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August 1, 2021


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The hearts Episode 5 to 8

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(He’s her idol)

Episode 5🍌




🌸Amy’s pov🌸

“Stand there and sing”he uttered, my palm covered my mouth

He stood up and walked to the window, his back resting on the wall as he looked at me

Was that what he told Sandra?

Hell no

There is no way am singing,

“I could have told you to sweep the whole compound”he snarled and I was startled

Someone rushed into the class with heavy pants, I turned to see Sandra

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She slumped to the floor,I ran and squatted before her as I lean closer

“Am f**king tired Amy”she whispers slowly, I helped her on her feet

“Are you done?”he asked jolting me back

I stood at the front of the class with the guitar in my hand, Carl’s back was on me as he stared out of the window

My eyes ran to Sandra, her head on the locker; sleeping_so weird

I strummed on the guitar and I felt a certain connection,, yeah!

Carl smiled,yes he did as he turned to face me

I strummed the guitar again and I suddenly felt a bang on my head,I crumbled on the floor

“Argh”I yelped,Carl ran to me and threw the guitar away

Sandra came to me and my body heats up,a step approached at the doorstep and,,,

,,ran away after seeing me,that’s all i know

I shut my eyes and…blackout

🌀Jenna’s pov🌀

“I wanna cut her into pieces”I said,pissed off

“She’s Amy Morgan”Sara said and I smirked

“Jenna”Rose bumped into the classroom, she walked to meet me and sat next to me on the chair

“What’s new?”I asked as I stoke my hair,who knows what she wanna say this time around

“Carl asked her to sing and guess what?she just crumbled on her feet and…”she was saying when I started walking out of the class


💖Tofunmi Nikky’s pov:

Somewhere in a kingdom💫

The council of elders could be seen in the council chamber, it’s obvious they were all tensed

“I think it time we make her know what she’s born for”a figure said,, as she ran her eyes around

“Yes,it’s time,,,a time to realise her dream,to let her know who she really is”the most elderly woman among them said

“Then let’s swing into action,,it has always been our dream”.


Episode 6💓


🎻Amy’s pov🎻

I opened my eyes as I twitched on the bed, I made to sit up when I discovered a drip was connected to my body.

“You’re awake, feeling better now?”Sandra asked, she sat beside me and I just nodded,and rested my head on her chest

Don’t tell me I’m at the hospital

“What happened Sandra? How did I end up here,please. Tell me”I said, a little quiver in my voice

“You went unconscious,Amy”she said and I raised my head to face her

“Carl brought you to the infirmary, I know he might me feeling bad now”she said;a tears dropped down to my cheek

The door opened and the nurse walked in,she smiled as she walked over to my side

“You’re awake already?you’re fine now”the nurse said and removed the drip

“You can go home now”she said and immediately I heard that, I stood up from the bed and ran out

Sandra kept calling my name as she ran after me,but not for long

She gripped my hand tightly and draw me closer to herself

“What’s wrong with you Amy? No one is at school, we have to go home,okay?”she cupped my cheek and I nodded,,I hugged her tightly


“I’m going to see you tomorrow”she said and started walking away

“Sandra”I called and she stopped, she turn to face me and I walked to meet her

“Um..the day when Carl asked you to come with him.. Hmm what did he asked you to do?”I asked and her face brighten up

“Oops I didn’t tell you,but thank goodness I was only asked to cook”she continued

“I can’t believe he’s gonna eat what I prepared, I mean;with my hands, oh heavens”she touched her chest as she beamed with smile

“Don’t tell you have a crush on him”I snapped at her,she rolled her eyes and ran away but I chased after her

“Bye”she said,I stood by her side as she opened her door

She hesitated and turned to look at me

“Get on your scooter and go home, I don’t trust you with this,you might go back there”

She said with a stern look and I shook my head

I went to where I parked it and gosh,she’s still looking at me,I climbed it and faced her

“Bye”I tuck out my tongue at her,she stepped into the car and drove away

I sigh and got down from the scooter

I ran all the way to the classroom, I got to the doorstep and stopped, with light pants

I went in and sighted the guitar at a corner,,

I squatted before it and picked it up,as i made to strum it


Episode 7🔪



🍦Roy’s pov🍦

“There is something strange about her,Carl. You just have to get your mind off it”I patted his back as I took my seat beside him

“Try to understand Roy, we need a girl in our midst,someone who has this golden voice, there is a musical contest ahead in next two weeks”Carl said

“Why don’t we find someone else”Max said, climbing down the stairs

“But who?are we going to start searching for girls”I scoffed, I stood up and started walking away

“Carl,someone is here for you”Mom shouted from downstairs

I looked at Carl and he just rolled his eyes

“Hey Max”Jenna smiled and walled up to the stairs to meet me

“Hi”I replied and walked downstairs

💎Amy’s pov💎

I sigh,why did I went unconscious when I strummed this guitar

Does my power has anything to do with this,I need to know

I stood up from the floor and ran out, I got to where my scooter is parked

I climbed it and zoomed off,I wanted to play the guitar in school,

,but I don’t want to destroy anything

I will try it at home
“Am sorry,I want to go and check something”I said, as I stood up

Mrs Morgan glare at me while Patsy just rolled her eyes

I started walking away,I got into my room and shut the door

In seconds,i was already sitting on the bed,with the guitar

I somehow wish i don’t create a mess,,i gulped and strummed it

This time,i felt something different and my eyes brighten

I strummed it as i sang one of my favorite song,

Nothing happened

♨Jenna’s pov♨
“Come on Carl,listen to what i have to say”i said,hurrying behind him as he walked away

“Jenna leave,i don’t want to see anyone”he said and i stopped,he was still walking away

“Okay,,i want to tell you something about that Amy girl”i said,and he stopped still not facing me

“Amy?what do you mean?


Episode 8


👙Jenna’s pov👙
“I know you’re trying to get her in your band,you wanna hear her voice,but you know what?there is now way she’s joining you”I said and he smirk

He moved closer and his hand lifted me jaw

“Don’t you get it,I don’t want to have anything to do with you”he said,,I could feel hatred in his voice

“But I want to,we would make good partners”I said, he dropped his hand that was supporting my jaw and I scoffed

“See you later, Darling”I winked and blew a kiss in the air before walking away

[Next Day]🌸🌸🌸

👗Sandra’s pov👗
Love you mom”I said and pecked her cheek,she smiled.

I took my backpack and was about walking away when I felt dad glancing at me

I walked to where he sat:

“I love you too,dad”I winked and pecked his forehead

“Naughty girl”he said and I chuckled, he tried throwing a pillow at me but it went right on the floor and I ran out
I entered the class and few people were in class, I went to my seat

I dropped my backpack and glance over at Amy’s seat,,where is she?or isn’t she at school yet

🎻Amy’s pov🎻
“Please let me go inside”I said to the two guards positioned at the doorstep

“Can’t you talk!”I half yelled but they only stared at me

Fuck!am sure they are dumb

I tried finding my way between them, I felt a grasp on my arms as they pushed me back

I almost fell but I staggered back

“No one is allowed to go in”the fierce built one said, so they can speak, I smirked.

“What the heck,am going to report you and you will be fired”I yelled at them crazily

I later went to seat at a corner where I could see when anyone comes out

I blinked as I heard footsteps approaching, the three Greeks started walking away and I quickly ran after them

“Sir”I called after them,I struggled to go to his front but the bouncers held me back

👤Awwn,,look at the demigods

👤Who is this crazy girl

“Sir”I shouted and thank goodness the three guys stopped, Carl turned and looked at me,his eyes gleamed and he said:

“Leave her”
“It’s a coincidence Sir, am sure I fainted not because you asked me to sing”I said walking after him

“Really? meaning you can’t, just go please”he said, and stopped walking

“I can sing now, just give me another chance”I said,he stopped walking,his back at me

“And why should I?”



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