider, I’d have ordered for your head to be hung. Are you seriously telling me the truth?” The king asked again. He really wanted to be sure of what the princess was telling him.
How can the confessor save him? It was unbelievable and ridiculous. Despite the things he had done to her, she still went ahead to save him.
But why?
Why didn’t she use the opportunity she had to runaway?
Why did she save him when she knows she’s still gonna continue to suffer?
“I’m really telling the truth my king. My heart has been troubled and that was why I decided to tell you the truth.” Princess Rayna said.
“Okay, you can leave now Rayna.” The king dismissed her, with his voice low and filled with emotions.
Princess Rayna bowed and walked out of the king’s room.
The king st©pped whatever he was doing and rested his back on the chair and he went into de-ep thoughts.
He suddenly remembered how harshly he had spoken to Isabelle and she didn’t say anything.
He remembered how he had accused her of wanting him dead not knowing she was his saviour.
Such an irony!
He sighed, still finding the whole thing really shocking.
Why would Isabelle save him even after the things he had done to her and what he intends to do to her?
She knows he hates her and still, she saved him.
Roseline g@sped lightly and quic-kly walked away.
She had heard the conversations between the king and the princess and she finally got to know that it was the confessor that saved the king.
She was shocked and heartbroken. She wasn’t plea-sed at all.
Why did the confessor save the king and not her?
Roseline got to her room and locked her door. She fell heavily on her be-d and let the tears that gathered in her eyes to pour.
She was suddenly scared and feeling insecure of Isabelle taking the king away from her.
She felt really hurt that the confessor had saved the king whereas, she couldn’t do anything but sob miserably.
She didn’t feel entirely sad when she thought it was the princess who has saved the king – but now knowing it’s the confessor, she felt really sad and bittered.
The king would definitely start getting soft with her because of the good deed she did and she doesn’t want that.
She sees Isabelle as a threat and she wants the king to hate her and make her suffer.
Something has to be done before Isabelle finally takes the king away from her. She’s never gonna allow it.
She has to do something.
“Jeffrey.” The king called calmly, not nee-ding to shout or yell. One of the guards, rushed in and bowed before the king.
“Yes, my king.”
“Bring the confessor here immediately!” He ordered.
“Okay, my king.” The guard bowed and scurried away.
The king breathed out and relaxed his back on his chair.
What should he do to the confessor?