The honeymoon final Episode

💒👫 The Honeymoon
🙈 Episode 11
I lost the zeal for work that day. I couldn’t even face my colleagues
anymore. All I wanted was to be alone, alone with my God. I
knew I had made mistakes alre-ady, I was too careless, I got carried
away by her fake hospitality. I have never come across such an
height of desperation in any lady in my entire life. My heart was
pounding, my head was aching, my legs turned to jelly . I knew I
had to seek the comfort of my room that very moment. I headed
towards the school gate and home, I went.
I neither saw nor heard anyone all the way home, even though I
walked throu-gh the market. I felt alone in the whole wi-de world.
All I knew was that I entered my room and sat on the be-d. I
ruminated over the recent turn of events. I regretted the fact that I
didn’t tell my colleague, the one I visited the previous night about
my encounter with Faith. If only I did, I would have a witness. I
knelt near my be-d and cried to God for repentance. My tears flowed
freely. The most painful aspect of the whole matter was that I have
always been the one preaching Jesus to these colleagues of mine.
Quite painful, so shameful…
My cell phone rang suddenly interrupting my thoughts. I trembled
when I saw the caller. It was the Coordinator of the Christian
Corpers’ Fellowsh!p
. After the greetings c@m£ the instruction: “Bro Dayo, your
attention is nee-ded at the Christian Corpers’ Lodge this evening
plea-se, we nee-d to clarify some issues… ” Jesus! ” I whispered. I felt
like dying immediately. My guess is as good as yours. Faith had
gone to the Coordinator’s PPA to report me to him. She told him
the same lies.
I actually went to the Corpers’ Lodge to see the coordinator that
very evening. He was really a spiritually matured brother. After he
had told me everything Faith said, he asked me what I had to say
concerning it. I narrated everything to him from the beginning to
the end. He listened with ra-pt attention. After I ceased talking, he
spoke to me in clear words that resto-red my hope, I will never
forget him. He said: “Bro Dayo, while Corper Faith was talking, I
s-en-sed it in my spirit that something was wrong somewhere. I
knew you must have made some mistakes and I think by now, you
have learnt your lessons but I pray the LORD will fight for you. I
will get in t©uçh with you once I am able to speak with Corper
I thanked him and dragged my feet home. I slumped on my be-d
and cried, “LORD, plea-se vindicate me!” I decided to embark on a
3day dry fasting which commenced the following day. I refused to
go out of my room except for when I nee-ded to bathe or use the
toilet. I didn’t bother going to work.
My major prayer points were that of repentance and that the
LORD should vindicate me. I didn’t see Faith all throu-gh the three
days I spent at home but I overheard one of the neighbours telling
someone that she travelled to her home town.
A loud knock on my door on the third day of my fasting woke me
up from sleep. It was in the afternoon, I just finished praying
before I sle-pt off…
I struggled to get off my be-d, i was weak alre-ady. Reluctantly, I
walked to the door after I recognized the voice of one of my
colleagues amidst other voices. I opened the door… I was surprised
and at the same time scared to see the same set of people that Faith
had deceived earlier. My heart skipped a beat. I checked to see if
Faith was among them but she wasn’t. I only noticed a young
woman whose face wasn’t really familiar to me but she had a
striking resemblance with Faith. Beside her stood a little girl of
about three years old…
“Call upon me in the day of trouble and I will answer you…” God
is our pres£nt help in time of nee-d. Ever faithful, ever sure!
🙈 Episode 12
Still in my astonished state, I invited them into my room. Though
it was a small room, it still managed to accommod@t£ my
unexpected visitors. Some sat on my mattress, someone sat on the
chair, while the rest managed to lean on my re-ading table. I stood
in the middle of the room, my tiredness forgotten, eager to know
their mission. One of the corp members introduced the lady with a
child as Helen and the little girl, Brenda . I greeted them, my mind
still unsettled about the purpose of their visit. The fact that Helen
resembled Faith so much troubled me the more…
One of them began to explain the purpose of their visit, “Helen here
c@m£ to our PPA this afternoon, she c@m£ looking for Faith. She
wasn’t sure of where Faith worked so she c@m£ directly to our
school since it was the nearest to the motor park where she
alighted, with the belief that even if she wasn’t there, other corp
members should be able to know her. So, we offered to bring her to
Faith’s ap@rtment since we all alre-ady planned to check on you
today to know why you didn’t come to work, your line has been
switched off too…
“I see”. I answered tiredly, heaving a sigh of relief. Helen then
addressed us, “thanks again Corpers, God bless you
. I am Faith’s elder sister. Her phone number hasn’t been getting
throu-gh for a long time now. The last time I spoke with her was
two months after she was posted here. It’s five weeks to your
pas-sing out now, yet I couldn’t get throu-gh to her till now.
Though, she did s£nd text messages with one strange number once
in a while to as-sure us at home that she is fine but whenever we try
the line, it was always switched off. So I decided to take the pain
to travel down to see her today, and most importantly, her
daughter here, Brenda wouldn’t let me sleep. She wanted to see her
mum, she cried all throu-gh yesterday…”
“Daughter!? Father Lord! Where did that come from? Wow! That
is strange, she never talked of any daughter”, I thought. I was
stunned where I stood listening to Helen. The other corp members
exchanged quic-k glances. They were equally surprised too but we
all quic-kly pla-yed along and as-sured her that her sister is safe. I
also added the fact that although I didn’t see her for the past two
days, I heard a neighbour telling someone that she travelled to her
“Travelled to her hometown?” Helen asked surprised. “But she isn’t
home yet,” she added, fear written in her voice. I calmed her down
and gave her another phone number throu-gh which she could reach
Faith. She reached for her phone and dialed the number
immediately but she didn’t pick up.
. After trying several times, the line was later said to be switched
off. “Why is Faith behaving like a mad dog?” Helen shouted in
She thanked us and begged to take her leave because she didn’t
want to get back to their town late in the night. The cute little girl
tugged at Helen’s cloth and asked, “Where’s mummy?”
“Don’t worry sweetheart, she will meet us at home,” Helen replied.
The girl wasn’t convinced but they had to leave anyway… “Say bye
-bye to Uncles and Aunties,” Helen instructed her. “Byeeeeeee”,
little Brenda waved and we all responded. I felt for her though…
There was a perfect silence after they left. One could hear the sound
of a pin drop. At last, one of the ladies spoke. ” “Heeeeheeeheee!”
She exclaimed, cl@pping her hands in the process. She continued, ”
see me see wonder, v!rg!ndey born pikin?! I thought Faith said
you were the one that deflowered her Dayo???!”
Dear re-aders, Who can answer this JAMB question abeg? plea-se
🙈 Episode 13(final)
shrugged my shoulders and replied, “that is because you people
chose to believe her. I tried to explain myself that very day, but you
were not re-ady to listen to me, she lied all throu-gh.”
I explained the original version of the story to them in details, how
we got so close as friends, and how she later tried to lure me into
having S-x with her but she failed…
In short, the truth finally c@m£ out and I was justified
They were all really sorry for jumping into conclusion in the first
place. “We should have known, how could a lady be so bold to the
extent of declaring the number of times she had committed
ab-ortion, in the public for that matter? We should have been
suspicious but we were bought by her lies, probably because of the
crocodile tears she was shedding.” One of the ladies replied
“Anyway, I will advise that you steer clear of her and be more
careful in future . She is too dangerous and desperate. Only God
knows where she is now, yet she told people that she was travelling
to her home town. She must be a ‘runs girl’.” One of the guys
responded and added, “by the way, why didn’t you come to work
all these while?”
“Well, I decided to stay back at home. I was really shocked with
all the lies she told that I had to go into a 3day fasting in order
for God to come to my aid and as you can all see, HE did.
“Hmmmmmm! They all chorused, nodding their heads, God did
hear your prayers after all
. All glory to God. He truly answers prayers. He is faithful…”
I saw them off and c@m£ back to my room with a renewed form of
energy. I felt an exceedingly great joy within me, it was as if a big
burden was lifted off my shoulders. I bur-st into songs of praise. I
praised God till 6pm, then I broke my fast. I called the Corper’s
fellowsh!pcoordinator and told him about the encounter I had and
how God fought for me. He praised God with me and advised me
to move into the Christian Corpers’ lodge till we finally pas-s out. I
took to his advice immediately.
I moved my belongings the following day, I couldn’t afford to
take any chances, it would be safer for me to stay there, who
knows the strategy Faith may want to use again…?
I saw less of Faith since then. She c@m£ to my PPA twice, trying
to gain some sympathy from my colleagues but they all snubbe-d
her, none of us gave her attention, so she gave up…”
Dayo looked at Foluke straight in the eyes and said, “believe me
plea-se Foluke, I never set my eyes on her since we concluded our
Youth Service until this morning that she appeared at the
restaurant. I don’t have an idea of how she got to know about our
wedding or the venue of our honeymoon. I am so sorry that I
didn’t tell you when all these happened. That was the greatest
mistake I made, I thought Faith was gone forever, I never knew
she would resurface in my life again. The most painful p@rt is that
she kept saying ‘I used and dumped her’. I never had S-x with her. I
was a v!rg!nuntil this morning, plea-se believe me.”
Foluke shook her head where she was seated. She uttered not a
word, though she was convinced that what her husband told her
was the truth. At last, she held her husband’s hands and
responded, “we all make mistakes, I made mine too by not telling
you what I pas-sed throu-gh during my childhood. Not confessing
some things about our pasts to each other may have grave
“Forgive me plea-se,” Dayo pleaded.” Of course I have forgiven you
honey, I am sure God led us to each other, I can’t lose you for any
reason, I am sorry too.” Foluke replied.They hvgged each other for
a long time, glad to be reunited again. There was a loud knock on
the door. The couple were surprised, ‘who could that be?’ Foluke
whispered. The door opened. It was Foluke’s mum. She was
surprised to see the couple holding each other closely.”
“What kind of game is this Foluke? I thought you said your
marriage was on fire?” You nearly gave me a high blood pressure.
Foluke’s mum queried angrily. “I am sorry mum, the fire had been
put out.” Glory to God.
“We are sorry mum, it was a slight misun-derstanding”, Dayo put
“Oh really? Do you know how worried I was?” And what kind of
misun-derstanding was that just a few hours after you two were
joined together in holy matrimony? You children of nowadays, I
don’t seem to un-derstand… “It’s alright mommy,” Foluke cut in.
The devil only waged a war but he had been defeated.”
“Hallelujah!” Dayo replied, ” we are victorious!”
“It’s alright then,” Foluke’s mum replied, “I shall take my leave. I
am glad all is well. May the peace of the Lord be with you. Your
marriage will be as solid as the rock, unmovable, unshakeable in
Jesus name.”
“Amen!” The couple chorused.
“Now mum, you will nee-d to excuse us plea-se, we nee-d to enjoy
our honeymoon.” Foluke said, holding her husband by the w@!st.
. “Yes mummy,” Dayo concurred.
Foluke’s mum feigned an angry look and hissed. “Unserious souls,
after you dragged me to your honeymoon, now I am the unwanted
visitor right? They all laughed as Foluke’s mum made her way to
the door while the couple followed closely to see her off. On their
way back to the room after mother left, Dayo swept her bride off
her feet into his arms and gave her a pe-ck on her cheek. ” Now,
shall we finish our unfinished business? The devil had been put to
shame!” Yea, Foluke replied happily. Glory to Jesus!
The couple relocated to Abuja a month after their wedding. They
got good jobs and gave birth to two beautiful girls, Sharon and
Samantha. They neither saw nor heard of Faith anymore. The
LORD silenced their accuser.
Foluke and Dayo experienced peace in their marriage because they
allowed Jesus to take the lead in their lives and home.
Dear lady, Are you allowing Jesus to take the lead in your
relationsh!por your home? Foluke was a praying woman, the devil
fled for her. The sh!pof their marriage would have wrecked since
the very first day of their honeymoon but JESUS said no. Allow
Jesus to take charge of the affairs of your life.
With Jesus in the boat, you can smile at the storm.
This story is dedicated to all Single Brothers and Sisters of
marriageable age, may your marriage be blissful. Amen
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