THE JAILBIRD (Episode 36)

THE JAILBIRD ®18 SNVL (Episode 36)
 ©Aaron A.A 

Junior will not st©p pushing because he does not un-derstand why his parents cannot accept his plan.
He is sure his Dad will make a good Chef and get a lot of money if things are done right.
And he has done his own little research since the idea crossed his mind.
He is sure it is the way to go.

(wagging a f!nger at him)
No-no, no-no, Daddy. If you go to Google you’ll see that the most famous chefs are men! Your food is nicer than the food at TASTE BUDS, which made me poopoo the whole night. Daddy, plea-se plea-se plea-se plea-se I don’t want you to fight, plea-se plea-se plea-se promise me you won’t fight!

Hey, Champ! That’s what I know how to do! I’m not going to fight! I just nee-d to set up a training school and find talented guys and train them. That’s what I’m good at.
Effe sees Chris’ exasperation.
She walks up to him and stands gazing into his tortured eyes.

He’s right, Chris, and you know it. You nee-d money to set up a Goju training school again, and think of all the training equipment you nee-d in there. This eatery is available. You might not even have to cook yourself. You can hire cooks and instruct them. And, I must admit, your noodles was something else.
Chris’ eyes ha-rd en, and he looks at her bitterly.

What do you care, Effe? Don’t pretend you care about me! You have your Steve, stick to him and leave me alone!
Effe g@sps as if he has physically sl@pped her.

Chris turns and walks away. He goes to stand in front of the eatery and looks into the glas-s for a long time.
Greatly emotional, he pas-ses a hand across his face, and then repeatedly runs a hand throu-gh his hair. He sighs heavily, stands up straighter, turns and walks back.
He stands in front of his son, and then he smiles wanly.

Alright. For you, Champ. I’ll do it. Thank you.
Tears fall down Junior’s face.
He walks forward, puts his arms around his father’s th!ghs and hvgs him ti-ghtly.
Madam Didi exhales de-eply, and brushes tears from her eyes.

Well! Such love! I’m so proud to be p@rt of this moment.
Effe feels a lump in her throat looking at her son and the man who used to be her husband, the only man whose single look either made or broke her joy.
Oh, Chris! Why did you have to r@p£ Elaine? I can forgive you every other thing but that! Oh, dear, I miss you, you don’t know just how much I miss you!
As if he has heard the words in her heart Chris looks up suddenly, and his eyes locks with Effe’s.
He gently puts Junior aside and walks slowly towards Effe.
Effe begins to shudder as tears form in her eyes. She knows that walk, that look, that moment.
In the past, sometimes it happened like that. It didn’t matter where they were…at home, at a restaurant, in town, at the office…
Whenever their eyes met like that, whenever that loud silence pas-sed between them, and he began to look like that, to walk like that, to live the mood like that, they always ended up finding the nearest pri-vate sp©t and ma-king tender love.
She can see it in his eyes now, and she is sure it is reflected in hers. She g@sps, herl-ips p@rt, and it takes all her effort not to run to him and feel hisl-ips crushing hers.
He st©ps in front of her. His eyes are half-slits, and she feels him ma-king the most herculean effort not to take her in his arms.

I’m sorry, Effe. Didn’t mean to speak to you like that.
She nods, and a couple of tears roll down her cheeks.

That’s alright, Tiger.
The endearment she used to call him, only on very special moments when their love has been fulfilled by the most inti-mate of t©uçhes, or the sweetest of looks, or the most enchanted magical moment.
It startles both of them, and they stare at each other, the power of the tension so strong that she knows that if something doesn’t happen soon they would be lost in that craziness.
It is Junior who suddenly pops up between them.

You two are not really really really going to do that l!çk!ng face thing here, are you?
His voice breaks the web, and Effe looks down with a little sound.
Chris turns from her, and slowly f0rç£s himself to approach Madam Didi.
He is trembling, and realizes just how much he has missed her.
His soul yearns for her, craves for her, nee-ds her! His love for her is tearing him ap@rt. He extends his hand to Madam Didi.

Thank you. Thank you very much.
She does not take his hand. She rather gives him a sudden hvg and sighs de-eply.

Ah! Let’s sit down and talk details then. You have a wonderful son, Mr. Bawa.

plea-se call me Chris. Yes, yes, I know. He’s an angel.
Chris feels Junior’s hand on his left middle f!nger, and he looks down and smiles a wolfish grin into his son’s face… and the boy has exactly the same wolfish grin on his face.
Effe, being a t©p-sh0t lawyer, agrees to work on the do¢v-mentation for the change of ownersh!pof DIDI’S.
She drops off Junior at home. She has to be in the office, and for the first time in many years she wishes she didn’t have to go.
Junior, not surprisingly, convinces his father to stay with him a while.
Chris, evidently, does not want to stay because Ivy Kedem is around, but in the end Junior has his way, as usual, and takes his father to his room.
Effe quic-kly walks out to the car again, and she feels elated that Chris is with Junior.
Her mother follows her to the car, and there is a look of great concern on her face.

(placating) Listen, Ef, my darling, I don’t want to be the overbearing mother, but I believe you’re ma-king a great mistake. You shouldn’t entertain that man here!

Mama! I’m not entertaining him! Junior wants to be with him. He’s his father! I don’t see anything wrong with that.

I know, my dear. But how would you explain it to Steve? You spent the whole morning out. I don’t even want you leaving him alone with Junior. The man is a drug add!çt, abuses alcohol, R@p£d your friend, as-saulted an old man, probably killed his s£nior brother, he even-

(aghast) MAMA! plea-se!

Just warning you, dear, just warning you. You shouldn’t leave that boy alone with that man!

He’s not a stranger! He’s my son’s father, and he loves
Junior fiercely, and one thing I’m certain of is that he’s not ever going to do drugs in front of the boy!

I’m just telling you to be careful. You’ve got something beautiful going with Steve. I saw how devastated you were when Chris broke your heart. He’s not capable of loving you as you should be loved. Just be careful, my love.

(sighing) Alright, thank you, Mama.
Effe gets angrily into her car and drives to her office.
In the office, she spends two hours in a meeting with her s£nior p@rtners.
She had started as a lawyer at the firm, handling their corporate portfolios. She had been ambitious, smart and extremely resourceful.
Effe had taken her cases seriously, and so far had never lost a case in court.
The Attorney-General had started pushing s-en-sitive and vital cases to her, and she has won all. With the growth in her resourcefulness and competence, she had eventually made p@rtner.
After the meeting she meets with some European, North American and Asian clients for an hour, and then she quic-kly goes to her luxurious office and calls home.
Her mother informs her that Chris and Junior are still in the boy’s room.

They went to the kitchen and ate, then they went back to Junior’s room.

I see. Anyway, I’ve finished what I c@m£ to do. I’m coming home so that Chris can leave.

Hurry up then, dear. I want to s£nd some  lunch to your Dad.

To be continued… 

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