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The hollen series 2 Episode 62

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦EPISODE 62👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Writers POV


It was April 10th. Three more days to his first
birthday, and she was alre-ady planning a hvge
surprise for him.
His tiny heart de-sired one thing and one thing
only. His mother knew just what that was, and
she was going to give it to him on his very
first birthday.
The following day, she had set out and
prepared for her gift to him, and to herself as
well. She had s£nt in her resignation letter to
the the law firm, where she had worked for six
months, and booked a flight to Brooklyn, New
At six p.m., they had alre-ady landed and were
ma-king their way to their home.
Although there were strict guards at the hvge,
familiar gate, they were let in without
hesitation. After all, the little one with her was
the heir to everything around them.
She stepped out of the taxi with her son in her
arms. She took a de-ep breath, inhaling and
absorbing the fresh scents surroundings
around her. She walked up to the main
entrance’s double doors and pushed them
The house was quiet. She knew he wasn’t at
home– that he was still at the office, but she
decided to wait and surprise him. He would
not be expecting this.
The maids, eventually, greeted her and
acknowledged her pres£nce in the house. The
chefs provided them with meals. The two, who
traveled almost three thousand miles,
eventually [email protected]£ exhausted and jet lagged.
They snuggled up on the large L-shaped
couch– newly purchased– and watched
cartoons, eventually they fell into a comfortable
He had just arrived home from the office. He
parked his car into his garage and strolled up
to the doors in front of him. He loos£ned his
n£¢k tie and held onto his briefcase as he
pushed the door and walked towards the living
Without even noticing the two slee-ping figures
on his couch in the living room, he walked
past them and went to the stairs.
He st©pped when he saw the television in the
living room was on and an animated movie
was showing. His maids didn’t watch
television, nor the chefs. So who could have
been in his house looking at cartoons on his
eighty-inch, flat screen, smart television?
His feet took him over to the living room, and
that was when his heart raced around with
happiness. He was speechless. He was
definitely not expecting to see them back in
his house. He had alre-ady made plans to fly
out to L.A. to spend time with his son on his
first birthday. But, instead, they were alre-ady
back and in his house.
“Jasmine,” he said softly. He picked his
slee-ping son up and shook Jasmine’s arm
She stirred.
“Sweetie, wake up.”
She opened her eyes and adjusted her vision
to the man who held her heart, no matter how
far away she was from him.
“Hi,” she answered as she sat up and rubbe-d
the sleep away from her eyes.
He stood there, arms around his son, and
looked at the woman his heart de-sired more
and more everyday. It was a torture for him to
live without her– without seeing her face and
holding her against his impressive che-st. Life
had taken enough from them.
He held out his hand to her, and holding his
son against him with the other. He led them
upstairs to his master be-droom.
He had redesigned it. He’s changed the be-d
and thrown away all the sheets he had scre-wed
the wrong woman on. He wanted nothing the
same from the awful past he had had with a
snake in the [email protected]
He’d remained single and kept on praying, to
the God he believed in, to let the right woman
and his son come back home to him.
His prayers had been answered. But he wasn’t
too certain why she was here, so he wasn’t
about to go melting. She could have just come
for a visit and would leave after Jevan’s
He placed his son down on his big,
comfortable be-d, and he sat on the edge of
the be-d and pu-ll-ed her into his [email protected] He inhaled
her sweet, flowery scent and remembered all
the good times they had together.
“How are you?” he asked.
She saddled herself, facing him, and undid his
tie. She always wanted to undress him.
“I’m fine. How are you?”
“Words cannot describe this feeling. I’m so
happy that the both of you are here.”
“We knew you’d be surprised,” she replied with
the sweet, soft voice she owned.
“How long are you here for?” he asked, hoping
she’d stay forever and not hurt his heart
“He wants his daddy for his birthday, so I
figured I’d just show up and surprise you with
His face changed to pure sadness 😔 and
his b©dy slumped. She was only here for
Jevan’s birthday, and, after that day was over,
she’d be leaving and taking the rest of his
heart along with her.
“Okay” was his only response.
“Why so sad?” she asked, paying attention to
his sudden change. “You’re not happy that we’re
“Of course, I am.”
“Then, what’s the problem?” she asked as she
made herl-ips approach his n£¢k. He missed
her t©uçhes and her sweetl-ips.
“Jasmine, I really miss you.”
“And I miss you, too.” She had been fighting
against the feeling in her heart for far too long.
Love couldn’t be fought, and the love she
shared for him couldn’t fade away, no matter
how she tried.
“plea-se stay,” he begged. He had been
begging for her to come back and start a
family with him whenever he visited them in
L.A. But Jasmine always was stubborn and
wasn’t availing to his words.
“I have no intention of leaving.”
His eyes popped open and his heart started
beating with happiness. All the nerves in his
b©dy, which had gone numb the day she
rejected him at the hospital, woke up with
“You’re going stay?” he asked, ma-king sure his
ears hadn’t deceived him.
“I can’t fight the feeling anymore, Evan. I love
“I love you too, Jasmine.”
Theirl-ips crashed together.
She saw fireworks and he saw shooting stars.
They had missed each other so much, but now
they were back together, and with a child they
shared. No f0rç£ on earth was going to st©p
him from doing right by his little family; the
family he had always wanted.
“Da Da.” They heard a tiny voice saying behind
They laughed against each other’sl-ips as they
pu-ll-ed away from the k!ssand turned around to
the bundle of joy wi-de awake on the be-d and
looking at his parents with a big smile on his
Evan, Jasmine, and Jevan were finally going to
become a family.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦EPISODE 63(FINALE)👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦


Three weeks later

Jasmine’s POV

Evan and I had been lying in be-d when an idea
crossed my mind. I had realized that there
were so such to him that I didn’t know about
as yet and so many unanswered questions.
I gently tugged on his shoulder and he turned
towards me with a smiling face and messy
“Can’t sleep?” he asked.
“Can I ask you something?” I asked, ignoring
his question.
“Sure, what is it?”
“Why do you give women white roses when
you’re throu-gh with them?”
He chuckled and ran his hands over his face.
“When I was a little boy, I used to go to my
great grandmother’s house a lot before she
[email protected] Right before she got sick, she started
planting a garden of white roses, and I
@ssisted her sometimes. Right before the very
first blo-ssom of the roses, she [email protected] She
never got the chance to see her white garden,
and I took it very [email protected] So, I use white roses
to tell women goodbye, and that they’re dead
to me.”
I was shocked. I had absolutely no idea that
the meaning to the white roses was that de-ep.
I @ssumed that it was only a nice, but twisted,
gesture to his one-night stands and ex-
“How many women received white roses?”
He looked at me and let out a low sigh. “Like,
really Jasmine, you want to know about that
right now?”
“Yes. You were the one who said that we need
to know more each other, so I’d like to know
about your one-night stands and your ex-
girlfriends. How many were there and what
were their names?”
“Okay. To be honest, I had three one-night-
stands with three actresses. Their names were
Julia Starlet, Rose Carter and Angeline Pope.”
I shook my head. Julia, Rose and Angeline
were all very famous movie actresses and were
all once beauty models.
“And how many long term relationsh!ps were
there?” I asked.
“From the beginning to the end of high school,
I was involved with Jessica Hills. We were
always off-and-on. The summer after high
school, she left and I met a girl named Elle.
We [email protected]£d for two weeks before we realized
that we were just not right for each other.
“In college, I remained single and more focus
on my education and filling my father’s big
boots– running and managing his company.
“When I [email protected]£ CEO and earned my very first
billion, I was [email protected]!nga model named Savanna
Hemsley. It lasted for two years before I called
it quits and started going out with another
model, Sophie Bertrand. I [email protected]£ somewhat
big-headed and a pla-yboy after breaking up
with Sophie. I started having one-night stands,
but I didn’t like it so much, so, after Julia
Starlet, I wanted a normal relationsh!pwith
someone who wasn’t in it for the money, the
power and the name.
“I fell for you Jasmine, and I fell [email protected] I had
never loved someone the way I loved you, but
you broke my heart when you chose [email protected]’s
side over mine. After that, I felt like I couldn’t
trust you anymore. I used Aria as a way to get
over you, and it was working. Until she showed
her true colors and tried to tear me away from
my own son.
“Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never st©pped loving
you, but Aria appeared to be a great woman,
and I was leaning more towards her than trying
to mend what was lost between you and I. She
hurt you, my son, and she hurt me. I knew you
wouldn’t do such a thing to your own child,
and you wouldn’t hurt me again if you got the
chance to love me once more. So, here we are.
I’m so grateful you [email protected]£ back.”

And, at that, he pu-ll-ed me onto him. His
f!ngerswent throu-gh my hair, and I let out a
soft [email protected] when he stated k!ss!ngmy n£¢k.
“Oh, one more thing, how did you find out
about my mother’s lung condition?”
He looked me in the eyes and smiled. “My
father has his personal medical team who also
work at hospitals around New York. One of the
doctors, Dr. Summers, had your mother sign a
patient non-confidentiality disclosure
agreement form, since her condition was a
matter of life and death. He knew you worked
for me, and he knew that, if I found out about
it, I’d pay to save her life. So, that was how I
found out about her condition and made the
“Thank you so much for doing that, Evan. I had
asked [email protected] for the money and I thought he
was the one who paid it off. That was what
caused the whole drama in the first place. I
hate him so much.”
“It’s okay, baby; that’s in the past. Let’s get
some sleep.” He k!$$£d me, [email protected] his hands
and the lights went out.
The next morning, when Evan had left for work,
I ordered Fisher to take me to the Hollen
family pri-vate airstr!p and had Evan’s pri-vate
pilot fly me to a Los Angeles’ women’s
correctional facility.
“Is she expecting you?” One of the prison
guards asked as she scanned me with a metal
“No, she’s not,” I answered truthfully.
“Okay. Follow me.”
I followed the guard into a large room, which
was dimly decorated with a table and small
chairs on either side. I took a seat in the far
corner of the room with Evan’s words still
floating in my mind from last night. I needed
to know why Aria did what she did when Evan
was in the palm of her hands.
A loud buzzer sounded and I saw her being
esc-rted, in handcuffs, by another female
guard into the room. They made their way over
to me, and when her eyes landed on me they
popped out of their sockets. The guard
ushered her into the seat.
“You have twenty minutes, Goode!” she said
firmly before stepping away, leaving Aria and I
face-to-face with each other.
” I wasn’t expecting you of all people. What are
you doing here?” she let out.
I looked at her and felt pity. She had cut her
hair off and there were bags un-derneath her
eyes. Her small figure made it appeared like
she was drowning in her orange jumpsuit with
no way out.
“I [email protected]£ here for one answer, Aria. Why did you
do what you did?”
“Wow. How disappointing was that question.
You’ve [email protected]£ all this way just to find out why I
did it? Does it even matter why I did it?”
“I had a talk with Evan last night, and he
confessed that if you hadn’t hurt and tried to
tear him away from his own son, then the two
of you would’ve been together. He was trying
to make it work with you; so why did you go
all out to hurt us the way you did?”
She scoffed then laughed. “Evan would have
never made it work with me when it had
always been about you. The first time we made
love, he abs£ntmindedly said your name. He
even calls your name in his sleep sometimes.
When he looks at you, he looks at you with
admiration and love. When he looks at me, I
only see annoyance in his eyes.
“Evan would’ve never gotten married to me. He
loved you too much, and even more when you
gave birth to his son. I once overheard he and
his mother speaking in the kitchen of his
house, and he made it clear that he was with
me because I was ‘a nice person.’
“He had what he wanted, and he only tolerated
me because I helped him get over a broken
heart. The heart that you broke. It hurt me
when I saw the way he still loved and cared
about you, so I wanted to see you hurt
A downpour of tears [email protected]£ from her eyes. She
stood up to leave.
“Aria, wait,” I said, “I forgive you.”
She wiped away her tears with the back of her
hands, which were still in handcuffs. “For what
it’s worth, Jasmine, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for
hurting you and your son and the man who
always loved you and you loved, too. I’m a
terrible person, and I do deserve to be locked
away forever.”
I was speechless, but she was right. She took
a gun to my son, and if I hadn’t taken the
bullet instead, Jevan would have been dead.
She did deserve to be punished for her
“I know Evan would have wanted you to have
this.” I gave her a single white rose, which the
guard allowed me to do. “Goodbye, Aria.”
I got off the tiny chair and walked out of the
Getting back home to my son and my future
husband, I felt relieved and liberated and
plea-sed to be at their sides. There wasn’t a
f0rç£ on earth that could st©p the love I held
for him and my son… our son. The future was
now bright.


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