THE JAILBIRD (Episode 57)

© Aaron A. A

Chris is sitting on the edge of the be-d.
Effe is sitting behind the small glas-s-t©pped desk she uses for late-night edits.

Chris has just finished telling her the most s-en-sational story ever, and she is shivering.
She is so scared.
She realizes just how close she and Junior had come to losing him again, and Darlett’s death gives credence to the magnitude of the horror.
Effe is so horrified that she can ba-rely breathe.

She stares at the dark, violent, troubled man who is full of pas-sion, and who is so lost in this world.
A man who is de-eply hated by his own family from a very tender age and f0rç£d to fight his own battles, and who is still fighting his battles.
Effe stands up and walks slowly to him.
She sees that there are traces of tears in his eyes from the grieving his soul over Darlett’s final sacrifice.
Of course, he is like that. He is the kind of man who will cry for a man who had wanted to kill him, and in the end made the ultimate sacrifice for him.

Darlett might have been a loathsome man, a man with no scruples who will sell his mother’s soul to save his own, but in the end Darlett Thompson had been a true friend.

Chris, Chris, Chris! Why do these things happen to you? Why are you always in some kind of trouble? I guess your problem is that you trust too much and the people you trust betray you. Darlett died so that we can be happy, my love. He gave up his life for you to live a free man. Oh Chris, I’ve never gotten over you. I was very hurt when you betrayed me like that.

You made me a lot of promises and then you broke them almost simultaneously. I was hurt. I was de-eply broken, and I told myself I wouldn’t let you hurt me again. The only way I knew how was to cut you off completely. I believed the out of sight out of love cra-p but there wasn’t one single day that pas-sed without me thinking about you. Chris, I was so lost without you. I felt I failed as a wife. And I felt I didn’t make you happy enough that was why all those bad things happened. I sought for answers but you gave me none. When I saw you and Elaine n-ked, that broke my back. That was the last straw, Chris.

She is in obvious anguish, and her tears fall on his clamped hands, and burn him as if they are coals of fire.

He knows she is laying her soul ba-re, bringing out the festering poison that has locked her heart out.
He reaches out and places his hands on her w@!st.
Chris draws her forward, and nestles his face in her belly.
She is trembling.
She puts her hands on his shoulders.

And then three months after your incarceration, when I couldn’t take the pain of missing you anymore, I c@m£ to see you. The officers told me you were very dangerous and not allowed visitors. I argued with them and when they saw I was knowledgeable in the law, they told me I had to str!p down for a search. Of course I knew it was wrong, but I did it just to get a chance to see you, but when I was in my br@ and p@n-ties, they started to laugh, and demanded that I take everything off, but I couldn’t do it.

I felt so humiliated by their lewd remarks and gestures and ran almost n-ked to my car. So shattered, I told myself I was never going back to that prison. Yes, I know it’s no excuse, and that I should’ve tried ha-rder, but afterwards my bitterness took over because my heart was bleeding, and I just wanted to be free from that torment. I’m so sorry, Chris-Love. plea-se forgive me.
Chris looks up at her, and then he encircles her w@!st with his arms, and his face is still pressed into her belly.

I’m so sorry my Princess, for that harrowing experience you went throu-gh. I’m sure Cuger was behind that. He wanted to break my spirit, and he knew one way of achieving that was to make me believe you abandoned me. Let’s move on from the past. I’m here now. I only survived in that prison because of you. I wanted to see you again even if you were with another man.
She traces her hands on hisl-ips and gazes de-eply into his eyes.

Make me yours again, Chris-Love! Missed you soooo much. I’ve hungered for your aura, for your halo. Your cu-pid’s Bow has never left my heart!
His raises his head and pu-lls her closer.
He has missed her so much.
He thirsts for her.
She’s his air!
She care-sses his head, and presses herself closer to him.
She runs her f!ngerson his n-ked shoulders, and runs tender f!ngersdown on the terrible wounds on his back, feeling his pain.

It all makes perfect s-en-se now.
Cuger has never forgiven Chris for taking out his eye, and in prison the policeman had made sure that Chris went throu-gh the worst of experiences, and she had made it worse by staying away.
She is sure that Cuger is p@rt of this evil plan to kill Chris or get him back to prison.
She is afraid of Cuger lifting f!ngerprints of Chris from the scene and from the police sedan, and implicating Chris.

Effe plans of scaring Cuger, maybe with the threat that she has the Darlett confession tapes, but that can wait.
Now is not the time to be scared.
This moment, right here, is the time for living.
The moment to live.
With her man.
The only man.
She bends and k!sses him, gently pushing him onto the be-d.
Effe pu-lls away moments later and walks slowly to the door and locks it.
She turns slowly and faces him.

Put on the lights, my Angel, I want to see you. I want to see every tiny inch of your b©dy. I have been starved of you.
Effe remembers.
She has never forgotten.
He always wanted to see her, and she always wanted to see the love on his face as he made pas-sionate sweet love to her.
She is so emotional as she switches on the lights, feeling so s£ntimental that tears fill her eyes.

Chris walks to her and presses her to the door with a k!ssthat makes them both g@sp for air when they manage to pu-ll ap@rt.
She drops the morning robe on the floor.
Chris pushes his hand throu-gh the negligee and t©uçhes her brea-sts, elongating her n!ppl!s, s£nding shivers of plea-sure though her.
Effe feels h0t, so h0t with de-sire, and runs her hand gently up his erection, ma-king him m0@n with a guttural explosion of plea-sure.
He pu-lls her negligee off in one quic-k sweep.
He st©ps for a brief moment to stare at her with a hunger so strong and fierce that it makes the de-epest hearts of hell pale to luxurious bliss, and then he lifts her and crushes her against his che-st in a sweet torture of a k!ss.

Chris pu-lls her br@ off in a simple cli-ck of the hooks and slowly peels off her p@n-ties.
She knows how much he loves seeing her from behind, how her exquisite shape always takes his breath away.
She turns to him slowly, her hands on her brea-sts, her n!ppl!s ha-rd , and she sees that he is fully erect, and his eyes are half-shut, and he is p@n-ting with de-sire.
Effe feels the slight throb in her loins, the de-sire trick-ling down her inner th!ghs.
He lifts her and carries her to the be-d, hisl-ips blazing a scorching path down her throat.
He puts her gently on the be-d.
Without a word he turns and goes to the bathroom while she lies breathless.
He returns after a while with a white towel around his w@!st.

Walking slowly towards her, she marvels at how incredibly handsome he is.
He suddenly swings her into his arms and, k!ss!ngher, carries her to the bathroom.
Time st©ps, and it feels like Effe’s heart will bur-st with happiness as she surrenders herself to him.
He puts her in the Jacuzzi, and she feels the sweet lukewarm water over her b©dy, made heavenly by the soaps and fragrant lotions he has added.
She closes her eyes and m0@n s as he gently bathes her, his hands whispering all over her b©dy, his f!ngersfilled with fire and ice.
Her b©dy has never known such plea-sure.
She cries silently, filled with a love so powerful, a de-sire so strong, that she wishes time will never move again.
His sweet hands loves her b©dy from her face to her toes.

He drains the soapy water and cleans her with fresh lukewarm water.
He lifts her up, sets her on the drying patch, picks a towel, and gently dries her b©dy, pausing to k!ssherl-ips, her ears, her eyelids, her throat, her n£¢k, her n!ppl!s…
Chris dries her b©dy and kneels down to dry her legs.
His ton-gue finds her ñ@v£l and travels down s-en-sously and rests on the juncture of her th!ghs.

She m0@n s and trembles as his ton-gue works on her, and she reaches furiously for him, but he steps out of her reach.
He carries her to the be-d, takes a gentle b©dy splash, and gently mas-sages her, lingering on her core zones, driving her so crazy that she is like in a permanent fissure of volcanic plea-sure.
Time and again she reaches for him, m0@n s for him, but he stays maddeningly out of reach.
She is simply leaking!
He leaves her, and she m0@n s with frustration, but he smiles lovingly and goes to the bathroom.
He returns a few minutes later and stands looking down at her with his face filled with a love so de-ep, an adoration so perfect, a craving so h0t, a nee-d so insatiable and a worsh!pso flawless that her tears fall gently as the power of the moment grips her relentlessly.

If you don’t make love to me now, I’ll die, or I’ll kill you, Chris-Love.
He drops the towel, his face filled with adoration.

Effe…my angel. My breath. My life.
When he drops beside her their k!ssis as fierce as the exotic depths of the most powerful volcano.
She turns him on his back and straddles him.
Chris gives off a de-ep gro-an .
A m0@n she is so familiar with.
A m0@n that means he cannot take it anymore.
And a m0@n that means he is re-ady.
She takes him and guides him slowly inside her warm sweetness.
He g@sps, and his hands come up to cu-p her brea-sts, his thumbs elongating her excited n!ppl!s.

She falls forward, herl-ips seeking his violently, desperately.
They fall into the old rhythm as if they have never been ap@rt.
She m0@n s and g@sps as wave after wave of plea-sure engulfs her.
He is p@n-ting, his arms around her, going down her w@!st, ru-bbing s-en-suously across her th!ghs, coming up to grasp her beautiful bu-ttocks, c@r£ss!ngher, loving her, killing her with love.
Hisl-ips blaze a sweet song along her throat, her ears and on herl-ips.

Oh, oh, oh… Chris-Love!
She moves in frenzy on him, racing towards that cli-max.

(gro-an ing)
Oh, Ah, oh Loorrrd! Slow down, Angel! Missed you so much! I don’t wanna explode now… make it last! I don’t want it to st©p!

(gro-an ing)
I … can’t st©p! Oh, Chris-Love! Don’t st©p! Don’t … st©p!! Push me, Chris-Love, push me haaaaarrrrd!!!
Love you. Love you! Oh, I love you! Don’t st©p Chris! I want all of you. I want you bad!
They grasp each other ti-ghtly, as if for survival, and they both reach the penultimate, and their muffled screams are evidence of the incredible volcanic explosion ripping them ap@rt!
Screams of  love starved, of pas-sion repressed, of basic bestial craving throttled…for far too long!
It is love…in its purest form!

To be continued

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