THE JAILBIRD (Episode 75)

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It is the GIRL VIBZ show.
Elaine’s advert of bringing new evidence of Chris’ ‘NIGHT OF EVIL’ as she has termed it, has ensured that the studio is filled to capacity, and millions of viewers nationwi-de are watching.

It has been running for almost thirty minutes now, and still Elaine has not given any inkling of the great mystery.

Instead she had interviewed Adwoa Timtim and her father AGYA ATTAH TIMTIM about the events of that infamous night.
Finally, s-en-sing that her audience is growing impatient, she stands up and faces the c@m£ra.

She smiles radiantly.

Now, for my big surprise. I know most of you have been waiting for this moment. Well, tonight, for the very first time ever, I’m going to show you video images, with sounds, of how Chris Bawa knocked down Adwoa Timtim, ma-king her lose a leg, and how he brutally attacked a policeman, Chief Inspector Danso Cuger, and made him lose his left eye.

There is an excited buzz from the packed audience.

Seated in the front row, Afful and Steve exchange sudden glances.

What the hell is she talking about?

She’s your wife! Surely, she must have told you about it?

No, no. She just told me she found some guy who’s going to tell her some stuff about Chris’ attacks on the girl and on Cuger. She never mentioned anything about any video.

(in an excited voice)
Ladies and gentlemen, without waiting any longer, let me welcome my special guest for tonight, Mr. Wach!pa Sey!!!
The studio audience stand up and applaud as the doors slide open and a beaming Wach!pa Sey emerges.

He has a l@pt©p bag slung across his right shoulder.

He raises both hands and waves as he walks towards Elaine.
Wach!pa st©ps besides her, and slowly the applause dies down, and the audience sits down again.

Elaine smiles into the c@m£ra and turns to Mr. Sey.

Welcome to GIRL VIBZ, Mr. Sey. I would like you to introduce yourself for my audience.

(smiling broadly)
I’m Wach!pa Sey, a professional engineer who loves wildlife as a hobby. I’ve been filming birds and other wildlife animals for NATIONAL GEOGra-pHIC for eight years now.

Wow. I’m so excited! Tell me what you have for my audience today! We’re so excited and can’t wait to see what you have for us.

(smiling, excited)
Well, I couldn’t believe it myself when I watched the videos. You see, I sometimes leave video c@m£ras around my wildlife sp©ts, because sometimes I nee-d to video a whole lifestyle of my p@rticular wildlife subject. Well, five or six years ago I was
doing this do¢v-mentary for NATIONAL GEOGra-pHIC about humming birds. That stretch of road along the Beach Road, where the infamous Chris Bawa accident took place, is a great sp©t for humming birds, and so I stationed some c@m£ras there, hidden of course, and left them there for about two days. Normally the batteries last two days, before I change or recharge.

Wow! And your c@m£ras captured the whole incident?

Yes, ma’am! And you wouldn’t believe just how evil Mr. Chris Bawa is until you see this footage. You see, I forgot all about it because I had a new as-signment. However, three days ago NATIONAL GEOGra-pHIC asked for my footage on humming birds, and so I had to go back to my archives, and whilst editing I saw that my c@m£ras had captured the whole Chris Bawa incident that evening. I had about twelve c@m£ras positioned at vantage points, and they captured everything!

There is a great murmur of excitement from the audience. They all want to see the videos. They are now very interested!

And your videos show how drun!kChris was?

Everything, la! His drun!kenness, his cocaine sniffing, his attack on the police …everything!

(facing the c@m£ra)
I have only watched one of the videos myself because I wanted it to be a surprise to myself as well. So here we go! Sit down and get re-ady for this exclusive video on the thvggery and sheer malice of Mr. Chris Bawa!

The audience is hushed as Mr. Sey puts his l@pt©p bag down.

See, because the c@m£ras were a lot and captured various angles, I’ll project them from my l@pt©p where I’ve done some edits, and run a commentary as we move along.

(shaking her b©dy)
Oooooh! I’m so excited!
Mr. Sey sets up his l@pt©p and projector.
The television c@m£ras move slowly around the audience.

There is expectation and tension.
Mr. Sey switches on his l@pt©p, and as it boots Elaine keeps a running commentary about how the truth has to be told.
Mr. Sey opens a folder named THE BAWA SCENES on his l@pt©p, and the image on the projector shows many video cli-ps named CHRIS 1, CHRIS 2 and so on.

Alright! We’re set to go! Are you all re-ady?
The audience cries in a loud unified voice:
Mr. Sey double-cli-cks a video, and suddenly the image of a long stretch of road becomes visible. It is late afternoon, and not many cars are pas-sing.

Pres£ntly two people are seen walking towards c@m£ra range, and a moment later they become visible.
They are, undeniably, a young Adwoa Timtim and her father.

Here it comes, here it comes, wait for it, wait for it… there!!
In the distance a hvge car appears.
It is a black Jaguar saloon car.
Chris’ car.

It is coming from behind the two people, weaving drun!kenly across the road, as if the driver is either drun!kor slee-ping behind the wheel.

The studio audience is now screaming, shouting with horror.

Adwoa Timtim and her father are walking on the edge of the road, and they are safe, and are not aware that Chris’ car is weaving drun!kenly behind them.
Afful and Steve look at each other.

Oh, $h!t!

Agya Attah Timtim hears the car at the last moment and turns around. He sees Chris’ car coming towards him and his daughter, and he runs straight into the bushes, leaving his screaming daughter behind.
The car strikes Adwoa and flings her into the bushes, and then it continues for a while and comes to a halt.

Its lights are blinking, and its horn is on.
There is very loud music blaring from inside the car.

The people in the audience are shouting.
Elaine’s hands are covering her mouth with horror!

One of the back doors of the car opens, and Chris Bawa comes out. He is wearing just black jeans and a singlet, and white sneakers.

He is running fast towards the sp©t Adwoa Timtim has been hit.

Wach!pa Sey pauses the video.
The studio audience is stunned.
They are looking at Wach!pa Sey, and so is Elaine.

She shakes her head, as if in a daze.
Her throat has suddenly gone dry.
And her eyes are opened wi-de with horror.
She had watched the video on Mr. Sey’s l@pt©p up to the point the car had hit the girl, and the video had ended.

She had as-sumed Chris had been driving, and she had been so excited.
Elaine looks at Wach!pa with horror as a sinking feeling in her guts tells her something is very wrong.

Something terrible is about to happen!

(voice trembling)
Good Lord! Chris was in the back seat! He wasn’t the one driving the car! Who was the driver?

Wach!pa Sey laughs, obviously enjoying himself.

Now that is what I also asked myself. Wait for it! Just wait for it!
He resumes pla-ying the video.

The front pas-s£nger door of the car opens, and out steps Steve Hollison with a bottle of vodka in his hand.

The crowd g@sps!

The driver’s door opens, and the driver steps out.
He cannot even stand straight.
He looks very drun!k, and he is holding a cylindrical package in his right hand which he tosses into the backseat.

The driver sways from side to side, and as he steps forward a little the studio audience g@sps.

The  driver of the car is Jonathan Afful!
It is he who knocked down Adwoa Timtim!
Jonathan Afful…
Elaine’s husband!

To be continued

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