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September 25, 2021


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The girl he never noticed finale

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One night)

By authoress gabby Daniel

Chapter twenty-nine



Scarlett cried and cried
Max just can’t leave
She needed to see, if just for her to tell him how much she love him

Max was her hero,
He saved her when she was raped half dead

He took the shot for her

He even gave his kidney to her mum

And yet nature won’t allow them to see, she only wanted to say thank you and scream to the world on her she loved him

But he was gone,
Gone for good

She cried and cried as passenger stared at her, she didn’t want to leave

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Maybe Max hasn’t left, maybe he is someone

She was hoping to see him, she was longing to see someone embrace her but it was all a fairytale

No one came and Max never showed up

“just calm down baby, I know how you feel ” Valerie crouched down to her

Scarlet stared at her and hugged her tightly

“he left val, he left” she cried

“it will be fine ” Valerie assured
A week later………
Scarlet came out of the hall with Leo and Valerie

“I swear lectures were hectic ” Leo announced and Valerie smile

“that’s because you aren’t been doing it often baby, just keep coming to lectures and I’m sure you will get used to it ” Valerie said and Leo smile and pull her to himself

“you are the best thing that ever happened to me Valerie, I love you ” he said and pecked her making her cheek flushed

Yeah Valerie was now with Leo,
Ella, Linda and Jeff have ended up in the place they belong

“enough with the girlfriend and boyfriend stuff, I’m still here ” scarlet said covering her face with her palm

“sorry, so should we go to the mall” Valerie asked

“definitely ” Leo replied

“I’m sorry guys but I think you guys should go without me, I have somewhere else to be right now “scarlet said

“OKay but take care of yourself ” Valerie peck her cheek softly

“I will” she replied and weaved them off
Scarlet stared at the water, it’s has been a week she has been coming here

It was max favorite place

“I only come here when ever I feel like crying ” she remembered max word

She burst out in tears just remembering it, Max was gone and gone forever

Everyones love stories end with happiness but hers wasn’t

She has lost her half

She wiped off the tears 😢 but more kept dropping

“here” she heard a masculine voice

A familiar voice at that

She raised her head and saw someone holding an handkerchief

She traced from his hand to his face

“hey scarlet” Max said staring at the water

Scarlet wanted to jump and scream, Max remember her

He remembered her

“you remember me? ” she asked not wanting to cry

“how will I forget someone who is already in my life ” he muttered

“and you didn’t leave ” scarlet said making sure the person seated beside him was indeed max

“I couldn’t leave ” he replied still staring at the water

“Evan ” Scarlett called and it was there max turned to stared at her

“yes you are Evan, how stupid of me not to know ” she smile gently

“my Evan” she added staring at the water

She stared at Max and gently took his hand

“I’m so sorry, I’m sorry for everything ” scarlet said

“you are saying all this because you know the truth now? ” max asked but she shook her head

“no, I’m saying all this because I have realized how much I love you . I LOVE YOU EVAN ” she said and Max stared at her in shock

“yes I Love you, I love you so so much ” Scarlett said as the tears fall down from her eyes and before max could reply scarlet took possession of his lip kissing 😘 it slowly as she wrapped her arms around his neck

One night)

By authoress gabby Daniel

Chapter Thirty


Max slammed the door after pushing Linda off

But the name kept haunting him

“Scarlett, scarlett” the name kept hurting him

Does he feel attracted to her??

Is that the reason he felt nothing for linda

Max thought as he entered into his car and drove to the airport

He got to the airport and the urge to leave left him

Why didn’t he wants to leave after hearing that name

“I feel nothing for you max, I feel nothing for you max” a voice keeps playing on his head

He groaned and shut his eyes, he quickly reversed back but to the hospital

“mister Hollywood this will be risky” the doctor said to him

“I don’t care doctor I just want to recover my lost memories, it’s hurting me ” max said

“fine” the doctor replied and that was how max stayed back at the hospital for one week and when he eventually recovered his memory

He came to his best place and was more surprised to see scarlet there


Max drew Scarlett closer as he kissed her, her lips were the sweetest

He pulled away and stare at her

“I love you more baby” he whispered as tears of joy flow from his eyes


max places kisses on scarlet cheeks, nose ears as she grins

“c’mon Max, I need to go we will be late for our graduation ” Scarlett muttered

“OK fine fine fine” Max uttered and stood up from her

Yes it was their graduation,

Max stared at Scarlett, she was wearing a short cream gown with a black heels

She looks so beautiful in it, she was wow and so have their relationship been in the past years

He wasn’t ready to let go, not now, not ever

“let’s go already ” Scarlett pulled him by the hand
They walked to the sitting room and there was scarlet mum, she smiled and embrace scarlet

“you finally made it baby, you made momma proud ” her mum said and Scarlett couldn’t help and hugged her tightly

“please mom don’t make me ruin my make up, this is what you always wanted and I’m happy I achieved it” Scarlett mumbled

“And I’m proud of you ” her mum after pulling from the hug

“And you too Evan, I’m so proud of you ” her mum said toughing Max cheeks

He flushed

“Thanks ma’am “Max replied

“Enough with this ma’am stuff, you are like a child to me, so just call mum ” she said

“Thanks mum” Max flushed and hugged her, she was really like a mother to him

They made way to the door when it suddenly opened by himself and max dad walked in

“What are you doing here ” Max cursed trying to hit him but Scarlett was quick to hold him

“I’m sorry max please forgive me, for everything I cursed you” he pleaded and Max groaned

“go away dad, leave and meet your favorite son, you were never like a father to me, so don’t come into my life ” max yelled feeling so hurt

“please son, give me a chance to prove how much I love you, to show you how sorry I am” he said and max hit his fist on the wall

“I hate you dad, just leave it’s too late, just go” Max mumbled breaking down in tears

Scarlet crouched down to him and strokes his back

“it’s fine baby” she said

“its time to forgive your father Evan” scarlet mother and he look up and stared at her

“that man does deserve my forgiveness, he ruined me, he made me kill my mum and I can never forgive him” he said as the tears kept falling

“it all bygones now and let it be bygones ” Mrs Sharon assured

“And its time to let go” scarlet added and he stared at her

She nodded and smiled

“let it go max” she said

“please my son” max father said

“come here dad” max said and embraced his father, he so much wished to do this someday and now here is him

“I love you dad very much ” he muttered

“I love you too son ” he replied stroking his hair

“we still have a graduation party to attend ” Scarlett whispered and they broke from the hugged

“let’s go then, ” Max said and they walked out

scarlet droved from the hospital and was heading to her mansion

She smiled at the life she was living, this is what she always dreamed of

Her mother has the biggest grocery store in the city

They now have lots of money,
Every wealthy
she’s now a doctor, her mother pride and before she started work she was given a mansion and two cars

Isn’t education wonderful??

She was almost closed to the mansion when max calls came in

She picked almost immediately but it’s wasn’t max voice but leo

“come quickly Scarlett max just passed out ” he said and she gasped

“when? Where?? How?? “she asked scared

“just come I’m in his mansion ” he replied

She reversed the car and rushed to his mansion, she entered the house helter scattered feeling so scared

Hope you are fine max” she mumbled not wanting to cry

She rushed to the sitting room to see max, Valerie and Leo drinking

“Leo!!! “she yelled

“sorry scar, we only wanted you to join us ” he said

“and now that we are together it’s time to play our game” Valerie said and they all smirked

“you guys are up to no good ” scarlet uttered as she sat on max lap

“max can you tell scarlet the surprise now, I can’t wait ” Valerie grin

Max smirked as he pulled scarlet to seat on the couch and knelt before her as he opened the ring box

“will you marry me ” he said and Scarlett gasped

“that isn’t a question because I’m dating her right now to say yes! ” Leo said taking a sub

“yes, yes!! Yes max, I will marry you ” she said and Max quickly placed the ring on her finger

“I love you, I love you” max said and kissed her

“cheers to Mr and Mrs Holloway ” Leo and Valerie said as they raised up their dreams




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