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The last confessor 2 Episode 15 & 16

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🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)

Episode 15



The guard with the key obeyed immediately and the gate was wide opened. The king stepped in and scoffed irritably at her.
“Raise her up!” The king ordered icily.
A guard moved forward and made Ciara to sit up since she couldn’t sit up because of how weak she felt.
Everywhere was stinky because she hadn’t had her bath in days now. Probably, her mouth would stink too if she opens her mouth to talk.

She hadn’t brush her teeth too and all she does was cry.
She had cried so hard these past few days that she was too weak to cry anymore and tears refused to fall out again.

Her eyes were so puffy and she had eye bags underneath that made her look like a scary old witch.
She look too tattered.

“My…king…” She managed to stuttered lowly.
What was the king going to do to her?
What was going to be her punishment?

But one thing she was certain was that, she was not going to allow him punish her too hard. She was gonna find every possible way to escape the king’s wrath.

“Now, are you ready to speak the truth?” The king asked gruffly as he crouched in front of her.

“I…I…I…” Ciara stammered, finding it hard to talk. She didn’t even know what to say.
She couldn’t find the exact words to say.

“Guards!” The king called lowly. Two guards walked in immediately and stood beside him.

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“Take her away and behead her!” The king ordered coldly and started out of the cell.

Ciara thought her heart would jump out of her chest at the king’s statement.
“My king please I’m sorry. You can’t do this to me. Okay, I’m sorry. I’m gonna say the truth, but please don’t kill me.” She begged in tears and laid flat on the floor with her hands stretched out.

“Too late already. I gave you a chance but you misused it.” The king grunted out and finally walked away.

“Noooooooo! Please my king. I’m sorry. I’ll never try to harm the confessor ever again.” Ciara wailed loudly as tears poured out in fast current from her eyes.
She was so pained that she wished she could just die right there instead of going through the pain of being beheaded.

“Let’s go!” A guard grunted out and grabbed her roughly by her arm while she continued to wail loudly, even as the guards took her away.


Isabelle held her stomach and groaned out lightly.
Her mouth tasted so bitter and for the second time in just a few minutes, she had vomited the food she had managed to eat.
She was sitting miserably on the ground just outside the backyard. She was so sick and her head was so hot.

She didn’t know what was wrong with her and she hated the feeling. She hated being sick.

She held her stomach which was hurting a little and groaned in discomfort.

“Isabelle.” She turned sharply to see Choice standing behind her and looking thoughtfully at her.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” Choice asked with a meaning look.
Isabelle sighed and took her head back to stare at the ground.
She covered the vomit with sand and stood up.
“Like I told you before, I’m fine Choice, I’m just tired. I think it’s stress. I’ll be fine.” Isabelle rushed her words even when half of her didn’t want to believe that it was stress.

“When last did you see your monthly flow?” Choice suddenly asked.

“Huh?” The question seemed to ring a bell in her ear and she didn’t know why Choice would ask such a question.
What does seeing her monthly flow has to do with her being sick?

“Em, that was three month ago?” She replied – more like a question.
“What!” Choice yelled in shock, scrutinizing Isabelle who looked absolutely lost and had no idea of what Choice was actually heading to.

“Well, I thought it was just getting delayed. That was why I didn’t pay attention to it and I forgot too.” Isabelle shrugged, completely clueless.
“Delayed for three months and you think it’s nothing?” Choice asked and sighed. She stood in front of Isabelle and held her hands in hers.
“You’re pregnant Isabelle. The symptoms – the dizziness, tiredness, vomiting and even the delay of your monthly flow. You’re pregnant.” Choice confirmed with a nod.

“What! No! It can’t be!” Isabelle gasped and withdrew her hands from Choice’s.
She found what Choice had just said ridiculous.

“You can’t be serious, are you?” She asked, with her eyes bulging out.
“I’m serious Isabelle. You’re pregnant!” Choice said seriously.

“Oh!” Isabelle was suddenly so speechless and she saw the seriousness in her eyes. She was telling the truth!

She was really pregnant!
Absentmindedly, her hands went to her almost flat tummy and she caressed it gently.

“A life is growing inside of me?” She asked no one in particular as her hands continued to caress her tummy.
Surprisingly, she could feel it. There was a little bump already.

It all became suddenly clear to her.
The sickness, everything – she was pregnant, with a life inside of her and she had been completely clueless the whole time.

But then, she suddenly remembered something…
She was carrying the king’s child!
She was pregnant for the king!


“My king, a letter was sent in this morning.” Draco bowed before the king and handed him a sealed envelope.
“You can leave.” The king dismissed him.
Draco bowed and walked out of the king’s library.

King Ceasar opened the envelope and it was a letter from the king of Muzana kingdom saying that, the royal party has been postponed because the king had fallen ill.
It was gonna be held in two months time.
“Really?” The king sighed as he dropped the letter on his table.
He rested his back on his chair and exhaled, staring into space.


Jeffery got back from where he had gone to work in a farm.
He got inside the small hut, looking very tired and weak. He was all sweaty and sticky too.

After a short while, he walked tiredly to the kitchen and as he opened the pot, with the intention of seeing an empty pot as always, he was shocked to the bone when he saw a well garnished vegetable soup.
He was really too shock that he couldn’t even find his tongue.
“Hope you like the food?” He turned to see Roseline standing in the kitchen’s doorpost and staring at him.
He turned to look at her quizzically and he still couldn’t find his tongue.

“I get you’re shocked because you were expecting to see an empty pot as always. I just wanted to surprise you today.” Roseline smiled lightly at him.

“There’s rice inside a pot in the cabinet. Enjoy your meal.” Roseline smiled and walked away.
Jeffery was still unable to find his tongue as he stared at the empty doorpost as Roseline had gone.
He turned back to look at the assorted vegetable soup and he couldn’t help but salivate.
His stomach suddenly rumbled, reminding him that he was hungry and needed to eat.

“Thank you Rose.” He smiled to himself after finding his tongue.
Without waisting any more time, he took out a plate and dish out enough rice and vegetable soup.
He licked his lips and sat on the floor and drew the plate closer to himself and started to devour the food hungrily.

“Princess Debby!” Sandy suddenly called as she barged into the princess room.
Princess Debby who was just standing by the window side, turned to look at her personal maid.

“What is it that you have to barge in like that?” Princess Debby frowned her face and walked towards her bed and sat on it.

“My princess, I finally found out something about the maid – Isabelle.” Sandy said with a mischievous grin and princess Debby’s face suddenly lit up expectantly.

“Okay…what is it? Go on and tell me.” Princess Debby urged.
She was so curious to know what Sandy was going to tell her.
She hoped it would be something that would be useful in getting rid of her.

“Isabelle, she’s…”


#season 2
Episode 16


“Okay, spill it out already. You’re leaving me completely clueless.” Princess Debby said impatiently.
“Well, Isabelle is a confessor and what she wears around her neck is Rada’han.
The king captured her with the intention that he was going to punish her for what her dead sister did to him.
But recently, he’d been acting nice towards her and they’re pretty close.” Sandy said with a smile.

“Really?” Princess Debby huffed angrily, her hands on her waist, with her gaze on Sandy like they could strangle her.
She was pissed off instead of being happy like what Sandy had thought.
“Is that what you came to tell me?” Princess Debby asked and hissed angrily.
“I thought it was something important and useful I could use to eliminate her. But here you are telling me that she’s a confessor.
What am I supposed to do if she’s a confessor?” Princess Debby hissed angrily and laid flat on her bed.

“I’m sorry.” Sandy sighed and walked away. She knows better not to talk back or exchange words with the princess. Why would she want to harm the maid when she’s barely even known her?
Well, that was her own cup of cold coffee.

“I love you princess Rayna and that’s why I’m gonna ask you – would you please be my girlfriend?” Prince Ainsley asked sweetly with a charming smile.
Princess Rayna heart fluttered and she couldn’t be more happy.
She smiled cutely at her prince charming and nodded her head positively with so much vigour.

“Yes prince Ainsley, I’ll be your girlfriend. I love you too.” She beamed enthusiastically.
Prince Ainsley smiled and tilted his head forward to hers. Knowing where he was heading to, she closed her eyes and pout her lips for him. She smiled wider and kissed her passionately while she reciprocated it almost immediately.

They kissed so passionately and longingly and it seemed time stood still for them as they didn’t care of their surroundings as they kissed deeper.


At the thought that she was pregnant for the king, she felt a cold shiver ran down her spine and she shuddered.
What was the king going to say?
Would he ask her to terminate the pregnancy?

What would he do to her?
Would he accept the pregnancy?
What would he fate be from now on?

What about princess Debby, the king’s future bride, how’s she gonna take the news that a common maid that she hates so much is pregnant for the same man she was going to get married to?
She suddenly felt so scared.
A life was growing inside of her.
Was she ready to become a mother?

No doubt, even if she doesn’t want to be a mother at such a young age, she couldn’t opt for a termination. She would really love to give birth to the child, see how it looks like and watch it grow.

“Is for the king right?” Choice voice broke into her thoughts. She breathed out and nodded her head, her hand still caressing her slight baby bump she hadn’t noticed until now that she was told that she was pregnant.

“Yes. And I’m scared Choice, I don’t know what will become of me. I don’t know how the king would react to the news. I don’t even know how to break the news to him.” Isabelle confirmed her fears.
“It’s fine Isa. You didn’t get yourself pregnant. Whatever the king decision would be, just accept it with good fate.” Choice smiled and patted her shoulder lightly.

Isabelle just nodded her head and stared up at the sky.


“I now pronounce you man and wife.” The priest announced with a small smile.
“You may now kiss your bride.” He added and moved a little away from Jeffery and Roseline who wore their wedding attires – though cheap, it looked great especially on Roseline since she was one pretty lady.

Jeffery smiled lightly and slowly, he pecked her cheeks and the few persons that were present applauded them.
Roseline sighed and sniffed in back the tears that came rolling down her cheeks in fast current. She was deeply hurt and regretful.

From today, she would try to get along with Jeffery who was now her husband.
Whatever thoughts she had on getting the king, she’d just let it be since she was already married.

More tears poured out from her eyes and she let them roll down freely like rainfall.

Isabelle and Choice left the backyard and all through their walk into the main building, Isabelle’s head was filled with different thoughts.
She got to her room and plonked herself on her bed and exhaled, her hand still caressing her stomach.

Was she ready to be a mother yet?
What would happen to her if the king rejects the baby?
She felt really confused.

“Jay!” The king called lowly and seconds later, a guard walked in and bowed before him.
“My king, you sent for me.” He bowed his head.

“Yes I did. Tell Isabelle I sent for her.” He said, his back against Jay as he was staring outside the window quietly.
“Okay my king.” He bowed and walked out.

Isabelle’s heart almost flew from her chest as Jay informed her that the king had sent for her.
“Why?” She had asked dumbly.
“I don’t know, he didn’t say.” Jay shrugged plainly.

She took very slow steps behind Jay and her heart wouldn’t stop thumping so loud. Her body shook and her palms became sweaty. She rubbed them together and tried to steady her breathing which was suddenly becoming rough.

She was just too nervous.
“C’mon, you have to walk fast so you don’t keep the king waiting.” Jay groused as he noticed Isabelle’s slackened footsteps. He was way ahead of her and he had to turn around to find Isabelle still waking slowly behind him.

Isabelle just bowed her head and moved forward a little like she was being pushed.
Finally they got to the king’s room and get heartbeat only accelerated.
“You can leave Jay, let her come in.” They both heard the king’s voice.

Huh? How did he know that they were already there?
Jay opened the door and she staggered inside with her hands clasped together in front of her.

“My king.” She bowed, not even taking a step forward as she continued to stand behind the door.

“Come forward.” The king ordered.
But she still didn’t move as her legs became too heavy to carry her.

She was just too nervous.
“Isabelle!” The called sternly and that made her shiver in fear.
She forced herself to move forward to meet the king, with her gaze on the floor.

“Look at me.” The king said softly this time around and Isabelle was shocked as the king is always speaking to her in a hard voice.
Slowly, she took her gaze from the floor to stare at the king who was standing so close in front of her.

The king touched her hair and caressed it gently.
“Go over the table and bend.” He stated gruffly.
Isabelle heard a loud bang on her head.
He didn’t tell her to strip so what exactly was he going to do to her.

She still continued stand without even moving an itch from where she stood.

Angrily, the king smacked her hard across her face.
She was forced to carry her legs and move towards to the table and bent over.

The king moved closer to her and smacked her butt from behind and she winced.

So slowly, he turned her around to stare at him and tears were already all over her face.
King Ceasar was confused.
What exactly is going on with her?
She was acting so different today.

“Isabelle…I’m…” The king scratched the back of his head. The words he was about to say was something that was really difficult for him.
It was something that he wasn’t used to saying. He doesn’t even know when was the last time he said the words, but seeing Isabelle in tears, he decided to say it.

“Isabelle I’m sorry.” He rushed his words, staring deeply into her eyes.
Isabelle thought she had heard wrongly but when the king said it the second time, she finally believed that he really did apologized to her.

He wiped her tears and brought her closer to himself.
Slowly, he moved his lips closer to hers and fused them together.
It didn’t take long before the both of them were engaged in a hot and passionate kiss.

The kiss lingered on, until they had to stop to catch their breath.
Isabelle licked her lips and stared shyly at the king, with her face crimson red. She was blushing hard even to the root of her hair.

“Climb on the bed and go to sleep.” King Ceasar said, backing her.

The king was asking her to sleep on his bed without him taking sexual pleasures from her body?

He was being too surprisingly nice.
“Thank you my king.” She bowed her head and walked towards the bed and laid down to sleep.
Few minutes later, she was already asleep.
The king turned to look at her and a small smile curved on his lips but they disappeared the way it came.
He shook his head and walked over to seat on his chair.

Whatever feelings he was having towards the confessor, it was driving him crazy.

As Choice and Isabelle were climbing down the stairs outside, princess Debby and Sandy were behind them and a smirk suddenly curved on Debby’s face.

She hurriedly walked towards them and without thinking twice, she pushed Isabelle and Isabelle who was taken unaware, lost her balance and came rolling down the stairs with painful screams.

Choice screamed in sheer horror when she saw blood dripping in between Isabelle’s thigh.

Before she could get to where Isabelle laid, she was already unconscious.
Princess Debby smirked and ran away.


Isabelle winced as she forced herself to open her eyes and have them adjusted to the sunlight that illuminated the room she was in.

She turned her head to the left and found the king gaze peering deeply at her.
Cold shiver ran down her spine as his cold gaze was still fixed on her.

“You can leave. I want to have a quiet time with her.” The king said to the healer and the two maids that were assigned to stay with Isabelle in case she needed anything.

She’s been unconscious for two days and they thought she would slip into coma but they were glad to see her respond to treatment.

“My…king…” Isabelle tiny voice spoke up. It was a little hoarse but the king heard her perfectly.

“How are you?” The king asked, his eyes darting all over her body.
“I’m fine.” She smiled lightly.

An awkward silence ensued between them as they just stared at each other. No words were said between them.
They were just staring at each other as if they were in a staring competition.

“My king…is anything the matter?” Isabelle broke the uncomfortable silence between them. The king piercing gaze on her was making her feel nervous and confused.

Long seconds past before the king mouthed, with his face hard and his voice thick and almost angry – “who’s the father of your baby?”


Uh oh!😏😏

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