THE JAILBIRD (Episode 45)

THE JAILBIRD ®18 SNVL (Episode 45) ©Aaron A.A 

Fii is in uniform today, and he gets to his feet with a broad smile as Chris carefully puts the tray down.
Fii then crushes him in a fierce hvg.

Chris, Chris, Chris! Boy, am I glad to see you!
Chris looks warily at Baaba. Since that night, she had attacked him he had not seen her again.
She had s£nt text messages and called him to apologize, but he has kept out of her way strictly.
He had told himself that Eyram is right; Baaba is unbalanced, and as much as Chris had wanted to help her get over the trauma of being abused by her father, he knows she is quite dangerous.
Her mood swings are absolutely lethal, and he doesn’t know what she is capable of doing from one second to the next.
A phrase, a look, an innocent action can set her off into that volcanic rage he has experienced twice alre-ady.
He had had the unplea-sant feeling that she had wanted to kill him.

Glad to see you, sir. Very glad to see you. A picatonto salad, the best, just for you.

Sit down, Chris.

I can’t, sir. Too much pressure. Tell you what, we open at two in the afternoon on Sundays, so I’ll come over tomorrow morning and have a church service with the guys. I miss that.

(excited) Really? That will be grand. The boys will be so happy. Especially Darlett Thompson. There is a strong possibility that Darlett will be re-leased soon, Chris. His case has gone for review after new evidence was unearthed.
Chris Bawa’s face breaks into a hvge grin, and in spite of himself he sits down at the table.

Wow. Darlett? Damn! That is great news. He always told me he didn’t steal that car, but that his p@rtner framed him for that crime. That’s great news indeed!
Suddenly Chris big left middle f!nger is gr@bb£d, and he looks around and sees Junior standing beside him, his mouth full with chicken.

Chris, heart bur-sting with joyful love, sweeps his son into his arms and plants a k!sson his cheeks as Junior giggles insanely and wriggles.

My son, sir. Champ, meet a friend of mine, Jon Fii.

(smiling tenderly)
Yes, the famous Chris Bawa Junior! I saw you on television. The boy who bought this place for his father!
Junior’s face splits into a hvge grin of pride as Jon Fii shakes his hand.

plea-sed to meet you, sir.

Oh, call me Uncle Fii. You look so much like your father, it’s amazing.

He’s my father and I should look like him.
They all bur-st into laughter, and Baaba reaches out and shakes Junior’s hand.

Hello, Junior. Happy to meet you again after the fun we had at the beach. plea-se tell your father I’m very sorry okay? He’s angry at me, and I believe if you ask him to forgive me, he will.
Junior looks at his father and frowns, and then he wags a foref!nger at him.

Daddy, Sunday School teacher says we should forgive each other like, erm… seven times? No, no, no, she said like seventy times?

(spooning salad into his mouth)
Seventy times seven times.

Woow! That’s radical! You know the Bible too, Uncle Fii?

He is the Chaplain at the prison where I was, Champ!

Awesome! Yes, Jesus says we should forgive seventy times seventy times… is that right, Uncle Chaplain?

(laughing uproariously)
Close enough, son, close enough!

So, you will forgive Miss Baaba… no, wait a minute, are you Missus?

(smiling and showing her hands)
See, no ring. Still Miss Baaba, my dearest boy.


Alright, alright, shut up alre-ady! I forgive her!
They all laugh, and Baaba suddenly draws Junior into a warm embr@ce.

Thank you, Junior! I owe you one!
Sitting at Table 15, Effe and Eyram look across at them with conflicting emotions.
With them is Rupert Henderson who is eating beef noodles.
Effe recognizes Baaba, the prison officer who seems to be so besotted with Chris.
She sees Baaba hvgging Junior, and she sees the way Chris looks so happy and comfortable in her pres£nce, and she feels a sudden blast of insane jealousy which she tries unsuccessfully to curb.
Eyram is furious.
She has not seen Chris and Baaba together since that terrible night.
She has as-sumed Chris has cut all ties with the mad girl, but evidently, judging by the way they are behaving, they are still in contact with each other.
Rupert looks at her sudden tense face, and he experiences a mild bout of jealousy himself.
It is true Eyram had convinced him that there is nothing between her and that Chris boy, and that there will be nothing between them, but he just cannot shake off the feeling that all is not as it seems.
After a moment Victor Nyenku emerges and looks for Chris.
He quic-kly approaches Chris and leans down.

Problem, sir. We’re sold out!
Chris gets to his feet, and he struggles to keep his face straight.

Sold out.

Completely! And there’s still a queue. What we gonna do?

Well, has the technician finished installing the Public Announcement System?

Yes, I heard him testing it a couple of times.

Right. s£nd one of the boys to make an announcement that we’re temporarily out. Next orders will start in forty minutes. Then come to the kitchen. We gotta cook!

Yes, Chef!
Chris and Jon Fii embr@ce again, and then he hurries towards the kitchen.
Baaba calls his name, and he st©ps.
She comes towards him and st©ps in front of him, and she smiles sadly at him.

I’m really sorry, Chris. I’m sorry for attacking you. I don’t know what c@m£ over me. You’re the only man my heart has ever craved, and still craves. You’ll have to be patient with me. I know you love Effe. I’ve accepted it, and I won’t try to hurt that relationsh!p. It’s just that, if you’re angry with me, I feel this pain in my heart.
I can’t eat, I can’t breathe, I can’t think straight. I’m constantly in pain. But when you’re fine with me, it is the only time I feel happy. plea-se don’t push me away, Chris, plea-se. You know this love thing is new for me. plea-se, I’m begging you, just be my friend.
Chris stares at her, and he cannot doubt her sincerity.
His anger towards her slowly dissipates, and he reaches out for her, and he hvgs her.
She puts her arms around him and hvgs him ti-ghtly.

It’s okay, Baaba.

(voice muffled against his che-st)
Thank you, Chris. I love you so much.
He breaks from her and moves quic-kly out of sight.
Baaba smiles, and then sees that Junior is suddenly standing by her side, and he is looking quite grim.

Hey, what’s it, little man?

Do you really really really want to be my friend, Auntie Baaba?

Yes, more than anything, my dear.

Then you shouldn’t do that hvggy hvggy thing and that face-l!çk!ng things with my Daddy. I want my Mommy to do that with my Daddy. Remember I told you that at the beach?
Baaba laughs heartily at that, and then she embr@ces Junior.

I promise, Junior. I won’t do that!
Junior smiles, takes her hand, and they walk back to Jon Fii.
Effe gets to her feet.

Ef? Where to?

To get my son. I’m beginning to dislike that Baaba girl big time.

Let him be, Ef. Sit down. He’s okay. You’ll embarras-s him.
Effe looks at her sister, and as she sits down again slowly she has a slight frown on her face.
Something is happening. In the past, she and Eyram had always been on the same frequency, the same wavelength. They had that common instincts that is so peculiar in twins.
But lately, it seems she and Eyram are operating on different angles, no more converging but almost as if they are always on parallels.
That clos£ness is somehow strained, and Effe just can’t place a f!nger on what is happening.
Lately she has been feeling a bad vibr@tion, some level of animosity from her twin sister.
She knows Eyram has always defended  Chris, but that had never come between them.
Nowadays there is almost a slow wall building up between them, and Effe does not like it one bit.

To be continued…..

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