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July 24, 2021


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The king’s slave finale

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{My master and I}

By: Lilly Chidinma.


Episode Thirty nine.

… [Semi-finale] …


¤ Erica ¤

The celebrations lasted throughout the day. It was later that night that the villagers started going back to their various houses. I was extremely tired and my back ached a lot from all the walking about and Nadine offered to massage my back and waist.

She prepared some special, scented oils for the massage and came into my room. I removed all my clothes and lay on the bed for her to begin the massage. But then..

“Nadine” the king’s voice came.

“Let it be, I’ll do it” he said, walking over to where I was lying. Nadine obeyed and left while he took over the massage.

“You shouldn’t stress yourself anymore” he started and I smiled.

“I am the queen now, I have a lot of duties to carry out” I reminded.

“I’m sure your people will understand your condition and you won’t have to do much work afterall” he said and I moaned at his soothing massage, he was really good at it.

“So where is Adrian?” I asked, feeling so much relaxed.

“He is sleeping.. The poor guy is extremely tired” he replied.

“Thank you Erica, for reuniting my friend and I” he added.

“It’s okay” I said softly, a moan escaping from my lips again.

“Erica.. You’re so hot” he said. The atmosphere became hot, we could feel each other’s horniness.

“I just want to do things to you” he whispered in the most seductive tone that my v-gina instantly became wet.

“Then do it” I replied. He pulled me up into a sitting position, then gazed upon my naked body. He looked at me with love in his eyes, I became weak, I was at his mercy.

He came closer and cupped my breasts in his palms, he squeezed them and moaned. Then he roughly grabbed my lips in his, we kissed with tongues for several minutes. Then he stopped and smiled at me.

“And to think you’re the reason why I am no longer attracted to any woman” he said, shook his head and sighed. I remained mute, watching him spread my legs apart. He pushed two of his fingers into my private part and I let out a shriek.

He slowly went in and out with his fingers, sending waves of pleasure to my brain. I moaned, groaned and gasped as he continued to touch me in the right places.

“I need you inside me, now” I ordered, grabbing his collar, I couldn’t take the teasing anymore.

“Relax sweetheart… I’m getting there” he said. He made me undress him, then he rubbed his strong manhood over my v-gina slowly, making me reach orgasm faster than I imagined.

Then seeing how hot I had become, he pushed his d!ck into me and made love to me like never before.. It was the best feeling ever…




* * Four Months Later * *


“How are you darling?” my mother asked, entering my room. I could only raise my head to look at her. I was very weak and it took a lot to stand up these days.

“I’m fine” I answered.

“The king is back from his meeting with the other kings, he is asking for you” she informed, sitting beside me.

“I don’t have the strength to get up, why can’t he come?” I asked.

“Fine, I’ll call him” she said and stood up to leave but my loud shriek stopped her.

“What happened?” she rushed over to me. I felt a sudden sharp pain in my belly.

“I felt..” I wanted to speak but the pain came again and I shrieked. Then water poured out of my v-gina.

“Mom.. I think I urinated on my body” I cried out, the pains increased.

“It isn’t urine.. Your water broke dear, I think you’re in labour” she said, giving me a warm and reassuring smile. My breathing accelerated as many thoughts ran through my mind.

I’m in labour.. What if I don’t make it out alive? What if my baby doesn’t survive?

“Don’t worry sweetie, everything’s gonna be alright” my mother said, as if reading my mind.

She ran out and called Nadine and Violet, they decided to give birth to my child right there and then. The king heard the news and ran into my room but the older women stopped him and told him to wait outside.

The pain became very unbearable, I started screaming and shouting. Then they told me to push.. I gave it my all, I almost got tired but they didn’t let me.

* *

“We have a prince! We have a prince!” I heard them shouting. I was very weak and could only smile.

“I have an heir?!” the king burst into the room, almost exploding with happiness.

“Yes my king, the queen has given us an heir, a handsome prince!” Nadine answered, holding my baby to her chest. The king took the child from her and cuddled him.

“My son.. Prince Kyran” he said and kissed him. I opened my arms for my son and he gave him to me.

“Prince Kyran..” I repeated and kissed him too.




{My master and I}

By: Lilly Chidinma.


Episode Forty.

… #Grand_Finale …


¤ Erica ¤

“Erica! Erica hurry up!” the king screamed from his room while my little baby boy was crying at the top of his voice. I rushed my bath and ran out of the bathroom only to meet king Marion struggling to calm his son down. As soon as he saw me, he ran over to me and handed me the baby.

“Take him please” he breathed out heavily and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Look at you, sweating because you couldn’t stop your son from crying” I teased and he frowned while I cuddled the baby to my chest.

“Ssshh! There, there little one, no need to cry” I consoled the prince and he stopped crying. King Marion was surprised.

“How did you do that?” he asked.

“I’m his mother.. That’s how” I answered, taking the baby to bed.

“Well.. I have a meeting now with some of the ministers and Adrian will be here any second to call me” he informed, grabbing his robe and putting it around his neck.

“Okay darling.. Remember we are presenting Kyran to the villagers tomorrow, so hurry back so that we can plan it” I said, changing my baby’s diaper.

“Noted” he nods and immediately, a knock came on the door.

“That must be Adrian, come in!” king Marion yelled and the door pushed open, revealing Adrian in a shiny blue suit.

He has changed a lot in a few months. He’s back to being the handsome, cool man I knew before he was banished.

“My king, it’s time for the meeting” he announced. They both left while I continued attending to my child.

* * *

“Woah!” the king exclaimed when I stepped out of the dressing room wearing a bright red ball gown with diamonds encrusted at the waist. It was specially made for me on this occasion.

“You look… Gorgeously beautiful” he exclaimed and I giggled.

“There’s only one thing missing” he added.

“What?” he approached me with a big, gold crown and put it on my head. Then bowed slightly.

“My queen”

“My king” I bowed as well and we chuckled.

“Where’s Kyran?” he asked.

“With Nadine.. They’re waiting for us downstairs.

We went downstairs and met everyone else, then we proceeded to the hall where the ceremony was being held. The villagers had already assembled, and shouts of joy filled everywhere as soon as we entered.

Prince Kyran was presented to the villagers as their heir and there was another round of joyous shouts. The celebrations began and lasted all day long.

It was night already and I was putting Kyran to sleep, stroking his hair and breastfeeding him. Then I noticed that king Marion was staring at me.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“How much longer is he gonna take? It’s my turn” he answered. I laughed so hard that baby Kyran had to smile too.

“Marion please, I don’t want to laugh” I said, still laughing.

“I’m serious. Put him to sleep so that I can take over” he said and I smiled. I placed his head on my lap and caressed him.

I feel blessed having these two. My king and my prince. Two of the most priceless things I have. I’m so happy and grateful to God for giving them to me. Sometimes I just wonder what would have happened if I didn’t become a slave to king Marion, maybe all this wouldn’t have been possible.. Maybe I wouldn’t have fallen in love with and married the man of my dreams. At the end it all turned out to be a blessing in disguise………




Hurray! Now that’s Erica’s story. I hope you all enjoyed it?

Like I said earlier.. I have a surprise for you all, but I will reveal that later.

First of all, what did we learn?

Never give up, just like Erica didn’t give up on the king. If she had, Annabelle would have had her way.

Secondly, being wicked and greedy leads to your downfall only. Try to be happy for others and be contended with what you have.

Again, everything happens for a reason, no matter the situation you find yourself, just know that there’s a reason. Someday the purpose will come to light, don’t give up. Destiny can be delayed, but never denied.




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