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July 30, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The heart Episode 37 to 40

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(He’s her idol💋)

#Season 2
Episode 12




🚪Patsy’s pov🚪

“Do you know who you are talking to?”She asked and I just stared at them

“Calm down Jenna, I don’t come here to fight”I said and jumped down from the car

“Then what are you here for?To play?”The second Rockgirl beside her said,they laughed except Jenna

I entered the but they just stood still

“I don’t like anyone who messes with me”I turned on the ignition

“Bye,,”I said and drove away, I’m heading to the Rockboys house.

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I need to see Amy urgently.

🎷Mrs Jenkins Pov🎷

The driver parked in the parking lot and I stepped down from the car,, I started walking in

“Welcome ma’am”A maid bowed

“Welcome ma’am”Another one greeted, I walked past him and finally got in

“Mom”Roy stood up as I opened the door

“Call you brothers and meet me in my room immediately”I said and took the stairs

“Okay mom”he said,I went into my room and sank into the chair

Then a knock came on the door,,

“Come in”I said and the door opened,,, the three of them walked in

“Welcome mom”Max said,Carl also came to hug me

“Have your sits”I said pointing to the bed,the sat down

“I heard you guys were on a search for your sister”I said

“What!! How did you know mom?”Roy asked and I just smirked

“You think I’ll just go that way, my eyes are always on you”I replied

“Wow!”Max and Carl muttered

“So tell me,,what brought about your search”I asked a little curious,,, There must be something

“Um mom, we found out that she’s still alive”Carl answered

But it sound like a shock to me,,she’s still alive; how possible??

👠Amy’s pov👠

Patsy pulled me away, we got to the backyard before she let go of me

“Hey!what for??”I asked, looking around

“I need to tell you something”she said holding my hand


“Dad is at the hospital and needs you at the moment”She said

“What,,how did it happen?”I asked

“Come with me,we need to go now”She said, and we both ran out of the building

“Ma’am”A guard said stopping us

“Tell them I need to go somewhere”I said and he made way for us,,we ran out

“Come in”Patsy said and started the car, I got in and she zoomed off


#Season 2
Episode 13


🌟Carl’s pov🌟

” Stop this joke and tell me what it is “She said,I’m not joking, why can’t see accept

” That what it is mom,no one is joking “Max replied and I nodded alongside

She stood up.

” How can she be alive, my daughter is dead”She answered and started coughing

” Tell me it’s not true “She said, tears rolling down her cheek

” We are saying the truth, Rosa is alive “Max said and stood up

” No! “she shouted as she coughed

” she’s dead,,she is not alive”She said and fell on the floor

” Get some water “I shouted and rushed to her

🍌 Amy’s pov🍌

Immediately she stopped at the hospital, I opened the door and ran out

“Amy wait!”Patsy called behind me,I ran without waiting for her

” Where is my father? “I asked as I came across a nurse on the way

” Your dad?,am sorry we don’t know you “she said and started walking away

I ran to her from behind and stopped at her front
” I’m Amy and my father is.. “I started saying when Patsy interrupted,,

” She’s my sister, the one my dad is requesting for “she said.I looked at her as she stopped beside me

” Okay,she can go to him now. He’s awake “She said and I looked around to see if I can see his ward

” Thanks “Patsy said,she beckoned on me to follow her


” I miss you dad “I said and kissed his right hand, he laid on the bed with some drips connected to his hand

” Same here “he managed to say and I smiled

” How did it happened? “i asked and adjusted myself beside him

” I will tell you but do you know how you got the strange powers? “He asked, I felt confused

” I don’t, let’s leave that. Let me get you your drugs “i stood up and turned to walk away but he held my hand

” I know how you got it!! ”

👖Carl’s pov👖

“Just close your eyes and sleep “Roy said..we all stood beside her bed

I went to lean closer beside her on the bed

” We’ll find her,, I promise you mom”I whispered into her eyes, she nodded and I kissed her forehead

“Sweet dreams”Roy said and we went out of the room,I checked inside but couldn’t find Amy,I walked out

“Where is Amy?”I asked one of the guards

“She went somewhere”he said

“And you couldn’t tell me”I said and tuck my hand into my pocket

“I’m sorry sir”he said and bowed

My phone rang and I looked to see a strange number calling


#Season 2
Episode 14


💪Writer’s pov💪

Max and Roy also received an unknown call,three calls at the same time

But who could that be??

“This is a strange call”Max said as he looked at Roy,they stopped walking

“Same here, let’s see”Roy replied, he nodded and they picked it

📞Who is this?”Carl asked at the other end,now the three on a phone call

📞Who are you?”Said Max

📞Who are you”Roy also asked

📞Hey,it’s me again”

📞I have a news,it left for you to decide if it’s a bad or good one”He said and on hearing that,Carl raj inside

He met the both of them in the living room, on a call

“Dan is…”Carl was about saying but paused

“Did you think your family are save, think about your mother and what about Amy,she’s out right now. What if anything happens to her,let’s see how you three will save them”

“Hey, how dare..”Max didn’t complete his words when he hanged up

“Go and check mom”Roy snapped and Max ran in

“Amy must be in danger, we have find her”Carl said

💛💜Amy’s pov💛💜

“What are you saying? How can you know something about it”I said,roughing my hair

“It happened before your mom died and”he said but I cut in

“I think you should just rest, you can tell me later”

“But this the right time to tell you,sit”he replied, I hesitated a bit before sitting beside him

“You got the powers immediately your mom died,but before she died,she told to remarry and since then,I hate seeing you destroy things”

“But how did you end up in the hospital”I asked looking at him, he had gond through a lot

“It’s just a small sickness”he shut his eyes and smiled.I hugged him tightly

👤Unknown pov👤

We waited in the car,looking out each second to see when she’s out

“Are you sure she’s still in?”I asked looking at the hospital building

“Maybe”He replied

“Here she is”I said looking as she came out of the hospital alone

“Let’s go”I said,we got out of the car and walked behind her,,,Jack went on a separate way

I paused when and she turned back, I looked away and she started walking

“Hey!”I called and when she turned, we make her go through a blackout

We put her in the booth and got into the car

“It’s done boss’s”Jack said on the phone,he hanged up and I drove off


#Season 2
Episode 15


💎Amy’s pov💎


I struggled to free myself, where the f**k am I?how did I end up here??

“Somebody help!!”I screamed, I was tied on a chair with my eyes blindfolded

I won’t spare who brought me here!!

The door opened and I heard footsteps approaching,,

“Untie her”the voice ordered, someone came to me and remove the blindfold, he untied me but my legs was still tied

“How dare you bring me here!”I yelled and finally looked at his face

Many guards are in and I guess he’s the boss.

“Hey!”he smiled and squatted before me

“I’m sure you kidnapped me,huh ??”I said and clenched my teeth,he chuckled.

“You might spend the rest of your life here,no one is coming for you. So tell me;what are you going to do?”he winked and I felt anger in me

“No,you’re wrong. When he finally comes, he’s going to cut you into bits”I yelled at his face

“What if I get him killed?”he replied and I slapped his face,he’s making my blood boils!!

His men pointed their guns at me

“No,tie her up”he ordered and stormed out

😈Daniel’s pov😈

Damn! I can’t believe that crazy girl slapped me,I could have killed her on the spot

I took my phone and dialed Jack’s number

“Go and get the second girl,now!!”I said and hanged up

💞Sandra’s pov💞

I need to get home faster,but there isn’t any taxi at sight, I started walking

A car screened to a halt beside me and I stopped

“Get inside”A guy ordered, I shook my head and made to walk away but they forcefully throw me inside the car


⭐ Mrs Davies pov⭐

I paced about in my room,oh God. Where could my daughter be,,, she didn’t come home last night

“Hey!”Davies called coming in,I stopped.

“Let’s go to the police”he finally said,I hurriedly picked my bag and went out with him

🌺Daniel’s pov🌺

I opened the door to the room and went in,she was sitting on the floor, she’s changed a lot

“Rosa”I called and that’s when she raised her head,I went in fully

“I’m Sandra, please go!!”she said and from the look on her face,she’s been crying

I went to stand at her front

“Don’t you know me? I am”

“Daniel”she cut in and yes! She still remembered me



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