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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The heart Episode 13 to 16

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(He’s her idol💋)

Episode 13💎

By:Tofunmi Nikky😍



💗Amy’s pov💗

“Then what are you still waiting for??have you practice?”she asked

” Nope,,but I will when I get home “I said

She started pushing me out,,what the heck!

” You should go,Am going to see you at school tomorrow “she said

” But why? ”

” You have to prepare, and I also don’t want you to lose “she winked and I rolled my eyes

” Okay, see you tomorrow “I said and opened the door,then walked to where my scooter is,,

” You’re best friend ever “I heard her yell and I shook my head.

________NEXT DAY_____________💃

I sat in the class looking as everyone was roaming about,,and suddenly;

Everyone ran to their seat,,what’s going on???

A teacher walked to the front of the class with a smile,,

I think she’s here to say something but where the hell is Sandra,,,

” good morning everyone,like you all know,,,today is a special day and because of that we have a new person here ”

She said and everywhere went silent,,everyone waiting for the person to come in

Soon a guy walked in,he isn’t In a uniform,, he has blond hair and damn;he’s cute

But not as cute as Carl,, he went to stand beside the teacher,,,

🚻Wow,,he’s so handsome🚻

🚻Is he going to be with the Rockgirls?? 🚻

“Hi everyone,, I’m Jay Wilson”he said with a wink

Nice meeting you “Everyone chorused and of course except me,,,,

” I hope you get along “they teacher said before walking out

Geez,,they all rushed to him immediately…

I went out feeling so nervous, am gonna sing today,,I really have to tell dad

” Hi ma’am, I’m asked to bring you ” A woman walked to meet me

🌻Sandra’s pov🌻

I ran out of the car hurriedly,, still struggling to close my backpack when I bumped into someone

” Damn! ” I muttered as I bent to pick it,,A guy squatted before me

” I’m sorry “he said in his cool voice,I joined and pack my books

We both stood up at once and my gaze fell on his face,,

His brown eyes attracted me,so cute

” hmm thanks”i said and collected my books from him.I need to see Amy urgently

I started walking away,someone ran to my front making me stop

“Hi,,I’m Jay”he smiled and I exhale

🚻Who is she🚻

🚻He is talking with her

“Sandra”I said before waking away, I can’t believe this?students going crazy because of him

Who is he anyway?


Episode 14



🍀Amy’s pov🍀

The contest continued in earnest,, the Rockboys haven’t arrive yet

” Get ready miss,you’re the next “a chubby woman said to me

” Okay thanks “I replied as she walked away

I went to take a seat with my palms covering my face

” So you’re here ” A voice said and I raised my head to see Jenna

” What’s it this time? “I smirk and stood up

” Why don’t you just go back home,,,instead of wasting your time here “she said

” But wait, why are

you after me? “I asked

” because I don’t like you “she said,,I started walking away but she held my wrist

” You don’t walk out on me,brat! “She said and I turned and pushed her to the floor

I bent down and lean closer,,

” How dare you! “She barked and I just scoff

” What’s happening here “The chubby woman appeared before us

” Well that’s non of your business “Jenna blurted and got up,, I also stood up

” um miss Amy,you’re the next now “the woman said and quickly hurried away

I looked at Jenna,

” Don’t you dare mess with me again “I said and walked away

[👇The long awaited👇]

Carl’s pov🌸

We screened to a halt at the school compound,, we got down and of course; with stares all over us

Who cares,,,,

” I need to get something “I told them and Max nodded,I walked away

I walked into the building I do stay at when lonely,,I went to the kitchen; I need to take my wristwatch

I looked at the shelf and my eyes caught something,, I took the wristband in my hand

My eyes turned red,,the only person who owns this is my sister

I crumbled on the floor and sweats all over my faces

Mt eyes bloodshot🔥

Where is she??

Show yourself!

💍Sandra’s pov💍

I walked into where the contest is taking place,,I need to see Amy

I got to the doorstep and ran into someone

“You”we both said,,he smiled

” What are you doing here?”I asked,,so curious

” hmm am part of the contestant “he said and my jaw dropped

“Really? Who are you?”I asked

” You don’t have to know “he said and started weirdly at me


“I’m Jay,, jay Wilson”


Love you all💫The
(He’s her idol💋)

Episode 15

By:Tofunmi Nikky💚

🍭Jay’s pov🍭

A message popped into my phone and I looked at her,,

” I have to go “I said

” I’m also going inside, let’s go “she said,I nodded and we walked inside

” Wow “I let out as soon as we got in,the paparazzi was still on

I looked at the singing right now,,she’s really good

” She’s cute “I looked at her and she smiled

” Yeah,,that’s my friend,I know she could do this “she said

” Really? ”

” Yeah “she replied,, oops Jenna needs me

” I’ll be back “I told her and head to where Jenna is

What’s happening to me,I just met that girl and we’re getting close already,, she’s pretty

” Hey Jenna,you called me “I said as I walked in,,she sat on a chair

” gosh that snitch “she blurted

” What’s wrong Jenna?”I asked and went to meet her,,it like she’s in pain

” I almost lost my body “she half yelled trying to get up,I laughed.

“What’s funny ?”she said when I stopped laughing, I helped her on her feet

” Who hurt you?”I asked

” Am sure you would have come across her when coming,, that ugly girl singing “she said,oh the one I met there

” But she isn’t ugly “I said

“Whatever “she rolled her eyes

“Get ready,you’ll soon be called,I trust you though “she winked and walked out

🍓Amy’s pov🍓
🎻Always be there by my side
🎻I want you to stay with me
🎻I’m afraid you’ll go,,anytime I want you here

🎻Can you stick around for long
🎻Can you make me rule your heart
🎻I want to be with you here

I smiled as the Rockboys walked in,but where is Carl,,, I really need him here

👠Patsy’s pov👠

“What do you mean,, in fact I have to go “I said and started walking away

“But I thought you came for me,Patsy “he scoffed getting on my way

“If only you know what I went through before i can get here”

” Don’t you get it,,I like you Patsy “he said and I looked away

This guy is crazy,,

” Okay,,have heard you,now can I go ?” I said and he smirk

“And you think it’s that easy “I walked away but he held my hand and I groan

Love you all🍭💫The
(He’s her idol💋)

Episode 16

By Tofunmi Nikky🌸

💚Amy’s pov💚

The door opened and Carl walked in,from the look in his face;something is wrong

🎻Stay with me!!!

I ended the song and there was a loud cheers from people as I walked away,

” Wow you’re great “Max said,coming closer

” Thanks sir “I replied and smile, just then Roy walked up to me with Carl behind me

” I just love what you did there, so fabulous “Roy said and hugged me

I unlocked from the hug and looked at Carl

“Sir,,”I called but he just looked away,I looked at the stage to see a guy singing,, I think he’s the last one

“Carl,won’t you say anything “Max faced him, but to my surprise he walked out

” I think he’s angry “Roy said and shrug

“Oh”I bite my bottom lip

“We are going to see you later”Max said and I just nod,and they walked away

I pray I win,I can’t wait to join the Rockboys,,,it will be fun

🍀Jay’s pov🍀


I sink into the couch,am damn tired,it just for me to wait till the winner is announced

My phone rang and I picked,,

📞Hello dad

📞Son,how are you over there?

📞Am good dad,what about mom?

📞She’s here troubling me,he said and I laughed

📞When are you coming home?

📞Don’t tell me you’re missing me already, I’ll come soon

📞Better,,I can’t wait to have you here

📞Okay dad,goodnight. I said and hand up

I stood up and walked to the table,,I poured myself a drink

My mind drifted back to the girl I met today,there’s something about her,,,I looked at my drink and gulped it down at a go.

👠Patsy’s pov👠

A hand went over to my head and,,,blackout
I sprang on my feet as I looked at the unfamiliar room,what the f**k am I doing here??

” oops you’re awake “he said standing at my front

That was when i knew I was only putting on a shirt,, his damn shirt I guess

He walked closer to me and I ran to the door,it was locked with a key;that was still at the door

“You won’t like it when I force you “he said with a smirk,, his hand trailed down my chest

“Bastard “I said and kicked him,he was swept to the floor

I was about to run out when a knife pierced my back



She’s in a mess😱

Love y’all

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