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July 23, 2021


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The last confessor Episode 2 Episode 1 & 2

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🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)

#season 2
Episode 1



The next morning, the morning sun radiated through the windows and flashed to Isabelle’s face.

She groaned lightly and turned to the other side of the bed. She didn’t want to stand up yet from the bed as she still feet weak and tired and also, the bed she laid on was very comfortable.

She suddenly snapped her eyes opened as she knew that she wasn’t lying on her bed as her bed wasn’t that comfortable as this one felt.

She stared around and her guess was correct – she wasn’t in her room but rather, she was in the king’s room.
Her face heated up as the memories of last night came rushing in. Her cheeks grew hot and she knew she was already blushing hard.

Last night had been the best night ever since she came to the palace and ever since the king started taking pleasures from her. The king had made love to her and he was so gentle and he didn’t hurt her. She enjoyed every bit of it.
The kisses: it was something she wouldn’t forget about in a hurry. It was too good to be true.

As she made to stand up from the bed, she felt a slight pain in between her legs and it halted her movement.
She groaned lightly and laid back on the bed. She felt so sore in there because of the many rounds they had later at night.

The king was insatiable and she couldn’t complain either because she enjoyed it too.
She had a light headache and she managed to stand up lazily from the bed.

She wrapped the duvet cover around her body tightly and bent down to pick her clothes. And just as she bent to pick up her bra, the door opened and the king walked in.

With shock and nervousness, Isabelle dropped the bra on the floor back and stood erect, her gaze on the floor – she couldn’t meet with the king’s gaze.

“Good morning your highness.” She greeted lowly and bowed in obeisance.

She didn’t hear anything and slowly, she took her gaze to stare at the king and he was looking at her.
He took careful and slow strides towards her while she fidgeted. She was damn nervous.

“You should stop feeling shy around me.” She heard the king’s voice so close to her. She felt her cheeks grow hotter.

Damn! Why was she blushing in a time like this? The king was already making her feel embarrassed and her cheeks decided to give her out.

The king held the tip of the duvet and let it fall down to the floor.
Isabelle gasped and she stared at the king.
She bent her head and tried to cover her boobs but the king stopped her by bringing down her hands.

“Isabelle?” He called softly.
“Huh?” She whispered softly. She bit her lower lip and tucked in a loose strand of her hair but it fell back to her face.

“Isabelle, you don’t have to be shy or nervous around me. Look at me.” He said calmly but sternly. She gulped hard nervously and took her head up to look at him.

“That’s better.” He said and a small smile curved on the corner of his lips but the smile left immediately it came.

He took her boobs in his hands and fondled with them softly and a moan escaped her lips.

He took her lips in his and kissed her hotly and she kissed him back.

And slowly, he carried her up and laid her on the bed.
Another round, Isabelle mind whispered to her.


Princess Rayna smiled sheepishly to herself as she reminesced on what had transpired between her and prince Ainsley.

She had enjoyed every bit of the time they spent together. He was fun to be with and they got to know more about each other.

And just before she left, he kissed her at both cheeks and that had got her blushing and enthusiastic.

She placed her palms at both side of her cheeks and even smiled wider.

The feeling was a new one and it felt great. They had planned they they’d be meeting in two days time.

She just couldn’t wait.


Isabelle got to her room and had her shower. She was smiling all through as the water cascaded down her naked self.

The king hadn’t had s*x with her because he was having part of his revenge, but… She couldn’t even find the right words to use.

She stared occasionally at her wrist where the bracelet laid peacefully and beautifully.
The king had given her the bracelet before she had left his room.

She smiled as she chopped the onions.
She couldn’t be more happy.

As king Ceasar went through his schedules for the next day, he got to know that the invitation from king Alfred of Muzana Kingdom was just few months away. The party was still far but yet, he was invited that early.

Well, it was right so he wouldn’t be able to have an excuse why he couldn’t make it. And so, he’d be able to know how to go about his schedules so none would clash with that day.

He sighed and rolled up his scrolls. He wasn’t having anything to do on that day and so, he decided to go.

“Gethro, where are the red sisters?” He asked, as he stared at Gethro who was standing beside him with his face stiff like he is forbidden to laugh or even smile. He looked too serious.

“They’re still in the dungeon your highness.” Gethro answered with a bow.

“Tomorrow, I want you and and Phillip to go to late king Miley’s kingdom and get information if his son has returned.

I want you to gather as many information as possible just in case they’re planning anything stupid and so, we’ll know how to launch attack unexpectedly on them.” The king ordered.

“Yes my king.” Gethro said and bowed lightly before the king.

The king sighed and rested his back properly on his chair.


Isabelle sighed miserably as she emptied her breakfast yet again. She turned on the sink faucet and the water flushed down what she had emptied in the sink.

For the past few days, she’d been feeling really sick. Her bandage has been taken off and her head had healed with just a little scar and her hair had grew too.

She hated being sick and the feeling she felt was awful too.

She walked tiredly to her bed and sat on it.

She laid on her bed, with the intention that she was gonna take a little nap but then, she doubted her mind because recently too, she has been sleeping a lot and waking up late too.

What the hell is wrong with her?
As she drifted into sleep, she wished the sickness would go away by the time she wakes up from her nap.

She so hate feeling sick and she doesn’t want to think that she has been poisoned again.


#season 2
Episode 2


“You have to get another lady of the high class or socialites to get betrothed to.

You need an heir and time is not on your side.” King Smith, the king of Mozana said with all seriousness and firmness he could muster.
He’s a good friend of king Ceasar and he would never lead him astray. He wants nothing but king Ceasar’s happiness.

King Smith had just returned from England where he had gone to visit his daughter that had just delivered.
He came back and he decided to pay his good friend – the king, a visit. And along their discussions, he had found out that Roseline, the lady he intended to marry, was already banned from even stepping a foot in the palace.

He didn’t know exactly why, but he knows that she must have done something really bad. He had seen Roseline as a decent and well-mannered lady, and he didn’t think king Ceasar wouldn’t get married to her again.

Well, whatever she did would be a topic for another day. Right now, he was gonna talk about something really important.

King Ceasar exhaled and turned to stare at his friend – his only friend that has always stood by him and supported him in whatever thing he wanted to do.

“I know Smith, you don’t have to remind of such obligations. I know and I’ve thought about it but I haven’t been able to know the right lady to choose and besides, I’m still very young and you know it.” King Ceasar groaned and rubbed his temple in a thoughtful mood.

“Well, that’s not a problem. If you want, I can help you in getting my niece who’s really pretty and of good moral – and you two can get married.” King Smith said with a smile.
King Ceasar stopped rubbing his temple and looked at king Smith briefly before turning his gaze to stare at the pile of books beside his desk.
He took the wooden cup that a wine waay in it and drank gently from it.

“Okay.” He said with his eyes closed and his head raised above.
He nodded his head and mouthed a yes again.

King Smith smiled and rubbed his lower lip and relaxed his arms properly on the arms of the chair.


Roseline stood outside the small hut that Jeffery called his home; it was the little he could afford.
She shook her sadly and uncontrollable tears ran down her cheeks.

She was just too embittered.
She couldn’t believe that she was gonna leave in such a poverty-stricken place and if someone had told her, she would have ordered for the person’s death.

It was felt like a nightmare and she wished she would just wake up from it and everything would be back to normal.

“Hey! Why are you standing outside?” She turned sharply as she heard Jeffrey’s voice behind her.

Jeffrey stood there, with a big rabbit in his hand and his other hand, there was a rabbit trap.

His dirty brownish shirt was soaked in sweat and stuck like glue to his body, revealing his muscles and abs.

He’s handsome – she observed, but she definitely wouldn’t fall or even pity him.
To her, he was partially the cause of whatever thing that befell her.

“It’s none of your business!” She snapped angrily and eyed him countless times with disgust and hatred on her face.

Jeffrey sighed and walked past her into the hut, and as he did, Roseline moved out of the way with her nose flaring up in disgust.

What did she ever do to warrant such a punishment to have to live with this kind of a man?

She hated dirt, she hated poverty, but here she was, with a poor and wretched man, living in a dirty environment.

She had gone back home to her parents but they didn’t welcome her. They were ashamed of her and they drove her out.
She had begged and cried, but all her pleas fell on deaf ears, as her parents sent her away to live with Jeffrey.

She has been stripped off her position and made a commoner and nobody even paid homage to her like they used to.

She stood outside for a long time in deep thoughts and after a while, she entered into the small hut.

How she hated such life.

“I don’t know what’s so special about that confessor that the king even took a liking in her and even made her the head of us all.” Ciara, one of the new maids, whispered in a gossip like manner.
The four chefs that were preparing the royal family dinner, turned to look at Ciara.

“Exactly my thought! Even if I’ve been here for just barely a week, I can see that the king really likes her.” Another cook, Jenny concurred with a slight frown.

“And she’d just be ordering us around as if we are her slaves. She barely even does anything and if manages to come to the kitchen, she would be dozing off.

I just despise her! And have you noticed that she wears a very beautiful bracelet which I think the gave her?” Amanda, the youngest of the cooks, scoffed and jealousy could be noted in her voice. There was so much contempt in her voice.

“Yes!” The two of them chorused bitterly.

“Look at what the three of you are spouting out from that same mouth you use in praising Isabelle.
She’s a good person and you all know it. She’s hardworking too and it’s just that lately, she has been sick and that is why she isn’t active like before. Stop speaking ill about her because she has done nothing wrong to any of us.

And if the king likes her, it’s none of our business and also, because she’s kind and loveable. Let’s just mind our business and focus on our duties.” Choice, the quiet one amongst them, spoke up rather maturely. She had been listening silently to their conversations. She isn’t really one who would poke into someone else’s discussion but she couldn’t help but speak up concerning the matter.

She has always known that the three of them were jealous and envied Isabelle.

The three girls glared murderously at her and hissed simultaneously – a long and loud hiss.

It was obvious they hated what choice had said.

“Why don’t you mind your business? You’re always proving to be the good egg and make us feel guilty and like we are the bad eggs, when you’re nothing but a pretender!” Jenny said with a huff.

“I just said what I think it’s right. We shouldn’t backbite someone because it’s not good.
Isabelle is a good person.” Choice said and shook her head pitifully at them.

This were the same girls that talked and laughed with Isabelle anytime they are together. The same girls that would say many kind words to Isabelle. This are the same girls, condemning Isabelle behind her back.

“She’s not good! Confessors aren’t good!” Ciara hissed out loudly.
“Well, I don’t know what to tell you but all I know is that, you should stop gossiping about someone, especially with the person that you take as your friend and the person sees you as her friend too.” Choice said and returned back to what she was doing.

She didn’t want to say anything further.

“Holy Mary!” Amanda mocked and they laughed but Choice ignored them and continued with whatever she was doing.

“I’m starting to really hate Choice guts. We have to do something about it.” Ciara, whispered to the two girls as they sat on Ciara’s bed.
They listened keenly and nodded their head.

“Let’s set her up and make the king throw her into the dungeon and have the guards whip her till she bleeds to unconsciousness.” She added, with a cunning smirk playing at the corner of her lips.

“Wow! That would…” Jenny didn’t finish her statement when they heard the sound of clapping. They turned to see Isabelle behind the door, clapping her hands and with an angry look on her face.

They didn’t need a soothsayer to tell them that the confessor had heard everything.

“Why are you girls this heartless? You want to plan evil on someone that I know has done nothing to you. How wicked can you be?” Isabelle chastised sternly.

Ciara moved stylishly to the side of her small table beside her bed without the notice of Isabelle as she did it expertly, and picked up the knife she had used in peeling orange earlier.

Oh! What a good opportunity she has to finally deal with the confessor!
She smirked and as Isabelle talked, she slowly started advancing towards her with the knife behind her back.


Oh my God!
What’s Ciara planning to do?😳
Why does Isabelle have too many enemie

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