The last confessor Episode 3 to 5

🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)
Episode 3
By: Kebby NG
Isabelle walked for a long time before arriving at the small village.
She had to go throu-gh the busy market first and as she walked along, the cap of her garment was over her head.
She kept her head down the whole time, trying as much as possible to avoid the gazes of others because she knew she’d be in trouble, if her face gets seen by anyone.
She was the most wanted person in the Kingdom at that moment.
She was able to pas-s the market successfully and after a longer walk, she finally got to the small door and knocked on it.
There was no reply.
She looked around and knocked again.
Damn it! Just open the door! She grumbled in her heart and almost immediately, she heard the door opening.
It opened creakily until the face of the ‘opener’ was finally revealed.
She g@sped as soon as she saw the confessor.
“Isabelle???” She wanted so bad to scream the name, but ended up whispering it.
Although, her eyes still explained how shocked she was.
“Emily” Isabelle called lowly.
“plea-se, let me in”.
Emily’s eyes drooped. And in a more discrete tone, she asked:
“What’re you doing here?”
Her hands were still holding the door, standing in the way.
“We can’t talk out here, Emily. plea-se, let me in” Isabelle answered, her voice pleading.
She looked around to be sure no one was watching.
“Emily!” She snapped and a brief silence ensued between them.
Giving it a quic-k thought, Emily decided to take a little risk and ushered her into the house.
She shut the door as soon as they were in.
“Where have you been, Isabelle? And what’re you doing here?? The King’s looking for you!” She growled, ma-king her fear obvious.
“I won’t take long, Emily. I promise. I just….I just nee-d to treat my wound” Isabelle replied and lifted the ti-p of her dress, so Emily would see the wounded sp©t on her leg.
Her eyes blinked ra-pidly,staring at the wound.
“How…How did you get that?” She asked heavily and Isabelle re-leased the dress, covering the wound back up.
“Few hours ago. I was chased by some guards and….they sh0t at me” she replied with a ha-rd gulp.
“Oh! Goodness, Isabelle. You’re wanted by everyone in this Kingdom because there’s a 100 silver bounty on your head. If anyone gets to know I…..I…helped you,I’ll be…..”
“I know. I know, okay? And that’s the reason I promise not to take long… plea-se” she added the last p@rt with a little reluctance.
Emily had been an old friend and she knew there was no way she could reject her in that state. She felt she was safe with her.
“Come over to the table” she said with a sigh, and Isabelle followed.
As Isabelle followed her to the table, she took out time to gaze round the room and that was when she sp©tted the little boy – Owen – slee-ping on the long wooden chair.
He had a we-t cloth over his head and it was obvious, he wasn’t fine. He was Emily’s son.
“What’s wrong with him?” Isabelle asked as she sat on the table, facing Emily.
“He’s sick – terribly sick” Emily replied dolefully, lifting Isabelle’s dress, so the wounded leg be expo-sed.
“There’s been no money to take him to a healer” she added.
Isabelle just stared quietly and wished there was something she could do. Everything was so complicated for her at the moment.
Emily untied the wound, so she could examine it.
“I don’t think it’s infected yet” she said as she t©uçhed the surface.
“But its de-ep.
“We’ll nee-d to….add some heat to it”
Isabelle just nodded slowly, knowing what that meant.
“Hold on” Emily mumbled and left, then returned shortly with a bowl of water, and a little napkin.
“I’ll just clean it off first” she remarked and started using the water and napkin on the fresh wound, wiping off the blood and dirt.
They were silent for a while.
“Whatever happened, Isabelle?” She broke the brooding silence.
“Why did you and your sisters enslave the King and his men for so long?”
Isabelle felt a cut in her heart as soon as she mentioned the King’s name.
The King.
She didn’t say a word, but stared away.
“You should look for a way to go far from here” she continued.
“Far from this land, Isabelle. Because it wouldn’t be funny if the King gets a hold of you”.
“I’ll leave, once I find Tabitha” Isabelle replied coldly, and Emily paused to look into her face.
“Tabitha?” She scoffed.
“Tabitha’s dead. She’s been missing for months now”.
“Then, I nee-d a b©dy to bury!” Isabelle was almost tem-pted to yell.
She exhaled de-eply , when she realized.
“She might be dead, but I still nee-d to find her b©dy, at least. I nee-d to know what happened to her” she said
Emily didn’t comment, but slowly resumed what she was doing.
“Besides” she continued.
“Even if I wanted to leave, that’s impossible because the King has placed guards on every exit of this land. There’s no way I can leave without being caught”
“Oh…Isabelle. You’re so ruined” Emily shook her head.
They didn’t say any other thing as Emily rounded up the cleaning of the wound and stood up with the bowl and napkin.
“Come with me. Let’s go to the fire place” she titled her head to the side and started walking away and Isabelle followed.
She had to drag her leg along, because she still felt slight pains. She saw it as a miracle she was able to endure it while walking to Emily’s house.
She followed Emily to the kitchen and took a seat, while Emily set up the fire.
She watched blearily.
“But why is it so important for you to find Tabitha, huh?” Emily asked as she fixed a knife into the fire.
Isabelle didn’t reply, but when she turned and sh0t her a stare, she did.
“I just nee-d to find her b©dy” was her casual reply.
“But why? She’s been dead for long now. Her b©dy would’ve probably decayed” Emily said .
“I just….I just nee-d to find her. She was…..” Isabelle had almost spilled the word, but restricted herself.
No; she couldn’t say it out.
Emily re-moved the heated knife from the fire and approached Isabelle.
“She was what?” She asked as she squ-atted in front of her, staring into her face.
Isabelle looked at her without saying a word, and she asked again.
“She was what, Isabelle?” She asked, curiously.
“Its nothing” Isabelle mumbled and looked down at the knife, signalling her to go on with it.
Emily sighed and brou-ght it closer to the leg.
“Hope you’re re-ady?” She asked and Isabelle nodded.
Then, getting herself prepared, she finally placed the h0t-red knife on her leg and a sizzling sound was heard.
Isabelle shut her eyes to endure the pain. It hurt like hell.
She clamped her mouth shut and made fists with her hands, and as soon as Emily pu-ll-ed the knife away from her leg, she g@sped.
“Sorry” Emily muttered and stood up, going to return the knife.
Isabelle looked at the sp©t and took in de-ep breaths. Gosh! That had been painful.
But hopefully, she’d feel better in no time.
“I’ll go get you some herbs right away” Emily said.
“As soon as I use them on you, you’ll feel a 100% better”.
Isabelle just nodded and muttered a “thank you”.
“I’ll be on my way now. Make sure you stay indoors, okay? plea-se, don’t get me into trouble” she said with pleading eyes and left.
Episode 4
King Caesar stood quietly in the room, his thumb tou-ching his lowerl-ip, as he plea-santly watched the maid being scre-wed by the guards.
The first one was done, the second one was on her, and the guard was on standby, waiting for the second.
“plea-se….plea-se. I’m sorry” the maid cried as she la-id on the floor, unable to move from the guard who was mercilessly scre-wing her hole.
Caesar didn’t even flin-ch as he leaned against the table and watched in satisfaction. That was what she gets from being disobe-dient.
The second guard finished from her and stood up and the third guard started un-hooking his belt.
“plea-se, my King. I’m sorry, plea-se” the lady quic-kly went turned to Caesar, tears streaming down her cheeks.
“I’m sorry, plea-se. Have mercy on me”.
She knew Caesar was never the type that listened to plea-s, but having no other option, she just decided to try.
His eyes were as cold as ever, her plea-s were nothing to me.
The third guard finished un-hooking his p@n-t and he knelt on the floor in front of her.
“No!! My King…! plea-se” she cried as he turned her over, ma-king her to lie on her tummy.
He set his d’ck and pushed it into her h0ñ£yp0t and she let out an exasperating cry.
The guard gro-an ed as he thrû-sted into her. And just then, a knock was heard on the table.
The guard st©pped, but didn’t pu-ll out of her. Caesar didn’t answer immediately as he looked at the maid for sometime before taking his eyes to the door.
“Enter” he gave the permission and the door opened slowly, revea-ling one of his close guards.
His eyes dimmed when he saw the scene taking place on the floor, the maid being caged by the guard.
“My King” he quic-kly turned to Caesar and bowed.
Good thing he was able to get a grip of himself.
“There’s some news about the Confessor”.
A glint of curiosity flashed in Caesar’s eyes immediately, curiosity and anger.
He snapped his f!ngersat the guards in the room and they made for the door immediately, taking the weeping maid along.
Caesar and the close guard were the only ones left in the room.
“Tell me” he said icily, his throat heating up.
It had better been goodnews.
“There’s some information on her current location” the guard replied.
“A woman just pas-sed the information to us, and she claims the confessor is in her residence at the moment”.
Caesar felt the bile crawling up his throat as he listened. Isabelle.
“Take as much guards as nee-ded” he said gruffly.
“Get her”.
“Yes, My King” the guard bowed and turned to the door, but Caesar’s strict voice st©pped him.
“If you fail to come back with her,
“I’ll kill your wife, your two daughters, and then I’ll kill you”.
The guard felt a shudder of fear immediately. But being the man that he was, he tried to cloak it.
“Yes, My King. I’ll come back with her” he bowed and left.
Episode 5
After Emily left to get the herbs, Isabelle left the room where was and returned to the first, where Emily son had been laying.
She stood and stared pathetically at the boy, placing her hand on his head.
She knew he meant a lot to Emily and prayed he gets better soon.
She left him and sat on the old wooden chair in the room, taking a de-ep breath as she rested her back. Finally…
She t©uçhed her leg and confirmed it felt better. Better than before.
As she leaned her head backwards, she closed her eyes and almost drowse.
The sleep was tempting, but she tried not to. And suddenly, she thought of her sister.
She recalled all they had been throu-gh together and concluded life had not been really fair on them.
Tabitha and Isabelle grew up with just their father, who treated them like slaves. Their mother – who was also a confessor – died during Isabelle’s delivery and Isabelle figured that was prolly the reason their father hated her more. He always called her a witch and breeder of ill luck.
He didn’t so many evil things to her, things she wouldn’t wanna remember. He made her teenage life a disaster.
Tabitha was her savior and always tried to protect Isabelle in the little way she could
Although, they were small and defenseless against their father, she still tried to stand up for her little sister, even if she got punished for it.
Just like it was earlier stated, their father hated Isabelle more. So, most times, he treated Tabitha better. It didn’t st©p him from maltreating her as well, he only treated her like a slave.
On most occasions, he’d starve Isabelle and Tabitha would share the little she had with her. They saw hell together.
Isabelle grew up to have only one friend, one sister, and one family. And that was Tabitha. She saw Tabitha as her savior and respected everything she did and said.
One day,,the two sisters figured it was enough and decided to elope together. They ran away from their father, and went far to an entirely different village.
For years, Tabitha and Isabella struggled to survive on their own, doing ha-rd jobs for people and so many things to earn money. They tried as much as they could to hide their powers so people wouldn’t reject them.
Then, finally, they c@m£ across the confessor’s camp – a group of people that was just like them.
For the first time, Tabitha and Isabelle felt the love of a family. They felt they had found a home.
The confessors welcomed them heartedly and treated them like their own. Tabitha and Isabelle finally found a place they called home.
So many things happened during the years and one of them led to Tabitha becoming the leader of the confessors.
Everything was going on well until they had come across Caesar and his men.
When Caesar’s parents had come to get their son, but were rejected, Isabelle had tried convincing Tabitha to let Caesar go. She felt it was wrong, withholding the only son of the King.
But Tabitha had fallen in love with her love slave and wouldn’t let him go.
Well, Caesar was one handsome boy. His beauty and charms couldn’t be argued and when Tabitha had managed to confess him, she saw it as a golden opportunity and fell helplessly in love with him.
Tabitha and Isabelle grew up without the love of anyone. So, when the young prince was confessed by her, showered her with love and worsh!pped her de-sires, she fell helplessly for him and couldn’t think of letting him go.
She was blinded by the infatuation.
Isabelle had only tried convincing her once, but when Tabitha refused, she let it slide cause she hated arguing her sister – her best friend.
Everything was fine, perhaps, until Caesar killed his own father, trying to protect his mistress.
That was the moment Isabelle knew they were messed up and would never escape the consequences. Too bad she was the only one facing the consequences now.
Despite the fact Isabelle was being haunted because of the bad decisions her sister had taken, she still loved her and wished she’d be found. She wanted to see her.
She, Isabelle, was the only one who knew her sister’s secret before she had gone missing.
She was the only one who had that information. And that was the fact that her sister was pregnant for the King.
The door opened and Isabelle opened her eyes to see it was Emily.
Oh! She was back.
She adjusted on her seat and watched her as she walked in.
“Hope I didn’t take too long?” Emily asked with a light smile and Isabelle just nodded.
She st©pped when she got to where Isabelle was seated.
“How’s the leg?” She asked, staring at it.
“Better”, Isabelle replied in one word and Emily nodded.
“I’ll just mix these herbs in the kitchen. Stay here”, she added and walked away, going into the other room.
Isabelle took in a de-ep breath and leaned back on the chair again.
She couldn’t wait to get out of there because she didn’t want to endanger Emily and her son in anyway.
Suddenly, she heard the door open again. But this time around, it sounded more like a break in.
She pushed her eyes open and was taken abacked when she saw some guards running towards her with weapons. Her heart left her che-st immediately.
She flin-ched and made to stand on her feet, but the guards had gotten to her first and they pinned her down.
“No!” She cried out as she struggled with them on the floor, but they were too much for her.
Emily c@m£ out of the kitchen immediately, guilt written all over her face. Her son was alre-ady awake due to the noise.
“Emily!!” Isabelle called out, looking straight into her face.
The suspicions were alre-ady clear.
“I’m sorry, Isabelle. But I nee-ded some money for my son” she said, hoarsely, her voice shaking.
“No! Emily, plea-se! He’ll kill me” Isabelle panicked, even if she knew there was nothing Emily could do to help at that moment.
“I’m sorry” she bent her head and whimper.
Isabelle tried fighting the guards, but they used a shocker on her and she yelped from the vibr@ting shock.
“Tie her up!!” The chief guard gave the command and they pinned her firmly to the ground as they worked on the ropes
In no time, she was completely tied, her hands behind her back, and they lifted her to her feet.
“You’ll pay for this”,she looked at Emily and said, so much anger in her.
But Emily couldn’t bring herself to look her in the face as she glued her eyes to the floor.
“Let’s go!” the chief guard commander again and with two guards holding Isabelle on each hand, they left the house.
Isabelle cried silently as they took her away. Because she knew she was doomed.