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July 23, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The hearts Episode 9 to 12

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(He’s her idol💋)

Episode 9🍀

By :Tofunmi Nikky💯




🌸Amy’s pov🌸

“And why should I?”

I gulped and he turned to face me

“I thought that’s my punishment for peeping on you”I burst out

He rough his hair and I grinned from inside-he’s so cute

“Okay,what’s your home address?”he asked and I smiled

“I don’t know it”I said and his eyes widened

“Mind if I get your contact, I will send it to you when I get home”I said

“Seriously? Okay”he finally said,I passed him my phone and we exchanged contact

Next Morning🌼

I sat on the couch watching TV with Patsy, today is Saturday and I guess we have to spend the day at home

📲Hi darling,Patsy said on the phone before walking away,,who is she speaking with anyway?

I fixed my gaze on the TV, my phone rang and I quickly picked the call,Carl?

📲Hello sir,I said and raised my brow

📲Hey,my driver is coming to pick you up,send your address

📲Okay sir,I will. I said and he hanged up

I ran upstairs and flopped on the bed,Am I dreaming??

Am suddenly getting closer to him,oops I need to dress up

I looked at myself in the mirror, I was dressed in a pink tank top with Jean trousers

I packed my hair into a ponytail and glanced at my watch

I walked downstairs and I heard a car horns, am sure the driver is here

I opened the door and hesitated a bit,,

“I have to go somewhere Patsy, see you”I shouted hoping she hear me,,not like she cares anyway

I ran out of the gate and I found a red sport car parked outside, waiting for me

“Hi”I said to the driver, he got down and opened the door immediately he saw me

“Good morning ma’am”he replied and I got inside

He also got behind the wheels and we zoomed off

“So where are we heading to?”I asked him, a little curious

“The rockboys mansion”he said and my eyes always popped out,, I just can’t wait

Soon, the car stopped at the front of a huge gate,the driver horned and the huge gate opened

He zoomed in and turned off the ignition and I stepped out without waiting for him to open the door

My jaw dropped as I looked at the massive building, damn it’s so magnificent

“Good morning ma’am”a female worker walked to meet me,I was still standing at the car side

“I’m asked to bring you”she said and followed her

We entered the mansion and I hurried after her,we passed through many passage and finally,

“She’s here Sir”she said with a bow as we entered a big room


Episode 10📑



💎Amy’s pov💎

I looked at my front to see Carl, facing me with a drink in his hand

“You can go”he said to the lady,she bowed and walked out of the room


“Good morning sir”I said,my head lowered to the floor

“Take that guitar and follow me”he pointed behind me and started walking away

I went to take guitar beside the bed and I was about to turn when I stopped

I looked at the frame beside the side lamp, there was three little boys with a girl in the frame

I guess these are the rockboys but who is that little girl,that’s the least of my problem now

I quickly walked out with the guitar

I stopped at the doorstep and looked to see him walking away from afar,,I followed

I ran to catch up with him, we stopped at the front of a door, he looked at me and I quickly lowered my gaze to the floor

“Come in”he said, I looked up to see him walking inside

I followed and shut the door behind me

I turned to see two of the Rockboys,they sat on a king sized bed with Carl beside them

They all looked at me;

“Don’t tell me she’s the one peeping on you,Carl”Rockboy Roy said

Gosh,I can’t believe he told them, heavens-I wanna disappear right now

“Amy”I heard Carl called,and that’s when I looked up

“That’s Max and that’s Roy”he said pointing to each one of them and I just nod

“We need a female singer among us,the board has chosen about three for us(each group)but we’re asked to bring one”

“If you impress us then you’ll be among the contestant, between now and tomorrow you have to come up with a song,, beat the ones the board are bringing and you’ll join us”Max said

“So are you sure you can do this?”Roy asked and I gulped

Come on Amy, you can do this

“Yes,,I can”

🌺Jenna’s pov🌺
“What are you saying Jenna”he said moving closer

“I want you to be the one to join us,,you can sing and I know that,,please”

He scoff;

“So you can come to me now?there are many cute guys that would love to sing for you”he said and poured himself a drink

“But you’re the one I choose,okay,,what do you want? Am gonna do it”I said and he smiled

“Really?when is the contest?”


Episode 11


👖Jay’s pov👖

“On Monday,I know you can do this”she said, curling a strand of hair on a finger

“Don’t you think it’s kinda weird,a guy among the Rock girls”I said with a scoff and he smiled

“That’s what they want,,”she took her bag on the table and started walking away

“Expect me at school on Monday”I said and she turned to look at me,,I sat on the couch

“Thanks crush”she winked and finally walked out,I can’t help but laugh

So Jenna can call me her crush, who won’t fall for the demigod here

I’m Jay Wilson, A popular artist, my dad is also part on the founder of Poprocks high school,,, I’m every girls crush

🌸Amy’s pov🌸

🎸A perfect world with you
🎸Great moments with you
🎸That’s all I wish for
🎻Baby,would you stay with me
🎻Never ever let go of you

“Wow,,that’s awesome”Rockboy Max said as he clapped his hands

“Don’t tell me that’s our song”Carl said moving closer, I moved back

“I’m a great fan of yours, though I’ve never imagine meeting you guys in real”I said and that’s when he stopped

They all laughed except Carl who just went back to his seat

“You know that Carl? Go to the kitchen and cook”Roy said and I looked at Carl who just rolled his eyes

“Come on guys,,let’s get something to eat”Max said getting up from his seat

“Am not your maid,today you guys have to starve”Carl said and walked out of the room

“Am sorry Carl,, come back”Rockboy Roy said,he rough his hair and ran out

Now am alone with Rockboy Max,,they are fun to be with

He started walking away and I followed behind him,,

He stopped and turned to look at me,

“Amy”he called and I looked at him

“I like your nerves, like you peeped on the great Carl and he did nothing to you,,,you must be someone special”

He said coldly before walking away,,,I followed him

His words rang in my head each second,,

‘You peeped on the great Carl and he did nothing to you’

📍Some minutes later📍
The drive home was great,I got down from the car and waved the driver goodbye

It’s late already, I walked to my room though surprised no one is at home

Just then my phone rang;

📲Hi pal
📲Hi Sandra

📲i’m coming to your house tomorrow

Whaaat!on no

📲No,I will come and pay you a visit

📲Okay,,see you tomorrow

I end the call and flopped on the bed


Episode 12💚💚


💜Amy’s pov💜

I walked out of bed and dashed into the bathroom, I did my things and came out,,

With a towel wrapped around my body,, I quickly put on clothes and walked out of the room

I went to the kitchen, I have to prepare breakfast

I put out some vegetables in the tray,I took a knife and started dicing

Not long after, Patsy walked in with her eyes glued on her phone

” Hey Patsy”I said with a smile

” what’s this you’re cooking? I ordered pizza already “she said

” I just thought I should… ”

” No need for that “she cut in and I looked at her in amazement

We heard the doorbell rang instantly,,

” oops,,I think it’s here already,come on Amy,,come with me ”

She said and started walking away,,what’s this sudden change about

As in Patsy never talked with me this way before,

I packed the stuffs aside and walked out

” hmm thanks Patsy “I said as I munched on the pizza

She didn’t reply but focus on her phone

” Um can I ask you a question “I said and she just nodded

” I noticed you’ve not been paying attention to anything other than your phone,,like you even change towards me ”

She smiled and looked at me,,

” You want to know “she asked and I nod

” I can’t tell you “she snapped and looked away

Geez,,this girl is weird

” Please Patsy,, I won’t tell anyone “I said but she still don’t look at me

” Ok,,fine,, don’t tell me “I said and made to stand up when she held me back

” Fine,I will tell you;but don’t tell anyone ”


” You’re going at night??you wanna follow that guy ” I covered my moth and she scoff

” Don’t you think is dangerous,, you just met this guy not up to a week “I said

” That’s non of your business “she snapped and walked away

” Amy “Sandra screamed as soon as she opened the door

” You finally came “she said and threw herself in my arms

Geez,,she’s choking me

She ushered me in and I was amazed at the huge mansion,, she sat on the couch

“Wow,,your house is great”I said still scanning everywhere

“Thanks “she replied simply

” Where are your parents ?”I asked,, a little curious

“They are fine though,, they aren’t my real parent”she said in a moody way

” oh sorry”

“Guess what,Sharon?”I said and she sat upright

“I’ve been chosen by the Rockboys,,am going to join them ”

Her eyes widened as she jumped on me,,making us roll on the floor

So crazy,,



Love you all😍

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