The killer’s burial Episode 5 & 6

Episode five (18+)
She said the shape she saw was like that of a woman, but the movement like a man’s. While the person approached her, she made for her gun 🔫. When the person noticed she wasn’t asleep, he/she quic-kly vanished. There was no sound of any door in the house being shut to show where the person entered according to her. She explained to me when I c@m£ back two days after. I called uncle Gilbert and Ike and told them what she told me. Uncle Gilbert said she should have shouted to alert them, maybe the person would been caught. But I as-sured them that the person must surely be caught. The following day, Uncle Ike traveled back to the village to see his family……
For two weeks that uncle Ike was away there was a great calm. My false fiancee didn’t experience any such attacks again. Since it was like everything had been calmed, she decided to leave. Two weeks later, Uncle Ike retuned.
Since I felt calmness had returned once again, I decided to get myself another woman, because I really nee-ded to settle down. I called for a meeting once again a d informed uncles Gilbert and Ike of my decision. But that at the time being, Lisa my sister will be doing the cooking since she was on her leave at the time. Uncle Gilbert was not feeling too well and nee-ded time to recu-perate. It was agreed that he (uncle Gilbert) will rest for at least one month that Lisa would be home.
Lisa, was in the kitchen ma-king lunch one afternoon when she noticed a shadow-like movement. Same as Amanda had explained. A person in a black overall lumberjack, had a shape of a woman and movement of a man. She couldn’t turn around because great fear gr!pp£dher.
The person was moving very close to her when I horned for the security guard (gate man) to open the gate for me me. The person quic-kly ran out and locked Lisa up in the kitchen. I drove in, Uncle Gilbert and Ike were outside seated and discussing. I went in after greeting them, called on my sister. She was no where around her room or the sitting, then I perceived a smell of burnt food coming from the kitchen direction. I hurriedly f0rç£d the kitchen door open only to discover my sister lying down helpless on the kitchen floor. She was unconscious. I quic-kly put off the g@s cooker, carried her and made straight for the hospital.
Uncle Ike followed in confusion, while Uncle Gilbert couldn’t because of his ill health. After she had regained consciousness hours later, she narrated everything that happened to me and uncle Ike. She said it’s like a ghost 👻 lives in our house. Because she couldn’t explain where the person entered from or vanished to. Because she left uncle Gilbert and Ike outside discussing. I called my friend Amanda and explained what happened to her, she told me there was nothing like a ghost, the the enemy(ies) is or are within. And that they will be caught.
She asked me to meet her somewhere so we could plan and restrategize on what to do next. Lisa was discharged later that day, I took her to a guest house to fully recover. Because she had told me that what she saw will hunt her for a very long time. So I didn’t want to take any chances, because she’s all I’ve got left in this world. She warned me to be careful, that the enemy or enemies might actually be within.
I left her in the guest house and went straight to see Amanda. She (Amanda) told me to get a woman, take her to the house, do the introduction as usual. We agreed that she will come over to the house, but it has to be a day when the both uncles will not be around. The thing is that they ha-rd ly go out, I had to deceive them and take them out on the agreed day.
Because if Amanda should come back to the house, it might be difficult for whoever that’s been responsible to want to do anything. But the plot to get hold of the killer has to be between the girl (my new woman), Amanda and myself. And our plans was well carried out. On that very day, I introduced the lady to them, Amanda was in one of my cars outside. I deceived uncle Gilbert and Ike that I want them to follow me for a walk down the street. So that Amanda can sneak to my room. My security guard (gate man) was also aware of the plot……..
Episode Six (18+)
And our plans was well carried out. On that very day, I introduced the lady to them, Amanda was in one of my cars outside. I deceived uncle Gilbert and Ike that I want them to follow me for a walk down the street. So that Amanda can sneak to my room. My security guard (gate man) was also aware of the plot……..
Before then, I’d informed my friend Sylvester (Sly) a military personnel, who just returned from abroad peace keeping mission in one of the African countries. He was well prepared to answer whenever I called that the killer had been apprehended. He gave his own side of how to go about it and it helped greatly. He was also p@rt of the plans. I informed Lisa my sister and she gave a nod to it. But told me to be very careful as she she can’t stand the chance of survival should anything happen to me.
The night c@m£, as usual I was awake working with my system. I deliberately left my phone charging in the sitting room so I could go out much later to pick it. Because it seemed the killer goes in very swiftly anytime I went out of my room to do the killings. I listened throu-gh uncle Ike’s room, he was busy snoring, I went to uncle Gilbert’s room and listened throu-gh the door, he too was busy snoring. Then I went downstairs to pick my phone.
I decided to waste much time because that was our plan. When dad was alive, he warned me never to trust anyone. Not even him as my dad because “YOUR WORST ENEMY COULD BE YOUR BEST FRIEND, AND YOUR BEST FRIEND YOUR WORST ENEMY”. But we lived freely with everyone, because dad taught us so.
The previous night before the night we carried out our plans, mum appeared to me in the dream and told me to be aware with the people we live in the house with. That our enemies were within and not outside. And that it wasn’t a ghost that was doing the killings. It was one of the uncles in the house. I had gone to see Lisa earlier that day and we discussed about the dream I had, she told me that she had similar dream. But it was my dad that appeared to her and gave her exactly the same message mum gave to me.
But I never believed that neither uncle Ike nor uncle Gilbert would be responsible for such atrocities, because of the way they were to us. Do not trust anyone, not even your shadow. Because it leaves you when darkness falls. You are simply on your own. The only one to trust and hope in is the CREATOR of the Universe. Little did we know that the killer was within. Each time those deaths occurred, I will check uncle Gilbert and Ike’s room only to discover they were slee-ping.
There was no way anyone would have suspected one of them were responsible for the deaths. Because they were well carried out without traces. Even the security personnel got confused and only asked my sister and I to be extra vigilant. While I was trying to climb the stair case back to my room, I heard voices. The killer had been caught and was held to the ground by Amanda and Nessa my new woman. I quic-kly ran to my room only to discover that the person that’s been behind all the killings was uncle….
Who do you predict to be the Killer ?