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The last confessor Episode 33 & 34

🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)
Episode 33
By: Kebby NG
Roseline la-id on her be-d in de-ep thoughts.
When the king was still lying unconscious, she had researched about the cure but she couldn’t get any positive answer.
But she’s damn surprised how little and spoilt princess Rayna was able to get the cure to heal the king. Not as if she isn’t happy that the king is alive, but she’s just surprised that princess Rayna was the one who found the herbs for it.
What she couldn’t do, the spoilt princess was able to.
She had even contacted great men that deals with cure for poison but none seems to know the cure for the king.
She still feet surprised and shocked that, princess Rayna really healed the king.
She sighed and turned to the other side of the be-d. She thought for a while before finally falling asleep.
Isabelle sighed and soothed her hurting scalp and walked out of the kitchen.
She la-id on her be-d and stared upwards towards the ceiling.
Since she knew the king was awake, she was expecting to be summoned by the king because he probably would have asked about the person that cured him.
She was sure the princess would tell the king that it was her but then again, she wondered the king’s reaction when he gets to find out that she was the one that cured him.
She shook the thoughts aside and her mind went back to what Naya had said to her.
Instead of Naya to tell her to teach her how to make the king’s favourite meal the way he likes it, she’s threatening her.
The king that would never notice her.
Isabelle scoffed and sighed, with her gaze still glued to the ceiling.
Suddenly, the door of her room flew opened and she quic-kly sat up on her be-d and she was surprised to see the king.
She felt happy seeing him alive – knowing she had saved his life. He was almost dead but she brou-ght him back to life. She felt happy.
“Your highness.” Isabelle bowed in obeisance, alre-ady on her feet.
“Kneel!” King Caesar commanded sternly.
And Isabelle didn’t waste time in sinking her knee to the floor with her head bowed.
Wasn’t the king supposed to be plea-sed with her for saving his life?
Wasn’t he supposed to say a thank you or reward her?
He’s gonna punish her even after the good she had done?
Such an irony!
“I know you’re surprised to see me alive right? I know you were happy that when u die, you’d finally be free.
I know you couldn’t wait for my death to be officially announced.” The king snorted as he entered into the room fully.
Isabelle didn’t utter any word but just listened to him.
Perhaps, he doesn’t know she saved him.
“But unfortunately for you, I’m alive and you’re going to continue to suffer.” She said coldly.
Isabelle still didn’t say a word but just stare at the floor.
“Rayna is really a blessing…she got the healing herbs for me and I’m glad.” The king snorted and walked towards her – to stand in front of her, towering her with his height.
Isabelle heard a loud ban-g on her head as she heard the princess name.
So, the princess had claimed that she had saved him?
How selfish can she be?
She wanted to tell the king that she was the one who got the herbs and not the princess, but she knows too well to keep shut. Besides, the king would never believe her but punish her more.
“Stand up and str!p!” His voice was low but cold. He didn’t need to shout or yell, but Isabelle could still detect the coldness in his voice which made her shiver in fear.
She stood up slowly and started taking off her clothes with shaking hands.
The king stared intently at her as he watched her undress.
Isabelle was finally unclad and nûd£ before the king. She kept her head bowed and bit her lowerl-ip.
She was so scared and nervous. The king wants to have intim-acy with her when he just woke up from coma?
“My king, I didn’t do anything wrong.” She whispered softly, trying [email protected] not to cry.
“You don’t have to do anything wrong before I punish you.” He said coldly and Isabelle gulped down nothing.
“Bend over the table.” He instructed and she didn’t hesitate in obeying him. She didn’t want him to punish her more than he intended to and so, she’s re-ady to comply with him without any delay.
Isabelle felt a [email protected], long thing poking the hole in her bu-tt and she shivered.
She knew it was the king’s d!¢k and it made her even more nervous.
Soon, she felt him slide inside her bu-tt hole and she let out a loud, ear piercing scream.
“Ohh!” She screamed in pain as the king drilled her mercilessly.
He yanked her head and drove into her mercilessly ma-king her boons bounce.
“plea-se…st©p….it hurts – you’re hurting me.” She begged in tears but it only made the king to drill her [email protected]
Few minutes later, from whimpering, Isabelle didn’t know when she started [email protected] ing.
The king yanked her hair and made a grunt sound while Isabelle [email protected] ed tirelessly.
And soon, [email protected] s and grunts filled the room as king Caesar drilled her [email protected] and at the same time, pressing her b©©b s [email protected]
Episode 34
Naya paced around worriedly with her f!nger in her mouth. She looked clearly upset.
She has always known that the confessor wasn’t a good person – who knows if she’s not also a witch?
She disliked the confessor but now that she knows that the king likes her meal without even knowing, it made her hate her even more.
She’s been cooking the king’s meal for a long time now and not once has the king complimented her food. There was a time he had even told her to take extra online cooking [email protected] so she’d would cook better.
She had always tried to impress the king.
But now that the king wants the confessor to make his favourite meal, she wasn’t happy about it.
And one thing is for sure, she’d never allow the confessor cook the king’s meal again.
Who knows, maybe the king might demote her and promote the confessor as the one that’s gonna be in charge of all his meal.
But then, she would never allow that to happen – not when she’s still alive.
A confessor from no where cannot just come and take her place that she had been for years.
She vowed – she was gonna make the confessor suffer and make life miserable for her in the palace.
With a cunning sm-irk, she walked to her be-d and la-id on it, staring at her f!ngersone after the other.
“Get out now!” King Caesar instructed coldly to the tired and exhausted Isabelle. She was sweating and her legs were suddenly heavy that she could ba-rely keep herself from standing.
She quic-kly wore her clothes and sighed tiredly. She glared at the king from un-der her eyelashes. This was the same man she had saved and he still felt ungrateful.
Well, she wouldn’t entirely blame him because the princess took a the glory. But still, the king is not fully recovered but he still had the energy to almost fv¢k her [email protected] out.
Her scalp was hurting a lot and her legs weren’t helping matters too.
She felt so tired and dizzy.
But it suddenly struck her, this was her room but the king was ordering her out – to where exactly?
Isn’t the king supposed to be the one to leave her room?
“My king…but this…is…my…room…” She stuttered nervously, with her head bowed.
She couldn’t meet the king’s eyes because she doesn’t want to see his reaction which might scare the hell out of her and make her even more nervous.
“Yeah I know! I’m not that dumb you know!” He glares murderously at her and arranged his regalia properly.
The truth is that, he didn’t know he was in the confessor’s room but damn, his ego wouldn’t allow him admit it that he doesn’t know and he wouldn’t have known if Isabelle didn’t tell him.
“I’ll see you in the morning tomorrow. You have a lot of work to do.” He sneered and without waiting for her reply, he walked out of her room and slammed the door shut that Isabelle had to close her ears so the sound wouldn’t block her eardrums.
Isabelle climbe-d on t©p of her be-d feeling really tired and worn out. The king had drilled her mercilessly and she couldn’t believe she had c-um twice.
The king had also feasted hungrily in her two b©©b s and worked his f!ngersin her v*gina.
Gosh! She wondered when all these would end.
But perhaps, it would never end till she dies.
Even with the king’s health, he was still [email protected] on her.
She dragged her lazy self to the bathroom to have a thorou-gh bath because in between her legs were kinda sticky because of the c-um and there was no way, absolutely no way she would sleep without washing off the smell of s*k off her b©dy.
The next morning, after preparing breakfast for the royal family, the king summoned Isabelle and she didn’t hesitate before following the guard that had come to inform her.
“Put on these!” King Caesar threw the slave cloth to Isabelle who looked rather shocked staring at the ugly go-wn that was at her feet.
A slave uniform?
Why’s the king telling her to put in on?
Being a maid is a tedious job for her not to talk of a slave.
“My king, why should I wear a slave uniform when am not?” Isabelle questioned, staring helplessly at the cloth.
A resounding [email protected] suddenly landed on her cheeks and her head ban-ged her and she saw stars.
The king had [email protected] her and it was hell so painful.
She soothed her cheeks and she f0rç£d herself not to cry but her cheeks were burning – it was stinging and painful.
“Don’t you dare ever question my authority ever again! Now put this on! We are going over to the mining site and you’re gonna work with the other slaves!” The king sma-cked, to her own dismay.
The mining site?
There’s no way she’d be able to do that tedious work. She hasn’t even had breakfast – the king had ordered her not to eat.
She’s gonna die and maybe, today is finally the day for her to die because there’s no way she’d be able to do such a work.
“I’m sorry my king but I don’t think I can work in the mining site. I’m not even feeling too well.” She blurted out, to her own amazement and the king let out a surprise and loud [email protected]
She didn’t know what gave her the courage to utter such words and she didn’t even know when they freely left her mouth.
“Oh Lord, take my soul.” Isabelle muttered as she saw the angry look on king Caesar’s face.
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