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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The last confessor Episode 23 & 24

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🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)

Episode 23

By: Kebby NG



The princess had Isabelle with her for a long time before she finally decided it was time to return to the palace.

The princess proceeded to her room, while Isabelle proceeded to the kitchen.

“Where did you go, confessor? I was almost getting worried” Mia whispered to her when she returned.

She didn’t say a word but just resumed duties and after a few more hours, they were done. Although, a few were assigned to stay back in the kitchen and clear it up, but Isabelle was dismissed and she couldn’t be any more happy as she had the opportunity to return to her room for some rest.

She showered and laid on the bed for a quick sleep afterwards.


She woke up hours later and looking glancing the window, she discovered it was already dark. So dark.
She stood up and went to stand in front of the window, just staring randomly.

Lamplights from the other rooms could be seen as it brightened the rooms and protected it from the darkness. The sight was so beautiful.

Isabelle suddenly recalled her time in the confessor’s camp. It had been the best moments of her life and she missed it.

She missed how they would sit out in the moonlight

and tell stories, dance, drink or play games.

At day time, they’d go out for hunting, spying, training and doing so many fun things. She missed it sooo much and wished there was a way she could reverse the hands of time.

Oh! If only her sisters weren’t so violent. If only they didn’t make everyone their enemies, this wouldn’t had happened. They’d probably be in their camp, still leaving happily.

How did everything change so drastically, huh?

Isabelle bit her lips at the thought of it. She missed everything so much. And she couldn’t believe she was the last confessor on earth.

The door opened abriptu and she turned away from the window to see the King walking in.


She felt her skip immediately.

She jumped away from the window and wet on her knees.

“My King!” She called as she sank her knees to the floor and bowed her head.
His guards were behind him.

What was the King doing in her room? Why didn’t he just summon her instead? What’s going on?

Caesar stood by the door and stared at her, his hands crossed on his back.

“Leave us” he turned to the guards and said and they bowed and left.

Then, he turned back to Isabelle.

He was silent for a while, just staring into her face which could hardly be seen as a result of the darkness in the room.

Then, he marched and went to stand behind her. She was still on her knees.

“King Miley was here today” he spoke calmly.

Isabelle was dazed by the words. She

didn’t know how to react to it because she already knew about his arrival.

“He wanted me to hand you over….but I rejected”.

Okay; that was the part that got Isabelle really hard.

She knew it!? She knew the King was there for her and she kept wondering why he had left without her. Caesar had rejected his offer?

Oh! She didn’t even know what to think or feel. Was she to feel happy and grateful? Or feel sad she’s still stuck with Caesar?

Well, being stuck with Caesar was definitely better than being stuck with Miley. Based on the things she’s heard about him, he was more dangerous.

Caesar lowered himself behind her and moved her hair away from her ear. Then, he whispered into it:

“I rejected him,Isabelle, because you’re mine.

“I fought for you, strived to get you. So, you belong to me – for as long as you leave”.

The words stung at her chest like a bee. She felt like a commodity, a property which was being owned by a ruthless King.

Caesar moved away from her and stood straight.

“Get up, Isabelle. And undress for me”. His voice was rough.

Isabelle’s legs wobbled as she forced herself to stand. And still backing the King, she lifted the flimsy dress off her body and took it off.

He was going to do it again. She couldn’t believe it.

She took off her underthings as well and was finally n@ked. She fisted her hands beside herself to prevent them from shaking.

Caesar stood behind her for a long while, not making a move or saying a word.

Then, he moved closer to her and touched her butts.

“I remember back then, when I was still enslaved by your sister” he spoke calmly as he rolled his palm on her big pointed butts.
Isabelle shivered. Oh! Why he was bringing back the memories? He was likely to punish her more.

“We hardly talked, and I had no idea someday, you’d be my tool for revenge”

He spanked her butts hard and she winced a little.

Then, he snaked his hand from her tummy up to her chest. Isabelle felt his skin being so cold as he touched her.

“Most mornings”, he continued.
“I’d see you working in the kitchen. When we came across each other, we’d only greet, or you’ll tell me Tabitha was calling for me. We really didn’t know each other, didn’t we?” He chuckled.

He got hold of her right breast, played with her her nipple and pulled it hard.

“Agh!” Isabelle cried out, pains searing into her.
Oh! What was he doing??

“But when your sister died and I became free, then I realized everything I had lost. Everything the confessors took from me” he let go of her hurting nipple and rubbed it softly with his thumb.

“I realized how evil you and your community had been, Isabelle. And despite the fact we rarely spoke to each other back then, it dawned on me you were the sister of my greatest enemy. And all those times, you had stood by and watched your sister enslave me. You had helped her with the things she needed, watched her turn me into a fool and make me kill my own parents. How could you be any different from her, Isabelle?”.

Tears strolled down her cheeks as she almost shivered. Her lips shook and were tempted to say they were sorry, but she felt the words would be meaningless.

Her apologizies couldn’t do anything for him at the moment. Nothing at all.

“When I heard your sister was dead” he continued. “all I wanted was to have you, confessor. That had become my earnest desire; to have you and punish you for everything you and your sisters did to me. You don’t even deserve to live but somehow, I want you alive – at least for the meantime”.

In one swift move, he turned Isabelle around and pinned her to the wall.

The action was too fast, she didn’t expect it and it hurt her a little.

Caesar made her hug the wall and still standing behind her, he made her bend towards him and in that position, he unbuckled his trouser and slid his rod into her.

“Arghh!!” She screamed as he had entered with a mighty force.
She felt the flesh of her v@gina tear instantly as they gave way to his huge organ.

“Oh!” She mumbled painfully, feeling so full.

Caesar made her bend more towards him and hungrily, he started thrusting into her.

He’d move out to the tip before hitting into her again and with each thrust he took, Isabelle could feel the force of it.

Vibrations ran through her body as he pounded into her earnestly, she could feel her clit getting heated.

His hands were holding her both breasts and they squeezed them desperately, adding to Isabelle’s feelings. She was whimpering.

Her body was shaking and responding to the violent movements he made. It was running almost running her mad. She could feel every movement of his hard rod, sliding in and out of her.

Oh! When would he stop?

Soon, he released one hand from her chest and moved it up to her hair. He pulled and yanked it so hard and she cried out.



Caesar’s breath was already rough and it was obvious he was getting pleasure from her.

“Oh!! My King, please…!” She begged, but they didn’t seem to have any effect on him.

Soon, he paused and pushed her legs wider so he could stand in between them properly. Oh! Isabelle felt like giving up.

He continued with the pounding and while he grunted, her cries filled the room. She could feel him at the mouth of her womb.

Her flesh was beginning to burn already and just when she thought of screaming out loud, he stopped.

He froze into her and emptied all his contents before pulling out.

Isabelle whimpered and fell on the floor immediately, unable to stand with her legs anymore. Oh! It hurts. Could she ever get used to this?

Caesar adjusted his dress and sparing a single glance at the confessor, he turned around and left.


Caesar returned to the room to find Roseline there. She was walking tho and fro and looked worried, but as soon as she spotted him, her face beamed.

“My King..!” She called with relief and ran to him.

But he didn’t respond to her touch and it made her flinch.

“What’re you doing here, Roseline? It’s late” his voice was hard as he walked over to his wardrobe to take off his heavy clothes.

Roseline swallowed hard.
“I’ve been…I’ve been waiting for you, Caesar. I mean…You asked me to return later in the night” she answered and Caesar quickly remembered.

He was silent as he took off his robed and other adornment and finally, he was just in his night trouser.

“It can’t be tonight, Roseline. Maybe tomorrow. You should leave” he replied bluntly and went over to the bed to lay.

Roseline was dumbfounded. What’s he talking about?

Caesar never rejects s*x, especially not at night time like this.

Did he…

No. Of course, not.

“I need some sleep, Roseline. Go to your Chambers” he said again, amusing the life out of her.

She swallowed hard and forced her tongue to move.

“Y…Yes, My King. Goodnight” she muttered and left.

Episode 24


Isabelle had woken up the next morning on the floor.

She was stark n@ked and her clothes were lying scattered where she had last kept them.

She grunted. Ugh! Her head.

The events of the previous night came flashing into her head and they almost made her panic. Oh!! The King!

In between her thighs were hurting so much, but she struggled to stand on her feet, took her clothes from the floor and found her way to the bathroom.

It was a long cold shower….


She came out when she was done and took a shaggy dress from the closest. Then, she walked out of the room, headed for the kitchen.

On her way, she bumped into Mia.

“Oh! Thank goodness, I found you. You’re early today” Mia smiled, but as usual,Isabelle said nothing.

“Come on, confessor” she continued walking and Isabelle followed.

A long walk, and they got to the kitchen.

The kitchen was busy as usual, but when Isabelle checked, she couldn’t find Naya.

Did she suddenly quit? She wondered.

“Oh! Mia, thank goodness you’re here” Ma’am Gloria came scuttling towards them.

“The King wants fish tacus for breakfast. Please, make it as soon as possible. He’s been waiting for too long already”

Mia’s eyes beamed.

“Um… okay, ma’am Gloria. I’ll do that right away”. Mia replied and quickly set out to work.

Isabelle saw a tray of pumpkin and went to sort them out. Everyone was so busy in the kitchen, there was no time for gossips or side talks. They were all getting ready for the big party tomorrow.

“Confessor” Mia suddenly called, walking upto her and Isabelle paused to look at her.

“Would you…. mind helping me with the fish tacus? I’ve never prepared it before”.

Isabelle arched her brows. Huh??

For real?

“Why?” She muttered. “why me?”

“Well….I have a feeling you might be good at it. The other day when Naya was making hers, I saw the way you looked at her. Please, confessor. If you have any idea, just help me out”.

Isabelle was tempted and bewildered. A part of her badly wanted to do it because fish tacus was her favorite; but another part was scared because it was the King’s meal.

What if he finds out and gets angry? Didn’t Mia think of it?

“Can you do it, confessor?” Mia asked again and this time around, she nodded – slowly.

“Oh! Thank goodness. Come on then. These are some of the ingredients you’d be needing. Incase you need anything, you can check the stucks in the storage room”. She explained and Isabelle mouthed an “okay” and set to work.


It took her about an hour before she was done with it and at that time, the kitchen was mesmerized by the aroma already.

“Wow! This looks really yummy” Mia giggled as she took in a deep breath, trying to get the smell.

“What happened to Naya?” Isabelle was forced to ask.

“Oh! She’s a little unwell. But I think she should be fine soon. I’ll get these to the King” Mia replied and took up the tray of steaming meal.

She smiled at Isabelle before walking out of the kitchen.

Princess Roseline sat in front of the mirror as one of her personal maids brushed her long hair.

She was angry and fuming. She was on her monthly flow again. Again!!!

She seriously couldn’t comprehend why she couldn’t take in for the King. She couldn’t understand it.

She had tried every possible means, taken fertility boosters and the rest. But they didn’t seem to be working.

Oh! She really needed a solution. She needed to have an heir for the King and that way, she could be sure the King would be hers forever.

Tho, she’s been a long time friend of Caesar, but she could tell he wasn’t entirely elated about the engagement stuff. And that’s because he was being persuaded by her father.

So, she needed something strong to pin him; to hold him. She really needed to have a child for him. But what would she do?

She couldn’t understand why she was still unable to take in after so many months of trying. Could she be unfertile?

Her door went open immediately and she looked from the mirror to see it was one of her maids -Martha.

She walked in with her head bowed and stood in front of Roseline.

“My princess, I’ve gotten the answer to your question” she said and Roseline’s eyes beamed.

“Go on” she said with a gush of curiosity.

“The King….I asked one of his personal guards and he told me the King had visited the confessor’s room last night. He said he had heard her moaning and crying. So, it’s obvious the King had sex with her before retreating to his room to sleep” .

Roseline’s eyes flashed with anger. They screamed inwardly, yelled inwardly, but she couldn’t bring her self to show her weakness to the maids.

Her breath hitched as she turned back to face the mirror.

The confessor was the reason the King had rejected her last night?it was all because of her!!!



Mia returned to the kitchen after a long while, her face beaming with smiles.

“Oh! Confessor, the King liked your meal sooo much!” She squealed and laughed.

Isabelle had been working on some vegetables.

“Does he…know it was prepared by me?” Isabelle found herself asking, even tho it was pointless.

“Um… not really. He doesn’t ask” Mia shrugged and Isabelle turned back to her vegetables.

“Oh, my God!! Salome is here!!” Someone suddenly exclaimed in the room and all eyes darted to the directions of the window.


“Are you sure??”

“She’s here!!”

Mia also gasped and ran to one of the windows and Isabelle couldn’t be left behind.

She ambled to the window and although, she was standing behind a lot of maids, she was still able to have a look.

She saw it – a lady on a white horse with other horses behind her.

“This is going to be my first time seeing her. Are you sure she’s the one?” Someone asked.

“Of course. Doris said she’d be arriving this’morning. She’s so pretty”.

They all giggled and talked about it, but Isabelle had something disturbing going on in her mind – something really disturbing.

The lady on the horse – she was coming as Salome.

But that wasn’t the Salome she had seen some years ago”.


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